Nokia to announce Euro 900 and 610 Windows phones at MWC?

Rumor has it that Nokia will be unveiling six phones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, among them, two Windows phones.  PocketNow is reporting that Nokia's lineup will include a European version of the Lumia 900, as well as a new model, the Lumia 610.  The 610 may or may not be the elusive Lumia 601 that popped up in a promo video back in November, the only details of which were that it had a 8mp f2.8 camera on the back.  Whether the 610 and 601 are the same or not, the 610 is expected to be a budget model for economy or even pay-as-you-go plans.

As is the case with any upcoming event, we will likely see a swarm of reports in the weeks leading up to MWC 2012.  While it's always fun to speculate and discuss, it's also important to treat them as exactly what they are, rumors.

Source: PocketNow; Via: CNET

Seth Brodeur
  • Would be nice to see something for Sprint and Verizon. The amount of WP devices in the US is pathetic... And I'm with at&t!
  • At&t has 10 WP7 models once Titan 2 and Lumia 900 are released... What planet are you on?
    Focus, Quantum, Surround, HD7S, Titan, Focus S, Focus Flash, Dell Venue Pro, Titan 2, Lumia 900
  • Yes they all work on AT&T but the DVP and Lumia 800 are unlocked phones not sold by ATT. Quantum and Surround are discontinued and no longer offered. The focus and HD7S are discontinued but offered online or in a limited number of stores. So that leaves the titan, focus s, and focus flash currently available and then the titan 2 and lumia 900 later to make a total of 5 or 7 if want to include the hd7s and focus.
  • I'm being sympathetic to the WP fans on other networks jelly head! What planet are you on? Wouldn't you think that if I'm on att then I would know that? Keep in mind that the shear fact that I had the need to download the WPC app gives me the right to get some credit... You have toast for knuckles! Just joking, I'm retarded.
  • @Rodneyej - Its not up to Microsoft to distribute the handsets to the carriers. You really think Microsoft or Nokia are playing favorites with ATT? The carriers are just more lenient toward iOS and Android.
  • Whoever said it was up to MS? I didn't. I'm just saying that a lot of people on Sprint and Verizon would love to have a WP device, so that's easy market share if we could get some devices on those carriers. Mentioning that I'm on Att is my way of showing that I care about all WP supporters, and the success of WP, not just complacent because I'm taken care of... But, now that you mention it, it is up to MS to get these phones on the carriers, even the carriers have said so. If MS did a better job marketing, and building excitement for WP those carriers would want to invest in it as well. Verizon isn't going to spend $ marketing WP, so you tell me, whose job is it? I guess it depends on what your definition of responsibility is. Do you think MS should sit back, hope the phones get popular, and make up excesses why S/V won't carry their devices? O,r should MS do their job and make WP the go to OS? I'm sorry, but your reply was just an excuse that will get WP nowhere! So, thanks for the perspective. Now, this is what I'll preach from this point on.
  • They are absolutely playing favorites with AT&T due to them being the premier partner in the US. And that may explain the "rumored" 45 day exclusive for the 900 that's been floating on the interwebs.
  • It is silly to claim they're "playing favorites." They want all the channels they can find -- but Sprint has already said it won't dance until Microsoft spoon-feeds them a wild market opportunity, and Verizon have indicated that they're going to be slow to adopt at best. I voted with my feet and went to carriers willing to support my OS, and told Sprint the same. If enough people whining about Sprint/Verizon do the same thing and go to a carrier that actually supports them, it will be more effective than sticking with about of date Arrive and moaning that you simply won't leave your carrier.
  • Microsoft should just pay these carriers to carry they're products and whatever expenses come with them. At least until the product takes off
  • Yes, now that would be called being proactive! Its a start.
  • I seriously hope that the 900 is being releaced in the UK. I love the 800/N9 design but the screen is fartoo small. 
  • I thought Nokia was gonna focus solely on wp7 in the us I thought it was spose to be the year of wp
  • Well, they are focused on WP, but not solely. Nokia has their own operating system that they must still manage for a few more years -  as they have millions upon millions still using those operating systems and no way is Nokia going to just drop those customers, and their needs, like a hot potato (at least not until 2016) :)
    Regardless, WP is their PRIMARY OS and given all of the attention and focus that they are giving the Lumia line, worldwide, it would be easy for someone to gleen that Nokia is solely producing WP devices. 
    And fortunately for WP, Nokia has made WP the primary OS - Nokia is the best thing that has happened to WP, in my opinion.
  • Thanks for the heads up and i agree nokia making windows phones is awesome :D
  • Don't worry! We still have 10 months left of 2012. If it makes you feel better think of the uproar that Nokia has caused in just the past 3 months since the 710/800 were introduced. It seems like it's been longer than that right?.......I know!
  • Rumors are Nokia has big plans for Apollo. A possible tablet and a couple new phone chassis'. Because its early we shouldn't assume things. I have my focus and I'm going to hold off for as long as possible until Apollo, with all its sweet juicy awesome. I just really want to put a 32 GB Sd card in phone :D
  • For all the talk around here about Nokia, remember they still only have one device (in two colors) for sale currently in the USA. More phones and more ads are definitely needed here. Below are the WP sales rankings as of yesterday on AT&T (62 phones offered)
    22. Samsung Focus Flash (25. a week ago, 23. a month ago)
    29. HTC Titan (30. a week ago, 34. a month ago)
    47. Samsung Focus S (50. a week ago, 57. a month ago)
    54. HTC HD7S (56. a week ago, 59. a month ago)
    58. HTC Surround (60. a week ago, 60. a month ago) T-Mobile (34 phones offered)
    6. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (3. a week ago, 21. a month ago)
    7. Nokia Lumia 710 White (4. a week ago, 25. a month ago)
    9. HTC Radar (7. a week ago, 12. a month ago) Verizon (59 phones offered)
    56. HTC Trophy (52. a week ago, 43. a month ago) Sprint (45 phones offered)
    38. HTC Arrive (24. a week ago, 28. a month ago)
  • It's funny looking at those statistics.  The carriers that are offering current WP7 devices (AT&T and Tmobile),  there other WP7 devices are doing better.  Verizon and Sprint on the other hand their WP7 devices are doing worse.
  • Getting some wp7 options on prepaid could be huge....prepaid rates are soo much better id probably switch
  • Not gonna lie I would to after my contract is up.
  • I hope the 610 looks better than the 601.
    It looks so cheap and plastic.