World of Red Bull and NFC Writer receive small updates

Red Bull is one of those companies constantly kicking ass and doing crazy things. Between dropping a man from the edge of space, Flugtag, and winning Formula One events there isn’t much they don’t have their hands in. They also have a handful of apps in the Windows Phone Store. One of them, World of Red Bull, is part of the Nokia Collection and allows fans to stay up to date with everything Red Bull does. Speaking of the Nokia Collection, another app was recently updated. NFC Writer allows for users to modify and edit NFC tags and was just updated. Let’s check out both apps.

World of Red Bull has always been one of our favorite apps. It’s a great place to catch the latest from Red Bull. Videos, articles, and more will keep you entertained no matter where you are. It’s also great to use the map feature to find any Red Bull events near you. Never been to Flugtag or Soapbox from Red Bull? You’re missing out on a fun, whacky event and should check it out next time it’s near you.

So what’s new in the update for the World of Red Bull app? We’re not seeing any obvious new features. We’ve reached out to the Red Bull development team to see if they can share what’s new. We’re going to guess mostly bug fixes and general improvements. But it’s nice to see them still updating their apps on Windows Phone.

How about NFC Writer? What’s new with the app that lets you create your own NFC tags? Unfortunately we’re not seeing any new features. The last update for this app came in late June and fixed the ability to purchase NFC tags within the app. We’re thinking today’s update is just general bug fixes and improvements. We’ve also reached out to the devs behind this app and will update you if we learn of anything.

Notice anything new in the above apps we missed? Sound off below.

Both apps are in the Nokia Collection, so you’ll need a Lumia device to get in on the action. World of Red Bull is a free app for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 owners. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store. NFC Writer on the other hand, is only on Windows Phone 8 and you’ll need a phone with NFC. Get it in the Windows Phone Store as well. QR codes are listed below for both apps.        

QR: World of Red Bull

QR: NFC Writer

Sam Sabri