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Nokia Collection for Windows Phone

Nokia Collection for Windows Phone

When Nokia entered the Windows Phone market, one of their strategies to attract customers was to provide exclusive apps and games for their Lumia Windows Phones.  While other Windows Phone manufacturers offer similar collections of apps, the Nokia Collection is by far the largest offering.

From Xbox Live game titles to camera apps to utilities to news apps, the Nokia Collection adds to the attraction the Lumia Windows Phones have.

As of December 2012, Nokia has over 50 exclusive apps and games available to those with Lumia phones.


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Goodbye, Nokia Collection and hello Lumia

Earlier today, Windows Central began receiving reports from users that their Nokia Collection in the Windows Phone Store had altered to Lumia Collection. Sure enough, hours later the conversion is going wide as our Store now reflects the new name as well.

The shift in branding should come as no surprise, as for months now Microsoft has been scrubbing the Nokia name from apps, websites, Twitter, Facebook and more.

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Switching from a Lumia to the HTC One for Windows? Here are the apps you may (or may not) miss

The HTC One M8 for Windows, currently only on Verizon, is expected to get a wider release in the coming weeks and months, including on AT&T in the US. As a result, a few of you are at least contemplating jumping from your Lumia to this new flagship Windows Phone, which looks to be the only one for the next few months. The hardware is certainly compelling and – spoiler alert – so far I am categorically enjoying using it as my daily driver.

However, you may be wondering what you lose by switching over in terms of those Nokia apps. I'll break it down for you.

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Use your main camera for selfies with the latest Nokia Glam Me update

Nokia has released another update for its Glam Me app on Lumia Windows Phones. If you're not familiar with the name, it's essentially a solution for those who enjoy taking selfie shots of themselves and sharing said results with the world. We previously saw the app receive 1080p treatment in the wake of Windows Phone 8.1, and today Nokia has added a few new additions.

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Nokia update roundup: Video Upload hits 2.0, Cinemagraph and Access Point with fixes

While Nokia is hard at work putting the final polish on the Lumia Cyan firmware update, they’re still updating their Collection at a steady clip. Today, we have no less than three app updates, which you may be interested in checking out.

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Nokia launches Gift Voucher promotion for select UK Lumia Windows Phones

If you happened to be in the United Kingdom and own a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone that has been updated to Windows Phone 8.1, it may be worth a few minutes to see if you qualify for Nokia’s latest promotion.

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Nokia bumps Network+ system app to support dual-SIM Windows Phones

Nokia is launching a dual-SIM variant of the Lumia 630 Windows Phone for emerging markets and regions where said functionality is a popular choice. To achieve this, the company has bumped its Network+ system app, which now includes support for dual-SIM configurations. Today, we're looking at version 2.1.

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New Car app from Nokia helps you out while driving

Nokia bundled an app with its Lumia hardware which would kick into action when the smartphone was NFC paired with the CR-200 wireless charging car unit (see our review). Unfortunately, those who didn't own the car charger by Nokia, but still wanted to enjoy the enhanced driving experienced, were left in the dark. That is until today. Nokia has released a new Car app for Lumia Windows Phones, which works without the optional accessory.

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Nokia releases new Pocket Magnifier app, updates Glance for 8.1, refreshes others

TGIF as Nokia is having a busy morning. Today, the popular Windows Phone manufacturer has released a brand new app to their Nokia Collection, in addition to pushing out no less than three app updates (four if you count Nokia Share from the 19th).

Let’s take a look at what’s new.

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Nokia releases 'spaceselfie' app to take an out of this world photo

Nokia has kicked off a #spaceselfie contest to go alongside its developer Imagin8 competition. Releasing a new app to the Windows Phone Store, the Finnish company is tasking consumers to download the spaceselfie app, take an awesome shot of oneself with props and other galactic ideas to win a free Lumia Windows Phone.

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Nokia teases Imagin8 camera app, turns ‘any environment into a digital playground’

Although the main news at Mobile World Congress from Nokia will center on Nokia X, we’re sure the Lumia makers will have some new Windows Phone apps and goodies on hand.

Indeed, Nokia via their Vine channel, have posted a short movie showing a woman taking "selfies" with her Lumia 1020. While some have jumped on this as a new device announcement – it’s not – we’re confident that this is for an Imagin8 app, used for adding digital effects in real time. Think of Kinect, but for your phone.

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