A search on Nokia's website seemingly confirms '2520' for their upcoming tablet

File this one under mildly interesting, but if you head to Nokia’s website and type in ‘2520’ the results reveal a new FAQ section entitled ‘What is a tablet?’. Clicking the link though doesn’t reveal much except a generic placeholder quote stating “The tablet lets you access internet, see movies and listen to music.”

Of course, Nokia has had a tablet-like device in the past, namely the Nokia N800. As a result, typing in just ‘tablet’ will bring up numerous links referencing that device. But it is interesting that something as specific as ‘2520’ will return a result with ‘tablet’, meaning this isn’t a coincidence i.e. typing in a random four-digit combo doesn't bring back the same result.

A search for '2520' on Nokia's website

There’s little doubt here that Nokia is getting ready to announce an RT tablet this month in Abu Dhabi. We’ve reported that it should be landing on AT&T and Verizon in early November with LTE on board and it will presumably launch globally soon thereafter.

The ‘Lumia 2520’ name was revealed by Twitter leakster evleaks a number of weeks ago and since then there have been a few off-the-record mentions to confirm its authenticity. Featuring Windows RT 8.1 on a 10-inch 1080P display, the tablet is expected to come in various colors and feature a relatively high quality camera with Zeiss optics on the rear.

Patent found by NokiaMob.me may reveal a kickstand feature

Just this morning we saw what is reportedly the backside of the device and Paul Thurrott posted a render of the tablet in red, confirming its overall design aesthetic. Speaking of kickstands, the site NokiaMob.me found an interesting patent photo (seen above) that may match whatever it is we saw earlier this morning.

Nokia’s first tablet will also launch with various custom apps, including StoryTeller, which will also come to Nokia’s Lumia phones, to offer further product differentiation. 

Source: Nokia.com; Thanks, Padmanabhan K., for the tip

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