Nokia Lumia 1520 will have a 3400 mAh battery; Nokia tablet due on AT&T “early November”

Nokia is reportedly preparing to launch the massive 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520 this fall and Windows Phone Central can now bring you a little more information about the device.

Yesterday, EvLeaks claimed that the Lumia 1520 will “launch” on September 26th, though we understand that to be incorrect. The device is still planned to be announced on this date but it won’t launch until early November on AT&T. That makes much more sense as GDR3 is still being finalized and GDR2 hasn’t even finished rolling out yet.

As reported earlier, the phone will feature a 20 MP PureView camera (dual shot: 16 MP + 5 MP), Snapdragon 800 CPU, 32 GB of internal storage (microSD on the side for expansion) and a stellar 1080P HD display.

One question that has not been answered to our knowledge is in regards to the battery. Powering a fast CPU and a 6-inch 1080P display will certainly tax any phone and the Nokia Lumia 1520 is surely not an exception.  We can now report that the Lumia 1520 will feature a massive 3400 mAh battery, offering 1,400 more mAh than current Lumias.

Whether or not that extra juice is enough to power the high-end phablet for an extended duration remains to be seen, but it seems clear that Nokia managed to squeeze in a nice sized battery.

By comparison, the Lumia 1520 comes very close to its competition:

  • Samsung Note 3 - 3450 mAh (Correction: 3200 mAh)
  • Samsung Note 2 - 3100 mAh
  • LG Optimus G Pro - 3140 mAh

Some other information we can add is that the device will feature 4 microphones for Rich Audio Recording and to aid in covering the massive size of the device when used as a phone. It’s also reportedly “really thin, but it has some weight to it”, making this truly a big Nokia Lumia.

Unfortunately, there are no phablet like additions to the device like a stylus or any new features besides what comes with GDR3 and Bittersweet shimmer (Nokia firmware). While the device is impressive, according to our source, it’s “pretty much a very big Lumia”. That’s either great news for some or bad news for others.

Nokia Tablet due on AT&T early November; New render leaks

Nokia Sirius Windows 8.1 RT

Image render via WinSuperSite

Windows guru Paul Thurrott today posted his “Fall 2013 Tablet Preview” on his SuperSite for Windows. While most of the information presented was already public knowledge, he managed to sneak in a new render of the Nokia Windows 8.1 RT tablet codenamed “Sirius”, as can be seen above. The render matches earlier leaked photos of the Verizon-branded RT tablet.

Thurrott has been a reliable source on the Nokia tablet front, posting specific details and even pricing of the device ($499). The tablet will reportedly feature a 2.15 GHz Quad-core Qualcomm 8974 (ARM) and have a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1080 IPS display. It will weigh in a 1.3 pounds, have LTE and a ZEISS 6.7 MP camera.

Windows Phone Central can now add that this tablet will be available on AT&T in “early November”. AT&T will have a “limited exclusive” with the tablet after which it will head to Verizon, so we are told.

More information on both the Nokia Lumia 1520 and Nokia Tablet are expected to be announced later this month in New York City. Until then, the information presented here could change.

Source: WinSuperSite (for Nokia Tablet render)

Daniel Rubino

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  • AT&T and exclusive: the two words that people either love or hate.
  • * Love to hate
  • Exactly. Why ATT? Because of these carriers in the US I can not get a LTE Unbranded factory unlocked phone.
  • It takes a more minimal amount of effort to get international made phones to work on att as opposed to custom-required networks like Verizon or Sprint.
  • Nope. Just hate. I'm still waiting for the day Verizon gets something exclusive that's actually useful...
  • It better be a 30 day exclusive. They loose sale when other carriers wait 6months to get the same phone when rumors are already posting specs of the next flagship.
  • Man that SUX!!
    Why is it that AT&T gets all the cool Windows Phone stuff????
  • Because they rip off customers and pay extravagantly for such deals. Btw, its not all green here either as no matter what we still have to stick with them and device for like 2 years and by that time u r tempted for new device.
  • Probably because AT&T was the first carrier to really make the Windows Phone a front & center platform. Verizon sat on the sidelines for awhile a long with most other carriers.
    That or AT&T is more willing to take it in the shorts for exclusivity.
  • ^this
    AT&T was the first to really push WP.  They have stated that they think it's really important to have a 3rd platform.  Being stuck with iPhone and Android doesn't give carriers alot of wiggle room when it comes to negotiations with handset manufacturers.  Competition is good here too.  With 3 platforms (assuming WP can grow to be a strong 2nd or 3rd place), no one player can dictate terms.
    We already see some of the negotiations tactics on some international markets where WP has achieved a bit more success.  There was a couple of stories about a carrier or two in Russia I think it was, that dumped even offering the iPhone in favor of WP.
  • Just move to Europe :)
  • Also because it doesn't require an assortment of radios to be shoved inside like Verizon's phones in order to get on att. Plus I'm sure they're more willing to pay for exclusives. I never could fault att for their handset lineup, its always been great.
  • This is pretty frustrating. I just went to T-Mobile recently to save some money, but lack of reception and devices is already making me think twice. I hope these two devices are going to come to T-Mobile as well as AT&T and Verizon.
  • T-Mobile did get the excellent Lumia 925. If history repeats itself, T-Mobile could see a Lumia 1025 that has some nice improvements over the original. Even the 928 on Verizon was worth the wait. Patience...
  • What separated the 928 from say the 920? Xenon flash is nice its pretty much the same phone in a different shell and Verizon radios.
  • Hate!
  • Im proud to be an at&t subcriber :-D woot woot
  • People complain about AT&T pricing. If you want calls and SMSs to Canada, AT&T was the best deal in the U.S. I could find (at least on prepaid). Their pricing on the Lumia 520 was fantastic too. That said, I just wish Microsoft would sell factory unlocked phones in their stores and online, and that carriers had more substantial bring-your-own-device discounts.
  • ^This ©
  • I'm on ATT and am happy. I could be paying less but I'm not sure that savings translates to value based on what I see going on with other carriers adoption of a platform I like, nevermind core business of cellular coverage, features, etc. There may come a day, but today is not that day!!
  • I agree. For all the hate they get online I'm very satisfied.
  • Not me. hehe.
    But this is HUGE. A tablet from Nokia? Man, the apps they would bring. 
    Ok, back to the NYJ / NE game
  • Words I hate. I live in a place where AT&T's coverage sucks, horribly. Even worse than sprint's here. 
  • I hope I don't have to go through AT&T to buy it!  Had trouble with them on the 920!  The saleperson claim they would unlock it after I pay the full amount.  I called AT&T customer services and found the truth - was 6 months and you had to be using it for that period of time too.   I hope AT&T will change their policy on the 1520 and let people buy it and unlock it without the hassle.
  • That's awful. I've always had better luck buying it from eBay full price. Factory unlocked with no hassle. Its how I got my L800.
  • So they'll announce it well over a month before release? Seriously this needs to stop. Announce it a week before and let people buy when the excitement and hype is there.
  • A week before and the device will be shipping to AT&T stores and such, with no surprise any longer. The closer you announce to ship, the less you have to actually reveal. I don't think four or five weeks is bad at all. Also, invites have not gone out yet for Sept 26 so that date could shift.
  • What type of display will it have?
  • agreed
  • You must not have been around a few years ago when companies were announcing 6 months before release.
  • 3400 mAh,,, this is the best news i'm waiting for :)
  • +1520!!!
  • Gonna be heavy
  • Heavy? Go to gym ;) 3400 mah great news!
  • Do you even lift?
  • Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!!
  • Nice! EC FTW
  • Vitaly much??? Lol
  • Yeah I've decided I want the 1520. In red. Asap please Nokia.
  • Grey/black things in the background... anal beads?
  • Ha. That joke wasn't funny the first time it was posted when this photo came out. That's a tripod homeboy, bing "Gorrila Pod" ;)
  • Then why'd you say "Ha"? :P
  • Because he's laughing at you, not with you?
  • WTF...
  • How you know what anal beads are? You use them much? He he
  • It'll be interesting to see how the battery life is. Even though you're getting 1,400 mAh more than other Lumia's... you're powering a 6-inch device with a 1080p display / quad core processor. Also really stoked to see heart what 4 mics do to video recordings. 
  • Time to see how power hungry the Snapdragon 800 really is.
  • Anandtech has already shown that the 800 is actually even more efficient than snapdragon s4 pro or 600. In other words,  it is not very power hungry at all. Should help provide insane battery life on the next generation of phones. 
  • Can't wait. 
  • Plus the way WP is optimized to run on this hardware it should be awesome. I want a bigger phone but damn, 6" is huge.
  • 6" is normal size
  • Yeah, I'm going to need to hold this one in my hands.  It looks massive.
  • Yeah, I'm going to need to hold this one in my hands.  It looks massive
    That's what she said...
    (I'm sorry, I can't believe no one else went for it.)
  • Maybe because that joke is tired?
  • I feel like this would be good use of my upgrade!
  • Oh yes it will be mine...wait nevermind I'm w/ Big Red. A variant maybe? Wishful thinking.
  • at least you can purchase a Nokia WP, Sprint is moving so slow in regards to this
  • Excitement getting out of CONTROL!!!!!!!
  • Does the 1520 have a notification light?
  • Does that mean $499 off contract for the tablet?  With it being ATT exclusive and having LTE, there must be some sort of contract price, right?
  • Curious about this too. It would be nice if AT&T ran a deal like they do for the Samsung tablets where you get a phone and get the tablet for $200.00.
  • Micro SD.. FINALLY!!
  • 96 GB + 3400 mAh *________*
  • How do you know , it will except 64GB SDcards?
  • According to leaked photos, it will have 32 GB and micro SD slot. All Lumias with micro sd slot support up to 64 GB, so it probably will to :)
  • Nooo shyt,,,that just put a big smile on my face :-D, hopely it does
  • Tom Warren, Paul Thurott, and Mary Jo Foley all use the word "Launch" to mean announce, and not release.
  • I was thinking the same thing
  • That's fine. They're just parroting Eveleaks. 
  • Since Microsoft licenced the Surface's keyboards to work with other devices, any chances the Surface keyboards will work with the Nokia Tablet?
  • If the Render is actually a real representation of the device, then no because it doesn't have the surface dock groove.
  • Maybe it will work on other networks unlocked... Ala 1020...
  • Yeah I suspect that this phone, once unlocked, will be able to run on T-Mobile's LTE. Not sure if AT&T will be so lenient like they were with the 1020, though.
  • They're unlocking 1020s?! DAMN IT! THE TORTURE>>>MUST....NOT.....BUY....NEW.....TOY!!! I'll be good, I need to wait for this monster.....
  • I can envision a Stylus version hitting the market come May or June along with a software suite that supports the stylus something like a 8.1 GDR1 that preps for Office Gemini on phones and PC..
  • Only problem is that it won't be a Nokia!
  • Why is the volume rocker on the top of the device? No ports would be that big and it has what looks like a lock button right next to it like a Lumia. Just don't think Nokia would make a side way Lumia.
  • And they really need to close that Barnes and Noble deal.......Selling an eReader without an eBook store?
  • AT&T users complain about not receiving Nokia Lumia updates while Sprint users complain about not even being able to purchase a Nokia WP...I'd much rather be in the former rather than the latter. But thats just me
  • And its thin. Nokia has done it again. But yet everyone gushing over the beautiful and so called "cheap" iPhone 5c. Can I get the next rocket off this planet please?
  • Mars One lands in 2023 if you're keen...
  • I'm excited for what Nokia has to offer, but disappointed in that $499 price of the RT tablet in light of some of the pricing we can look forward to in legacy x86 tablets with Bay Trail coming soon.
  • Yes but this will have cellular data
  • Actually, i would prefer a wi-FI option cause I don't want to have to pay for data. Priced around $299 - $349, I'd be all over it.
  • I'm so pumped for this phone, yes PHONE I will not use that other PH word :)
  • Despite the leaks ruining the surprise of the official event. I am really excited for the 1520. Hopefully Canada receives it fairly soon even though we don't even have the 1020 or 925 yet.
  • And I just traded in my focus S's for 920's ..... Maybe the whole 30 day thing will work out for me.
  • Well I think the 920 is the Lumia that will be just as good later on as it is now, it really is a great device.
  • Sure, if you want 1 less year of support vs buying a new phone.
  • Yeah I love it already but I was holding out for so long on waiting for gdr3 devices and then I got the 920 for $0.99. Had to jump on it.
  • When MS takes over these damn exclusives should end. Until then, I'll wait for the next big thing.
  • If there is a exlusivity contract going on with AT&T it can't just end like that, but yes it should eventually end as MS can invest money themself, something Nokia can't do as much. Samsung gets so much provider presence because they PAY for that and not because people want to see samsung devices everywhere.
    AT&T does some advertisement themself in exchange for exclusivty.
  • WTF a phablet and no pen?  I hope that a pen is at the very least, optional.  Otherwise, just like the article says, it's just a huge typical Lumia.  I would consider this if it had a pen.  OneNote + Pen + Lumia would be a dream come true!
  • I honestly can't understand the need for a stylus on a phone. Isn't phone supposed to be something you use with no hassle. I mean I'm sure we all own tablets? I have a tablet with wacom stulys, why aren't people demanding stulys for tablets?
    Also you jst don't add stulys as long as you don't cosnsider a simple stick a stulys. You need a extra touch layer, preferably by wacom and software from MS to support. Even Windows RT doesn't have that, let alone WP any time soon.
    What this needs a software support. Snapview etc imo.
  • A handwriting feature for Onenote & other apps would be nice, a stylus of course would make that easier.
  • Yes, I am fully aware that you need a separate pen digitizer.  I use a wacom Intuos tablet on my desktop, and have an integrated Wacom digitizer on my Lenovo X220T.  The thing is, a 6" screen is just big enough to be practical enough for writing in.  The thing is, with a 6" pen based phone, I would have no need for a tablet.  That is what these product bracket is trying to achieve, no?
  • Windows RT supports handwriting recogniztion, it's just no one has put an active digitizer on an RT device. 
    Microsoft could put their handwriting recognition software on WP8 without much effort. They really should, it's the best I've ever used.
  • It's a want, not a need.  However, I do want a stylus included with large-screen phones. 
    There is demand for tablets with a stylus.  It seems like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is gaining popularity.
  • Why no phablet accessories for the 1520? It's a 6-inch phone. It needs to have at least a stylus and some writing apps to compete in the phablet market.
  • Because you need a hardware and software to actually support a active stulys. Windows RT doesn't even have that. WTF :D Since when people started demanding stylus for a phablets, when 90% of the tablets don't have a stulys?
  • Because it's a DIRECT COMPETITOR to the Note.  That's why.  
    And it would be great to have mouseover capability again when web browsing.  
  • Windows RT supports active digitizers just fine. No one has put one on one yet. 
    I've been demanding a stylus on my phablets since I got the original Galaxy Note. I won't buy a tablet without a stylus either. 
  • I also will not buy a tablet without a stylus, but I can live with a phablet that doesn't have a stylus. Yeah it would be awesome to have, but I'm not gonna complain because the 1520 has insane specs :)
  • I think the exclusive hurts WP I'm on tmo if thy didn't get the L925 when they did I would have bought another device NOT WP.i won't wait two years again to replace a WP just saying
  • You wont have to T-Mobile=No contracts & new phone every 6 months if tou want. :)
  • So... with September 26th out, I changing my guess about the GDR3 & 8.1 rollout.
    I'm thinking we won't see GDR3 until December with some not getting it until late January or early February and I'm thinking 8.1 won't be until March or April... maybe even May.
    That really sucks, I was optimistic that we'd have it much sooner.
  • Yeah me too! MS is really taking its sweet time. I hope all this damn time be worth my wait
  • I wouldn't say they are just lolly gaggling around. I mean there is a lot going into this, as we've seen with this week's leaks.
    But, you know... we want it NOW! LOL
  • Damn got really excited for getting it on my bday. Guess I have to wait until November. New console and new phone all same month. Awesome as hell but gonna be broke!
  • Hey I think the note 3 only packs a 3200 mah battery not 3450
  • This device is going to be great, can't wait to finally see it revealed. No too long now!
  • Ugh I hate that Tmobile is so in bed with Android. I want a Windows tablet with Tmobile connectivity. Is that too much to ask for?
  • Apparently.
  • I'm not a fan big phones, much less gargantuan one's like this and without some kind of special features... I just don't see the point.
    I think this will be the big knock that everyone makes on this phone. No stylus and no special software that takes advantage of the benefits of a big screen? I can't believe that Nokia would do that, I was expecting special features specific for the big screen - just like they did for the big camera on the 1020.
    Of course, maybe we just don't know as much as we think
  • While I like having the Stylus on my Note 2 and would prefer to have one on the 1520 vs not, it won't stop me from buying one. Truth is I use the stylus maybe once a week at most, and never for anything that I couldn't have done with my fingers. Either way, it's better than the miniscule screen on my 920.
  • I don't care either which way personally (because I'll never buy a phone that big), but I would say that that the stylus is secondary to custom software/OS abilities. Seems to me some new features to take advantage of that big screen is crucial to it being excepted as something more just a big ace phone.
  • It is GSM, not sure what you guys care do much about the exclusivity. Can buy from ATT and get sim unlock code from ATT to use worldwide...
  • You couldn't with the 920. AT&T and Nokia weren't releasing the codes for 6 months after release (business users could get them randomly 4-6 months after release). Either way, in the USA you basically need one designed specifically for your carrier because they all use different frequencies and most phones only include the frequencies for their destination carrier.
  • Nokia please make a Pro version of the tablet
  • To add information to this article: Sony Xperia Z ultra has Non-removable Li-Ion 3050 mAh battery.
  • Do we know if its going to be an OLED or LCD screen yet?
    It would be pretty silly to stick with LCD, with Glance and more battery drain of a larger screen.
  • Not bad...
  • Come on, T Mobile. We need something hot like this!!!!
  • It would be nice if you guys posted the weight figures, like 1.3 pounds, in kilograms too..
  • There's an app for that.
  • I am seriously considering it to replace my Samsung Ativ-S in late 2013 or early 2014. However, I will also look at the HTC One Max. However, 20mp and the best word prediction are important to me... 32Gb + microSD are a good thing.
  • After trying a Samsung Mega 6.3" phone recently I wonder if this 6" phone is such a good idea. The Mega was way too big which made it awkward to use, carry, store, etc. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note II at 5.5" isn't awkward at all. I was surprised to see how a 0.8" screen size difference, which doesn't seem like much, could affect usability so drastically. I guess it crossed some sort of threshold of comfort for a handheld device. So, after that experiment, I wish Nokia would:
    1. Standardize on 5" screens for their flagships (e.g. 920)
    2. Create a 5.5" phablet but minimize the bezel as much as possible
    3. Standardize on 4.5" for their low-end devices
  • Or... Maybe they should keep spreading around options.
    I want a high end-ish phone with a small screen.
  • Yeah isn't it hard to put a 5in phone in your jeans pocket?
  • That Sirius render is soo cool , reminds me of the Sony Xperia Tablet Z a lot , if they make a matte version (preferably yellow) with a solid build quality I might come back to Nokia .
  • AT&T, I pass.
  • Please on Verizon. Please. And not six months from now. 
  • For me a phablet can't be just a BIG phone. It should at least have a stylus and be able to snap at least 2 apps side by side.
    I truly hope this is just the beggining of something bigger for WP8 in the phablet camp but, right now, competitors are offering more and it hurts me to see that after so long WP8 is still lagging behind. I mean, they have had a hole year to work on it since the first version of WP8 was released! Why can't they just add at least stylus support? Microsoft has the resources... just add an extra team (or two!!) if it's needed but taking this long to achieve things that competitors have had for 3 years is something that Microsoft just can't afford to keep doing!
    But, being realistic, I see Microsoft needing at least one more year before it is able to introduce stylus support and 2 apps snap to WP, but by then, who knows what competition is going to be doing.
  • Real talk
  • You won't need a stylus for note taking when you can just dictate your notes to cortana :)
    And please dont say you would need to write notes in business meetings. Very few businesses are forward thinking enough to allow phones, let alone phablets in meetings. A shame too. Should have seen the looks I got when I brought my surface pro into a meeting to take notes
  • Sure, Cortana will give us more options, which is great, but there are some places where you want to take notes and you just can't talk, for instance, a class, a library, in a bus with lots of noise around you.
    Also, it's not just about taking notes, it's about creating quick sketches on the go... the screen size allows for it but your fingers input isn't going to be good enough. There are lots of examples where it would be usefull.
    And then the 2 apps snap, I don't think you can argue that it is not useful on a phablet, it's not even worthy trying to do so. It's just better if we can admit that WE are lagging behind and that we must work harder to be on pair with the competition and even start introducing things that they don't have.
  • I dont care for the stylus and prob never will understand the need for it. But yes apps snapping side by side is a no brainer. I'm pretty confident Microsoft is well ahead of us on that front. They compete with apple and google directly feature per feature. And that's a feature the note has had for a year now. Plus as you'll see, they are making WP8.1 more and more similar to its desktop version. Snap features will come with that. I'd bet my future 1520 on it
  • I fucking HATE at&t. Why the fuck does Nokia still kiss their ass and lick their balls? Makes no fucking sense.
  • Money powers business.
  • Same reason why a prostitute would do it.
  • What about Canadian market? I don't care if its Rogers exclusive, but I want it to be in Canada as early as US.
  • Hopefully the 1520 will have wireless charging.
  • A phablet without a stylus... Great idea... OR NOT !
  • I just will have to get them both... I need a raise
  • They cannot announce and ship right away because they are trying to steal Apple and Samsung's thunder in September...however, R&D, testing, OS updates, and device schedules are not ready yet...from phone to next phone is cyclical...a rushed product and the bad press, returns, repairs, and any other conciliatory appeasements that surround it actually hurt a company more in profit and reputation than the potentially lost sales from releasing the product (late)...old saying goes...better late than never...never on schedule, but always on time!
  • Nokia is giving up millions just to be exclusive to AT&T.   Just think of all the people on Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.  This just needs to end and I'm on AT&T.
  • I am a huge Android guy, but I have been keeping an on on this Windows phablet and was going to give it a try.  But, I'm on Verizon, too bad, I was looking forward to it after getting a Windows tablet that I have been pleasantly suprised with. 
    I know manufacturers and carriers work out exclusivity deals all the time but I think it's important for MS to get their phones available on all major cariers if they have any interest in growing their tiny market share. 
  • Does the tablet have NFC?
  • Does anyone know if this will have wireless charging built in like the 920, or is it going to have a charging plate like the 1020?
  • Eh, very few consumers actually buy tablets from carrier stores, so sales of the Nokia tablet will likely be subdued, never mind that it'll be competing with a likely iPad 5 and Surface 2.  
    And then, $499...?
    So, it's pretty DOA.
  • I hope they bring split screen functionality to the phablet, ups,  I mean the large phone.
  • Att like WP8 I guess... Some day vzw will be cool enough, and when they are, I'll get one!
  • The DC-18 for Nokia 920 has 2000mA. The DC-19 has 3200mA, that means the 1520 has also a 3200 mA battery
  • I think the battery is a very big deal and will certainly show better battery performance, certainly when settings are set to normal and frugal. That's a big deal for me. I don't think if I look in the power user in me I could ever be satisfied with the current batterij lives of ALL smartphones.
  • What about uk
  • Check out what the black phone is lying on. I see a Galaxy style flip cover but this one is rather attached to the wireless charging plate. I am sure will come in different colors.
  • AT&T deal breaker for me and any Windows Phone.  They sit on upgrades to the OS, nickel and dime you on data.  I moved over to T-Mobile and the upgrades to both the 925 and 521 were quickly available.
  • If I didn't get my phone through work I'd never do ATT.  The updates have been terrible.  I mean WTF!
  • Nokia + 3400 mAh + SD card slot + 1080p + snapdragon 800 = WIN