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First photo of the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet revealed, dwarfs the Lumia 1020

At the end of September, Nokia is reportedly going to reveal at least two new devices here in New York: their Windows 8 RT tablet, codenamed Sirius and the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet.

The Lumia 1520 will feature a huge six-inch 1080P display, a polycarbonate body (not metal) with a 20 MP PureView camera akin to the Lumia 925’s design, specifications that we revealed last week from our verified sources. The device will also feature a quad-core Snapdragon CPU and Windows Phone 8 GDR3 for the new 1080P support.

The image above was leaked to us and while we cannot confirm it, we have a suspicion that is accurate. For one, it comes with what looks like an optional back case with a front cover to protect the display. We also wouldn’t be surprised if it adds Qi wireless charging capability as well. It's placed next to what appears to be a Lumia 1020 for size comparison. 

The other bit of evidence is that the display and bezel appear to closely match that of a leaked bezel from back in January, back when Nokia’s intention of making a phablet device were becoming clear. Everything from the Nokia label to the sensor locations to the thin bezel at the bottom appear to correspond. While not a slam dunk conclusion that at least favors a positive interpretation of the leaked photo.

We'll also note the standard etching at the bottom, as found on all Nokia tester phones.

Finally, with the display turned on we can see that as we would expect, there are three columns of Live Tiles now, including the ability to fit one double wide next to a medium sized tile. That feature would be needed due to the increased 1080P support found in GDR3.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is expected to land on AT&T under the codename 'Bandit' and other carriers by November.

Windows Phone Central has not vetted the source of the image, so we cannot verify at this time. We will try to dig deeper and see what we can find.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Oh yeah. That red looks delicioius. Also I think I'm really going to like the amount of tiles I have above the fold on the 1520. 
  • It would look really crazy to pepper it with the small tiles and nothing else.
  • That'll be a fun thing to try. This phone looks sexy. I refuse to call it a ph...t.
  • I hate the word phablet too. It just sounds... wrong. lol
  • Would have been easier to call it a tone.
  • Tablone?
  • Toblerone?
  • +1520
  • best comment. awesome
  • Big Phone?
  • Small tablet? :)
  • 5.5" is more appropriate size for my taste.  They might be forced to use 6" in order to sqeeze in the third column.
  • I would imagine that physical size has nothing to do with tile size support but rather that resolution and aspect ratio matter more.
  • LOL. Good one @wookie301. And I thought I was the only one who didn't like "phablet".
  • I agree... anything above 5" should be called... an XLP (Extra Large Phone)
  • I always keep saying it like "faplet" and THAT is awkward
  • I really hope this device come's with built in wireless charging, that cover looks to me more like a kickstand for the device ... Fingers Crossed !!!
  • I think it won't.. There is a wireless charging shell attached to it. Look at the edges..
  • I dunno it looks more like a flip case as it looks like the bit under the 1020 is attached.
  • Oops.. I didn't see it.. Just ignore my comment.. Thanks :)
  • Although the people below stating it's unlikely that they will build wireless charging into a device until the standard war has ended have a very valid point (as dissapointing as it is)
  • It looks to me that the flip case may have keyboard, that would be great.
  • It looks like it has a tri-fold design, much like the ipad folding covers.
  • I'll get one if I can find it in Cyan!!!! Lol
  • Yes more Cyan Please!!!
  • You took the words right out of my mouth. Cyan all the way!
  • Count me in too. Through in the 41MP preview variant, expandable storage sd slot, built in Qi, and it would be right up there with about perfect. The only thing to make it better would be a delicious 5 row high quality slide out keyboard (hell make it an optional accessory even with a built in extra battery) and it'd be perfect at that point.
  • +1
    literally PERFECTION (with an optional keyboard that is)
  • Why is the app menu button sit so high❔... When scrolled all the way down it shouldn't go almost 3/4 the way up the screen.. What's up with that❔
  • Because there's not enough tiles on the home screen to push it down to where you need to scroll.
  • It might be because of the lack of apps. The picture shows the 1520s screen only with a handful of apps so the menu button has to be a bit more to the top than usual.
  • Good explanation..
  • I think it's intentionally left blank to hide new features in Windows GDR3 - my guess is toggle switches for quick access to settings like wifi, BT, etc..
  • I agree I like the red. Also, am I the only one who noticed the case the phone is in? It is like a mini Smart Cover or something similar to what BlackBerry did with a Z10 case (their Flip Shell). I like it.
  • My precious :p
  • Why is it running phone os?
  • Because most phones around the 6-inch and under mark will probably run Windows Phone, while 7-inch and up will probably get Windows 8. (Until the two crash and become one OS)
  • Which is in 5 yrs time?
  • I'm predicting a year and a half from now. Complete conjecture.
  • What does the Galaxy Note run?
  • It runs a malware software that collects user data sold for money. Very different from this.
  • And the kids love it!
  • lol nice summary.
    you forgot to mention viruses :P
  • Lol
  • Great shot rockstarzzzz I'm going steal it next time see the question
  • That was funny. :)
  • +∞
  • Yes, it does..
  • @rockstarzz: Best answer ever!
  • Haha. :D
  • +1520
  • ROFL, dude you just made my day :D
  • Runs hyperbole and tears.
  • I want the truth!    You can't handle the truth! Good one!
  • This made me laugh too hard...
  • Atleast that has youtube and google maps. What does WP have? 
    WP is a ghost town. Do these phones too catch virus? freeze or do a BSOD?
  • It has Youtube apps which are great, and Nokia Maps, which are free to download and keep on the phone. No streaming needed.
  • Butthurt huh?
  • Quite right. This one collects user data for the NSA for nothing.
  • +1520
  • $649
  • "phablet" stands for "phone/tablet" - i.e. a phone big enough to be considered a tablet.
  • Because its a phone. It still runs phone os. Phablet just means that its a phone with a size similar to a tablet.
  • HOLY SHOOT this looks awesome. 
  • That's what she said.
  • Doesn't really work in this situation.
  • And I thought I was the only one to think this was a poor time to use the phrase...
  • "That's what." -She
  • lol well played bro
  • I wonder if girls use this joke as much but with 'he said'.
  • No. Girls aren't so stupid.
  • except when they drive cars :)
  • +hit and run
  • +text and smash
  • Or talk.
  • I think girls would use 'phablet' like.. Hey how long does your boy has it?.. Like a normal phone, and yours? Like a PHABLET XD
  • MyLady thinks a six inch is the optimum size (and that thicker is better)
  • Must resist...
  • I'd love one....but I'm not spending another dime on AT&T if the 920 is how all my products will be handled by them.
  • Agree
  • I've had a few issues with my 920. The last issue was a cracked screen courtesy of my 3 year old. I almost would've had to jump through hoops to get a new one from At&t without using an upgrade. Leaving infuriated and nothing resolved I went to the Microsoft Store and for $99 I was given a NEW 920 any color i would like, i had the Black one and changed to Cyan, and a 2 year warranty covering everything except for lost or stolen. Any issues i have from here on out I'm going back to the Microsoft Store. Upgrades as well will be done through them also.
  • +1520 MS store FTW! ;-)
  • That's like complaining about how your teenage kid crashed your 3 year old Civic and Honda wouldn't give you a new one for anything less than what they would normally charge.
  • I don't think your expectations were reasonable. You (or your kid rather) were responsible for damage and now the carrier has to give you subsidized pricing? Also, how is this an issue with your 920? This is an issue you have with at&t.
  • Looks like a huge 8x
  • Or a huge 720
  • A huge 720, Yes, thats what it is.
  • Is it possible for the 3 rows of tiles to come to the smaller screen, or logistically it won't fit in an aesthetic way on a less than 5in screen?
  • Sam posted something like 6 months back with this layout on a 920 & for me it would work.
  • I don't think you would be able to fit three mediums on a L920 even if you squeezed them together to ensure there was no spacing it would not work. Imagine it may work for displays about 4.8 inchs at the minimum but that may be a stretch.
  • I did a screen shot of the tiles from Sam's old post and I liked it. So for some maybe not but I personally liked it.
  • I just did it on my Lumia 820 too and it looked really awesome!!
  • Umm. The screens dimensions can be whatever. Its the resolution that matters. Because the tiles are all a set pixel size not dependent on the inches of the display.
  • 3 rows I believe are only for devices that have 1080 screens
  • Very interesting; looks like an odd aspect ratio.  Is it 16:9 like the 8X?
    I hope it has WP on it and not RT.  RT should be only for true tablets and not phones!
  • This is a phone. Not a tablet or PC. It will have WP OS. The dont put RT on phones.
  • WP8
  • Well if it's 1080p then it will be 16:9 not 5:3. (15:9 like the 92x series and such using 768p)
  • Good point, thanks!
  • Ridicoulous ! 
    It looks pretty genuine to me... especially with the cover.. will be a shame if it doesn't come with a pen. 
  • It's a trip to me that just a few years ago having a pen (stylus) was one of the worst things a device could have. Things had to be "finger friendly".
  • That's what I call the Steve Jobs effect.
  • No need for a pen, its a lumia. Use a dagger or pneumatic drill as a stylus, itl bw fine!
  • Haha, gold!
  • or a car key... :)
  • Its a toss up between this and a 7inch windows 8 tablet for me. I don't see the point in getting both but I can't see myself using this as a phone and I hate Bluetooth earpieces. Maybe ill use a wired headset...
  • Why is it a toss up? .. They are two completely different OS.. It is what do you want a phone or a computer?.. Lol
  • Go 7" W8. You can do so much more with it. And the apps will come eventually.
  • That's not a 920. The Nokia logo is in the middle, not the top right. Could be the 1020.
  • You can see the hole for the lanyard strip and the matte black shell. it's a 1020 for sure. 
  • ^this
  • It's a 920... Look @ the way it curves in @ the bottom.
  • Wrong, look at the Nokia logo and lack of 920 smile, its a 1020 (black)
  • who cares, they're both the same size.
  • It looks more like a black 925, look at the rounded edges
  • Yup, think I can safely say this is too big for me but for you hulksters out there, enjoy!
  • That's too what she said!
  • LOL
  • She didn't say it to me though. :(
  • I dunno guys, when I zoom on the edges of the device it looks photoshopped. I'm calling fake.
  • Yeah the bottom right looks a bit dodge
  • Sorry folks, while I see what you are talking the jaggyness is due to the photo being blown up on the site. The original has no such distortion. Update: I added a zoomed/cropped of the original and I think you'll agree that it looks less jagged?
  • The noticeable lack of any sort of glare and the placement of the arrow button seems odd. Guess I'm glad my screen is fully utilized.
  • The glare is on the left side edge where I'd expect it...
  • The arrow button seems kinda high,, even for its highest position..
  • Nope, it has a wireless charging cover on it.
  • It is a photoshop. I opened it up in PS and zoomed in. You can see a distinct block of black that was rubber stamped and in some cases on the right hand side of the bezel where it was sloppy done. For some reason the entire bottom third of the screen has been blacked out. Hate to say it, but most likely a fake somehow. 
  • I thought the placement of the "Apps list" arrow was odd, but maybe that is because there aren't enough apps pinned to fill-up the whole screen?
  • I can't wait to see what everyone who thought the 920 was too heavy have to say about this. They might take it a step further and sue Nokia because they can't lift it.
  • I guess these people are weaker than 4 years olds, my little nephews and neices young as 4 have no problems playing or sharing my L920 lol. Kids these days they don't want to play board games like Ludo, scrabble, connect4 etc they wanna play consoles, call of duty, GTA because either their older siblings play it or their folks just gave up caring.
  • It might be lighter...
  • I actually considered that possibility -- in which case, Nokia won't get sued. Everybody wins, lol.
  • Sorry.. But why would you want a phone that big! To big to hold just looks like one of those fool who have one of those big android phone....but it would appeal to some i guess...but not for me
  • You might now want it, which is perfectly fine. However, devices like the Galaxy Note indicate there is a market for devices in this range. Nokia would be a fool to make a compelling offering with Windows Phone for people that like gigantic phones. 
  • Sam maybe he has small hands ;)
  • Agree with on the idea that people want a big phone, just saying when you see people walking around talking on these type of large my opinion they just look like try hard look at me and my big phone people...but i do see the practicality of having a big screen but for me 4.5 is big enough..note until my eyes fail then i get a big screen phone lol
  • I don't think people like/want a big a phone so much as they want a big-ass screen and are willing to carry around *whatever* in order to have it.
  • Yup, I just hope Nokia doesn't start making all their high end phones 5+ inches, 4.5 is the sweet spot for me as well. I can hold and use the L920 completely one handed (even wrap around it).
  • Probably won't happen. I think the 9xx line will continue along the same size. What Nokia is doing is opening up a new line of Lumias with the 1520 numbering.
  • This. I don't really like the idea of talking into something that big, but it will save me from carrying a phone and a tablet for most of my needs.
  • Bluetooth.
  • For most of us considering one it is a matter of trade-offs. Before I got a smart phone I had to carry around my phone, plus a laptop. Now I have a L920 and I only need the laptop occasionally. The hope for this kind of device is to be able to have 1 single device, and leave everything else behind... but that depends as much upon the software set as it does the form factor. Personally I would have like to have seen a 5-5.5"