Nokia's "Bandit" phablet to be dubbed the Lumia 1520?

Smartphone insiders @evleaks tweeted a simple, but straight-forward message about the Nokia 6-inch Windows Phone 8 device codenamed "Bandit," denoting that it will officially be called the Nokia Lumia 1520. @evleaks has a longtime track record of being correct with the information they release, so we think the chances are pretty good that we'll be hearing the name Lumia 1520 soon.

EVLeaks tends to be pretty accurate with their information

Hints of a Nokia 6-inch phablet, a phone/tablet hybrid, first cropped up in a leaked photo back in July, and was discovered last week to be in testing at AT&T under the codename "Bandit."

What we have heard so far is that the Lumia 1520 will have a 6-inch screen with 1080p resolution, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and at least a 20 mega-pixel rear camera. The Bandit will resemble the Lumia 925, with a slight humped back to make room for the high-end camera components. And of course, it will be running Windows Phone 8 with GDR3.

Nokia is clearly trying to expand their reach to larger devices with the Lumia 1520, and even more so with the recently outed Windows RT-powered "Sirius" tablet. The "Sirius" looks like it will debut at an event Windows Phone Central first told you about, set for September 26-27 in New York City.

With two days dedicated to the event, perhaps we'll even see the Lumia 1520.

Source: @evleaks

  • Nokia must believe in phablets. I think I want one myself, especially if it will have a very good camera
  • Probably 20 mp :D
  • I really wish they would put the 41MP in it. All of the top phones in each screen size and resolution category should have it. Ie Phablet(>5.2 in), Mid screen size (4..5 - 5.2").  The flagship for the small screen category <4.5 in should get the 20MP camera.
  • While that sounds nice, and I wish so as well,, I would bet that that's not going to happen...
  • Phablets are so big already, I don't think they would want to add extra thickness and weight.
  • 1520 is fine.. That gives room for smaller Phablets in between.. 1120, 1220, 1320, and 1420... Sounds like Nokia knows what they are doing, and sounds like we have 4 more new devices to look forward to.
  • +1520
  • It's fine for us but will be confusing to the average consumers. Anything under 1520 will make an impression that it is a lower end phone. 
  • Yeah, but the average consumer isn't aware about the lineup... They just look at the price and buy accordingly.. Its not like you're ever going to walk into a store and see all eleven devices lined up, and available.. Separate carriers pick and choose their lineups so that they make sense... The 1020 hasn't slowed down sales of the 928, 925, or 920 because customers aren't confused by price, and they go for what they can afford... Besides, the average consumer is not looking for a Phablet....... Yet.
  • Yes but in a store you're likely to see them lined up.
    Let's say Nokia announced a successor to 1020, the 1220 which is the new flagship. 820 920 1020 1220 1520.   Which looks highest end to you?   No doubt they'll ask for price, but the numbering is still confusing nonetheless when you see them side by side or even for new consumers wanting to make the switch and check out the Lumia line.  But thinking about it, I guess it doesn't matter in the US because it's mostly carrier based so I understand your point too.  Not the same thing in other countries though..
  • The galaxy note phablets sell pretty well. I think there are plenty of average consumers who like large screens.
  • There's enough for there to be a market for them, but it's still relatively small compared to smaller smartphone sales..
  • Unfortunately stores in Canada only show off a banged up dummy unit Lumia 920. To see the whole lineup would be amazing.
  • What makes you think 1520 will give an impression of a lower end Lumia? The 1020 is the highest spec'd Lumia around so I don't know why this will confuse anybody. I think Nokia chose numbers 5 and 6 for their lower end Lumias (510, 520,521, 610, 620), 7 and 8 for mid tier Lumias (800, 810, 820,822) and 9 and up for their high end Lumias(900, 920, 925, 928, 1020, ......)
  • ? I said anything (any number) below 1520 would give an impression of lower end. All those numbers you listed, imagine lining them up. imagine there was a 1020 successor, say the 1220. Highest end flagship. But then you've got a 1520 now. Line the numbers up. 1520 no doubt looks the highest end. Ofcourse there will be no problem if the future Nokia phones are numbered above 1520 ;)
  • No.. That's not how the lineup is going to work.. It's more like how BMW does their cars.. 3series, 4,5,6, and 7series... The 3series name is still kept for new generations... Like.. 800 was the first generation, 820 was second generation, and the next will be a 830... The 1020 is considered one of Nokias 2nd generation WP devices.. A successor to the 1020 will most likely be a 1030.. A new 920 will be a 930 for third generation, and so on... The next 1520 will be a 1530.. I'm pretty sure Nokia is naming their phones just like the auto industry does, and that doesn't confuse anyone..
  • Gee thanks for clearing that up Rodney.
  • Some of these guy's are new ta tha game...
  • Nokia is Phabulous!
  • Good one :P
  • Perfect❕
  • You mean perphect
  • And that is a phact
  • Mike.. You're being corny today.... Lol❕
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  • Naaa.. I approve❗❗
  • He is being phantastically phunny, with a bit of phunk!
  • Yes he is.. Yes he is....
  • I just want to know what type of camera this is going to have...!
  • 20 mega-pixel
  • ughh, another AT+T exclusive?
  • You're a doctor deal with it :-)
  • I'm on att, but that would be sad, and its getting old..
  • Really getting old. I will not switch carriers for a phone.
  • I was thinking the same thing
  • The 6" is a beauty and the future until we get the 7" folding-screen Atom phones. 
  • I wonder how much beating would a Folding screen take i.e. Number of folds before failure.
  • I was really hoping this was going to be slightly smaller than 6inches,
  • She told me that too
  • Fnarr fnarr, yukk yukk!
  • The fact that it's called the 1520 is a sign that there are going to be smaller version like the 1420 or a 1320... I think Nokia is jumping straight to the 6in version first to immediately put themselves in line with the competition instead of always being a step behind..
  • That's what she said ;)
  • Said no woman ever!
  • Ha
  • They really should try a different naming strategy for phablet lineups. Because frankly it will confuse everyone. Its already almost confusing me, let alone ppl who don't use lumias.
  • How is it confusing? It's still a WP Lumia device.. It's just larger.. So, what's wrong with continuing to use the higher designations❔
  • We all know the 520 is better than the 1520...
  • Lol❕.. I guess that's subjective..
  • Try explaining to someone who doesn't use a Windows Phone how the Lumia 920, 925, and 928 and 95% ythe same phones, yet look different and have different code names.  People Still get muddled up between the many different numbers. 620? 625? 610? These numbers are really starting to go beyond what normal users are going to be able to understand. The only thing they DO understand is that the higher the number, the better, so by that theory, the 928 is the best 9xx phone, when really it's just about the same (and the 925 is probably better either way).  I can't wait for my Lumia 4255 in like 3 years. 
  • Lol.. It is a lot of numbers.. But like I said,, the average user will most likely never know about every current device Nokia has to offer, and most won't be available in their region anyways.. I think you guys are giving the average user a little to much credit.. Lol❕.. Nevertheless, When users walk into say att they will see 4-5 Nokia devices to chosen from, with various size screens, and price ranges.. At that point they will be able to decide easily which one to pick.. Remember, most people aren't online researching what to buy before they get to the store.. You can bet your money on that... The issue really isn't going to be Nokias naming scheme,, its going to be inexperienced, untrained, unknowledgeable, uninterested, and biased sales associates that make things hard.. Seriously, look at the myriad of Android devices with non numeric names.. It's a lot harder tell which devices is better by those designations, and people choose just fine... At the BMW dealership its the salespersons job to tell you which 3,4,5, or 6series is right for you, but at a single carrier there's most likely not going to be that many "engine choices" for each model.. So, choosing between the 920, and 925, will only throw the most ignorant off.. Well, I guess I'm giving the average consumer to much credit now.... Lol❗❗❗
  • I am using Nokia phones for years and never had a problem understanding different numbers for different phone series they use. I think they are right in calling it Lumia 1520, end of the day it is running Windows Phone software and Not RT.
  • Read my reply above you. 
  • LOL❕.. Maybe they should call it the "Lumia Journal" instead of the 1520.. Would that help❔.. Lol..... Actually, now that I think about it that don't sound too bad❕
  • Yeah, that was part of my point.. It's still just a WP device.. It's a Lumia❕
  • Just dont make d camera quite a big hump make it look weird Yeah but we all knw its nokia everything possible and new ideas keep cmin too!!!
  • Just bring it to T-Mobile and I'm there! Otherwise It's hard to leave my T-mobile 920 with the "French Rom"!
  • We probably got that 5.3 headed our way... =[
  • Nokia is starting with this weird naming convention again. It was so confusing ten years ago and i really hoped they learned that people don't want to remember model numbers like 3360, 3230,.....I would wish they choose a naming convention that had some resemblance of logic to it and stick with it.
    You want four digits? What about the first for the line (9 being the flagship, 8 below that and so on), the second would indicate the generation, the third roughly the screen size and the fourth a carrier specific number (1 for at&t, 2 for tmobile,.....5 for international)
    Although i would prfere 3 number and keep the screen size out of it.
  • I disagree, numerical sequence is easier to follow than random names, like quantum and phantom, or even 8x or 8s...
  • I hope you realize other nations than the US get carrier-specific models. The world doesn't revolve around the US.
    Due to my vision I have not upgraded to 1020 yet, waiting for this coming phablet. I hope that will have the same camera (love it on my wife’s 1020) and wireless charging (must have!)
  • Jumping from 1020 to 1520 may indicate this is a radical design from their previous Lumias, beyond just the screen size.
  • It's a completely new generation of internals, fully utilizing the GDR3 update. So yes, it's radically different.
  • 1520 just doesn't sound nice to me...What about the gap between that and 1020? Please tell me they're not considering increasing the screen sizes as numbers go up...the L625 is already too big. And my hands are big.
  • To each his own.
  • Probably smaller screen size like a 5.5" 1320 or something.
    Don't like big ones? Don't buy them. Nokia seems to be making high end phones with small 4.5" screens still. 
  • 1520? Doesn't make sense but I don't care I want this phone!
  • I think it should have been a 930. Or 940.. Because it would be more of a next generation phone.. N 940 just to emphasize the quad core part..
  • I don't agree with the people who say there will be a 1120,1220 etc. That would mean a NL 120, 220,320 & 420 is still possible?
  • I dont think there will be any model/handset starting with 4XX as nokia has never realeased a phone with the model no. starting with 40xx. ..
  • I kind of like the idea of names like 1020XL.. which in my theory would be 1020 spec, but large sized. This one could be 1080XL, meaning a 1080 would be smaller, but higher spec than 1020 :)
  • It's also the first 1080p-smartphone device from Nokia, so that name would be amazing!
  • I hope it has a stylus. Or imagine if this was running Windows RT. That would turn everything upside down.
  • Love it. Can't wait.
  • This in the picture cannot be a 6" phablet! It's simply enormous
  • Now I have to wait a few more months to buy a phone, a normal phone not biger than 5 inch. Nokia skipped a number, 3.8 4.7 6...when the 5 with new hardware? Anyway keep up the good work nokia, dont forget the 5 :)
  • Sounds great. I can only hope there will be a CDMA variant soon because I want to use my Verizon upgrade on a high end Windows Phone :)
  • I have some really high hopes for this device! Things I need to justify upgrading early from my Lumia 920:
    6" 1080p amoled clear black display
    2GB of low power DDR3
    Modern quad core CPU with a slightly higher end GPU than what is in current gen WP devices
    Minimum 64GB of storage (or 32GB with SD card support). Preferably 96-120GB of internal storage without SD card support
    Faster internal storage. All phones suffer from insanely slow internal storage. I am not expecting them to put in a 500MB/s SSD or anything... but something as simple as a flashlight or calculator app should open instantly, and rebooting a phone should be a 10-15 second process rather than a 60 second one
    A nice large battery that can get at least 2 days of light to moderate use on a single charge
    Priced under $1000, preferably in the sub $850 range Things I would like to see but do not expect:
    41MP camera, but I will take a smaller 8-20MP camera if it keeps the cost under $1000
    Stereo speakers for games and watching videos (and per-app volume management so that I can turn a game down without affecting my ringer volume!)
    Display output with ability to display PPT presentations or 1080p videos on a projector/screen.
    Update mobile Word for 1080p devices so that there is a proper page view
    Built-in wireless charging would be great, but I understand that it will probably be a shell option to 'futureproof' the phone for different wireless charging standards which may take over.
    Wireless ac and bluetooth pairing may not be 'must have' features, but they should be standard equipment going forward
    The ability to print to network printers! This would be extremely helpful to me at work, and was a feature that was implied with the launch of WP8 but has yet to materialize
    Another thing promised with the launch of WP8 was NFC payments from Wallet. My phone has replaced pretty much everything that I carry around except for my keys and wallet... and if they can replace those in a secure manner then I am all for it! I would much rather carry one thing in my pockets at all times rather than 3. The L920 already replaced my personal laptop, and has almost replaced the work laptop as well. Being able to have a little better office support, and the ability to run presentations from my phone would be the big things that would retire my work laptop. Either way, when my contract is up in another year then I will get the 2nd gen Nokia phablet. Phablets are not for everyone, but they would be very nice for my uses.
  • Needs the 41MP camera....
  • Hands down, my next device from Nokia!!
  • SERIOUSLY........ATT, WTF!!!!!!!!!!! FU<K YOU NOKIA FOR MAKING US VZW SUBSCRIBERS WAIT FOR YOUR STUPID EXCLUSIVE BS, YOU WOULD SELL 5X'S THE DEVICES IF YOU LAUNCHED ON ALL CARRIERS AT THE SAME TIME INSTEAD OF LAUNCHING 6 MONTH OLD TECH ON VZW.........this is why i passed on the Lumia 928, and why I will pass on the 1028 if its the same F'ing phone 6 months later.  Now give me 1080p screen, microsd support, and you had me at hello.......give me old tech, and ill pass once again
  • Yea yea another at&t device but I like the size
  • Screw the 41MP camera and the naming scheme - if this phone doesn't have removable MicroSD card support, I'm gonna be pissed!!! I currently use a Galaxy Note 2, but I want to come back to Windows Phone 8 BAD, especially since I know the GDR2 update fixed the issues I was having with Xbox Music on my Lumia 920 when I bought it (and promptly returned it to AT&T), but I won't be buying this phone if it doesn't have support for removable MicroSD cards (or, at least 64GB of internal storage)! No other current WP8 handset out there satisfies me, due to the (relatively) small screen sizes (compared to the Note 2), and the lack of support for MicroSD cards. C'mon, Nokia - PLEASE don't let me down!
  • I hope Nokia will add the slot for an card, but my brother tells me that carriers want to limit you (like the iPhone) to onboard memory.  I would like to see 64GB + 2 (Two) Micro SD Card Slots!  The Tablet should have them anyway.