Nokia's "Bandit" phablet to be dubbed the Lumia 1520?

Smartphone insiders @evleaks tweeted a simple, but straight-forward message about the Nokia 6-inch Windows Phone 8 device codenamed "Bandit," denoting that it will officially be called the Nokia Lumia 1520. @evleaks has a longtime track record of being correct with the information they release, so we think the chances are pretty good that we'll be hearing the name Lumia 1520 soon.

EVLeaks tends to be pretty accurate with their information

Hints of a Nokia 6-inch phablet, a phone/tablet hybrid, first cropped up in a leaked photo back in July, and was discovered last week to be in testing at AT&T under the codename "Bandit."

What we have heard so far is that the Lumia 1520 will have a 6-inch screen with 1080p resolution, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and at least a 20 mega-pixel rear camera. The Bandit will resemble the Lumia 925, with a slight humped back to make room for the high-end camera components. And of course, it will be running Windows Phone 8 with GDR3.

Nokia is clearly trying to expand their reach to larger devices with the Lumia 1520, and even more so with the recently outed Windows RT-powered "Sirius" tablet. The "Sirius" looks like it will debut at an event Windows Phone Central first told you about, set for September 26-27 in New York City.

With two days dedicated to the event, perhaps we'll even see the Lumia 1520.

Source: @evleaks

Seth Brodeur