Rumor: Nokia’s next event will be September 26-27th; Windows tablet in bound?

Windows Phone Central has learned that Nokia is not planning on slowing down anytime soon with a new company event supposedly set for 60 days from now. It’s not a 100% clear either if this is a public press event or something else. Scheduled for September 26-27th in New York City, details remain scarce as to exactly what would be shown to the public, though if we had to speculate it would be a Nokia tablet.

Nokia traditionally has only reserved the New York City location for major US launches, including the recent Lumia 920 and Lumia 1020. Smaller launches that are non-US focused usually take place in London or more rarely, industry conferences like CES.

Supposed screenshot of Nokia event in NYC

We’ve been told that Nokia’s strategy going forward is to have a “major release every quarter”. For example, the Lumia 925 was announced in May, the Lumia 1020 was announced in July and now something else in September. In between, smaller announcements may take place, like the Lumia 625 or carrier-specific devices. We would also put the Nokia ‘phablet’ on schedule for an end of the year release, possibly November alongside Windows Phone 8 GDR3, which will bring 1080P display support. Working prototypes of that device have only just begun being tested, we’re told.

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet incoming?

Nokia prototype tablet

Leaked: early Nokia tablet prototype

As to what the device could be, assuming the above information is accurate, we’re thinking this will finally be the big reveal for Nokia’s tablet. We’ve heard now from multiple sources that Nokia does have a tablet in testing with various carriers. Interestingly, Windows 8.1 is due to RTM to manufacturers sometime in August and it will presumably go on sale later in September alongside new devices. If we had to conjecture, it would seem to us that Nokia would want to tie their tablet into the Microsoft Windows 8.1 launch cycle for optimal media coverage.

Yesterday, on the site GFXBench, the Nokia RX-114 tablet was supposedly caught being benchmarked. The device purportedly runs Windows 8 with a Qualcomm Adreno 330 CPU and somewhat odd 1371 x 771 display size. No other information was given and it has not been verified as accurate.

One source who has been reliable for us in the past recently told us the following description for the Nokia tablet:

“…smallish, something like 11 inches, using Windows of course. I have very little detailed information, but the design was very much in the same style as their Lumia phones with bright colors and rounded corners. The model they showed me was bright red.”

Details have been surprisingly scarce about a Nokia tablet, though we did see an earlier prototype a few weeks ago suggesting that the company is indeed experimenting with the platform. What is not clear is if the project continued going forward and what the current status is, though we have heard that AT&T is testing one and they would be the US launch partner. 

Daniel Rubino

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