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Rumor: Nokia’s next event will be September 26-27th; Windows tablet in bound?

Windows Phone Central has learned that Nokia is not planning on slowing down anytime soon with a new company event supposedly set for 60 days from now. It’s not a 100% clear either if this is a public press event or something else. Scheduled for September 26-27th in New York City, details remain scarce as to exactly what would be shown to the public, though if we had to speculate it would be a Nokia tablet.

Nokia traditionally has only reserved the New York City location for major US launches, including the recent Lumia 920 and Lumia 1020. Smaller launches that are non-US focused usually take place in London or more rarely, industry conferences like CES.

Supposed screenshot of Nokia event in NYC

We’ve been told that Nokia’s strategy going forward is to have a “major release every quarter”. For example, the Lumia 925 was announced in May, the Lumia 1020 was announced in July and now something else in September. In between, smaller announcements may take place, like the Lumia 625 or carrier-specific devices. We would also put the Nokia ‘phablet’ on schedule for an end of the year release, possibly November alongside Windows Phone 8 GDR3, which will bring 1080P display support. Working prototypes of that device have only just begun being tested, we’re told.

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet incoming?

Nokia prototype tablet

Leaked: early Nokia tablet prototype

As to what the device could be, assuming the above information is accurate, we’re thinking this will finally be the big reveal for Nokia’s tablet. We’ve heard now from multiple sources that Nokia does have a tablet in testing with various carriers. Interestingly, Windows 8.1 is due to RTM to manufacturers sometime in August and it will presumably go on sale later in September alongside new devices. If we had to conjecture, it would seem to us that Nokia would want to tie their tablet into the Microsoft Windows 8.1 launch cycle for optimal media coverage.

Yesterday, on the site GFXBench, the Nokia RX-114 tablet was supposedly caught being benchmarked. The device purportedly runs Windows 8 with a Qualcomm Adreno 330 CPU and somewhat odd 1371 x 771 display size. No other information was given and it has not been verified as accurate.

One source who has been reliable for us in the past recently told us the following description for the Nokia tablet:

“…smallish, something like 11 inches, using Windows of course. I have very little detailed information, but the design was very much in the same style as their Lumia phones with bright colors and rounded corners. The model they showed me was bright red.”

Details have been surprisingly scarce about a Nokia tablet, though we did see an earlier prototype a few weeks ago suggesting that the company is indeed experimenting with the platform. What is not clear is if the project continued going forward and what the current status is, though we have heard that AT&T is testing one and they would be the US launch partner. 

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • We'll see how this goes. Seeing as how Microsoft spent more money advertising the RT than actually profit will see if this will be successful. P.S. I love my RT.
  • The resolution seems weird on this thing, though. 1371 x 771? That's a very odd resolution to pick.
  • it appears they added 5x3 pixels. (wouldnt that mean just 15 pixels?)
  • No, when you do multiplication it doesn't work that way. You can't multiply the difference to get the product. So where the difference is 5x3, and does have a product of 15, in reality, you must do 1371x771 which has a product of 1,057,047 total pixels, minus the 5x3 would be a resolution of 1366x768 which has a total of 1,049,088. Now minus the later from the former and you have a difference of 7,959 pixels... Not 15.
  • huh.
  • I think you are right...but you lost me LOL
  • could that be a snapped view ?
  • Exactly what I was thinking.
  • It was the dimensions of a cropped image. This is the actual article.
  • It's probably the boarder around the content being displayed as part of the benchmark, if I had to venture a guess.
  • Let me guess, 32 GB onboard and no expansion options? sigh
  • It's a tablet, not a phone. If they build a tablet, I will guarantee you that it will have a usb and sdcard slot.
  • 11 inches at that resolution? I hope not.
  • Nokia reportedly has had numerous prototypes in the works. Also, don't conflate rumors or information we present e.g. the GFXBench and our insider source. They may not be one and the same, or one (or both) could be inaccurate. 
  • ummm 11 inches at 1080p is awesome. 1371 x 771 is the effective resolution of 140% scaling od 1920x180.
  • "conflate" I will try to work that word into a conversation today.
  • No "rum 'o meter" for that part of the article, Daniel?
  • Daniel, might it also just be sporting that resolution at the software level because it doesn't have R3 onboard, but will/could sport a 1080 later with software, allowing them to merely beta test the device thus far? At the hardware level it could very well support 1080 as is, but software is confining it to that max resolution. I think people are lost on modern devices always being maxed, so when we read a spec like that, people assume that's the hardware, but its not. Look at old CRT monitors which had crazy high resolution (with decent video card support), but most people ran it at 800x600 or 1024x768, even though it could scale double that amount.
  • September = Nokia World
  • Could be Nokia world, although Nokia has tamed down that event significantly, including having it only for non-public attendees, like last year.
  • Oh, right. Well, it still looks like it's gonna be a closed event again judging by the screenshot you got. I could be wrong though.
  • was Nokia World in NYC last year?
  • Why they need two days? Is it Nokia world?
  • That's not a resolution in my opinion, but screen dimensions (Width & Height)
  • Sounds about right in mm. 13.7cm x 7.7cm. So it'll be 15.7cm diagonally or 6.2". This is more in phablet range than tablet...
  • Someone isn't up with metric. No way are the dimensions 1,371 mm x 700 something mm. It's not 1.371 meters...that would be like a home projector or a really big TV.
  • Ehmm... 13.7cm x 7.7cm is indeed 137mm x 77mm!
  • With that dimesnions spec, it should be a 14" tablet.
  • 14"? By the Pythagorean theorem, that would be the square root of 13.7^2 + 7.7^2, which is 15.7cm, or about 6.2". That does sound like a reasonable phablet size. But does anyone know, do they typcially talk sizes in .1mm units with no decimal points/commas?
  • Haha that'll teach me to do maths right before bed :P It's rather sad as metric is all I know! Haha
  • Those numbers came from a benchmarking site. The benchmarking sites record the specs and the results. How could the benchmarking software possibly know the physical dimensions? It's the resolution that the device was providing.
  • probably in a new 8.1 snapped view.
  • Hopefully its the Phablet with a 41MP Pureview Camera and Qualcomm 800 CPU for Verizon. They need a Hero device that is better than the 928 whose specs stand up to the competition, but if it doesn't have a MicroSD slot I'll be shaking my fist!
  • Will you shake your fist with money in it? :)
  • Hey GoodThings, did you get the $150 store credit from the online MS Store?
  • I was an early adopter of Windows 8 RT with the Microsoft Surface RT, and it served me well for quite a number of months. Even when my laptop blew up, I was able to get things done using the RT.
    However, this month it got to the stage where I had to go Pro, and got a Surface Pro.
    I really hope Nokia release both an RT and Pro version.
  • I'm skeptical about the tablet announcement. I think this will be a version of 1020, more like 102X, with lower sensor camera to showcase other consumers which are not exactly for the big camera bump... but we'll see. I can't wait.
  • But there is absolutely zero evidence for such a device, yet we've had numerous sources tell us a tablet is real.
  • We have had codenames and Nokia trusties posting about Nokia tablet since 2007.
    There was 3 tablet prototypes for MeeGo alone, RX-51, RX71 and unknown N9 designed proto almost ready for production, but scrapped my Elop. 
    I see there being no more indication for a tablet than a inevitable Nokia phablet with GDR3. 
  • Sad if that's the case. I'm just waiting for the right Nokia device so I could pursue my transfer to WP8. Probably going to wait until GDR3 devices get launched / released.
  • You realize that without the camera hump, you're at a 920-size sensor, right? You need a hump for the phone to not just be a 920 variant.
  • So, the 920?
  • If its a tablet, then I could not imagine them leaving out a micro SD slot.
  • What standout feature will make it better than the surface pro I wonder; not much else design-wise that hasn't already been done with Windows tablets/hybrids at this point, yet, I'm interested to see this device
  • Perhaps it will have the Nokia apps with its own segment of the Store the way the Dell tablets have their own?
  • Perhaps they'll surprise everyone, and actually make a tablet instead of a hybrid. For hybrids, they should be using x86 instead ARM anyways. I just don't see tablets selling very well above $300, so not sure if Nokia should even bother.
  • I initially thought windows RT was a bad idea. The more I look at it, the more I think its a great idea. Only thing though is they need to change the name somehow so as to not confuse consumers with windows 8, like Windows Pad or something.
  • They better take heed from Microsoft's $900 million loss, low consumer interest and OEM's jumping ship, if its an RT device its doomed. x86 Atom (hopefully Bay Trail) or Haswell gets them into the enterprise as well so they can push for a one-two with their Lumia devices.
  • I have no issue with RT as schools and universities that use ipads & chrome devices get less functionality but more apps than RT. I think it should be marketed to the right segment. Pro should be heavily pushed to enterprise & RT to consumers & students however, not withheld from consumers & students who fall into the power user category (you know who you are!). This is the problem I.have with HP, they won't sell the envy x2 to me for my company and offered me the hp twist....which is a horrid ten year old design, so I purchased several xps 13's from dell
  • If it runs Windows RT, no thanks. If I'm buying into this ecosystem I want something more functional than Android. The Iconia W3 is more appealing to me if thus happens to be RT.
  • Quadcore phone or Tablet???
  • RT is a failure. In a world with powerful battery sipping Atom chips chasing ARM is suicide. If the surface had been the Asus Vivotab Smart it would have been a winner. Please don't let Nokia go RT. Better an 8 inch running windows phone.
    Want I would like
    10" or 11" 1080p with a video chip that can do video without sucking the battery life
    8 to 10hrs of battery while in use
    Accessory port on the rear for 3rd parties to make add ons or extended battery + stand
    Surface Pro rocking Haswell
    16Gb RAM
    128mb SSD
    GPS, Optional 4G, 5mpix front camera for Skype and detachable keyboard
    SD and Micro SD slot as well as USB
    I am dreaming, but since I do a lot photography, a calibrated SRGB or ARGB screen would rock so I can use it for photo editing and stylus right on screen
    Will never ever happen, but that would be great
  • I agree, if it's not a Pro and if it doesn't have at least 7 or 8  hours of battery life then they can keep it, I don't want it.  Also, in order for these tablets to move into the large corporate enterprise as replacements for laptops then they must also have significantly larger hard drives. This is something that has already been discussed at my company (...a "very" large well known company).
  • Why??? I'm an IT manager and I stopped purchasing computers with large hard drives years ago because all items besides the base application installs are store on network shares. Furthermore, now all of my users have SkyDrive accounts for sharing/editing file between one another, eliminating the need to store offline files on the hard drive like in days of old.
  • Are you in a small to medium shop? I frequently inquire to those in charge of such things at my company and the answer that I've received most is "the hard drives aren't big enough yet". Keep in mind that tablets with as much as 128gb have really only arrived recently (in corporate cycle terms), even with that I was told the same thing. We do all of the above except that we make heavy use of SharePoint not Skydrive, but when you are in the IT shop of company with nearly 300,000 employees, processes as much data as the government, has one of the most widespread and complex networking systems in the nation, seemingly makes use of every application known to man and is mired in a bevy of rules, regulations, audit requirements, extremely stringent security standards and a bevy of bureaucratic red tape...doing anything at the server level is like a snail dragging a turtle through molasses. SLOWWWWW! People here keep a "lot" of data on their hard drive simply to be able to access it in a timely manner if for no other reason. 64gb tablets would have been chewed up and spit out like cheap candy. 128gb would be able to serve some areas/divisions but the folks here won't feel safe until it goes larger. There are lots of variable at play, depending on the company that you're at.
  • Then your network infrastructure is the problem, not the hard drives. I'm at a similarly large company and everything's network based, except for the several GB engineering models that I keep on my HD (15K SAS,) more because of the fits they give my network drive allocation (which I haven't really tested in a few years, seems to have been improved to something more dynamic than it used to be) than for speed.
    For tablets though, I'd imagine employees that would be getting them wouldn't necessarily be on the network all that often. If you're always in a company building, you might as well have a laptop, for the most part. At which point the hard drive becomes a bigger issue.
  • You're in a much larger shop than I am, but I also had a SharePoint server which was under utilized and wasn't worth the expense if it want going to be used properly. Also everyone within our organization aren't they types of employees that are mobile so many members of management utilize SkyDrive or whatever it will soon be changed to. But even the item on SharePoint aren't stored on the local hd, so processor, memory, video card, gigabit ports on my routers, switches, etc are important to me.
  • Bring on the leaks!
  • So Microsoft has approximately $900M Surface Tablets just laying around. Silly software company. Watch & Learn from Nokia. Your Surface Tablets don't have the same quality or quantity of apps that Apple or Google, what makes you think you could sell your Tablets for the same price as an iPad? Amazon knows what's up & Priced their Kindle 8.9in accordingly. Nokia, I'm ready for a Lumia Phablet (5.5in-6in).
  • RT is dead horse. Win8 + Haswell will make RT a piece of history. Nokia is already pissed that MS isn't committed like they should be with WP8, good luck getting anywhere with RT.
  • Please explain you argument! It make no sense as the only thing the Android and iPad have over RT are app count. But on the other hand, RT has office lite with outlook coming in the next update. Microsoft simply miss markets RT; while I prefer Pro, if they drop the price for RT tablets, there is a segment for it until PRO & RT merge.
  • I'd rather have $50 off than Office on my tablet tbh.
  • Except for the several hundred dollar price difference...
    Baytrail/Temash may kill off RT, but not Haswell. Price is too steep and power consumption still not competitive with ARM. What Haswell does is basically give the Surface Pro-types acceptable battery life, it's not going to play in the $300-600 range where MSFT needs devices.
  • "The device purportedly runs Windows 8 with a Qualcomm Adreno 330 CPU and somewhat odd 1371 x 771 display size." I assume that it would be running Windows RT?
  • Yes.
    Qualcomm/Nvidia CPUs == Windows RT.
    Intel CPUs == Windows 8.
  • This would be the only tablet i would consider if it were to be running RT ( I hope it's an atom at least )
  • Problem with Atom-tablets is usually an awful GPU.
  • Since all of the specs and the look haven't been leaked by now, I'd say this is highly unilkely. 
  • Nokia needs to release a phablet before a tablet.
  • ^True, but they can do both. Call it Nokias BIG Event.
  • The 625...? That's in phablet territory for sure.
  • What the heck happened to all the rumors that Nokia didn't want to do RT?
  • What the heck happened to all the rumors that Nokia didn't want to do RT? On the other hand, I look forward to Nokias take on RT. Surface was a competent tablet though it didn't sell due to various annoyances.
  • I wish Nokia would address a question that no one seems to be asking...when will versions of the 1020 hit other carriers?  There's no way in hell that they should do another 6 month exclusive with AT&T, that would be a disaster.  All carriers, at least Verizon needs to have a 1020 well before the holiday season...that means October, not December.
  • 1020 is a halo device, they aren't going to sell in numbers. It would be better to have a 720-ish device on all carriers than a 1028.
  • It would be best to have both.  Wall Street looks upon the 1020 as the supposed "saviour" device for Nokia (maybe they shouldn't, but they do), the opinion of many analysts is that if this device doesn't take off then Nokia is done (see previous comment).  The 1020 won't have a chance to "save" anything if it's just on one carrier.
  • +1028...........What I cannot comprehend, is what they were thinking with this exsclusive buy that phone outright tomorrow if it were on VZW
    And another thing that baffles me - If you were an OEM, why wouldnt you make your devices the same design throughout, with slight changes in the internals depending on GSM/CDMA, etc.  Same with Tablets - one consistent design........Think CrApple, or Scumsung..........they have proven it works, If Nokia follows suit, they could dominate the Windows 8 tablet ecosystem as well as the phones.  That would set them up for the future.
    Windows Phone: (1) low cost phone, same look, different internals depending on carrier - 300$ off contract, (1) premium phone (920) that looks the same on all, different internals depending on carrier - 400$ off contract, (1) specialty phone (1020) with specialized features, or larger screen - 500$ off contract.
    Windows 8 tablets: (1) 7-8" Windows RT device- 299$, (1) 10"-11" Atom device with full Windows 8 - 499$, (1) 10"-11" Corei5 (Haswell) Pro device with Intel integrated graphics (similar to Surface Pro) - 799$, (1) 13" convertible laptop - think Lenovo Yoga with legit NVIDIA graphics card - 999$+ depending on specs.
  • I agree! Nokia should make all their phones look like the 920, then make them available on all carriers with slightly different specs, depending on the carriers needs.
  • Nokia is killing itself with it's exclusivity with AT&T. I have been to every Lumia phone launch at the AT&T store and I have never found the new device working on the display. In fact, the AT&T store close to my location has yet to power on the L1020, it just sits there uncharged, and it's been out since the 26th. And this is what Nokia is banking their future on? Good luck with that!
  • I love my Surface RT but in order for RT to make any sense in the market it needs to be on 7-8" devices and priced at $200-250. RT has to compete and beat the Nexus 7 on price. Bay Trail tablets can then be priced from $350-450 giving them some separation.
  • It'll be interesting to see Nokia's take on a tablet, can't wait!!
  • CowaBonga Dude!!!!
  • Just make it 1080p already. All other lower resolutions should be dropped.
  • Please let it be the Lumia Tablet.
  • If this is indeed a phablet with the 1020 sensor, I'm saving my money for it. If this is a tablet, then I think my surface pro still has it beat :)
  • I hope it's a new phone. Tablets are lame.
  • Its the new flagship phone.
  • No need for speculations, Knowing nokia every single detail amd specs will be floding the internet by middle of august
  • Think I need a bigger stocking for Santa to slide on of these into.
  • Qualcomm Adreno 330 CPU?? You mean GPU?
  • If its a tablet, it'll be the one to own. The apps and exclusivity would be awesome.
  • I can't see this being a tablet, given the reporting we've just seen, from Microsoft's latest financial statements, that they basically just took a bath on Surface RT devices.    I think they only sold, what, less than half a Million since the Holidays of 2012?    Why would Nokia want to take a similar beating?
  • I wouldn't try to count Microsoft's money for them. I'm certain they have the resources for the long haul.
  • Best be a 5" or better phone. 4.5" is too small
  • @Daniel
    RX-114 is a Windows RT tablet, not a Windows 8 tablet. I mentioned that in the email I sent you yesterday. AFAIK Nokia is making both Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets.
  • AFAIK Nokia is making both Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets.
    I hope you're right. Windows RT became redundant the day Intel announced the slow-sipping Atom Clover Trail last year. And with the upcoming Bay Trail providing even more power, RT is ready to be buried. Please, now tell us, where did you hear Nokia is making both?
  • RT won't die so soon.
    I heard it from Nokia.
  • Don't price it over $349
  • I would love to hear that Nokia is building a 5in 1080p quad core phone with 32gb expandable storage and 41mp camera. That is all.
  • Nokia Phablet!!!
  • Ha,Ha,Ha is funny. I don't remember the article but i remember was the same Daniel on a reply to a comment that said that he didn't think that Nokia will present a tablet this year. Don't get me wrong Daniel but this is how fast things can change. So my humble opinion  i think is better to confirm things like when you present evidence in your articles that saying rumors.
  • If a Nokia tablet is going to be unveiled, then I hope it's running a newer rebranded version of Windows RT that isn't called Windows RT as we all know how confusing and profit killing that is.
  • The large alloy bodied phone with the 41mp pureview camera this will be, too late to the tablet market game Nokia is..... Hmm the force is strong with this one
  • If they make a tablet, it will, in all likelihood, run Windows RT, which I find lame. Therefore I hope that's a 5" phablet. Or, perhaps, a successor to the 920 without that exorbitantly priced enthusiast camera....
  • I dont want a tablet (its welcome ofc). Where is the new lumia line? Its been a year since 920 announcement. 
  • Nokia needs GDR3 to release their new flagship, if it's the leaked Alumiumin device it's a 5" 1080p Phone without expandable storage.
    GDR3 is coming later this year.
  • So we should expect to see "leaks" starting tomorrow before the big day
  • FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THATS HOLY, SHOW THAT TABLET ON NOKIA WORLD! I just cant take the rumours anymore! A Lumia Tablet is a thought that makes me piss myself from excitement. 
  • So I got receive from Nokia and there's a quote "The night will last forever."  and It will take place the New York City, and it will Scheduled for September 26-27 this year, And there's Nightmare Moon's Cutie Mark. They will announcing:   1. The Nokia Tablet will named "Nokia Harmonia" and it's powered by Windows 8.1. 2. The Nokia Lumia Phablet and it's powerd by Windows Phone 8 GDR3. Nokia Lumia 926 and 1025 will use the 1080p resolution and it bundles a pen. 3. The MLP: FiM Season 4 Exclusive Trailer showing Nightmare Moon Returns.   Image Proof: