Images of Nokia Windows RT prototype tablet exposed?

We’re not too sure about this story, folks, so take it with a grain of salt. For quite a few months now, we’ve heard reports of Nokia working on a Windows 8 tablet (originally RT, then reportedly they went with full 8.x), though up until now we have never seen one.

These images, posted in the Windows Phone Central Forums by Rubik_H2CO3, may or may not be legit. The specs are a bit dated: Tegra 3 1.3Ghz processor, 2GB RAM, HDMI-OUT, USB Port, SIM Slot, 16point touchscreen, running Windows RT. The poster notes that they think this prototype was dropped due to the Tegra 3 chipset, which is used in a handful of Windows machines these days.

The only giveaway in the two photos that this is a Nokia tablet is the logo lightly emblazoned on the back. Such an addition could in theory be easy to fake with Photoshop but an initial analysis does not reveal any trickery that has been done to the photo.

We can confirm through various sources that Nokia and partners are actively testing a Windows 8 tablet of some sorts. In fact, we’ve heard some recent murmurs of “…a 6 inch phablet (GDR3), and tablet in Nov. Also a mini tab in the 1st Q 2014” from the Finnish company. Where the above device fits in to that picture, we just don’t know.

One early rumor was Nokia had an RT device ready to launch earlier in the year, but due to soft sales of RT versus full Windows 8 machines, Nokia abandoned that idea. Whether there is any truth to it, we’re still in the dark, though hopefully more information will be forthcoming.

With all of that being said, the device itself doesn’t look too remarkable, missing even a rear camera, which seems odd for Nokia.

Due to our unfamiliarity with the poster and the possibility of faked images, we're giving this a "5" on our rumor meter. We know a Nokia Windows tablet is coming, we just don't know if this is it.

Source: Windows Phone Central Forums; Thanks, FaisalBAhmed, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Suuuurrrrreee.....
  • I'll go on record here...I'd be all over a Nokia Tablet. But doubt it will ever happen...sadly.
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  • ATT is already testing a Nokia tablet
  • Hello my friend I was wondering, where did you hear AT&T was testing a Nokia tablet
  • Here. We've confirmed it a few times from our sources.
  • Wow that's absolutely brilliant.
  • About a month and a half ago, I had an AT&T Employee say they were testing the formly EOS now 1020 and a tablet.
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  • Charging plug looks similar to the Surface.
  • I was thinking the same
  • It's on the left side though
  • Zoom in and it doesn't look like its plugged in. More like its sitting next to the tablet.
  • Looks like an L-connector microUSB to me
  • Now that's a huge Lumia
  • I want 6" lumia
  • I want 11.6" Lumias.
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  • Considering how many people use their iPads or Android tablets as cameras, I think a Nokia tablet with 41MP Pureview would be a great selling point.
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  • Surface Pro has a pressure sensitive pen.
  • You misspelled processor.
  • YAY MOAR NOKIA NEWS!!! look at the DOW LIVE TILE. there is a DATE.
  • Rear cameras on tablets are asinine.
  • Yes, totally ludicrous
  • Omg this is fake Nokia makes cool looking devices can anyone else see that ugly bezel it's 2013 it's no reason it can't be smaller
  • You must not own any Nokia phone if you're referring to bezel and Nokia
  • Nokia leaked tablet? Imagine that...
  • This is the news I have been waiting for. I am planning to buy an Ipad Mini this August if there is no announcement of a tablet from Nokia for this year.
  • The user name at the top right is JYR51. Jyr = Jyrki Y Rosenberg, VP of entertainment at Nokia?
  • I waited too long for a Nokia tablet. They failed to release one in a timely manner so I got a Surface. And I have no intention of getting rid of it now. So Nokia better produce a Surface Pro like tablet but with a fairer price if they expect me to switch now.
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    I surely hope this is not the upcoming Nokia Tablet!!!!!
    This model is super ugly, the design doesn't offer anything that is not in abundance out there in the market.
    If Nokia wants to sell a tablet, it needs to bring something new to the table!!!
  • A prototype device is not always must be something beautiful, right?
  • I didn't think that RT could support more than a 5 point touch display... I mean the Surface Pro only have a 10 point touch display so 16 sounds insane.
  • Gotta have 16 so I can get both hands, a foot, and my Wang on there at the same time
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  • Definitley looks like an old prototype probably was supposed to be released around the same time the Surface was announced.
  • Looks like a surface from the front view...
  • Usually it's a bucket of salt lol.
  • Its too late for Nokia to enter Tablet Markets. Since tablet markets are going for Windows 8 Pc not the Rt ones.
  • Just as it was too late for the Xbox to enter the console market in 2001...
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  • Is that a surface charging plug?
  • Also, while both pics look to have the side mag charger, the plug/adapter seems different in both pics.
  • I never use tablet rear camera. I wish they'd just improve forward ones and do away with rear. I'm sure some folks do use them though.
  • Is the Nokia Lumia 720 review still on its way Daniel?
  • I would buy any product Nokia made. Would love a full Nokia surface type machine would buy it in a sec. I feel Nokia is a very under rated company. I absolutely love this company and there products and I'm a new convert
  • I think this is a nokia tablet , and so is this I could be wrong but I was right about it being a fake android running on it.
  • I hope that they release a tablet with full Windows 8, as Windows RT does not have enough apps yet.
    If it has a Haswell processor and a Surface-esque keyboard case, this may be my next tablet.
  • I don't want to carry a full fledged pc disguised as a tablet, with poor battery life and extremely hot, so MS better improve RT, because a tablet is for media and reading not for using Auto CAD, or other complex computing.
    Tablets with Win 8 are very uncool, imo.
    Tablets - RT
    Netbooks - Win 8
  • *facepalm*
    The whole idea behind Haswell is to increase the battery life to that comparable of ARM and run using fanless CPUs.
    The idea of having my tablet apps but being able to use some of my desktop apps on the go makes a Windows 8 hybrid even more appealing to me than a tablet running iOS or Android.
  • RT? Oh, God no, But a WIndows 8 tablet? Shut up and take my money!
  • I somehow don't like Windows 8 as it looks on tablets. I think it should look like Windows phone OS, occupying the whole area of the screen. Imagine a Lumia 920 in the size of an iPad Mini with Windows Phone 8. I think it would be amazing.
  • Watch he space I say
  • Don't care who makes it. If it's an RT I won't be buying it!
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