Screenshots of StoryTeller leak, upcoming app for Nokia’s tablet

In about three and a half weeks we’ll be live from Abu Dhabi where Nokia is expected to release a handful of new devices for Windows Phone and even Windows 8. Of course there will be some Asha devices as well, but you really want to know about the higher-end hardware. Nokia is also known for releasing new software and apps alongside devices. And it looks like an app called StoryTeller is coming for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

When Nokia announced the Lumia 925 in May, they also announced new software in their lineup like Nokia Smart Cam and Hipstamatic’s Oggl. The Lumia 1020 saw Nokia announce Pro Cam and other third party apps.

Later in October Nokia is expected to release two high-end Windows Phone devices. The Lumia 929 is a Verizon variant of the AT&T destined Lumia 1520 (codename “Bandit”). Both are larger than normal handsets, the ones that approach mini-tablet territory. They’re both expected to come with quad-core processors, 1080p displays, and a camera with a 20MP sensor.

Nokia is also looking to release a tablet running Windows RT. It’s been codenamed “Sirius”, but could be known as the Lumia 2520. That tablet might be destined for both AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile here in the United States according to a recent visit to the FCC.

So that’s the hardware picture for Nokia, but as always they have some new tricks on the software side. One app might span both Windows Phone and Windows 8. You can see the screenshot above of an app called “StoryTeller”. It looks to be way to organize and showcase your photos across your various Windows devices. There’s a timeline view, map view, favorites view, and shared view. In the screenshot for the Windows version you’ll see a way to maybe sort photos by whether they’re on your tablet, phone, or on SkyDrive.

Sound off with your predictions for what this app will do for you and your photos below. We will of course be there on October 22th in Abu Dhabi to bring you the news. 

Source: @evleaks

Sam Sabri