New photo of Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows tablet leaks, shows possible kickstand

File this under rumor, but another low resolution photo of Nokia’s upcoming tablet has leaked onto the Chinese site Ctech. The image comes from the same leaker of the supposed Nokia smartwach prototype a few days ago and it simply shows the back of the tablet, albeit cutoff.

Assuming the image is accurate, we can see what appears to be the standard Nokia SIM door in to the left, a headphone jack and an oddly designed piece on the back surface of the tablet. To our eyes the pop-out piece looks like a kickstand, similar to the Microsoft Surface but not nearly as large. However, we have not heard of any such feature yet for the tablet, supposedly dubbed the Lumia 2520.

Supposed Nokia 1080P wallpaper for their tablet

In related news, full 1080P Nokia wallpaper from the device has also been leaked, though it is so generic it is near impossible to confirm. The wallpaper is simply various bold colors with the Nokia logo emblazoned in the middle. Being far from detailed, anyone could have made this on their own time, so we’ll just put this under a curiosity for now.

The Windows RT 8.1 tablet, which will come in various colors, is reported by the Verge to have an optional charging cover, which will wrap around the device and offer a keyboard as well. According to Paul Thurrott, the tablet will feature “a quad-core Qualcomm 8974 (ARM) chipset. The 10.1-screen is a 1920 x 1080 IPS screen” with a Zeiss camera in the rear.

The tablet has also been recently cleared by the FCC for Verizon and AT&T with an expected launch date in early November.

Nokia is expected to reveal their Lumia tablet in full in the coming weeks in Abu Dhabi, along with their phablet Lumia the 1520 and numerous other devices. We’ll of course be there live to cover the event, finally answering some remaining questions about this new lineup for Nokia.

Source: Sina Weibo (Monkey Great Treasure); CTech: Tablet, Wallpaper

Daniel Rubino

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  • Sigh. Yeah, I know. Look, here's the deal: wallpapers leak. People load them on their computers around the world and then they screen cap them. No one is saying that screencap is from the Nokia tablet, just the wallpaper. You can literally follow those links, load the Nokia wallpaper on a Windows 95 computer and screencap it. That screencap (which I've removed) was merely from CTech demonstrating what the wallpaper looks like.
  • That wallpaper is not on a windows 8 desktop
  • Wow, you noticed. That's because it's an image of the wallpaper loaded on someone's computer from the site CTech. The actual wallpaper, in various colors, is available through the link.
  • Daniel, we notice everything (;
  • True, I just wish you'd guys notice things that were relevant, lol. To make people happy, I replaced the image.
  • "I wish you'd guys notice things that were relevant"
  • I noticed, to to maintain the pattern, the black wallpaper should have had the red Nokia word, not white...
  • I feel sorry you have to travel so far, Dan, but it will be an experience hopefully.
  • First, love red btw
  • Fail
  • Why doesn't the old leak have a kickstand but the new one has a kickstand? Maybe it's an accessory?
  • Gosh, so much red!!
  • Yeah, that's a Windows 7 desktop
  • I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. Read the comment above. I can load the Nokia wallpaper on my Windows 8 device and screencap...does that make it any more real?
  • Is the RT device or something someone would actually want?  ;)
    But seriously, W8 or WRT?
  • RT
  • why wouldnt someone want a device that is runnig Windows 8 but on an ARM processors? (yeah its *practically* the same operating system)
    and yeah you can jailbrake it and install couple interesting desktop apps there... of course they need ot be compiled to ARM which as you would know, not every developer would care to do. thats why most are open source.
    but well... im sure not everyone wants to buy a tablet to always have to plug mouse and keyboard on it, i mean, thats the only "benefit" of getting a win8 x86-64 tablet, using legacy apps, no more.
    some people just want a touch device that will do what the need to. not having to deal with non-optimized desktop apps, that can be a pain when using touch.
    also RT includes Office, which costs *alot* of money for normal PC users, and its free. and while they are desktop apps, its still a good addition to use for free and of course legal.
  • Now which one to believe... the smooth gloss Finnish finish in the lower pic that looks like a Lumia... or that fugly pic on top that looks like a cheap Chinese rip-off of a tablet cover sporting a kick-stand :/ That thing looks flimsy
  • At least we now know what kind of coulors the tablets would be :)
  • wallpapers would look good on these tablets - imagine a red wallpaper on a red Nokia tablet - almost as if it is wrapped around in the same color.
  • Daniel, it's original source:
    The man said Lumia pad release possibly in 2014
  • Updating, thanks.
  • All shall be revealed in time i want to see it now though ! XD
  • This to me looks like the rumoured slide-on keyboard/kickstand (that'll be the rumoured product for the rumoured product, so this is simply my feelings about a screenshot of a rumour so should be considered hogwash lol).
  • I cannot wait to see what she can do. Never buy the first generation of something or the batch.
  • I think the first picture is actually the cover for the lumia tablet. Sometime back there were rumours about a cover having both extra battery and a kickstand as well. At least I hope so, because it looks a bit thick if it should be the tablet..
  • I know everyone is saying to wait foe the Nokia over the Surface, but one thing that is killing the Nokia for me, is the 32GB. I know it has an SD slot just like the Surface, but that still leaves you 32GB behind the 64GB Surface 2.
  • But if its $500 w/ keyboard and LTE thats great
  • I just cannot entertain the thought of this tablet versus the Surface 2. Having used a Surface RT for six months, there's just no better way to build a tablet, Nokia or not.
  • Windows 8 RT = dead on arrival. Seriously, why would I ever get this when the Dell Venue tablets coming out offer a full windows 8 experience at a likely similar price point and a much lower price point than the Surface Pro 2? Not that I'm planning on getting any of these cause I just managed to snag a $1k windows 8 touch screen ultrabook for $600 on slickdeals :) but the topic of windows tablets still interest me and I was seriously researching them for a while when looking to replace my transformer android tablet/netbook hybrid.
  • For the last god damn time.... You don't want an RT...great...dont get it. It is far from dead. There are MANY of us that want RT (though far less than Pro). The reasons? I don't want to pay a $1000, I want something closer to the iPad experience (apps, mail, web browse, office, and don't need the desktop programs on the run), and the battery life without the keyboard. I also see the RT versions being better for middle school kids and such. The parents dont have to worry about their kid loading the hell out of the unit with Trojan horse programs and such. I totally get the people that need and want the Pro. I dont get why those of you that do, want to spend so much time asking Microsoft to kill something many of us prefer. Your not being forced to use it or buy it. Two problems that started this whole RT thing. The Pro and RT look almost identical, leading people compare the two. The second being the naming. The RT confused people. Now with Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, it is obvious to even the new shoppers that the one has upgrades over the other and can easily research or ask the differences. But for crying out loud, if you don't want RT, great. I dont want an electric lawnmower, but I don't turn every Toro forum into an electric versus 2 stroke bask session.
  • You got something against electric lawnmowers??? Like some kinda problem with running over your extension cord every other weekend? I'll fight you.
  • Hahaha
  • Thank you missionsparta. I am so sick of whiners who can't fathom anyone preferring something they don't, and then spewing toxic hate all over the web to be sure we all get the message it sucks (not that KorJax was that bad). Even Thurott, who I used to respect, simply cannot help himself from bashing RT at every opportunity just to make sure no one buys one of these things with an open mind. This is why these things can't get off the ground... bloggers and commenters assuming that if your product doesn't come out of the gate with iPad-like demand it's not worth having, while simultaneously squashing any demand from building via their badmouthing. So sick of the internet and it's SHEEP.
  • It seems that Dell Venue Pro is the most comptitive line-up of all vendors thus far.  It will do tremendously well.
  • Except foe those of us that lives through the Dell Venue Pro experience! Hahaha
  • Just because you don't want it doesn't mean it wont be relevant. I am planning on Pro and RT both. I'm just waiting to sort it out but the Surface 2 Pro will definitely work for my work tab while I want to play with a mini 8 RT device before I decide on the RT. It will be used at home as a media consumption device and interact with the Xbox 360. The RT needs to compete with the iPad in battery life, price, and functionality which I think it can dominate if MS hangs in there and pushes it like they did the Xbox. It doesn't need to compete with Pro as its an entirely different niche.
  • Thank you. Exactly. I see the Surface as the first device that can be seen as in between a latop and a tablet. While I dont have use for that, I see a huge market that that void fills. So powerful yet so much more portable than a laptop.
  • possible kickstand? it looks more like possible ugly tablet!...
  • Excuse me!!    "Nokia" and "Ugly" : Two words that don't go together.. EVER!!! ;)
  • Wait a minute Nokia fanboy. Nokia produced few sub-optimal devices with fundamental design flows. I wouldn't call them Ugly but quite few people would.
    Brickish 920 springs in mind. How could you release a phone topping nearly 190 gr when your competitors are producing slim, light phones. Mistake. Big mistake. 925 is attempt to mend it. But is it too late?
  • I have been using an iPad mini the past week and I updated it to ios7, for basic functionality is OK.
    Windows8 beats the iPad in many ways,the only thing that it has advantage from are the APPS..
    With that being said im still buying a tablet but it would be the SURFACE mini.
  • I've asked this numerous times and no one can give me an awnser, so let me shoot again and see if someone can throw something out there, I get that the reason there was such slow growth of apps for Windows Phone, I'm not getting it with Windows 8. The reason for the Windows Phone was the lack of the number of devices in people's hands. So they can't use that excuse for Windows 8. So what is the excuse now? There is no denying how many Windows 8 devices combined with Windows 8 PC's out there. The number is huge. So where is IMDB, Facebook, etc? And I'm not talking about the crappy thirdparty apps that are internet links at best. I'm talking official, high quality apps. You'd think with the numbr of users they could get based on the sheer number of Windows users, they would be all over this. But it seems once againm because some rotten piece of fruit isn't slapped on these PC's or devices, they are dumping on it just because it isn't considered the cool thing,
  • Since when is Verge >>>> WPCentral. Don't see a point of rehash of news from other non friendly folks. What's been going on with original tipsters??
  • I cant help but wonder if the fact so many people talk about the kickstand being a real nice feature of the Surface, if the one shown on the Nokia in this article, isn't an after thought. Almost looks like it was thrown on last minute, because the engineers were told in the 11th hour to add one, to the already existing design.
  • Lumias.. Lumias everywhere.. At least find a different code name for tablets, this is getting frustrating!
  • i am worried about surfce 2 losing from this.  ahhh i dnt know if its worth getting surface now
  • The kickstand looks kind of ugly, Imo Surface does kick stand the best. But I'm sure this will be an awesome tablet!
  • Qualcom 800 vs tegra4  whos better at gaming, thats the question, 1080p gaming to be exact, who will do 4k video, the snapdragon does it in and out, we already know nokia is gonna have it software to compel users, nokia here maps, drive, etcd, not to mention exculsive games rype for 1080p screens,  I even belive that the code name srius is there for a reason as well. It worth the wait actually even the surface pro has some serious contenders this time as they all will ahve new processors and better battery life. Microsoft won last time on a technocality as all oems, kind thought it was business as usual, will thye get caught sleeping this time I dont think so.I dont think that when it all said and donr that the surface will be the best tablet out there in its class.
  • I don't own an ipad mini. the other day I got a hold of an ipad mini at sam's club, it's surprisingly warm (or hot), definitely warmer than the surface rt I tried (again) at best buy on the previous day, made me wondering why average consumer would ignore surface rt, you can't tell the eco system without some in-depth research but you'll immediately know it's not comfortable to hold an ipad mini because of the heat.