Alleged Nokia smartwach

Did you know Nokia is working on a smartwatch? Neither did we though we have heard some rumblings in the past of such a project. Even Microsoft themselves are rumored to be re-entering a market they pretty much created years ago (hello, SPOT!).

Now, two photos have leaked on to the microblogging site Sina weibo that allegedly reveal a prototype device. The story was run by the site Ctech, who have previously unearthed details on unreleased Nokia devices. The source of the actual images ranks high for them, but since there is little corroborating information, it is difficult to verify at this time.  

Alleged Nokia smartwach

Actual details about the rumored device are sparse, including any features. But from the images themselves, we can see a black, possibly polycarbonate body with a clear Nokia logo. There is no strap attached and the display can hardly be seen. From the second image, you clearly seen the curve at the bottom to wrap around a wrist—at least that’s what it appears to be.

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There’s also no word on the status of the device. There’s good reason to believe it’s an in-house project by Nokia, since many companies are now looking to wearable technology as the “next big thing”. In fact, Samsung just launched theirs this week. But currently, we don’t know if this project—if real—is going forward, especially with the Nokia / Microsoft deal looming.

From the Microsoft PDF document 'Strategic rationale'

Speaking of the Microsoft / Nokia deal, when that was announced a PDF guide to the acquisition was released to explain the benefits of the proposal. In that document, an image titled ‘New form factors’ was noted by the Twitter account MSFTNerd to include a sketch of a watch, possibly either the alleged Microsoft Surface variant or Nokia’s Lumia watch.

As they say, where there is smoke, there is fire. But for now, we're giving this a '6' on our Rumor Meter until more information comes forward. Do you think there is any truth to a Nokia smartwatch program?

Source: CTech; via: GizChina; Thanks, mattdeguile, for the tip!