What’s the strategic rational in acquiring Nokia? Here’s Microsofts answer

Microsoft just bought Nokia’s hardware division. The tech world is still reeling at the news. We’ve heard from Microsoft why they chose to buy Nokia. And other analysts will surely weight in with their thoughts over the coming hours, days, and weeks as the deal closes. You’ll probably get a nice editorial from Daniel shortly. But in the meantime, why not look over the presentation from Microsoft and Nokia and start forming your own opinions?

Before you go ahead and download the PDF, we figured we’d pull some choice bits from the material. Bullet points on the matter.

  • Microsoft acquires Nokia’s phone business, Nokia’s Qualcomm and other key IP licenses
  • Microsoft licenses Nokia’s patents for use across all Microsoft products and will use Nokia’s HERE in a variety of products
  • Nokia and Windows Phone are outselling Blackberry in 34 markets
  • Microsoft spent 3.79 billion Euros on Nokia’s Devices and Services business alongside key patents
  • Microsoft spent 1.65 billion Euros for a broad intellectual property license
  • Microsoft used offshore cash, will have no impact on ability to return capital to shareholders
  • Stephen Elop steps down as Nokia’s CEO, becomes EVP of Devices
  • Phone device research and development will stay in Finland
  • Much, much more.

Go read the PDF from Microsoft. Link below. This is a lot to take in and we’ll get through this together.

Source: Microsoft (PDF)

Sam Sabri