Microsoft buying Nokia Devices and Services unit, licensing patents for €5.44 billion

It's been something mused over for the past few years as a "what if" scenario, and tonight it has come to fruition: Microsoft is buying Nokia's Device and Services Unit and licensing the company's patent portfolio. Since partnering with Microsoft in early 2011 and launching the Lumia line of Windows Phone handhelds Nokia has held a leading and premiere position in the Windows Phone space, though they have struggled to gain significant market share and profitability even with the financial support of Microsoft. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2014, with Microsoft paying €3.79 billion for the Devices and Service Unit, and another €1.65 billion for the licensure of Nokia's patent portfolio.

The deal will see around 32,000 Nokia employees transferred to Microsoft. Additionally, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is stepping aside as the company's chief executive, replaced by Risto Siilasmaa as interim CEO (formerly chairman of the Nokia Board of Directors). Elop isn't going away - he's assumed the role of Nokia Executive Vice President of Devices & Services - in other words, he's in charge of the division of Nokia that is being sold to Microsoft, and thus will be one of the 32,000 employees making the transition.

The deal is, of course, subject to approval by Nokia's shareholders. To wit, an "extraordinary general meeting" of said shareholders has been called for 19 November 2013. Microsoft and Nokia expect the deal to close in the first quarter of 2014. The total deal adds up to €5.44 billion, or $7.12 billion in US dollars.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, himself on the way out within the next 12 months, called the acquisition "a bold step into the future" and "an win-win for employees, shareholders, and consumers of both companies."

Bringing Nokia's devices edition into the fold follows Microsoft's first foray into consumer tablet hardware in late 2012 with the Surface line of tablets. Microsoft has been rumored to be working on a Surface smartphone running Windows Phone for some time, though it has never seemed likely for a release. Thanks to their tight partnership with Microsoft, Nokia has served as the defacto device manufacturer for Windows Phone; this acquisition only serves to strengthen that association.

Microsoft will have their work cut out for them in bringing Nokia's devices and services unit into the fold. Purchasing the most public parts of Nokia will no doubt change the Window Phone dynamic with regard to other licensees like Samsung and HTC. While some expressed displeasure with Microsoft's entry into the PC hardware business with the Surface tablets, the effort resulted in a $900 million writedown on just the Surface RT for Microsoft. Nokia is a different beast, holding a leading position in the Windows Phone space.

As part of the agreement Microsoft will also take custody of Nokia's Asha brand of phones. While the Lumia Windows Phone line sold 7.4 million devices in the second quarter of 2013, the S40-powered Asha devices saw sales of a whopping 53.7 million. The low cost devices are highly popular in the developing world.

While Microsoft is purchasing the Devices and Services Unit of Nokia, the Finnish company will maintain control of their mapping unit and the HERE mapping and navigation platform. Microsoft has signed up as a "strategic licensee" of the service, though the four-year agreement is a separate deal from this acquisition. Additionally, Nokia will retain their network infrastructure businesses and Advanced Technologies development and licensing arm.

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Derek Kessler

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • Finally!!! What are the negatives for WP now? Even though Samsung and HTC have shown crappy @$$ support for WP, the level of support is going to be none existent now. why would Samsung and HTC even bother now that they'll be competing directly with Microsoft
  • They're competing directly with Google in the Android space. Quite successfully actually.
  • Not really.... Samsung owned Android before Google bought Motorola. By the way Google only bought Motorola for the patents. Their plan was to use the patents to go after Microsoft/Apple. Which hasn't worked so well for them.
  • Google purchased Motorola because Samsung has started forking their business, using S-voice, s-planner, and generally not even mentioning Google in their S4 announcement. Additional, Samsung is working to release Tizen OS, a Linux fork. Since Google is now paying royalties to Samsung at nearly 10%, it had to start building devices or be crippled when Samsung breaks away.
  • You're living in Lala land. If you think Google didn't buy Motorola for the patents. There was even talk of Google selling the phone division when they first bought Moto. Google tried hard to attack the Xbox 360 for patent violations. Its all about patents these days. Android is to well established for Tizen to gain any traction. Do you see how hard a time Microsoft is having with W8??? How about BB10??? Why would you think Tizen would succeed ???
  • Tizen can succeed if it runs Android apps
  • No
  • actually, yes. People dont g.a.f. what their Galaxy device runs. As long as it works like they expect it. The UI on Galaxy devices is already Samsungs own Touchwiz (aka: mutant iOS clone meets android). If samaung designed tizen to use touchwiz, and to fully skin the OS (where android now has requirements to use Holo UI on certain OS objects), and made it run android apps, then it would make no difference to people. they would still buy the devices. I mean, theyd still work like an Galxay S device. Theyd still run the same apps. So what would stop users from buying it? Answer: nothing really. So if samsung were to release the next yet-to-be-announced device with "Tizen", and pushed an "update" to their current devices that installed tizen, then it could potentially spell trouble for android.
    however, that is not why Google bought Motorola. If you noticed. Moto is still doing business as usual, with the only phone being built with google is the moto x. not to mention, samung stated they have no plans to release tizen at this time. and even if they did, there is still htc and droid by motorola.
    (pardon any misspellings. broken touch screen. + wpcentrals text input messing up the on screen keyboard and autocorrect)
  • I don't know what you been smoking but it's some good stuff if you believe that. People are invested in the Android ecosystem. Secondly the ATIV S is a galaxy device. So that blows your theory up. Its the ecosystem more so than the device. Listen to what you're saying. Would LG, HTC, Moto, etc push Tizen??? No. It's DOA.... There's absolutely no way that it would ever be more than a small niche following.
    • A: People will still be invested in the android ecosystem, just not android itself, in the case of tizen, since it will supposedly run android apps
    • B: No it isnt. Yes, it is physically using the hardware of a galaxy device, but it is not branded, marketed, or recognized publicly as a galaxy device. what it physically is dont mean jack if the acerage consumer doesnt even know it.
    • B.1: What i meant by "As they expect it"  was that it works like their used too. WP8 is not what theyre used to and how they expect their Note 2 and S4 to work. So, to conclude, i meant that as long as it runs the same apps and the ui is the same then people will overlook whether its tizen or android. (which works with samsung, using their own touchwiz interface on android, and their own stock apps instead of google's)
    • C: LG, Moto, Sony, etc... wouldnt push tizen. Samsung is a key player with android (htc isnt just struggling with WP you know), and Tizen is Samsung's OS.
    • C.1: When it comes to samsung its just as much the device as it is the ecosystem (which tizen would stil be a part of, having full android app support). I know a lot of android isers who switched to a galaxy device just because of what they heard anout the devices.) So people are invested in: the device first ecosystem second. ask a galxy s3 user if theyd switch to an ativ s after showing them it, theyd probably say no. because its the same device (first investment) but not the same ecosystem (second investment)
    • C.2 It wouldnt get a niche following if every galaxy device within reason (Galxy S3+, Note II+) would get tizen pushed to them and samsung started selling devices with tizen.
    [BONUS] D: Im not smoking a d**m thing. But i would suggest getting your glasses checked.
    conclusion: tizen could damage (not kill ) android, with the key thing is it would still tie into its ecosystem.
    btw, i dont think you saw that i agreed with you. Google bought Motorola devices for the patents, not the devices. If it was the devices, you wouldnt see three new verizon devices built wihtout googles help appearing on Verizon.
    (pardon spelling mistakes. broken touchscreen + awful wpcentral text input system)
  • Where did you get the info that google pays Samsung 10%? Also, why exactly do they pay them that money?
  • CHUCK NORRIS OWNS BOTH GOOGLE AND SAMSUNG... what are yo' smokin... lol
  • I thought of the same thing, Samsung didn't throw a hissy fit when Google bought Motorola.
  • I'm sure they did behind closed doors.
  • To compete even better with Google, I'm surprised they didn't also buy out Nokia's HERE maps suite, rather than just licensing it for a few years. Mapping is huge and, although Bing Maps has made huge strides to catch up to Google Maps in the past few years, Google isn't sleeping (recent Waze purchase).
  • well thats what everyone thought abt android when google bought motorola....well see how it goes
  • And maybe now all the Android whiners will stop with the "Nokia would be good if the put Android on their phones" garbage!
  • i was hoping for at least one...but oh well good on ya nokia
  • Negatives?
    No smart dial
    No custom message tones
    No sound profiles
    No notification center
    I'm not even getting into the more subtle things such as no rotation lock, no forward buton in the browser, ...
  • Not to be rude, but what link is there between those relatively minor things the OS is missing (some of which should be coming in the next few updates) and MS acquiring Nokia's division? Especially since MS supplies the OS in the first place.
  • Government agencies will not approve MS's purchase of Nokia without those features in place.
  • there is no factual evidence that supports this claim. please prove me wrong, otherwise, if there is.
  • You can't be serious.
  • Oh I'm serious. Why in the world would the government block the purchase of nokia's devices and services division just because Windows Phone doesn't have a. notification center? It'd be like WalMart telling you you can't by whole wheat bread because you own a bag of white flour. It makes no sense whatsoever, and I am unaware of any factual basis or evidence that supports such claim. Hell I've never heard of such a things.
  • my god, cool your jets. i didnt know that, and theres a kinder, more productive way of stating these things. considering theres a lot of people in the comments on wpcentral who are serious about these things, how was i supposed to know?
  • LOL.
  • RapDialer fixes your smart dialer issue.
  • Thanks for the tip! Trying it now.
  • So does Super Contacts and pretty much any dialer app in the store.
  • Sound profiles are available in Settings > Audio if you have a Nokia.
  • i  certainly dont need any of these ⤴⤴⤴
    custom message tones?   xP
  • Don't you think that the Nokia brand is way stronger than Microsoft on the mobile world?? So the fact that they are going to eliminate the Nokia brand and logos from the devices will certainly hurt. I think it's a bad idea!!! Don't you think. Everybody referes to Nokia as strong and durable. People say "oh its a Nokia, that's why" what do yall think?
  • turely with you. Nokia brand is in itself the well established brand and renaming it won't find customers.... at least not in India. Everybody will now eat samdung all over the world
  • Good
  • Good, great, perfect, awesome❕❕❗❗✔✔
  • Incredible, super duper, fantastic!!
  • So what will it be called? Nokia? be bit weird having 2 Nokia's 1 owned by Microsoft and 1 not... Dont get me wrong this is great, even better than buying the whole lot (as i'm not sure what Microsoft would do with the networking buisness) though the mapping would of been a good buy... But i want them to stay Nokia, alot of doors have opened to them but i hope the quality stays or goes up...
  • Google did that with Motorola as far as naming (there is still a Motorola separate from Google that is more business geared. Google owns the consumer devices geared one), so it wouldn't be surprising.
  • Bad.
  • Really?
  • Really.  I'd rather Microsoft and Nokia profit together, not this monster mashup.  J
    If it has to be then it has to be but I hope that the Nokia team does not get folded into the windows phone team, rather it should be the windows phone team to be folded into Nokia's team.  Hope the Nokia team will teach those windows phone guys the meaning of alacrity.
  • Agreed
  • Agreed.
  • considering most of the devices and services division probably focuses on hardware, its most likely going to be integrated into the hardware division, with those focusing on firmware and software being integrated with the software division (remember: its not just "the windows phone team" anymore, with Windows, Windows Phone, and the rest of their software being under one division now)
  • True words were spoken here.
  • +820
  • I agree. Good. I just hope Microsoft doesn't screw it up. The question now is what happens to my Nokia stock? Is it going to become Microsoft stock, or what?
  • Nokia didn't sell Nokia, they basically sold their hardware department. Take a look at your stock, you just made some cash.
  • Thanks. Dunno how it all works - I just happened to think of putting some stock in my Roth last year, to see what would happen.
  • EXIT LONG NOKA @ 3.90
    ENTRY LONG MSFT @ 31.80
  • Whoa!! Lets get wp ball rolling now!!
  • Surface Phone, here we come
  • thats not gonna happen lol
  • nokia lumia surface here we come..
  • nokia as a manufacturing brand is no nokia anything.
  • Not necessarily. Google still uses the Motorola brand, despite there being (unknown to a lot) another Motorola not owned by Google focusing on corporate and task specific hardware. This could be the same, where "Nokia" consumer devices are belonging to Microsoft, and Nokia HERE and other services unowned by Microsoft being their own entity.
  • Nokia Windows Phone Vista 98 here we come!
  • what the hell are you talking about? they are already running windows phone and it a very good os that need a bit of an improvement in the app ecosystem to become really successful.
  •  "vista 98"  = android’s resource consumption
  • How many of y'all kept refreshing WPCentral to see when this would post? I know I'm not the only one. Lol
  • Oh yes.. They took a long time
  • Me!!
  • You're not, I sent them a couple emails tipping it and kept checking. Good move all a round. Now I wonder if they will stop here with Elop or make him CEO. Fun and interesting times indeed.
  • That's funny because I know I did. I was thinking "how is it wpcentral hasn't posted this yet"?!? We have really come to relay on this site for quality WP news. I hope Nokia innovation doesn't slow now that that part is owned by MS.
  • lol slow?
    please, windows 8.1, visual studio releases,, office 356, the difference between kinect 1 and kinect 2 is huge, IE10 was just released for 7 and now we have IE11 in RTM some months after it., surface firmware updates.. etc etc etc. and you call that slow? only because Windows Phone hasnt gotten any big update this year, it doesnt mean it didnt get updated. Windows Phone depends on alot of things because its using now NT kernel, but it doesnt mean they arent working on it.
  • Same here!
  • Saw Nokia posting this on FB and was like "Why isn't this on WPcentral already?"
  • Too late...even on Engadget they had 4 posts until then..
  • ^
  • Haha me too!
  • Yep!!
  • Yay! Exciting times ahead. I am sure elop will be new ceo of ms as well now
  • I had the same thought in my head.
  • I think you mean the first quarter of 2014 :P
  • Friggin' typos.
  • Article correction: Nokia Asha runs on S40 platform not symbian, nokia doesn't produce symbian phones now.
  • I think this is a good news! Stronger Nokia!
  • it means no more nokia
  • microsoft dont blow this.
  • +1
  • My thoughts exactly.
  • Negatives?
  • Only negative i see is that wp team continue to move more slowly with nokia gone they do not have to answer to anyone else
  • Also the fact the MS seems to generally fail with hw. Nokia products will likely be decent for a while in to the future though.
  • Fail in hw? Microsoft keyboards, Microsoft mouse, Xbox, Surface, etc are all great quality products. Surface is slowly gaining traction but all the other things I mentioned are very famous and have had great success.
  • Surface barely sells. The first iterations of the 360 had a 50% failure rate.
  • that doesn't mean the surface isn't a quality product. is there any review that says the surface is poorly built? i haven't seen one. the complaints are about app for rt and battery life for the pro.
  • Nokia is not gone. Its the same group of people under a different name but running as a separate entity.
  • So, in other words.....they're gone.
  • they are getting 34000 employees from nokia. i think those employees might even take over windows phone development.
  • less options in terms of other OEMS making windows phones i would think
  • Insecurity, but also, what comes as a result of what insecurity exists about. Nokia was supposed to launch a RT tablet in the next weeks that's radically different from Microsoft's Surface line (at least in design). I love my Surface Pro, and wouldn't want it to become like the Nokia tablet, but I also see the beauty of the Lumia-style tablet. Will they keep both? I think it would be a win, but it would also be a not very homogeneous product palette. I'll be curious to see how that one plays out.
    Generally, I love Microsoft, and I love Nokia, but I don't want Nokia to abandon its identity - having both is a great combo, and I hope Nokia's identity will be preserved over time.
  • Note that Nokia still owns the patent. They just licensed it non-exclusive to msft for 10 years.
  • Elop confirmed Trojan horse since 2011 :(
  • ..
  • Stop that nonsense you could say he saved Nokia! Now just make him the next CEO!!
  • Yes he did, and because of him Nokia is now a relevant brand. They were on the right track to gaining profit without being bought by Microsoft (well just their Devices and Services unit). I just wanted Nokia to regain their former glory without a major part of the company being bought.
  • I agree
  • Elop will be the next CEO!
  • I'm confused on this, what exactly happens during and after those ten years?
  • What happens to the Nokia that's left with just NSN, HERE, and Advanced Technologies during and after those ten years?
  • If I remember correctly the article states that they will be purchasing the patent division and all patents to date from Nokia.
  • I argee. Mostly are going nuts saying He sold Nokia to make it stronger. OK GO SELL OFF YOURSELVES MAYBE YOU'LL TURN STRONGER BUT YOU'D BE A SLAVE A SUBSIDARY A DIVISION, YOU'RE SOLD However NOKIA FANS need not to say anything as Nokia was still performing better than BB, Motorola & HTC still what was the need to sell it. Steven Elop was a Microsoft Employee prior of being Nokia CEO but Now that Trojan is back to his home in Microsoft safely with a Corpse of Nokia. 
  • and the board of the directors had no say in any of this. the shareholders will vote on this as well. there are former ms employees running many companies. 
  • I had to read the press release on twitter twice to make sure I wasn't just seeing things.
  • I just woke up and went to Nextgen Reader first and was like... Am I still asleep? Why won't I wake up??? And then I realized I was already woken up..
  • Same here thought was it some bad news or something but Its sad. Loved you loads Nokia(feeling bad as if someone died). Thanks a lot to WPCentral for being a lucrative source of info for all the app, updates & News. Would be sigining off soon from here... :/
    I know a troll would come and whatever I care less.
  • So great news!!! :D
  • Wow. This is HUGE news. There is virtually no other news that could trump the magnitude of this announcement in the scope of Microsoft. And I'm not sure how to feel about it. Let's hope for the best!
  • Even as a ManUnited fan, I must admit this piece of news is bigger. HAHA!
  • Because Fellaini is that exciting?
  • Because somebody finally acquiring a superstar. Not that I mention GB11 for he is not.
  • More like because of desperation...
    But hey, he delivers what United needs, so it's exciting ;)
  • The only piece of news that would be bigger than this would be AT&T approving GDR2 on their network.
  • +1
  • +11111111111111
  • How about and if you pre-ordered your XB1, open your front door, we're outside with it now (or at least a date would be nice). 
    But seriously, I hope this means the end of network exclusives.  I bought a 925, but want a 1020 (TMOUS) and DEFINITELY want the rumored 1520.  They should go the (I can't believe I'm going to say this) the apple route and deliver updates directly and completely take the carriers out of the loop so we don't have to wait a year for major updates and we can be confident that we'll get at least 1 major update for our devices (like the i-devices) and we don't have to hope that our carrier doesn't just skip the updates with major bug fixes because it's inconvenient for them (that happens on Android and WP both as they are now).
  • (Deleted comment attached itself to wrong topic)
  • Goodbye Nokia for Android. Hahahaha..
  • Goodbye Nokia, period. Microsoft will ruin them.
  • Goodbye Nokia Android phone (Yeah!!!!)
  • Yeah a company that makes billions each quarter will ruin Nokia...
  • You got a point there.
  • Yeah like their MSN, Bing, Bing Maps, all Microsoft made apps on WP8 were not even close to Nokia's quality and neither Microsoft got the the Path, Flipboard, Real Racing, TuneIn Radio like apps. Instead their Bing maps takes support of Nokia here maps. Well Its dead and sold..
  • you are quite pessimistic....... consodering the number of changes happening at once at microsoft, one could say they are barely their former company. The devices and services division will still exist and could still do what its been doing. only now they can work directly with those who make the os to make lumias better than ever, by having even more improvements made to the os in a quicker time frame, and improving hardware auppprt just the same. Micrlsoft, and the portion of nokia sold, have a lot to gain from this, so being all pessimistic saying their dead is like saying someone is a goner the minute they catch a cold.
    (pardon possible spelling errors. WPCENTRAL's text input system is awful, ironically doesnt work correctly with the on screen keyboard in windows, and disables autocorrect half the time. and my tablets' screen is cracked, so its hard to see some words sometimes.)
    also, the bing news and weather apps i find great (thpugh the mobile version of news lacks synced rss like the tablet/pc version), and i find the mail app more functional on 8 than people let on.
  • ...and even further down the line they may ruin you as well. Oh wait... =x
  • Everything fits the puzzle. Everything. Stephen Elop will now be Microsoft's CEO. First proposition failed, Surface RT was doomed under Ballmer, reorg announced, sudden stepdown of Ballmer then now, acquisition of Nokia Devices and Services unit, Elop transferring to MS along with other Nokia employees. What more? It's pretty obvious. Microsoft ruining Nokia under Elop is very unlikely. 
  • I for one agree and predicted that if Elop leaves for becoming Microsoft CEO he wont leave Nokia behind. :/ Saddest day of my life :/
  • Yeah, but the same people will still run Nokia, and still be in charge of the Lumia line if phones.. One plus is that maybe, just maybe, a version of WP will replace the OS in the Asha line.. That could possibly increase WP market share into Android territory❗
  • Nokia will be at the helm of a more potent Windows Phone. Now that Microsoft saw the importance of mobile services, Apple surely is shaking with fear. Google must be shocked by this but at this point, Apple is in a very delicate position. 
  • Yep❗❗❗❗❗❗
  • Yes its the same ppl who'll run Nokia now but they're not static forever, They also come and leave much faster than these CEOs. But once sold means SOLD. Its not Nokia anymore its Microsoft's Nokia like Microsoft's Xbox, etc.
    Hate you Elop.. RIP Nokia loved ya.
  • No, they won't. They will only ruin Lumias. Nokia will still exist, just not as phone manufacturers.
    This is a sad day for Nokia owners. I hope shareholders block this deal. I want to have a Nokia Lumia but I'm not certain I'll like having a Microsoft Lumia. :-|
  • Literally same here I didn't feel the same for my phone what I felt before. Its like the phone too has changed into someone else :/ I wish the Stakeholders may bring a halt to the deal, but extra bribing & forcefully stakeholders too may agree. And mostly stakeholders care for their money and they know its now Microsoft. But for me Nokia is dead as a Nokia fan.
  • Microsoft appears to have rights to use the Nokia name for 10 years. So, it'll be the same people building it, with the same management, in the same location, with the same name. But I agree, Nokia will still not remain exactly the same. Nokia plus boatloads of cash doesn't sound bad, but I'll be curious whether the result is an improvement. Hopefully so.
  • Not exactly the same people, as Nokia's Top Designer is leaving... :-/
  • Oh you be surprised. With Microsoft anything is possible
  • Should have trolled them before the buyout.  Nokia: "We're releasing an Android phone next week."  A week after MS buys Nokia: "Just kidding, no chance in hell!"
  • Hahahahahaha
  • LMAO
  • I can't say if this hood or bad..have to wait and watch..
  • I can assure you there's nothing "hood" about it, lol...
  • Ya, it's either "good", "bad", or "hood".
    I choose "hood".
  • Lmao
  • Wonder which of the Nokia apps will change their name to,Microsoft?
  • I'm guessing a lot of them might cease to exist or be rolled into MS services (Nokia Music comes to mind). Others like the HERE apps will likely stay as is (since HERE is staying with Nokia) but might no longer be bundled with MS Lumia phones in preference for Bing apps.
  • None of that is going to happen.. Nokia devices are staying Nokia devices❗
  • considering the fact that Microsoft uses HERE for bing maps, and nokia phones launch HERE maps in lieu of bing maps, I doubt it
  • My guess is they will function much like Skype.
  • This is sort of sad for me. I mean, I Love Microsoft, and I Love Nokia, and I Love them both for different reasons. I grew up in the cellphone boom, when Nokia dominated, and they sort of always did their own thing, and innovated in their own ways. I like what Microsoft does, but now, I guess Nokia may likely pick-up Microsoft’s internal culture, which I don’t particularly like the idea of. It feels like Nokia will lose what makes it Nokia, but will gain a lot of financial support in return. The Finish people may not be too happy with this, I suspect, but I don’t know. On the plus side, the likelihood of Elop being CEO is now very possible, and if you ask me, that’s wonderful news.
    Time will tell the result of this, but I wish them both the very best.
  • +1
  • Think positive. Maybe Nokia's internal culture will rub off on MS instead.
  • Hahahaha +1 :D
  • I think nokia still keeps the same structure, and mostly the same employees - at least for a while, with the +of a multi billion dollar company in the back
  • Totally agree with you, lets hope that Nokia's devices & services division will remain original as it is after the aquisation and continue to push forward their new innovations. I just can't immagine what will come out with Msft's cultural influence on Nokia phones.
  • Ahhhh they're going to fuck it up now. This is why we can't have nice things.
  • You may be right.
  • Why it had to happen why..? :'(
  • Well, that was nice labor day deal for both MSFT and NOK shareholders. Will see.
  • Is this good or bad?
  • Good. Microsoft will pump much needed cash into Nokia, Elop probably will take over Microsoft and Nokia will have full access to Microsoft's portfolio as well as North American market.
  • Microsoft's licensing deal for the Nokia brand doesn't include future Lumias — Nokia as a smartphone brand is effectively dead, as Microsoft takes the lineup in-house.
  • Might be the end to carrier exclusive contracts.  Nokia did that because they could not afford to promote it themselves....but microft?...they got the money!!
  • Doesn't really help if the carriers aren't interested in carrying the device even with all the money MS have.
  • Of course it was about carrier exclusivity.  Microsoft doesnt want "their" flagship (lumia 1020) ruined by only being on one carrier.  My guess is they plan on fixing this issue asap!!  You think verizon doesnt want to promote this phone? about tmobile?....of course they do!!
  • No, they don't. They want control.
    Google with their money and Samsung with even more money was unable to do this. Only Apple so far has managed to break the carrier stranglehold. Hope it's different this time.
  • Bad.
    Microsoft will now impose on Nokia their sluggish way of work. Say goodbye to firmware updates, say goodbye to great Apps, say goodbye to continuous improvements. The nightmare that is the slow development of WP will now infect all the Nokia components.
  • I really don't think this'll happen since the Nokia employees are being transfered. It's not like 32000 people are just going to sit on their asses all day.
  • Oh, yes they are!
    Or thing might turn out well ;)
    Kinda mixed feelings about this though...
  • Of course not, but the modus operandi of both companies is clearly different. Microsoft's Windows Phone Team is clearly much slower in working. Unless there's a 180º shift in the modus operandi from Microsoft, Nokia's speed will come down. Also, remember that 32000 people doesn't mean 32000 engeneers or designers. It also means store employees, salesmen etc.
  • You are correct about the windows phone team being slow, but I did read some time ago that a lot of efforts inside Microsoft were being pulled towards windows 8.1 (you could imagine why, they own that market share, they cant slip) I would assume that out of those 32k employees Microsoft already has plans to put many devs and engineers into the windows phone team (or work side by side) seeing as how they already have experience with all the nokia apps they have delivered. Like many, I don't know how to take this news. I am just waiting on time to tell. Lets hope it turns out great because this industry needs COMPETITION.
  • "Also, remember that 32000 people doesn't mean 32000 engeneers or designers. It also means store employees, salesmen..." Cleaning ladies, window washers and cooks, as well.
  • 32000 ppl aren't gonna be there forever Sold means Sold you're not what you were now Nokia works upon Microsofts instructions or preferred rebranding if possible. :/
  • What slow WP development? They've already had two significant updates this year and gdr3 is close to finishing if the rumors are true. And then Blue will be out early next year. In fact, if anything Nokia will enhance that even more with their innovative team. I think this is easily a win-win.
  • I think he means slow in comparison to Nokia. Which he's definitely right about.
  • What JonnieLasVegas said.
    Nokia is much faster improving things than Microsoft. Both GDR1 and GDR2 was minor updates. They didn't improved anything substantial (battery in GDR1 was important but that's it). As Microsoft itself admited, they focus these GDR's in enabling more phones instead of improving the OS. GDR3 will not improve anything substantial either, it will only allow stuff for the "phablet", like the 3 rows of tiles. As for "Blue"...expectations are too high. I may be wrong (and I hope I am since I intend to keep my L920 until the warranty expires) but I think Blue will be, again, purely cosmetic and superficial, just like WP7.8 was (remember all the hype around it? Tons of stuff was supposed to come...and in the end...different tiles was basically it.)
  • Right, but the gdr updates have been necessary to move the platform forward in a way that can compete with android in the budget space. Also remember that OS development is always slower than app development. What I do think this will do for MS is bring the innovative side of Nokia into the equation. Its obviously yet to be seen, but I still think this is a win for the platform.
  • But they haven't. Take GDR2 for example. That was made to accommodate the L1020...a really niche phone which only competes with the Galaxy Zoom. GDR3 will enable the phablet...another niche phone to compete with the Galaxy Note 3.
    My fear is that Microsoft will deform Nokias innovation drive. Until now Nokia forced Microsoft to move their feet. If they get sucked in, there goes the power of Nokia to force innovation upon Microsoft.
  • Right
  • "What slow WP development?" Don't get me wrong, I love my Lumia... but I agree. There are people waiting for a basic Notification System since 2010. If that ain't slow, what is?
  • Lol❕ I hope you're wrong.. Please god let you be wrong.... WPC should post a video prayer held by Daniel Rubino❗
  • Well dear you spoke my heart out. Its all gonna be very lazy sluggish and lame. Or maybe Nokia would also go through same what Zune went to XBox and Nokia to Surface rebranding. SkyDrive name patent case lost which means rebranding of SkyDrive name within a year's time. If I ever see Elop I'd bang his head on a HARD SURFACE.
  • .... :/
  • News of the decade! Well, at least for us Microsoft and Nokia fans. Hopefully even The Verge will even pick up on this story...
  • They did:
  • Awesome!
  • I am calling it now, Elop to replace Balmer
  • Looks like Elop is getting ready to take over Microsoft.
  • I hope this turns out good in the future.
  • As someone who use WP because of Nokia, and use Nokia because of WP, this is a good news indeed. I really hope they can achieve Apple's level of hardware and software integration. 
  • Now that is my dream. Hardware & Software as one.
    Here's hoping Microsoft learned its lesson with the Surface pricing and subsequent $900 Billion write down. Nokia was building momentum with quality and price of their devices. Microsoft now needs to continue said trend.
    I'm excited and depressed by this news however. I'm gonna put my skepticism aside (for now) and dream tonight of Microsoft's brave new Devices and Services Decision. PS. I still want my Nokia branded "Phablet" (thanks for keeping the Nokia brand alive MS).
  • Elops plan all the way... Get Nokia share price low to be acquired by MS. What a game plan... I am definitely giving up this one now...
  • He brought it up didn't he? Company making a profit?
  • Don't know if you've been following the share price, but NOKs value has over doubled since 2012, and early this year had reached a high of tripling. Overall, investors were cautiously happy with what Nokia was doing. If Elop's plan was to drive down share price, he failed :D
  • I wouldn't be surprise if Stephen Elop becomes the CEO of Microsoft.
  • Should be 2014 at the end of 3rd paragraph.
  • Hope they do not kill #lumia branding in favor of surface
  • I'm praying the shareholders will prevent this disaster. Microsoft has been the sole responsible for Windows Phone's slug-pace. They have done nothing but stall Nokia's progress. That's abundantly clear with the GDR2/Amber update. Amber brought much more improvements in imaging and Apps, while GDR2 in itself was practically useless. If this happens...if Nokia's shareholders and the Finish government don't prevent this disaster...given my experience with the incompetence of the Windows Phone team, I foresee a dark future for Nokia. And I will not be around to see it. Come 2015, I'm jumping to iOS, leaving Nokia after over 15 years. Microsoft will have the chance to prove me wrong until then and vastly improve WP8 until then (highly doubt it will happen given their inability to fix things or improve things that were pointed as issues since WP7).
    But I'm not buying any new device by Nokia. (And now fanatic fanboys can start spitting stupidity at me just because I don't agree with you in
  • ...wat? Microsoft and their wallets are a huge reason why Nokia even got out of the gutter.
  • And if it wasn't for Nokia, Windows Phone would now be in the same place of Windows Mobile and not on 3rd place. Nokia, as an independent company, forced Microsoft to move faster in improving WP. And they still slaked. Microsoft's way of solving things is throwing money at stuff. But that doesn't work and things keep being dropped due to Microsoft's lazy attitude. That's why WP is still so underdeveloped. That's why Zune flopped. And they abandoned Xbox Games for Windows Phone. And lets not forget WP7 and their promisses of "continued support".
    Remove Nokia's autonomy and you'll have only Microsofts-way of working. Which in what mobile platforms concerns, has been everything but brilliant. I don't look forward to see Microsoft ruin Nokia.
  • I never had a Zune but once I got my first WP7 and saw how much cleaner, nicer and farther ahead Zune software was over iTunes I wanted one. By then it was too late. Since I, like most, believed Apple and the iPod were unbeatable a d the Zune was gone. THAT for sure was more Apple's great advertising and brainwashing than anything else. The hardware, once the HD came out was top notch too. With much better sound quality than the iPod. Which is why I buy a music player! I don't know your other arguments but the Zune argument falls flat.
  • I so-so agree with you. That's exactly why Microsoft needs a CEO who is a go-getter, CEO who is well respected within & out his Company, CEO who consumers and media believe is truthful and knowledgeable just like Mr Elop.
  • that means its good news, now byebye delete your WPcentral acount and dont comment ever again :D. its really amazing to see the emptiness of a brain in a person. but as long as you dont comment ever again, we are fine, we are happy and we are ok!.
    byebye! (im hopeful your "intelligence" will never be seen in this site again)
  • You're right. It's fascinating to watch emptiness of a brain in a person. Your comment was a perfect example of that.
    Now go back to your kitchen. Or to the nearest graveyard. Whatever suits you better, love.
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  • +1 BTW which ecosystem are you choosing to invest in Android or iOS..? Neither I'm gonna buy any Nokia which I loved. And I hate Microsft for killing my much loved brand.
  • +1 :D
  • GTFO, that is all :P
  • GFY, that is all ;)
  • IWIIC, that is all :)
  • Well, it is all about you after all, so I'm sure the Steve's will address you in their press conferences later Tuesday. i'm sure your new iPhone will be vey familiar, given how much Apple borrows from Windows Phone.
  • As long as they don't borrow the Windows Phone team's laziness, I'll be perfectly fine with it, I'm sure.
  • Nice someoneinwa! +5s
  • GTFO you asshole!!
  • Oh're still alive. I was starting to be concerned that my pet idiot would not appear.
  • Nice to see Nokia bought by Microsoft :)
  • They haven't yet you moron. Perhaps once you finish first grade you can read the agreement. Everything is a declaration of intention. Nothing has happened yet, it's all pending the approval of Nokia's shareholders as well as all the regulatory and governmental authorities. But hey...we don't expect dogs to know how to read, so you're excused.
  • You inbred retard, shareholder's will sell, they need value from their stock, they are not  retarded like you.
  • This string of insults makes it difficult for either of you to be taken seriously.
  • +920,000,000
  • I have reported Etios to Daniel Rubino before. This creature has made his life goal to provoke and insult me at every single opportunity (Etios has a problem with the concept of "different opinions"). Daniel Rubino decided to do nothing.
    So now it's fair game. I'm sorry you have to bare with this. I was left with no other alternative.
  • LOL at you complaining to Daniel. When you throw personal insults do you expect to get roses in return? you are a fair game for everyone on this site because of your insults and hatred in the comments section.
  • Are you sure you aborted fetus? I wonder if that's why, for the last months, they've done nothing but ask for Elop's head for tying Nokia to Microsoft.
    Again...having the first grade would have helped you see that...but I guess your only working eye is the one where the sun doesn't shine.
  • hey retard, Nokia board has already approved the sale, shareholders just need money nothing else, Nokia is owned by Microsoft now, learn to deal with it.
  • Oh! man wont you shut up and be cool... Chill we're fans and we're sad about it whats wrong..?? relax
  • No he is Toyota Eitios a CAR as cheap as Himself.
  • No rude comments from me, I just hope your comments are out of concern and not trying to spam.
  • Yeah we're already leaving for a much better & quality experiecne which Nokia gave us, We'll get that on iOS or Android but not be like some happy beggars with only very few like: 3 useless updates CARD&CALLDAV, FM, etc. Is that a joke.??
    And yeah we bought our devices and we've full right to speak/complaint as a consumer..!! 
    You aint nothing more than transparent plastic Sheet!! (Shit* ) :D
  • Thank God this psycho is going to get an iPhone.
    All he ever does is rant and if you disagree, he starts calling people names.
    Why wait for 2015?
  • I only answer rudely to rude comments. Like yours, you idiot. And that's normaly because idiots like you can't deal with people who aren't fanboy-sheeps. You know...people who are towards Microsoft what iSheeps are to Apple.
  • Just get your iPhone... and get out.
  • Fuck off we'll still stay here by our iPhone app and would F*** your happiness. :D
    You're no one to tell us to leave.
  • You do realize a bunch of things in Amber were only possible with OS updates from Microsoft, right?  Maybe there wasn't much in the way of visible changes, but there were a ton of underlying changes to support new devices, new features, and new apps.  Without those changes, Amber and the Lumia 1020 don't exist.
    Why wait?  Jump to iOS now and go to iMore.  It'll be nice not seeing your negative, whiny comments on here.
  • Do you realize that Microsoft's updates were all made upon Nokia's demands? Nokia wants device X, Microsoft has to release an update. Nokia wants App Z, Microsoft has to update to accomodate that.
    It should work otherwise. The hardware manufacturer should be the one having to provide new hardware to accomodate the developments of the OS's.
    The GDR2 exists because Nokia required it for the L1020 and Amber. Not the other way around. And though luck. Until January 2015 you'll have to bare with me criticizing every bad move from MS and praising every good thing they do. If there's more bad things than good...that's hardly my fault. I don't have to be resigned to mediocrity just because fanboys want. Actually, if people resigned to mediocrity, Windows Vista would still be around. So, sorry, but until the warranty of my L920 expires, I won't be leaving WP (which doesn't mean I won't probably get an iPhone5C to start the hypothetical transition) since I've already burned 600€ on the phone.
  • Same here literally felt like crying as if Nokia got Cancer(Elop) and is about to Die. The Bastard saved his ass by saving a position at Microsoft as VP for Nokia division. TRAITOR..!! I pray that stake holders may stop it Or I'm gonna switch to another ecosystem maybe Android or iOS. :/
    Nokia was my first phone :'(
  • Dayum..!! I really hope WP OS gets better pretty soon or else many Nokia diehard fans around the world, just like me, would be utterly disappointed. Go Nokia.. Go Windowsphone!
  • SCORE.
  • This is great news, I hope this eventaully does end up as a good decison for both comnpanies. I know I can't wait to see where this deal goes, it looks like a bright future for Windows Phone!
  • Is it a good news for Nokia fans or bad?
  • It is bad for people wanting an Android Nokia device. It is good for Lumia users.
  • But from that point onwards, we are unofficially using Micorosft phones not Nokia?
  • That's right, but our existing Nokia Lumias will display the Nokia startup logo in GDR3. Only starting from WP Blue onwards then it's considered we're unofficially using Microsoft phones with Nokia hardware.
  • I'm real unhappy with this deal.  Ask any Lumia owner, are the majority of your grips with Nokia controlled items or MS controlled items?  I hope this brings the software up to the level of Nokia's hardware, but my gut feeling is that the hardware and innovation will drop substantially.
  • I have little to no gripes with the hardware or software of my 920.
  • I'm able to grip my 920 just fine. The OS on the other hand is little tricky to grip - since it's just a bunch of digital 1's & 0's.
  • Lmao. For some reason, I found this really funny
  • My issue is the carrier side of the problem.  Now Nokia will hopefully have the clout to stop the silly carrier exclusives, and be able to better put out updates for a more unified line up of devices. 
  • I hope that is one of the results of this, but the fact that there won't be any Nokia phones worries me.  We have no idea how many people from Nokia will be staying (I know the head design guy isn't).  To think that there are still so many things needed for the software and now they have to innovate on the hardware too makes me worry that they've bit off more than they can chew.
  • Actually, for me its been the hardware. I'm on my 5th 920. Even my 800 had issues and had to be replaced by Nokia. My HTC Surround was unstopple though. That being said, I'm still a big fan of Nokia and their phones, and will keep buying them of course.
  • Same here. Nokia understands hardware very well. Microsoft is good with it, they aren't excellent. And this isn't about the same division being transferred over...the company culture is what that matters and I'm afraid it might influence Nokia in a bad way. That said, if this goes through, I hope they retain the Nokia name for their brand/services department. Would sit better with consumers than "Surface" and "Microsoft" - especially true when you consider that they're now responsible for the millions of Asha customers as well. I hope this goes the Lamborghini/Audi way where Lambo became even better under Audi. Overall, a kind of bleak deal given Microsoft's track record with acquisitions. I'd be pissed as a long term investor...
  • Not sure how to feel about this. Some part of me feels good about it but another part of me feels it could be bad. We will see...
  • YESSSSS!!!!
  • Nokia alone couldn't release the same phone on all carriers , hopefully now MSFT can help that
  • +1020Phablet ;)
  • Nokia has soooo much money now. If this works out
  • Knowing Microsoft, they will come to mess everything. I prefer them the way they are working now.
  • Finally !!!!! AWESOME & GOOD
  • Next :Stephen Elop as CEO ? :)
  • As a Nokia Lumia 920 owner I'm pretty happy about this!  Can't wait to see what this merger brings to the future of Windows Phone.
  • I'm kind of sad but I hope that it'll work out for the best. I think that now the WP updates might be more substantial
  • Good Job
  • Reporting a mistake: Asha has nothing to do with Symbian. Asha series runs on S40 OS, which is a Java ME based system and has no relation to Symbian.
  • Damn...bummed that MS didn't pick up HERE as well...
  • yeah me too here maps should be part of the deal
  • They have a 4 yr Close contract with Nokia for HERE maps.
  • So overall, Nokia wants to sell its mobile business to Microsoft and Concentrate in HERE MAPS, NSN and Technology innovation? What a sad day for mobile world. I am sad if I will be able to buy the next Nokia device
  • Ahem.....suck it Google and Motorola!
  • They just got... Scroogled!
  • What do you know, I guess the: "Elop was supposed to destroy Nokia, so Microsoft could buy them out" -crowd was right after all..
  • Except Nokia are in a stronger position than they were with their share price having risen considerably. They also have a range of beautiful Lumia handsets with more on the way and the hugely successful Asha series. Asha users will tend to buy Lumias when they upgrade to smartphones out of brand loyalty, giving WP huge growth potential.
  • You are kidding, right? Nokia are in a stronger position by selling off their major business unit? Really? Pre-deal, Nokia's shares dropped 85% since Elop's takeover. And the Lumias and Ashas you talk about are not Nokia's property anymore. Nokia may have become stabler with this deal, but they are a much smaller company now. I wonder what will they do with that money, because they have like nothing to invest it on. Microsoft may be able to put up a better show in phone now, surely not dramatically better than it is doing now but as far as Nokia is concened they will have none of the benefits of that. Anybody have any idea why Nokia didn't even give Andriod a try, even after it becoming evident that Elop's "differentiation" logic was not working?
  • Cautiously optimistic...
  • I can't wait to see what impact it has on the stock tomorrow morning.
  • Basically: NO ANDROID Nokia phones EVER! Get over it and just switch! Its inevitable anyway. :)
  • Wow!!! Big news for windowsphone
  • Better now, than after. I hope that Nokia employee's like Ballmer's vision and Elop will push faster, harder the updates and changes to mobile devices. I hope they keep the trademark like Google did to Motorola (Although I always look to moto phones like shit.).
  • I do not like the idea, I hope microsoft do not ruin the Nokia lumia.... We have to wait and see.
  • I wish both the companies the best of luck
  • Don't know if Elop killed or saved nokia?
  • Oh hell yes now I'm going to go read the
  • All downhill from here, anyone want to take bets this is the end of pentaband Nokia phones? The morons at Microsoft dont seem to know there is a world outside the US when it comes to bing and the Surface, will probably turn out the same way with their phones.
    Worst possible thing to happen to Nokia.
  • This is the whole reason for take over. Microsoft wants a piece of that international pie.
  • But they could have taken care of internationality without buying Nokia, they have branches all over the world. I really never understood how an international company like MS is not able to e.g. bring Bing to U. S. level in the rest of the world.
  • +920
  • Seriously, look to thine own governments... =[
  • Bye Samsung an HTC. Hello Microsoft Nokia surface windows phone 8!
  • That's a mouthful = Microsoft will probably do it. I do hope they keep the Lumia branding.
  • Winning!
  • So does this mean Nokia is finnished ha
  • +1
  • Funny, but they weren't done when they stopped selling rubber...why should this be any different? Smart on Nokia to focus on other things, such as the automotive industry, network and location services, etc. =P
  • Will we still get surface and the Nokia tablets... Sorry if the article states this, haven't read it yet
  • Yea, very mixed feelings about this deal, but at least the risk of Nokia picking up Android is gone.
  • lol this feels the same when Microsoft announced the partnership with Nokia, talking crap crap crap they didnt even know, and that saved nokia from dying months ago. now they are talking crap again about how Microsoft is slow and windows phone team sucks and some idiots calling Microsoft stupid.. oh please, if you dont like this you dont even need to be in this site, get an iphone, blackberry or android and dont get in WPcentral which is a Windows Phone community site. k thx
  • +1
  • They should of bought. Nokia as a whole. There nsn division is more profitable, but still some what good for WP
  • With NSN Microsoft could build its own wireless network and become a carrier.
  • Lol didn't think of that.
  • Regulators would love to kill that. Anything they could use to call Microsoft a monopoly and scare people.
  • Awesome NEWS!!!! GO MICROSOFT!!!
  • I'm very happy of this. Because???? IT END's EXCLUSIVES on Carriers. and also it makes the Asha series phones run WP as well
  • Maybe I can finally get a Nokia with a Windows logo on the back now.
  • Bad move on Microsoft's part. Windows Phone is dead. :-(
  • Right, now brown cow? =[
  • Back under the bridge.
  • Its time now NOKIA would start to suck like just another MSFT products Skype, SkyDrive, Office, Xbox, Surface tablets, etc. And of course those products would come along with lame services. I bought this Lumia 710, 820, 925 because its Nokia not because it's Windows Phone. Nokia wont be a quality product anymore. FUCK YOU STEVEN ELOP BLOODY BASTARD MISSIONARY..!! Switching to Apple after the feel of iPad or maybe to a Sony Honami. fuck you ELOP..!! Nokia was doing much better than BB & HTC still BITCH you sold it..!!
    Bye WPCentral SIGNING OFF HUH..!!
  • Let it out, let all the hate flow through you. Are you really sigining off from wpcentral? i bet you will be here in future too :)
  • Pssh! Already Bought Sony Z Ultra Kiss My ass.. :P Selling off this Lumia 820 & but I love 925 design and camera can't hate Nokia.
  • Oh thank you for that, was wondering when we wouldn't ever have to hear from you again...??? =/
  • You wouldnt have to hear from me??
    Awwh.. Dear, I didn't know that you were a keen stalker? :D
    Well you're invisible for me neither I care about your existance nor I did before.
  • This news is already working our great!
    This is the 2nd loser we won't have to see here sticking up the community.
  • LMAO! I'm glad they're leaving too.
  • Same here, glad to see all the idiots leave, i even doubt they bought Nokia windows phones.
  • Well Looser are you ppl who are on a Lame OS platform by Microsoft like its other lame products and services.
    The WP OS is so effing immature to not have a simple
    1. Orientation Lock.
    2. No separate Volume Management.
    3. Waste Voice assistant
    4. No app count neither Microsoft cares and already said they've much bigger fishes to fry.
    5. Lame Xbox with not a simple playlist like feature.
    6. FM is mentioned as a huge update yeah right I never saw any OEM mentioning CardDav, CallDav as updates they treat you like beggars. See iOS & Android gets Updates that are worth calling updates. :D
    7. Storage Issues of more than 2GB to 8GB Pssh!
    Pls you enjoy such a half baked OS. Its clear enough who is looser OS and who are looser OS followers :D
  • This coming from someone who, most likely, is an Android sheep... is really funny. :-P
    If Google says jump... you ask "How high?"
  • Why didnt you think iOS fan ..?? I've iPad 4. LOL Just blame anything like: Steve Ballmer - The Monkey.
  • I must say... I am a bit surprised by this.  Hopefully this will be a good thing, and MS didn't pull a Google x Motorola.  I am lookng forward to see where Nokia goes from here, and moreso... I hope that the Nokia branding will stick around for a while yet. 
  • So... Will they be called Microsoft Lumias or just Lumias now? I know they can't call them Nokia Lumias anymore.
  • I doubt they'll get rid of the brand. I think the Nokia brand WILL still be there.
  • According to the investor pdf Microsoft put out today they plan on keeping the Nokia branding.
  • It would be stupid to get rid of such a reputable name in the phone and smartphone business and slapping on a surface branding. 
  • Unfortuntely, that's for lower end models only. Nokia logo is gone on the lumia range until 2015.
  • I don't like this at all .. Might be bad for the atmosphere at Nokia, which might have a bad influence on quality (good people leaving etc). Also, if (as I suspect) a too bureaucratic way if work is taking over. Plus, an old big proud European Company eaten, Can't see anything positive about this right now.
  • I own a surface and Microsoft made a beautiful designed hardware....solid working closer with Nokia is a good Microsoft is cash rich unlike Nokia.....only issue is Nokia will own there technology company how that plays out with the phones camera might be in question....will the 41 megaplix technologies get sold to other manufacturers.....who knows
  • Microsoft said from the beginning, if third party can not do it they will....guess easy way is to purchase Nokia......and push for market share....the big difference is this will change the model of WP OS, because like windows 8 they sell to many manufacturers of Nokia might be the only hardware......hard to see how Microsoft will handle licensing the OS to other manufacturers and if other manufacturers would want to purchase there OS
  • Google acquired Motorola..
    MS going to acquire Nokia..
    Who will bail out Blackberry?? (wondering) Good news fr nokia!!!
  • No one.
  • Only apple can save it.
  • Obviously this could go bad for Nokia as some people fear. However, the reason that all of this with Ballmer, the reorg, and now this with Nokia is happening is because they are trying to make changes at Microsoft. The way things are run, the culture, all of those things that we have felt needed to change and/or improve. they are bring alot of people over from Nokia, that alone should help change some things. They are also making alot of other changes. Hopefully all of these moves ( and I'm sure they aren't done yet) in conjunction with a new CEO, whoever it may be, will mean better times for Microsoft and everything we have supported through the years.
  • One of the reason why Nokia keeps on creating new apps, pushing updates to existing apps & produce great firmware updates is because they cant afford not to. Now with this deal, it is the opposite. Let's just hope for the best. 
  • While I am more from the MS side of things and truly appreciate Zune/Metro what you say is true, only MS's entrenchment and dominance has kept them from suffering as bad as they should from the glacial pace of updates, fixes in addition to a obtuse lack of concern for customer dissatisfaction and opinion. Unfortunately for WP and Nokia both this may not be the move that brings out the best for either...
  • Side note: glaciers can move up to a foot per day, if I remember correctly.
  • This is great news. MSFT needs to cut off all of the other WP hardware companies (who had lukewarm support anyway) and optimize the hell out of their hardware and software stack. It will probably take a year or so but we'll eventually see better performance, better battery life, more features, etc.
    BTW, I imagine that in five years we'll see MSFT-branded laptops and desktops. This is where vertical integration will see the biggest gains in performance and reliability.
  • Worried if this means even more jobs gone from my home city...
  • The article says that all 32,000 employees will undergo the tranition. So My best guess at that is that they will be treated like Skype. Independant, but part of Microsoft.
  • Common Nokia just once go for android far a chance. Microsoft will kill you!!!!!!!!!!!
  • OMFG❕ A Nokia device will never see the light if Android,, Ever❗❗❗✔✔
  • Just like a girl will never see your penis,,Ever!!!
  • Both of you are clowns :-D
    So 2 years of dating resulted in this marriage, now honeymoon period starts. I don't know how Microsoft can improve on Nokia designs, Nokia always made awesome hardware but problem was with WP and it's hardware/software limitations (before anyone wants defend I like to say I have L920). So problem lies with Microsoft and it's slow way of doing things. Some examples
    1) Phone heats up so badly when running any game or videos ( if you say its a processor error then Microsoft should have updated its OS so that Nokia could use better processors)
    2) Settings menu is so messed up and there is no concept of organization/order.
    3) Search button is super sensitive and interrupts almost every task just because of one slight passing touch.
    4) There are many other issues with the OS but some of them will be resolved in next updates.
    5) OS Update cycle is extremely slow and Nokia was helpless.
    6) Music app is so bad cannot access it easily and requires at  least 4 clicks.
     Microsoft can learn from its mistakes and improves its operations and approach. Otherwise I see PalmOS saga part in near future for WP.
  • for the search button, they could easily implement some kind of lock to disable/enable it. my Asus Transformer has similar feature to disable context sensitive buttons.
  • Vittu. Mitä. Paskaa.
  • Siis todellakin. Vittu kiinnostaa ihan helvetisti joku MS:n viritys. Ihan salettiin sieltä tulee Zune-skeidaa ja MS paskoo Lumia-brändin päälle. Lisäksi Nokia on tehnyt hyviä juttuja suomalaisille käyttäjille niin nyt voi olla varma ettei mitään Suomi-appseja sun muuta ole luvassa.
    Eli summa summarum perseestä koko juttu. Ja tää sivusto on ihan paska. Mitään negatiivista ei saa kirjoittaa tänne aiheesta kun sensuuri filtteröi kaiken.
  • Great news! Exciting times ahead. This shows Microsoft's commitment to Windows Phone program.
  • This will change things. Good decision for both parties.
    Well at least all those bonehead Nokia people can stop bitching how Elop has been killing the company. Now that Elop will join Microsoft and lead this division.
  • Just had a Vision. The Nokia Surface Tablet. Competition over. Game, Set, Match Microsoft.
  • Sad to see the ancient beast that is Nokia be absorbed into Microsoft's giant sludge of divisions. I want to believe that Microsoft will use the phone division well but it don't think it'll ever work as well as independent Nokia did. Does this leave RIM as the last of the old smartphone makers to retain its independence? While I don't know what the future holds as part of this deal, it feels as if Nokia has died. Nokia cared more about Windows Phone than MS did.
  • Understand this opens much more to people they realize. This is part of the reorg. this puts Nokia and MS at a massive advantage. e.g ending exlcusives to carriers. run WP on Asha series phones. since the asha phones sold like more than 50 million putting WP on them and sell 50 million under the Nokia brand makes WP gain tones of market share
  • How does this end carrier exclusives? I'm not concerned about marketshare but about how Microsoft might be slower to innovate and produce than Nokia and how classic Nokia quality and creativity may disappear. MS has been so slow with WP in the past.
  • I think what he tried to tell you is that part of this "Reorganization" is in fact Microsoft trying to speed things up, new leaders in each division of the company calling the shots. These are leaders who were basically raised in Microsoft with the vision of "services first". Hopefully with these leaders calling shots and Nokias innovations, we get the output everyone has been expecting since WP8 developed. As for the the carrier exclusives thing; I think everyone is just assuming on that because Microsoft has so much cash they can afford to tell carriers okay we'll give you this much $$ now promote our devices Sprint, Tmobile, Verizon, ATT. (as an example)
  • I'll believe in MS speeding things up when I see it. Unfortunately that's what they've been promising since launch in 2010 basically.
  • I'm not really optimistic with this. It all depends on how well Elop and his new division can resist the disease that has plagued Microsoft for so long. Many old/established companies have this disease, but the case of Microsoft is particularly severe. Microsoft has become too big and too old. And it is in such a disarray that you have to pull a lot of strings and fight with a lot of resistence just to get things going. And a lot of good things got killed or abandoned just because of mismanagement, miscommunication, and people fighting each other over organizational politics. It is a dinosaur.
  • I think you've really hit the nail on the head about the biggest problems MS faces. There isn't enough coherent internal cooperation.
  • Please tell me this also means surface and other ms hardware in Nokia stores. MS needs that.
  • Good decision by Nokia and Microsoft, Nokia will have the financial security of MS and can pump out fanatastic hardware withou worrying about survival, revenue crap.
  • What are you talking about? After this there is no Nokia to have some MS financial security. There is mobile devices which belongs to Microsoft and then there is Nokia which has nothing to do with Microsoft.
  • Nokia brand, factories and employees all will remain and the phones will be sold as Nokia for minimum ten years after which it can still be extended. So yes, i get more Nokia phones with no more financial worries or mental pressure on Nokia team.
  • I bet they'll be called MS Lumia phones within two years. If they last that long.
    Too bad, Nokia had something going on, there really isn't an alternative.
    Let's see what Apple pulls out with iOS 7.
  • Wow...just wow
  • So will their be a Surface 2 or just Nokia tablets as the successor to the Surface? O.o
  • Ok, I've got a few questions about this. So after the whole process is done, would all Nokia phones be branded as Microsoft/Surface or would it still remain Nokia? For now, it seems like a good decision for the consumers, but what can be some of the cons of this ?
  • They have a ten year license on the Nokia and "Lumia" brands and there patents.
  • Got it, so for at least 10 years we would see phones branded with Nokia.
  • With option to a perpetual license I believe.
  • Great! Those who have never stopped whining about Nokia should make Android phones can finally shut up forever.
  • Nokia gone forever!!!!. I know microsoft will kill it with bad hardware and lack of innovations. It will also make nokia's operation as slow as microsoft itself. RIP nokia.
  • In deed. Although Nokia won't die, it just evolves, like so many times in its history. Nokia mobiles, now that might be the end of it.
  • I'm just as interested in what Microsoft will do with the Asha phones, maybe make them available in the states, throw Office on them, great gateway to WP.
  • I knew this will happen.. MSFT didn't wanna wait anymore, they wanted nokias price to go down,but lumia is SELLING around the world..omg now elop has more control of the OS!! FINALLY.. I LOVE THIS MOVE!!
  • Look at the pessimism in this room !!
    Look at it like this people : the last wall between Nokia and Microsoft  -- Lumia and Windows Phone -- Hardware and Software has been broken..
    You now have 32000 people who aren't at the mercy of Microsoft to make progress on Windows Phone 8 .. Dedicated resources working on dedicated products with...well.... dedication !! 
    Microsoft isn't the world's largest company because they suck on their thumbs all day...Nokia and Elop becoming a part of MS is a GOOD thing because they bring they can finally get things moving the way they want to - without as much of the red tape..
  • I'm going to have to correct you on an interesting point: "Microsoft isn't the world's largest company..." As an example, Revenue 2012
    Microsoft: 73,723 M$ (Microsoft Annual Report 2012)
    Apple: 156, 508 M$ (Apple Annual Report 2012)
    How this can be, it is surpricing. I was too lazy to dig out Samsungs numbers. Also: As of this ackquisition, not so optimistic.
  • Thanks for the clarification - though that wasn't my underlying point...
    ONE of the world's largest companies then ...Or the world's largest SOFTWARE PROVIDER .. if that fits better...
  • Congrats to all WP ers. Elop can now put this game into top gear, bring it on!
  • Welp, I guess I'm never buying another WP if Microsoft goes exclusively Nokia. All's well that ends well...
  • lol please its obvious other oems can license windows phone if they want to. its not like Microsoft stopped licensing WIndows only becuase they made the surface. at least now Elop doesnt have to worry about saving a company and then focus on better things.
  • I see pros and cons to this deal. I am very excited that "conceptually" Microsoft will now be producing both the Software and the Hardware for it's mobile devices. This synergy should, and I stress should, with the proper cohesiveness of all of the involved Microsoft units, produce a device that seamlessly flows with the Microsoft ecosystem(and HERE), with near "flawless, integration and optimal implementation of services such as XBOX Music, Office, Bing, SkyDrive, etc on a premium device.
    Coordination of hardware launches, distributions and updates should and I stress SHOULD, be far easier and smoother and consistent across the board across carriers and within various regions. Again controlling both hardware and software should help to facilitate this.
    My fear however is that the "survival instinct" that has driven Nokia to push the Platform and thier "BRAND" will be lost once brought under the Microsoft umbrella. Notice that most advertisements for the Lumia Line don't mention(to any great degree if any) the Windows Phone OS in a meaningful way. Nokia is trying to reestablish itself in the industry and trying to estabilsh brand recognition with the Lumia line. Its core and promoted strengths being the mobile photgraphy and great build.
    Under Microsofts umbrella, Nokia may, (and I stress MAY) become just "another one the their business units". A unit with billion dollars worth of backing(percieved or real security - I don't know) With this "feeling or reality" of absorbation into a secure business behometh and a potential loss of identity, the SURVIVAL instinct may be lost due to a "feeling" of safety.
    Microsft may likely be less inclined to push the Lumia brand(with the obvious omission of the focus on the OS), which  has been Nokias mode of operation. Which I believe we can all agree, has been successful  in promoting the Windows Phone platform. Sadly the beauty many of us see in the OS is not seen by the general public, so pushing the Lumia line on merits(ie photography, build, price) which do appeal to the masses, draws them to the device and thus the OS. As a Microsft unit, this may potentially change. Focusing on promoting the Windows Phone OS, to a public who often has a negative or ambivalent response to Microsoft may hurt the Lumia brand.
    I have a Lumia 1020, people that I have shown the device to want the phone because of the camera. They don't ask much about the OS running the device. Microsoft should allow the strenghths that Nokia built continue to propel the line.
    Finally, I fear, as some of you do that Microsofts slow pace, could hurt Nokia. Maybe the new reorg of the company, along with the new leadership from the top will change this characteristic of Microsoft. Maybe the inherent strengths of having Nokia as part of the company will be manifest under the new CEO - maybe there will be efficient synergy of the two companies, facilitating a fast pace and a seamless intergration of devices and services. Time will tell.
  • Remember, the RESEARCH portion of Nokia is still separate; you get the speed of innovation with the backing of Microsoft.
  • As a Nokia shareholder i think this move sucks balls because MS got it cheap. Bad bad timing for this kind of stunt by Nokia board. Just when they got the ball rolling with and marketshares rising. They took the safest way out.
  • They did not buy all of nokia. Just their devices and services division. thats why it is cheaper then you thought.
  • My personal opinion is, this news is great for those in the US. Not so sure about people in UK and Europe. But I have a dreadful feeling that now in India we are going to see a lot less of the Lumia line and much more of the Asha series, what with us being a 'developin' country with 'low' affordability and all.
    Microsoft never really did care about releasing products in India. No Zune, no Surface, etc. I hope the same trend does not stretch over to smartphones.
  • If Elop is CEO don't expect that mistake.
  • A couple of days back I wasn't ut now I am praying that Elop is the CEO. Otherwise we are probably going to see two corporate giants and industry strongholds go down the drain and rapidly.
  • Elop is the Nokia devices head now, so he is heading to Microsoft too as head of Nokia. So, No need to worry.
  • Non-North American nations is where WP is doing the best. Microsoft knows this and they need to plant the flag somewhere to grab dominance for growth elsewhere. I think they will ramp up their efforts to secure WP as the top OS in Europe.
  • Win win both ways. 5 years Wp will be 35% of market
  • Seeing Nokia being actually sold sort of shakes your entire belief system. Those hammer head phones always stood the test of time and were a symbol of stability in times of unrest. :)
  • Microsoft is not buying Nokia. It is buying the division closely tied to Windows Phone.
  • Microsoft is buying 'Nokia Devices and Services'. That has always been the primary customer end of Nokia. What is left is the Here mapping solution services and the Nokia Seimens Network. The Nokia that we all know, essentially is the device and services division. Atleast for me has always been.
    FYI: It includes the Lumia line AND the Asha line.
  • Things will slow down now
  • unless Elop is still in control and won't stop, now that he won't try as hard to keep the struggling company afloat.
  • Yep.
  • Well, I don't know what this mean, but it fails, I'll look for something to set me apart from apple or Android if possible.
  • Not sure if this is good or bad for Nokia and their Lumia Windows Phone.  Nokia is working very hard, consistent and fast for the phones in terms of hardware and software.  We all know that the Lumias are great great device, in fact, all devices from Nokia are great.  But Microsoft is all the while the party that is slowing down the progress and growth of the Windows Phone ecosystem, so now Microsoft is in charge of Nokia devices (Lumia & Asha), not sure will this affect everything about these devices, especially the Lumia, hopefully every aspect of the Lumia (and future 'Nokia' devices) will have the same quality (or better) like when it is done by Nokia.  But one bright side is that Elop is still on board of this devices.  But why Vice President and not President?
  • Congratssss Microsoft and Nokia!! :) Now I'm happy that Microsoft got Nokia's Back .. now, Nokia can keep concentrating on making Awesome phones and will not have to think about Cost cutting :D :) Also, they will get Direct help from Microsoft as well!! (y) :)
  • >The Finnish people will not be to happy with this
    Confirmed :/
  • Well, this is not good. It seems that Microsoft has lost its vital energy, and consuming Nokia will hardly help this. Nokia will just dissipate inside, with all the spirit gone. Last year or two it was Nokia who pushed the WP with Microsoft slowly reacting.  Now nobody will push it.
    Its definitely goodbye for Nokia. Also this is a goodbye for WP and maybe even for MSFT.... unless Elop will become a new CEO. THIS may be funny.
  • But very good price for ms.
  • I Think That This Is Bad Decision because lot of People buy Nokia because of The "Mark" even if They do not Like WP. But This situation Will not be repeated With Microsoft...
  • So overall Nokia will fully focus on NSN, HERE and technology innovation? Does micorosft have the hardware innovation? The kind of technology innovation that Nokia has provided in
    1) Camera Department (Example PureView cameras)
    2) Touchscreen (Amazing screen of Lumia 920 and 1020)
    3) Hardware Design (polycarbonate body used with Lumia devices) and
    4) Navigation
    Microsoft is not even close. MS is completely into software. Without Nokia's technology innovation, their mobile business handled to MS cannot survive. Although MS might handle the marketing, distribution and production process
  • Awesome! Ms acquired the phone part of Nokia but the part that designs the indestructible phone part as well as the 41 mp. Is still part of Nokia. Its a win win!!!
  • How is it still with Nokia?
  • No it's pending and wp8 selling is dropping because nobody wants buy Nokia brand because everyone is just waiting what's gonna happen :(
  • I'm stunned
  • Wow. This is big! I can actually felt a certain amount of relief come over me when I read this article. I've always dred the day when Nokia is acquired by another OEM. That would/could have been catastrophic for WP. Ok... lets keep Nokia in charge of what they do best and MS can pull their finger out and develop a solid alternative to Zune and polish the OS.
  • I agree with you 100%. The contract with Nokia would end in the near future. As the CEO of Huawei said, "if they purchased Nokia WP would be terminated". This was really Microsoft only long term solution to ensure that WP lives on.
  • They should've kept Zune and just change the name.
  • Well, my current Lumia920 will be my last Windows Phone device. Fuck this.
  • RIP Nokia.. End of an era
  • I really hope two things 1: being that Nokia continues to function as its own separate entity and 2: that the Lumia branding is kept on their phones. And just for good measure I hope that elop is made CEO of Microsoft.
  • I totally agree -- I'd hate to see them drop the Nokia, and Lumia names!
  • Nokia for WP 4ever !!! NoT LAGndroid RIGHT !!!!...
  • This is awesome!
  • As some others have pointed out, the biggest change here will hopefully mean the end of carrier exclusives, which have been responsible for slowing the launch of innovative phones.  
    MS will be able to punch through and deliver no-contract penta-band phones for the global GSM market (incl. US), and at lower cost due to higher scale of manufacturing. 
  • I feel like I'm gonna burn my L920 and then go to buy iPhone or Android.
    I really hope MS fail with WP miserably.
  • I don't  think you own a 920, if you really do then send it to me instead of burning it. hope you enjoy your iphone or Android and I hope MS and WP are a spectacular success which myself and other WP fans can enjoy.
  • Oh yes I do have L920. Nokia is the only reason I have Windows Phone. Now that Nokia is no longer in the game, I could not care less about WP.
  • This is so screwed up. Now Lumia will be what Surface RT and Zune HD was :(
    Please make my Lumia what Xbox 360 was, please Microsoft?
  • As a Finn, can´t really be happy about how this played out. Nokia seriously got outplayed by MS, and pretty dirtily so. Nokia  handsets will cease to exist within a few years (sonyericsson anyone?) and then its all gonna be MS products after that. Could be that Nokias phones would have failed worse, but considering how this played out (why not android??), it´s becoming clear that driving Nokia to its knees was the intention from the beginning for Elop & Co.
  • He abandoned Maemo, Symbian, Meego(Now used a bit in Tizen & as Jolla) and then Android.
    Steven Elop already was a Key Employee at Microsoft before joining Nokia as its CEO. Doesn't feel like touching my own Nokia Lumia 820 feels like its not Nokia anymore instead like a dead body more. :'(
    Even though I'm an Indian I'm sad.
  • I do hope this puts WP and the entire ecosystem back on track. If Elop takes over as CEO hopefully he'll send the message that mediocrity is unacceptable.
  • Oh, sad news! I am ready to choose one phone over another just for that cool name: Nokia. In fact I did.   I cant believe that great finnish Nokia people has chosen the Ericsson, Siemens, Palm or Motorola's path.  Soon we'll see one country bought by another one. Monopoly at its best. 
  • Same reaction here too.. :'( Noooooooooo but the Traitor Steven Elop CEO of Nokia did it to become a CEO of Microsoft after Steve Ballmer had already left.
  • My ativ s will be obsolete soon :(
  • Ok I will put it this way. Elop conspired with Microsoft to weaken the mobile phone giant and now gobbled up the Finnish brand. Nokia hardware will never be the same again now that the greedy American corporation will compromise quality to fatten their profits. I hope the core people at Nokia leave the Microsoft owned company and start up a new Finnish brand taking along Nokia standard with them.
  • And they bought it for peanuts. Nokia's brand value, assets and patents would have been well above the meagre $7 billion
  • It seems that Nokia just decided my next phone for me. With these news that Nokia is no longer a independent device maker, my support purchases for Nokia come to an end. My current Lumia 620 will be my last Nokia phone, the upcoming iPhone 5S will be my next because I don't like Android. I'm truly a sad Nokia fan today. Never wanted to see this day to become reality :( Rest In Peace Nokia.
  • Its over Nokia is essentially Microsoft's now.
  • Last month or so when the HTC-plans-to-buy-NOKIA article came out, I distinctly remember reading about how this was unlikely as Nokia was "Finland's Pride and Heritage".
    Well, I guess now we know how much Finnish pride and heritage is worth:
    $5.44 billion
  • So this means that they will not produce phones anymore with "NOKIA" on it, right? The next phones will be branded "Microsoft"? And the others OEM's will stop producing WPhones and their will be a new Microsoft Phone every year, when the new OS update comes out? Just joking now, but it sounds like Apple, don't know if that is a good thing. As European I think it's sad to see a great manufacturer being swallowed up by a big American player. (Always the same song)
  • So in simple words, Microsoft bought Nokia. Right?
  • Not exactly, MS bought Nokia mobiles part. Which without a doubt was THE Nokia for all of us.
    Nokia Company will continue with Nokia Siemens Networks, Here mapping products and their technologies part, i.e. lisencing their patents (including the one Apple refuced to use with their antenna a while back :-) )
  • Dear Microsoft
    1) Interfere less in the processes of Nokia
    2) Dont slow down Nokia
    3) Listen to them to improve WP
    4) Keep the Nokia brand name.
    5) Speed up WP development
  • Then you should know that Microsoft is:
    1. not interfering in Nokia's processes, heck they will just let Nokia continue their work since they only care about Windows Phone
    2. Nokia's slowed down thanks to Steve Ballmer
    3. forget about the WP Team listening to the Nokia Software Team as the WP Team only answer to their departing boss Ballmer until 2014
    4. the Nokia brand name will not be used for smartphones until 2015 so only the Asha feature phones will retain the Nokia name
    5. when Ballmer annouced he's leaving Microsoft I can guess Joe Belfiore and his team were in their office with big smiles on their faces and LOLed reading that son of a b*tch's open letter and when Ballmer leaves Belfiore and his team can party, rejoice and truly speed up WP's development.
  • Microsoft paid a pitence of $1.93 a share for the phone device and services of Nokia! 
  • Honestly, i have a good feeling that FINALLY Microsoft will put more attention to the WP and Nokia division, with the mobile market becoming more and more fierce in MS they understood that Ballmer no longer represents a viable CEO for the mobile ages, his response to this post-PC era was slow and flawed.
    Maybe with Elop in charge, they could push more cash and people to develop WP much more, because the truth is with Ballmer, WP is treated like a minor division.
    My advice is not jump ship so fast, things will get interesting for MS next year and mobile market in general.
  • I love MSFT.  I love Nokia.  I love them both.  But Separate, not Mashed up together. 
  • +1
  • Agreed.
  • Somehow I can't wrap my mind around this. I agree Nokia has been in a bad position, and given the ongoing partnership it comes as a natural step... But I'm afraid Nokia might become infected with the "slowness" from the giant M$ and slow down what they've been doing (great) so far. I think the ecossystem will eventually suffer from this, even if at the moment both HTC and Samsung are a little dormant, no OEM will venture going against M$+Nokia as a whole unless there's some serious money to be made, and we ain't there yet. If this does go forward, Elop should definitely be made CEO, the dude has got some perspective and can make a difference like he's been doing in Finland.
  • Now hurry up and get GDR2 for unlocked+unbranded NL920 :'(
  • I'm not sure about this. The cooperation between these two companies seemed to work quite fine.
    I was worried that something like this would happen as soon as i read Balmer would be retirering.
    Let's hope for the best, i guess.
  • I just wanted nokia does not use android, and it happens, is now NOKIA ANTI ANDROID
  • I hope the shareholders stop the aquisition. While I love both Microsoft and Nokia I don't like to have all my eggs in one basket.
    And I don't like EU companies (or parts of them) being sold to the US.
  • They won't
  • Just got the 521 for my wife and loaded it with most if the apps above. I was impressed by the Nokia Camera Brta. It's almost the same as Nokia Camera Pro for Pureview Nokias, except no flash option of course. Other apps I added were:
    HDR Camera Pro for HDR pics
    Flash Player to view Flash videos
    Cackle for free older movies. Enjoy
  • So now it's not Finnish it's American
  • Well, there goes the only reason to buy a WP.
    I guess I'll fold, and get an iPhone next. Sad.
  • Enjoy your iPhone
  • What a horrible news. This is my last post here. I Will uninstall wpcentral, get rid of my WP, hopefully be able to buy Jolla. RIP Nokia!
  • Goodbye
  • Same here #SwitchToApple :/ RIP Nokia
  • Looking forward to 9/26 more the ever now. Amazing news. I'm so happy.
  • What the hell is wrong with people here.  If Nokia and Microsoft keep churning out great phones and services, then what is wrong with that?  You've not even seen the fruits of this buyout yet and you're complaining.  MS spent a good sum for Nokia, I'm sure they want to make some money back off it.  
  • Nice to see a grown-up person here. Was afraid that the comments section is populated only by spoiled kids :)
  • Exactly. Chill people give it a chance. If you prefer another brand go for it but just because a company buys another one does not mean it is all over. I think this is a great partnership and hoping Elop will be the CEO who is the perfect leader Microsoft needs. The guy has vision and direction. He will deliver with innovative products  at a faster pace. This is great news for WP fans
  • Great news!!!
  • I'm lost. What are we now?
  • for those who think Nokia will remain #Nokia even after today's deal. Here's some assumptions by me. Now #Microsoft guaranteed jobs for all #Nokia employees but do they guarantee that these employees will not be asked to leave after 1-2 years?  Now they'll keep brand name #Nokia there but for sure they'll disappear it 1-2 years. Is there any guarantee that #Microsoft will not bring big organisational changes in #Nokia's default organisation?
  • I understand what you are saying but is anything guranteed in life?
  • If I were a top Nokia engineer, why would I want to stay at Microsoft now, and work on an OS in a distant third place, especially at a place like Microsoft infamous where its acquisitions famously go to die (see: Danger).
    Nope, if I were a premier Nokia engineer, I'd be sprucing up my resume and sending it to Apple's HR department.
  • I have mixed feelings about this, perhaps it's just nervous excitement about an unknown future.  While I welcome the acquisition in principal, I fear that the Nokia team will catch the Windows Phone team disease and start to rest on their laurels, get stifled by burgeoning bureaucracy and ultimately lose the tremendous momentum since 2011.
    On the other hand, once this deal has gone through and it's still some way off completion, imagine an unrestricted Nokia and what they could do with seemingly boundless budgets and unfettered access to the OS?  Wow, just wow.
  • It amazes me that so many people are hating on Microsoft purchase of Nokia, but when Google purchased Motorola it was completely the opposite. Microsoft has changed the way many people around the world grew up using computers, what the F… has Google done.
  • Motorola was a shit phone manufacturer to begin with so nobody cared, Nokia on the other hand is something completely different.
  • Goodbye short whimsical and funny Nokia ads.  Hello hipster artsy fartsy boring ads.
    Here's hoping they hired Nokia's marketing arm too.
  • why am i not surprised... all of us knew that this would happen sometime this year...
  • I couldn't believe it when I saw this last night.
  • i am truly gutting at this.
    At least Nokia cared about the international community bringing out different types of phones and software customized for all over the world.
    Microsoft is just like a typical American, they think nothing exists outside the United States.
    I can see the US getting priority over the rest of the world and if that happens expect many unhappy customers 
  • If something unthinkable like this happens, then the next unthinkable thing will be me switching from WP to anything that is not Microsoft and never looking back.
  • bring on the tablets!!!
    sit back and enjoy this ride
    Nokia tablets that is!!!
  • I will only buy my next Lumia if it is branded as a NOKIA Lumia! 
  • Holy shit!
  • All my iPhone and Android fans at work are laughing.  "WP will be dead in two years now that M$ will taint the one manufacture putting WP on the map."
    Yep, it could happen..... : (  Let's hope not.
  • Now i am gonna care for my Lumia 820 aloot .. As not gonna leave it till my last breath .. COx of no nokia lumia after 2013 :(
  • Does this mean that all windows phone should get nokia exclusive apps ? 
  • I am feeling some kind of way about this.   I came to WP after having a Palm Pre.  When HP bought Palm, I was excited.  A few months later, HP gave up on Palm.  This feels like that. 
  • FINALLY!!! This is fantastic news for the Windows Phone platform!!!
  • I got webOS'ed again... These big companies can't manage small companies the same way. I don't predict good things.
  • Sweet, I've been holding out for another Kin. (Sorry, too soon?)
  • Nope, time to bail out.
  •      I figure things can only get better now that Nokia is a division of MS. Trouble it is possible it may be too late (at least in the US). Android saw what Apple was doing and got in and look how they have grown. It took them awhile; but now they are the king of the hill.
         The US already has a high percent of smartphones. It will be tough to get a large share without taking Apple and Android customers. A large task. I have my Windows 8 computers; but both of my tablets are Android. When I bought my first smart phone three months ago I choose WP (nokia 850) because it matched well with my two win 8 computers.
          When my plan runs out and I choose my next smart phone alot depends on how WP is doing as to if I will get another. If they have grown to 15% of the market (world market) and they have mantained the updates for the WP headsets I probably will get another. If not I will go with Android as I already have two Android tablets. I doubt I will ever go with Apple as I think two OS systems (Microsoft and Android) is enough for one person.
  • hmm.. i guess we can now say goodbye to brilliant Nokia Adverts and look forward to weird Microsoft ads? (Surface adverts..yikes!).. Also, what will happen to nokia's tablet plans?? will they be abandoned in favour of Surface?
  • Buy a Nokia Lumia windows phone and get a 20% discount on Windows 9. Bundles coming.
  • so nokia is now microsoft? well i guess i have to say bye to free HERE Drive+, Nokia Music and other cool things
  • Nice troyan horse Microsoft, it's the 90's all over again.
    Cannot wait for iPhone 5C.
  • What on earth is gonna happen to my beloved Nokia exclusive apps? MS will make them accessible to other OEMs. And what about the Nokia specific updates like Amber? All gone down the drain. Now let's just hope the gdr2 update brings Amber as well, most of which is still waiting for approval.
  • Looks like the beginning of the mobile cell war.  Apple VS Nokia VS Motorola.
  • Don't you think that the Nokia brand is way stronger than Microsoft on the mobile world?? So the fact that they are going to eliminate the Nokia brand and logos from the devices will certainly hurt. I think it's a bad idea!!! Don't you think. Everybody referes to Nokia as strong and durable. People say "oh its a Nokia, that's why" what do yall think?
  • so, all those Nokia feature phones will have Microsoft logo on them? Wow....
  • i hope its not Hp-Palm all over again... I loved Web Os to great owned iOS and android back in the day...  Hp bought it and killed it... i was sad when it winded up... this time the Software company has taken over hardware company... lets see how it goes on
  • I am wondering a few things....
    A: What happens to asha? will it get the boot? or will microsoft merge it with Windows Phone?
    B: Will microsoft integrare any of the software nokia has built? (such as using pro cam as the system camera?)
    Also, it seems there are quite a few neighsayers crying "nokia is doomed", forgetting that microsoft recently changed practically their entire structure. Dont worry. Nokia is not KIN or ZUNE.
  • Finallyyyyy!!!!!!!!
  • I can only agree. Not only in a specific country, but I do think lots of people only tried Windows Phone because it was a Nokia device (including me). If the deal happens, I choose to stop buying Nokia devices.
  • I have owned 8 Nokia phones thru the years everyone of them memorable. My very first phone was a Nokia. Cant believe There will never be anymore nokia branded phones ever again. Its a sad time and wont ever be quite the same even with most of the staff transfering over. Cant help but wonder if this may lead to the possible end of windowsphone platform if other manufactures find it not worth their efforts, time and money not to mention the possibility of Microsoft fu#king it all up.
    Goodbye Nokia
  • :(
  • I don't know what Microsoft plan is to sell phones without Nokia Name, where I live and in many more places(ecept US maybe) Nokia means mobile phone, ppl go out to buy Nokia, they don't care about OS, or any thing else. now Microsoft has to promote a new brand with a kind of new OS. That's gonna be hard for them
  • Nokia is dead, long live Nokia!
  • Well, that was expected - after all, with the partnership two years ago, both companies had already become kind of dependant on each other. This is a big, logical step towards consolidating a true Microsoft ecosystem:
  • I think Stephen Elop  might be the most hated man here in Finland now.
  • Not 'might', Stephen Elop is sure to be the most the hated businessman in Finland since they'll believe he's the man who killed Nokia as a mobile phone manufacturer.