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Former Nokia CEO and Microsoft exec Stephen Elop hired as technology head at Telstra

Stephen Elop, the former CEO of Nokia who later became the head of hardware at Microsoft, has a new gig at Australia-based Testra. He has been hired to lead in the newly created role of Group Executive Technology, Innovation and Strategy.

New book looks at Stephen Elop's reign as Nokia and calls him 'one of the world's worst' CEOs

Stephen Elop may now be the leader of Microsoft's devices division but before then he was the CEO of Nokia, and a new book about his reign at the Finland company labels him as "one of the world's worst – if not the worst – chief executives."

Stephen Elop explains how recent job cuts will affect Microsoft's handset division

Microsoft Device Group leader Stephen Elop wrote his own email about how the company's announced plan to cut 18,000 workers will affect his division, stating that it will be "particularly focused on making the market for Windows Phone" by targeting the budget priced market..

Stephen Elop to make keynote address during September's 'Super Mobility Week'

Stephen Elop, the former CEO of Nokia and currently the Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Devices Group, will be making a keynote speech on September 9 as part of the "Super Mobility Week" conference at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Stephen Elop taking your questions live today, 9am EDT! (Update: Live!)

Microsoft has announced on the Conversations blog (since they appear to be removing "Nokia" branding from web properties) that Stephen Elop will be holding a questions and answers sessions today at 1PM GMT / 9AM EDT and 6:30 PM for those in India. In simpler terms, be prepared to join the new Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Devices Group in 45 minutes.

Julie Larson-Green to become chief experience officer for Applications and Servers Group at Microsoft


We’re getting closer and closer to the closing of the Microsoft and Nokia deal. Besides buying Nokia’s handset division, one big change is that Nokia’s Stephen Elop will return to Microsoft as an executive vice president. He’ll take over the Devices and Services division, which Julie Larson-Green is currently in charge of. We haven’t known what’s next for Julie within Microsoft, but now we do. And it looks to be a bit of a demotion.

Nokia's MWC keynote in two minutes: Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft

Microsoft is soon to seal the deal and acquire Nokia's hardware division, which will include Lumia, Asha and X family of mobile devices. During today's keynote, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop focused fairly heavily on Microsoft and its services. Skype, OneDrive, Outlook, Skype, OneDrive – you get the idea. But just how many times did Elop and co. talk about Microsoft during the presentation?

Nokia announces BBM and Photoshop Express for Windows Phone

Nokia has just announced some pretty awesome news for the Windows Phone Store. BBM and Photoshop Express will be coming soon. Stephen Elop made the announcement a few minutes into the Nokia press conference at Mobile World Congress 2014.

Microsoft CEO search reportedly narrowed down to just two candidates

According to a report over on Bloomberg, Microsoft has narrowed its search for a new CEO to just two candidates. Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Microsoft VP Satya Nadella are believed to be names for the top seat at Redmond. Both Tony Bates and Stephen Elop are now only considered as distant possibilities for the role.

Nokia Chairman defends Stephen Elop and Nokia’s decision to sell hardware division to Microsoft

It’s been nearly three months since Microsoft announced plans to acquire Nokia’s handset division. The deal has a few final steps to go through being finalized. One of those steps recently happened. Last Tuesday, Nokia shareholders finalized the 7.2 billion dollar transfer of Nokia’s phone division to Microsoft. That meeting wasn’t without its fair share of critics, most aimed at Stephen Elop. However, Nokia Chariman and interim CEO, Risto Siilasmaa, defended Stephen Elop and the sale of Nokia’s handset division.

Rumor: Microsoft has a final idea for its next CEO and it may be a surpise

The time is nigh. Steve Ballmer announced his retirement plan not very long ago, leaving Microsoft quite little time to find the best candidate for its next CEO.

There have been rumors all around, highlighting key figures like Stephen Elop and Alan Mulally. Now a new round of rumors has arrived, saying that the board of directors at Microsoft has already made up their collective mind on this matter, and the decision is sort of surprising and not surprising at the same time.

Dreaming of Elop - Taking the safe route is the most dangerous.

Since Steve Ballmer declared his retirement from Microsoft as CEO, speculations on who will be the next big boss have been tossed around. One of the top candidates who appears on every list is the former CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop; he supposedly had the heart to run Microsoft, but recent information that we reported on this morning has shown that he may do more damage than good.

Rumour: Elop to consider dropping Bing and Xbox if appointed Microsoft CEO?

Stephen Elop is a potential candidate for the position of Microsoft CEO, succeeding Steve Ballmer when the current head steps down. According to a report over on Bloomberg, Elop would consider shaking things up at Microsoft. Office would be targeted, as well as Bing and Xbox. So what kind of changes would we be looking at?

Report: Microsoft has narrowed down the list for potential CEO

Steve Ballmer has been Microsoft’s CEO since 2000. That’s over 13 years ago for you mathematicians out there. Earlier this summer, he announced plans to step down as CEO sometime during the next year. Who’s going to be the next CEO of Microsoft? We’ve heard reports of Nokia’s Stephen Elop, Ford’s Alan Mulally and others. Now Reuters is claiming the list has been narrowed even further. Who made the cut? Read on to find out.

We sit down with Nokia’s Stephen Elop

Nokia World is still going strong in Abu Dhabi and we have plenty of coverage yet to bring you today, but one of those is of high priority: Executive Vice President, Devices & Services, Stephen Elop. Of course many of you know him as the former President and CEO of Nokia (until Microsoft agreed to buy the hardware division of Nokia in early September). That change will eventually result in Elop becoming Executive Vice President at Microsoft once the deal is finalized in early 2014.

In a roundtable discussion with a select few in the media, we were able to ask Elop about today’s announcements, which included the Lumia 1320, Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 and new Asha devices.

Report: Steve Ballmer heads to China for meetings with Nokia's Stephen Elop

Microsoft is looking to buy Nokia (or at least its devices and services division), that has already been covered numerous times. Now, Steve Ballmer is reported to have been in Beijing to visit Stephen Elop and Nokia. Now, the actual deal between the two companies is still yet to be finalised and approved, but these are clear signs that the two parties are already preparing discussions and more.

Microsoft looking to find Steve Ballmer's successor by the end of 2013

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is set on finding a replacement for Steve Ballmer before the end of this year. Sources have stated that the company is currently reviewing a list of possible candidates as a successor. The choices are currently being narrowed down and lists of declined candidates and candidates currently up for consideration have arisen.

Stephen Elop picks up $25.2 million as he leaves Nokia for Microsoft

Two and a half weeks ago Microsoft announced their intent to buy the devices and services division Nokia. At that time, Stephen Elop stepped down as CEO of Nokia to become the VP of the devices and services division. This would allow him to move to Microsoft when the deal completes sometime in early 2014. He’s also getting a hefty payout as part of the deal. How much?

Secrets on the inside: Nokia had Android, Microsoft had the Surface Phone

Shortly after joining Nokia as CEO, Stephen Elop issued a company internal memo titled “Burning Platform”. The memo served as a wake-up call for Nokia to rethink their strategy going forward in regards to which mobile platform they were going to build the company upon. It was then a couple of months later at Mobile World Congress 2011 that Nokia announced they would be using Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system.

Since then, tech pundits and consumers alike have cried for a high-end Nokia smartphone running Android. Nokia has always shot down those pleas, but that might not having always been the case internally. Nokia had Android running on Lumia hardware at one point.

See Stephen Elop with the Lumia 1520

In a few short weeks we’ll hopefully be learning more and getting our hands on the Nokia Lumia 1520. It’s the upcoming device from Nokia that will be the first Windows Phone 8 device with a 1080p display and a quad-core processor. Earlier this summer we heard that Nokia had an event planned for September 26th in New York City, however dates could be changing due to the Microsoft deal.

Regardless, wherever and whenever Nokia decides to announce the Lumia 1520 we’ll be there to give you guys and gals coverage. But before then, we wanted to share an image of Stephen Elop and the Lumia 1520.