Stephen Elop to make keynote address during September's 'Super Mobility Week'

Stephen Elop, the former CEO of Nokia and currently the Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Devices Group, will be making a keynote speech on September 9 as part of the "Super Mobility Week" conference at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas.

While we don't expect much in the way of new product announcements as part of this speech, it's possible that Elop will use his keynote time to give an overall update on Microsoft's first party hardware plans, including the company's Lumia devices for Windows Phone and the Surface tablets for Windows RT and Windows 8.1.

Elop has only been back at Microsoft as head of the devices division for about three months and there's a ton of challenges that he has to face, including little to no market share growth for Windows Phone devices in the US.

The "Super Mobility Week" conference, which is organized by the wireless industry trade group CTIA, will also feature keynote speeches from the CEOs of Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint. It will even have Thomas Dolby (remember "She Blinded Me with Science"? )as the conference's music director and house band leader.

Source: Super Mobility Week

  • Oh!
  • Uh oh!
  • Awesome. I love his keynotes - never disappoints and very informative
  • uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh, NONONO
  • Ah?
  • I just hope that the rumors of faster updates to Windows phone hold true and that update 1 for 8.1 is close to finished as they say it is.
  • We NEED new flagships at AT&T!
  • Surface Phone!
  • He's going to announce that new Lumina devices will also run Android. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • "Lumina" loool dude. Its Lumia.
  • Auto correct is a bitch sometimes. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I love Lumina phones.
  • no, you need CARRIER FREE phones
  • Bingo!
  • Well in the US that wont work, people are too cheap.
  • It's working at T-Mobile and other carriers have followed suit by using 2-yr payment plans to pay for phones in full. Only problem is that other carriers aren't lowering plan prices to make up for it. T-Mobiel has.
  • Those arent really carrier free phones though, are they?
  • What would it hurt to sell some Lumias like Google does with their Nexus phones? You're probably right that most people will still probably still opt for the carrier-tied phones, but it seems like they could pull it off since they already have the retail channels anyway.
  • Even in Mexico carriers will now be forced to unlock all fully paid phones in less than 24 hours (it was possible before, but their "process" took 1 month)
  • We need new wp flagships worldwide :)
    I want one WP phone I can proudly say the best on earth (as 1520 was, but others are running little faster....).
    930 is cool, but not enough to switch from 925/gs5...Has to be thinner, with sd, glance and with 0 borders ;)
  • Agree with you completely! That's why I can't wait for the 1020 successor!
  • This! It's been almost a YEAR since the 1020, and we want the successor NOW!!
  • More importantly, last year we had the 520, 620, 720, 1020, 925 then 1520 being sold, this year all we've had is an exclusive verizon phone that is now being released slowly, and a low end POS in the 630. You cant have a healthy ecosystem or any kind of growth when you dont have new phones to sell to people while your competitors releases a multitude of phones across all price points. Its been ridiculous to see no new phones released yet all these Microsoft execs are mouthing off and acting as if everything is ok. Bunch of idiots.
  • The year is but halfway. We have the 530, 1525, 630, 635, icon, McLaren, and probably a few other ones. If you're gonna mention US only, the 720 never released here AFAIK.
  • We have McLaren? Where is it?
  • It's probably a good idea to read the entire thread of comments if you want to reply. As the commentor before me mentioned the phones that came out last year, which I reiterated in my comment, then specifically stated that there is still half the year left in terms of phones coming out. McLaren is supposed to come out this year along with other rumored phones. Hence my point that this year shouldn't have less models than last year as far as the US is concerned.
  • No kidding! I normally go through phones more often than I go through a pair of jeans. Some of my friends have actually started making fun of how long I've had the 1020 w/o upgrading.   Not willing to trade off image quality to go to the 1520 (even if it's only a slight dropoff). The 1020 has changed the way I treat mobile photography, can't bear it to go to anything less!
  • Same here. Love the picture quality. 41 MP or Go Home!
    I'm ready for the 2nd generation of the 1020
  • Exactly! Once you tame the 41mp beast anything and everything else just isn't good enough any more! Really hope they bring out the 1020 successor this year as my 1020, although still kickass is starting to get long in the tooth with regards to the rest of its specs....
  • +1020 successor. I think they waiting qualcomm 805 for that.
  • 1520 ?
  • They get all the flagship phones. What do you mean. Have you seen T-mobiles stock of windows phone. Only two in the past year with no flagship phones
  • How can they think that WP would grow under command of an asshole like this guy !
  • The same way they think it'll grow under Belifore...
  • Why is he an asshole? Because he pulled the plug on Symbian?
    Nokia (phone division) would've still been very much alive still if they had dumped that POS earlier like every other manufacturer did.
    And Elop made things happen in a way that meant that I have had the mighty Nokia Lumia 920 and now the incredible Nokia Lumia 1020 :)
    Just have to love this guy :D
  • Exactly. People constantly bash Elop but, without him we wouldn't have Nokia WPs. To be honest, without Nokia, how many WPs would be available, none except for the random ones every once in awhile which means WP market share would be less than nothing! Go Elop!!!
  • You might want to check Elop full history.... Another "Executive" like Carly Fiorina: running for the big checks while trashing companies.
  • He is not.   If anything, it's whoever at the helm of WP.  Belifore is partially to blame for the original lack of features which frankly is easy to remedy simply by looking at other platforms or its own user suggestions.  Whoever is in charge of development is to blame for the snail development time. 
  • How is belifore still at the helm for the slow bullshit? I mean how much do we have to Bitch to get what's needed on WP.
  • Elop for President!
    Love this guy...
  • Updates just started in Italy for WP.
  • For all lumias??
  • No,630,930 !:)
  • Hey, last month we Elopped our Chemical & Aerosol departments. They're now a part of the Paint Division.
  • Haha...
  • Had even forget about this fellow..
  • 9th September. Let me mark my calendar to make sure I DON'T watch nor hear that fat disgusting sloth. Ideally, Nadella would kick this parasite out of Microsoft with the upcoming organizational changes but I guess as long as Ballmer is on the Board of Directors at Microsoft, he'll have his puppet's back.
  • Do u want to get in place if Elop?
  • I believe any manager with a backbone can do his job....he was the one with the hidden agenda and send many people to unemploymend and the only thing he did was counting his money and left other starved. He was pulled in with a certain attend and now he's a big shot under the loving wings of Microsoft. Mismanagement is also management.....
  • This.
  • U mad because he dumped that useless POS Symbian?
  • Wasn't for him, WP wouldn't be like today.  So if you are still in love with a dead OS symbian, please go back to where you belong.
  • Why do idiots still bring up Symbian? Did I mention Windows Mobile? No. My problem with Eflop has nothing to do with the obvious end of Symbian. It has to do with everything else he did on Nokia. The backstabbing, the deliberate devaluation of the company, the deliberate chosing of OSs against the company's best interest, the deliberate firing or forced departure of talented people and everything else this disgusting excuse of a man did at the helm of Nokia.
  • Ya, he must have just gone super saiyn and overpowered the board and all of it's decision makers.
  • The CEO has the reigns and the Board of Directors ISN'T a democracy. The CEO doesn't get there and say "I want to do this. Let's vote". Not how it works, chap. Otherwise companies wouldn't need CEOs and they'd never get anything done if they had to go and vote on everything they wanted to do.
  • You're making it sound like the CEO is the sole decision maker, which is not true. Thats all I'm saying.
  • YOU, djcbs is The idiot at the party...
  • I liked WP more before he started destroing it. He don't understend the idea that Microsoft is developing OS, OEMs are developing hardware and independent developers are developing applications. He forced Microsoft to let Nokia do theier crapy addons to the OS and segmented WP like Android and he created crapy Here apps. It didn't work well for Symban and it will destroy WP as well. And then he don't understand the difference between a smartphone and a camera.
  • What? I love Here maps! Flawless!
  • Elop take away the E and replace it with an F=Flop
  • I have a hard time understanding all the venom towards Elop. If we love our 920s, 1020s, 1520s, etc, then we have to give credit to Elop.  Nokia was a sinking ship when he arrived.  He got Nokia on board with WP, and all the great WP hardware followed.  While WP growth has been slow, at least it's been growth under the Nokia chapter.  And in some markets the growth has actually been pretty good. So while the WP chapter for Nokia wasn't quite enough to keep the ship from sinking, it at least got it close enough to shore that it could survive as an acquisition target.  If Elop wasn't at the helm, Nokia had two choices:  continue with their in-house smartphone OS with zero app store ecosystem, or go Android and try their luck agaist the Samsung Juggernaught that has sunk giants like Sony and HTC to the level of scrappy underdogs treading water to stay afloat. I liked Elop's energy when he was showing off the Lumia products at various reveal events.  He came off as someone who was proud of what his company built, and eager to show it off.  Considering the huge challenges that Nokia had to contend with, you can't ask for much more then that.
  • I quite like Elop. All the interviews and presentations I have seen, makes him seem like a cool and knowledgeable man. He knows what he is talking about. All the hate on these forums at the moment for Elop, MS in general. Satya Nadella, XBox Games and Music and anything else for that matter to do with the WP universe is very boring, and frankly I am disappointed that it seems the 'self destruct' button has been pushed. The point is that all the people who are commenting on what MS should or shouldn't be doing, wouldn't have a clue how to run a company.They probably also couldn't organise a 'piss up in a brewery' either. Points are made, then the same people contradict themselves a few posts later. If you can do better then  form a company and take over the world. I will be steering clear of these forums in the future. i just can't deal with all the bulls**t that is being spouted. I used to come here to learn about the WP 'universe', but all the hate is childish and has no place in a community such as this. Having a point of view is fantastic and all points are welcome IMHO, but the doom and gloom about anything and everything is very tiring!!! Great points from Mingu7.... Coherent and uplifting. More of this sort of stuff please.......
  • Im in total disagreement with your assertion that we should not lambast MS for thier ineptness as far as Xbox music is concerned. Its software there a FUCKING SOFTWARE COMPANY!!
  • Oh look it's mrdeezus... To be expected!!!! Yawn..... MS haven't been a 'software company' for years. You're way behind the times.... (FYI it's spellled: 'they're'.)
  • Well I agree with you there, how come they don't know it?
  • Don't let the haters and nay sayers get to you man! The WP community is still mostly a great and tight knit one, and always remember, opinions are like ass holes....... Everyone's got one :)
  • I won't comment on anything else as I've refuted all that time and time again. But I'll comment on this:   "Samsung Juggernaught that has sunk giants like Sony and HTC to the level of scrappy underdogs treading water to stay afloat." 1 - Samsung WASN'T the Juggernaught in 2009 they are today.   2 - Sony's mobile offerings keep growing on all the markets Sony cares about and invests in (Europe, India and Asia). No, Sony doesn't have a big foothold in the US. But guess what? That's irrelevant. The US market isn't essential to survive on the mobile business. Companies can live without the US. Sony has decided not to bother with them and rightly so. The result is that Sony sells lots of phones in Europe, for example. Because we always get the best of Sony on time and don't need stupid carriers controling everything. Also, Sony is the third largest smartphone OEM in Europe ahead of Nokia (even though Nokia gets ahead if you join in feature phones)   3 - HTC's problems aren't Samsung's fault but HTC's themselves. They're the ones that decided to keep trying to use technologies that aren't theirs without licenses, that waste tons of money on big stars for commercials that never air, and that decided to stop trying to innovate in their phones.
  • I loved my HD7 an I love my Ativ S. I hate Lumias and I hate how Nokia is destroing Windows Phone.
  • Huh? Are you sick?
  • lol
  • When is next date to introduce new Lumia phones?
  • Should be soon because it takes evertime round about 4 month until a announced Lumia is available, haha.  
  • Only 4? Double that.
  • Talk about a fall from grace. The comments here used to sing his praises, but now everyone is on a hate train.
  • Site infested with old Nokia/Symbian fans from Finland?
  • And India... Gaaawd knows they still die for Symbian over there!
  • Well he did have bad views about certain Microsoft divisions that should be jettisoned that are currently making them money
  • Which was always a rumored but never proven. Personally I like the guy.
  • I hope 8.1 update doesn't get pushed till then
  • i know you said we wont expect him to annouce any new lumias but im hopping he will
  • Seems faster coming phones should be launched
  • Smartwatch! Smartwatch! Smartwatch!
  • Probably announcing their android lumias...
  • Sorry, but seeing this guy's face just doesn't make me happy
  • New ELOP OS cumming up,it's a sort of a "cumming out"thing :)
  • LOL I'm wondering if you meant "comming" or indeed "cumming"...they're QUITE different
  • Typically they are mad because they actually believe Elop intentionally tanked Nokia by going Windows. The problem with this is that it assumes Android would have been a better option which is not an assertion based on facts as most OEMs are struggling
  • As the Chinese oems move up the ladder, soon Samsung be struggling as well and Sony and LG.
  • I've been a Windows Phone person since WP7. I had 2 different 822's, I'm currently using a 928 and will support the platform to the end! A question for my fellow Windows Phone fans..I hope Microsoft keeps at it with WP, do you think they'll ever give up on WP? I'm just wondering from a business point of view, if they have a cap on what they'll spend, will they stop at one point? Again, I hope not. I've turned many people onto WP, including my girlfriend and several coworkers. Thoughts?
  • Paul Thurrott touched upon a similar theme in one of his recent posts. Personally, I hope they don't, I love it, inspite of the niggles. Everyone bemoans the low uptake, but I think they can play the slow game, they have the pockets for it. I also think they need their own offering to stay relevant. There were rumours they would drop Xbox too, which would be a blow. If they lost the phone and Xbox departments they lose more than the sum of their parts. As far as Elop goes, he has always seemed OK to me. They need to step up the game though. The phones take too long to come out. The 930 is great, and I like it, but why the delay? I suspect it was due to the Icon carrier demanding it, but what an awful sacrifice. I see lots of low rent devices, but I need them to push out something that screams flagship on terms of specs and design and features. For looks, the 930 is gorgeous. And the hump of the 1020 was beautiful too. It gave it a distinctive loom, to go with the game changing camera.
  • Agreed! I'm hoping they release this fall on multiple carriers with multiple partners! I'm loyal to a product, especially when I find one I like so much! I've said it before, I think people are weary to give WP a chance because of past failures, and people use that as an excuse to not buy a WP. I've converted about 10 people who were die hard Android or iPhone people. One said he was tired of Apple because of the lack of innovation since Steve Jobs passed. I'm hoping Verizon gets a 6 inch Lumia 1525(1520 variant) and I'll buy it on day one! The OS on WP is so smooth..I need to wash my hands! You're right, slow and steady wins the race!
  • I'm a patient man, but they are so big that they take time to move. They have some of the best software people in the world. Their hardware is also sweet, I wish I had the cash for a Surface. I hope they don't drop any division.
  • Me too ... Dying to get a surface 3! My birthday is coming up, maybe my relatives will pitch in!
  • To be honest, I would like a better desktop first, then a little laptop or decent tablet would do. Those Surfaces are not cheap.
  • Look! Had to share!
  • That rumor about the Xbox was put to rest today in the news from the president of ms
  • I always liked his keynotes, not as much as Belfiore but he is pretty good.
  • We want the disruptive Windows Phone. The game changer. The eye-popper. The groundbreaking. Nothing less.
  • Ugh, Elop....
  • I hope he will apologize for all the harm he did and then say god bye as being the first of the 10% sacked employes.
  • Hopefully there would be a band or a watch. they are mobile as well, aren't they? Especially Elop is stands for M$FT right now.
  • I see that they would announce new windows phones. I mean come on when would they do it? It's starting to get late and I am in need of a upgrade from the 920
  • Boo hiss!