Nokia's MWC keynote in two minutes: Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft

Microsoft is soon to seal the deal and acquire Nokia's hardware division, which will include Lumia, Asha and X family of mobile devices. During today's keynote, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop focused fairly heavily on Microsoft and its services. Skype, OneDrive, Outlook, Skype, OneDrive – you get the idea. But just how many times did Elop and co. talk about Microsoft during the presentation?

Fabian Pimminger got in touch with us to share a video montage he put together from the keynote footage, clipping together all the instances where Elop spoke about Microsoft and/or its services. We counted 39 mentions in the above video.

Do you believe Nokia is heavily focused on attracting consumers away from Google through its X family of hardware? We'll let you be the judge (trick question). Let's see how the plan unfolds.

Source: YouTube

Rich Edmonds
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  • Of course they're focused on stealing. That's exactly what I want them to do. Though I wouldn't call it stealing, I'd call it, "giving new smartphone buyers a nicer alternative". The less Android in this world the better imo, even if it will take a few years for the X project to bring in some returns on investment.
  • True, changed it to "attracting" :-)
  • You know what's popular in developing markets? Hacking. The moment they have this phone they'll hack it and use scroogled services on it instead of Microsofts. I'm a big Microsoft supporter, but this was just a bad move, no matter how they try to explain it. Just look at the stock market today, Nokia and Scroogle way up and Microsoft is way down. Sometimes my beloved Microsoft is it's own worst enemy!
  • they like to hack things but I think this wont be the case because its features. I hardly think that anyone will be interested in hacking this low range smartphone and if someone does, I think there will be a few interested in install full android.
  • Well. Not all of them were tech-savvy, let alone hacking-literate. Here in my country, majority of smartphone users are youngsters (teenagers and up to 25ish yo) and selfies (which active heavily on social media) and professional (which mainly use their smartphone for business). Both groups never bother to tamper their smartphone with rooting and/or hacking. Only tech geek have intention to root their devices.
  • Why would anyone buy Nokia X and then put Google Apps on it? there's no point for doing that.. And I don't think there will be roots available for a while, but ofcourse someone will do it and then there will be Cyanogenmods and stuff.
  • Im no economics expert, but my basic knowledge of the stock market tells me otherwise.  Comparing the stock prices, and number of shares available, MS is not that far off from what Google and Apple's stocks have done.  There are simply way more shares of MS out there than the other (2).  For the MS stock price to move significantly, it needs a lot more shares to be moving. MS - 8.3 Billion Shares = $37.80/share Apple - 892.45 Million Shares = $528.37/share (divided by 9.3 = 56.81) Google - 336.05 Million Shares = $1214.71 / share (divided by 25 = 48.59)   MS has more 9.3x's the amount of shares that Apple has, and almost 25x's the amount of shares as Google.  If we divide their share prices by those numbers, they are a bit more comparable.  Google and Apple's share prices are more, but lets think about the impendign growth of MS's mobile platform - Windows Phone and WIndows 8 are going to be huge - they are seeing steady growth, and imho, by next year, MS will see a huge jump in market share.
  • I've never noticed that when looking at those stock prices. Thanks for pointing that out.
  • really? you think that first time smartphone buyers have a clue about hacking?.... not a chance. tech savvy individuals don't buy crappy entry level phones dude, at least not the great majority of them.
  • The tech savy people will always go high end. Its simple sub conscious drive to stay relevant and ahead of the "game" , by going high end - they stay relevant as "the go to" person for tech in their social circle.
  • What is popular is the brand.People don't care about the name of the OS.They will buy the name such Nokia,Samsung. It's the '' brand stupid''. Nokia strenghts: brand name and price! geeks focus too much on the OS and the underlying services. Android is popular because of the name SAMSUNG.    
  • Nokias streths are the toughness and camera. Next step audio and multi-lines, clouds! Probably no adobe flash player.
  • W00t. Bring it!
  • Bing it.
  • +1020
  • Yeah! I want there to be no more android phones manufactured anymore.... Thumbs up Nokia and Microsoft..
  • That also means no more free profit for MS from Android.
  • LOL!
  • Haha. I have to agree, with whoever said it before, that they're trying to push people to WP through the Android name. Because some people are stupid, and they fall for the same time though, this is a sh*ty device.
  • How is it sh*ty?
  • The fact that it's an android makes it shity, even more shity than a pure android cause it won't have google apps while the nexus still runs Microsoft apps.
  • True, it's not like right now people can't get Microsoft services on other platforms!
  • Install four Microsoft apps and people will #switch. Does anybody really buy that story? It's them admitting they needed something new. Windows phone wasn't cutting it. Nothing wrong with doing both from the beginning.
  • But they are magical Microsoft apps, why wouldn't they switch? /s
  • It's no question that low end windows phones perform better than low end android phones.
  • Oh, yeah, lets completely ignore the completely different UI/UX and the fact that there's absolutely no Google services on it :p
  • Install a launcher and the tile based UI is gone. Once you do this, you really will have a shitty Android phone
  • But this team is about to be part of Microsoft. Clearly, this is not in any way a recognition of failure of Windows Phone by Nokia. That's not to say that there may not be people at Nokia who feel that way, just that even if they did, they wouldn't launch a plan to move to Android based on that belief when they're already in the process of getting ready to be MS employees. This is either a smart move to get Android customers to switch to Windows or a stupid one, but that's definitely its only purpose.
  • We both know this will not want to make people switch to windows phone. If it was that easy by just installing Microsoft apps, millions more would have #switched already. Nice spin by Nokia though, but it ain't fooling anybody.
  • I think it's very smart that they are doing both WP8 and Android.  Even though I don't like using Android, it will allow them to get new customers and make more money.
  • Damn, this headline had me thinking there was another Nokia announcment starting in 2 minutes. 
  • haha I did the same :)
  • Well their company is basically Microsoft now, lets keep tally from this point forward how many times they refer to microsoft! On the other half of the paper someone keep track how many times Google says "Android" and at the end of the year we can compare the numbers. It wont tell us anything, but at least we can have a few more articles on wpcentral.
  • Touché! You win:)
  • I think the idea is to get people invested in the MS ecosystem. Sure, the apps are still available on Google Android devices, but the idea isn't to trap them with MS services, but to keep them from being trapped by investing too much into Google services. If they're using Google Drive for all of their cloud files, then when they upgrade they are already influenced to not choose WP, even if they like a lot of things about it. They have all their stuff already using Google services and it becomes more work to switch. But if all of their cloud files are in OneDrive, they can freely choose which phone to upgrade to. And by the time most of these consumers upgrade, there will likely be good app parity.
  • I still think this is a royally dumb idea but at the same time....I do actually love with they did with their fork :P IF i wasn't into Windows Phone and Nokia ever screwed up and did a High end one of these craps, I could see myself using it...If i was dumb enough :P Still think this idea is stupid and the people hyping it up aren't really looking at the full picture but ehhh :D (Adding Android Elements to Blackberry phones sure did help Blackberry didn't it...lmao)
  • Microsoft.
  • When I read the title, I imagined Ballmer's developers developers, developers, but with Elop
  • They need to go advertise advertise advertise
  • +++
  • (WARNING: this comment doesn't attack Microsoft but I can't say the same about Eflop. And by writing Eflop you should know what's coming. So I'm giving you the chance to skip to the next comment right now. Spare me your useless Eflop-defending replies as I'm giving you the chance to be spared too.) ________________ Thanks for these 1:42 that made recall why I loathed todays press conference. Then again, I almost vomited the moment Eflop showed up so from there on...But thanks for showing just the ultimate proof that Trojan Eflop always worked with Microsoft's interests in mind instead of Nokia's. "Do you believe Nokia is heavily focused on attracting consumers away from Google through its X family of hardware?" No. Nokia isn't. Eflop and his minions are. I don't blame Microsoft itself for wanting to promote their products. That's not what disgusts me. Microsoft is just doing its job and finding ways to promote and advance their offerings. I'm fine with that, I support that they try and bring their services to as many devices and platforms as possible as I use quite a few of those services myself. But this disgusting fat Eflop pig should remind himself that he's still Nokia's employee. He should remind himself that, regardless of the impensing sale of the D&S division to Microsoft, he's supposed to act only on behalf of Nokia and to promote Nokia's services and devices. Not Microsoft's. But him, being the trojan pig he always was, did nothing of a kind. I wonder if he's not related to Justin Bieber...
  • That was actually surprisingly tame compared to your other Eflop comments ;p
  • I agree with you on how he should promote Nokia first and Microsoft second. I just don't think I'd call him a "disgusting fat Eflop pig".
  • I agree. That's not fair to the pigs.
  • Timo...?
  • And to be exact, Eflop is not the CEO, anymore, but as you said Nokia's employee... (He is the "Executive Vice President, Devices & Services")
  • Which is why I think the focus on Microsoft apps was a terrible idea and instead the focus should have been on Nokia's apps.
  • Mooooreee Microsoft! :)
  • I don't know what to think about Nokia X, I have mixed feelings about it.
  • The point is: the services provided for microsoft it's better in Androind than Windowsphone. To conclude the Skype for Nokia X will be better than Skype for any lumia moreover Whatsapp and the others apps.  
  • Sad
  • Basically heading to where MSFT phones run all Android Apps and when those apps call on services such as Maps they pull from MSFT rather than Google. Good. I have a Nexus 7 and a Surface 2 and I'd take Win 8 over Adroid any day. I hate the Android UI/UX
  • If Nokia wanted to upgrade their feature-phone offerings to something inbetween a regular phone and smartphone (for those developing markets) then why not ship with a stripped version of Windows Phone 7/8? I understand the need to offer incredibly cheap devices to capture those developing markets and guide them towards WP. But if they need to nerve a smartphone OS then can't they nerve WP enough to make it run on the cheapest hardware as well?
  • 7.8 is dead in the water, windows ce is extremely old. Heck even the sega dreamcast ran on windows ce. There is no upgrade path for windows ce hence why MS killed it. Albeit abit late they should have started with the NT Kernal on the first place.
  • If Microsoft wants to gain more support than make the OneDrive free automatic storage more than Google's 15GB on Google Drive, with the option of an aditional 3GB for auto photo uploads, and extra storage for referrals!  
  • Who is this Microsoft he speaks of?
  • Id rather have a ramp up to lumia like this than have a dual boot OS phone
  • The biggest news is that Nokia is now actively developing their apps for Android. Like Here Drive is preinstalled on the X line. As the Here services are not part of the MS deal (MS only got a non exclusive license) it'll be interesting to see what's coming next from Nokia for Android.
  • Actually, I think, in this case, it was really about shoving a big ol' finger in Microsoft's face as a parting gesture.  There is no sensible person who would believe Nokia would have had a chance at stealing consumers away from Google's ecosystem with a "poor man's Android".  Elop may have been shouting "Microsoft! Microsoft! Microsoft!", but out of the side of his mouth it was "Android, Android, Android".  If people actually look to buy an Android device, they are going to want the full meal deal, not an also-ran.
  • On the flip side, this is perfect for those who don't want google services but want an android device.
  • I am not surprised as they are near finalising a deal with microsoft to purchase there phone devision.
  • Did Nokia just troll the GS5 event?
  • lol this video made my smile, and i feel so good in this google-hating community ^^ its nice to find more people that agree with my view
  • Almost vomited? Fat Pig? Justin Bieber? Trojan Elop?  Sounds almost like some chick rant from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Elop promised to call but didn't. I mean I never seen a guy take a mobile business to this level of sensitivity before.
  • I still don't get this. Why not make a cheaper windows phone? Licence cost? MS can make it cheaper for budget phones like they just did on tablets. Then all phone makers can offer budget win phones. Why feed the android band wagon
  • If X works, there will soon be more X phones than WPs. If it doesn't, a lot of WPs momentum has been sacrificed for nothing but a wet dream. Regardless how you look at this, WP will lose out.
  • Am I the only one who felt slightly uncomfortable watching this video?
  • lolwut, "unpopular Microsoft services" xD
  • Microsoft, Microsoft and Microsoft Services. ♪♫
  • LOL oh my...
  • hahaha that is gold! I wonder if the whole point of making the Android phone was knowing that it would gain huge media attention only to hype up microsoft. it certainly seems like Nokia is using Android to get customers to Microsoft away from Google and kicking them where it hurts in the process.
  • What I just learned from that video is that Microsoft has a lot of tremendously popular services... Btw, could anyone figure whether is uses Google or Microsoft services?
  • This is an amazing move, I like what Nokia did, Using Android in a way that makes you depend on Microsoft Services. Using a copetitor and blocking all the services they offer is clever, have to take my hat off. Everyone who is NEW to the wolrd of touch will need those services when they move on so its good to capture those early users.  I might actually get a few handsets as I have people I know who would require the dual sim phones....wahoo !
  • People are looking at this all wrong, even Microsoft. It isn't Microsoft apps that will make people switch, it's Nokia AND Microsoft apps. Between the two companies they have literally everything covered that Google does and the big difference is that, as far as I'm aware, Nokia apps are not available currently on Android. They need to cram the things full of all those quality camera apps (maybe not Panorama, Nokia Panorama is balls), Storyteller, Here Maps/Drive/City Lens, QR/NFC readers/writers, and video editors to really seal the deal because while the Microsoft stuff is universal, Nokia isn't. I have 14 Nokia apps on my phone, and I'm pretty sure I haven't installed all of them, that's a lot of exclusivity.