Microsoft is soon to seal the deal and acquire Nokia's hardware division, which will include Lumia, Asha and X family of mobile devices. During today's keynote, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop focused fairly heavily on Microsoft and its services. Skype, OneDrive, Outlook, Skype, OneDrive – you get the idea. But just how many times did Elop and co. talk about Microsoft during the presentation?

Fabian Pimminger got in touch with us to share a video montage he put together from the keynote footage, clipping together all the instances where Elop spoke about Microsoft and/or its services. We counted 39 mentions in the above video.

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Do you believe Nokia is heavily focused on attracting consumers away from Google through its X family of hardware? We'll let you be the judge (trick question). Let's see how the plan unfolds.

Source: YouTube