Live from Nokia at Mobile World Congress! [2:30 a.m. EST Monday, Feb. 24]

In less than eight hours, Nokia is expected to take the stage here at Mobile World Congress. On tap? A rumored Android phone, dubbed Nokia X, and one or two other Asha series devices in tow. 

Will there be any announcements for Windows Phone? We think there may be some apps here and there and perhaps an accessory. Regardless, it should be a fun day to see what happens. We'll also be sitting down with Nokia for some one-on-one Q&A, so stayed tuned later for that, post-announcement.

For now, bookmark this page and come back in a few hours to see it all unfold. 

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I'm mostly interested in the upcoming apps, especially Facebook Messenger being revealed out of the blue like that, did not see it coming. Maybe, just maaaaaaaybe, we'll see Flipboard live in a few hours. Fingers crossed, yo. 
  • This will kill Windows Phone. Every Nokia Fan boy will leave WP when this phone gets the Google approve Android. This does not look good. It is more like Google moving in for the kill. This explains why MSFT had to buy Nokia. Plain and simple Android wins over Windows and Google wins the Nokia fan based. That's killing to birds with (1) stone. Not good.
  • Dramatic much? This will not kill WP...
  • If MSFT loose Nokia a 90% OEM they are back to square one. They had to buy. This Nokia Android thing put MSFT back against the wall. And if this phone gets an offer from Google to fork Google Android Nokia fans would leave MSFT on a heart beat. How would MSFT survive. Tell me?
  • Two years ago, I would have agreed with you. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • There won't be any offer from Google since the Microsoft-Nokia deal will be going through soon. Ii don't think Microsoft has to worry about "survival", I don't even know why you're evening using that word, Microsoft is doing just fine. They can do much better, however, but for now they're doing fine. 
  • How could Nokia survive is the better question.
    Microsoft has the funds to throw billions at WP for years to come, it would survive.
    Nokia running Android however could go either way. They could be a moderate success, or they could be struggling to compete HTC. I suspect the latter.
  • There's another way of looking at the acquisition. Nokia makes 90% of all WP devices. Microsoft had to get more hardware partners into making WP devices but those OEMs had to take on nokia which is on a roll with killer hardware and a bucket load of apps. Hence MS bought nokia to put a cap on this so others can begin.
  • Where are you guys coming up with this stuff? Android is not better than Windows Phone. WP users choose to stay with it in spite of its current shortcomings because they know it will be better and is good enough for now. Just because Nokia put "forked" Android (I'm not sure you are clear on what that means exactly) on a low end device does not mean WP users will flock to it. That's like saying "Oh no! BMW is doomed because Toyota came out with Scion!" WP will be fine, this X device will meet the needs of the low end market and that's that. Windows phone looks even more attractive because of it actually.
  • +1
  • Why would Nokia use Google Android? The very reason they forked AOSP was so they can offer their services as default, something they can't do on Google's version.
  • +1 Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Leave MS? Did you take your pills today? Only MS can make me leave her, which I don't think is possible anytime soon... Considering that scenario is so much easier leave Nokia.
  • Google does not have to offer to allow a OEM to fork android. Android the operating system is free, and Nokia can do whatever they like with it. The part that costs money is when OEMs license the google apps (including the play store) from Google. This is the reason that Google's version of android (the one you see on samsung, htc, motorola phones) can no longer be considered free or open source, because google is putting all the new features for each update into those core google apps (which have to be licenced) rather than into the android OS itself.   When Nokia reveals their android handset it will be android without any of the google apps. Nokia does not need any deal or permission from google for this. It is similar to what amazon has done with kindle fire, which has its own store and its own set of apps.
  • Boom. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • F no I won't. I'm not putting that BS android on my phone. Not now, not neva.  Like Jack Neill said, dramatize much?  Why would a "fan" of MS not just go be with google if that is what they wanted anyway?  People are free to do what they want and they are here, because they believe in this platform, this ecosystem. We all know where google is are all are free to go be there if it is what we wanted.  Don't want that advertising companies OS. Period.
  • This CAN kill WP easily since most people who want to buy a Lumia(since it's Nokia) even if they don't like WP  will have no reason to get WP.They can have a Nokia Android(their dream phone).
  • Thank you for adding an irrelevant reply to my comment. Also, yeah you're jumping the gun way too soon, and for all the wrong reasons. One little low end Android phone isn't thowing Windows Phone off its path in any way. 
  • +9000 Why anyone would think a low-end Android device is the death of Windows Phone is beyond me. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
    Every Nokia Fan boy will leave WP when this phone gets the Google approve Android.
    This phone will never get Google Mobile Services officially. The amount of Windows Phone users who would jump ship to this low end device once a custom ROM or similar is released will be completely neglible. You're out of your mind.
  • ^^THIS!!!
  • I'm not going anywhere. Especially for Android.
  • *sigh*
    The Nokia X is hardly a smartphone.
    Anyone going from WP8 to the Nokia X will be downgrading. Pure & simple.
  • I have to agree with this. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • ^^This! I believe this phone may be an attempt to get the asha series a standard os too. Currently the asha users are mostly left in the wild searching for decent apps.
  • You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Microsoft is doing just fine. They may be in third but they dont have to worry about anything. And this android device nokia scrambled together before the deal goes through with Microsoft isn't going to be anything exciting.
  • Agreed. I said this before and I'll say it again, for EVERY major advance this operating system makes, i.e. Windows 8.1, the more BS you are going to see published from all the likely sources.  They will be read by trolls that live on low hanging fruit and eventually end up here looking to make a name for themselves. Watch for more BS stories, whack rationale and Jedi mind tricks to come out as the release date gets closer and more leaks drop.
  • Not everyone, many like me switched because of Nokia, and will stay because of the upcoming goodies of WP8.1
  • Do you happen to be DJCBS's offspring?
  • Lol❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆
  • Classic.
  • Smh, that dude is so infamous his name has become a meme around here. Hilarious.
  • Yup, cause im going to throw away my Lumia to buy some forked up android bs that will not even be coming to the US, at all.
  • Is this the reason I'm leaving WP OS behind and choosing sweet sweet Android..??
  • Um no.
  • No. I don't think so.
    But if it's happened - so what?
  • No, I'm a Nokia fan boy and I love WP more than Android. Android just sucks. A lot of people love WP more than Android.
  • Maybe with that that wp8.1 will be able to run on existing android hardware, we may see nokia updating its normandy phone to wp8.1 in the future. :P
  • Lol❕... Good point.. That's funny..
  • If Windows Phone 8.1 will be able to run on the same hardware as Android... in theory, would it be possible to buy an Android phone... and install Windows Phone 8.1 on it (and remove the Android altogether)?
  • I think you'd be spending more time (maybe money) that way. Just buy the Windroid phone (WP OS on Android hardware) and settle with that. Buying an Android phone and uninstalling it to just reinstall WP OS is pretty pointless, unless there's not a Windows Phone version of the handset. 
  • Even then, you'll find it hard to run Windows on it. The OEM still needs to write the drivers and the HAL for the device to run on Windows, and if they haven't done it for that specific combination of hardware it will be difficult to get it running. In the future, yes this is what I'd like to see. Smartphones where you can install Windows, or Android, or Ubuntu or Firefox OS if you prefer. Take the pick of your hardware and OS, all power to the consumer. It will come eventually, I think -- Microsoft's recent OEM drive is evidence of that -- but not yet.
  • We might get the imagin8 app that nokia was teasing a couple of days back too.
  • Flipboard just tweeted me that they're not making it soon, but it's part of their roadmap.
  • +920 to Flipboard!!
  • What was that new #imagin8 they teased on vine?
  • I don't think an android phone is a good idea.
  • It is forked, and meant to replace Asha, so I like the idea.
  • What does it mean when its forked?
  • It means they're using android to make their own OS
  • e.g. Amazon has a forked version of android on Kindle.
  • "forked Android" means "pure Android". Android itself is an open source operating system. It is available to anyone who wishes to use it through the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Yes it was created and is maintained by Google. But AOSP allows anyone to use it. Even you. You, yourself, can go to AOSP and create your own version of Android. However, with the years, Android had been "split" into two. You have that pure Android, and then you have "Google-Android". Google Android is basically the Android everyone knows and loves (or hates), it's the Android in Sony's, Samsung's, HTC's, Huawei's etc etc phones, with all the Google services in it and a couple of strict requirements both in terms of phone specs but also of layout of the Google services. For an OEM to release a "Google Android" phone, they have to put Google's services in it and have that version of the OS approved by the folks at Mountain View. Google is also taking from Android a lot of their things that were natively in the AOSP version and making them into apps for easier update without the need for an OS update (the same Microsoft is doing with Xbox Video and Music).   Because "Google-Android" is what's mostly used, people started to call things based on the AOSP "forked Android", because despite it being the same base in terms of the OS, it doesn't contain any of the Google stuff (Google Play, Hangouts, Gmail, Google Search, Google+, YouTube, etc etc etc). So far there's only one "forked" Android in the market and that's Amazon's "Kindle". Kindle is basically Android but all the Google services were replaced with Amazons. Nokia X is the same but the Google stuff has been replaced with Nokia and Microsoft stuff.
  • "google android" is really only found on nexus devices. Its basically buried under the skinned versions on any other device.
  • Well, yeah. But "Google-Android" was used to mean Android versions that follow Google's directives. Because even though OEM's can skin their Android UIs, Google has specific lines as to where exactly must things like the Google Search bar be placed. Hence "Google-Android". Then sure, there's the Nexus program.
  • The Nexus devices have Google Android with Google's skin for Google Android. The other devices use Google Android with custom skins. Everything else in the OS is the same. The differences between AOSP and Google Android are deeper in the OS - they use some different APIs because many (most? all?) of the Google ones are proprietary. Google services (Maps, Play Store, etc) are also proprietary and are not included with AOSP because AOSP is free and fully open-sourced, whereas Google Android is not.
  • DJCBS, I've really been enjoying your posts lately. Much appreciating the decrease in blind Microsoft hatred and the increase in intelligent, useful thoughts and information. Just wanted to let you know the positive attitude is much appreciated!
  • It's nice to see posts like this. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Or another example for you former users out there - CyanogenMod is an example of a 'forked' Android.  He had to remove the Google parts from his versions in order to comply with AOSP rules.  
  • But, why would MS, and Nokia simply not just use a striped down version of WP to do this❔.. I want to know what, and why, the Normandy even exist..
  • Well, Nokia's jump to Android (even if they were not to abandon WP) would have happened if Microsoft hadn't preventively attacked to snatch the D&S division from Nokia. Nokia's medling with Android predated that so it's not surprising. Also, since the deal isn't closed, Nokia can't just cancel plans to please Microsoft. and then there's nothing telling us Microsoft actually opposes this. As for why is this still happening, well, I have a theory: the S30 and S40 series (powering dumbphones and the Asha line) will stop having apps in it once Nokia's gone. And Microsoft most certainly will not be bothered to provide them. What's the best cheapest long term solution for Microsoft then? Android apps. With this forked Android platform, Microsoft will start gaining access to Android apps that aren't tied to Google. If, indeed, they also plan on allowing Android apps on Windows Phone, then the platform started by the Nokia X would be providing them with those non-Google-tied Android apps. Android developers would therefore be providing apps that would work both on feature phones as well as Windows Phone while coding only once. They would get two revenues and Microsoft would get more apps quicker.
  • All that sounds pretty reasonable.. That makes a lot of sense.... Sounds like everyone would benefit from this..
  • LOL
    You sound like a jilted lover.
    Why have you not left yet?
  • Like the kindle. When it is forked, it is not certified by google and can not use any google apps or services ( like the play store or maps ).
  • Well, I hope so. I'm not very good at business thinking, but still I think going all WP would have made more sense.
  • But it seems far better than the lower end Ashas. If the idea is that Windows Phone won't work on the very low end, why release this device which looks almost Windows Phone compatible in terms of specs? This device just looks useless, it's yet another platform to deal with but doesn't do anything better than Android+GMS or Windows Phone (fewer apps, worse user experience). Any Android third party apps they do get on there will look stupid next to the faux-Metro interface, and building up an ecosystem there is a stupid side project that gets them nowhere in every other endeavour. Hoping this flops hard, because it's completely boneheaded.
  • But to Nokiasoft, it solves a problem. Development. By allowing Android apps to sideload, it avoids the current problem WP has. The problem is that the vast majority of growth is in Europe and Asia, but the vast majority of developers are located in the US. So they are hesistant to develop for WP because they don't see the marketshare in their home town. This is the opposite side of the same coin when talking about how poor Bing and such is overseas. By sideloading APKs, Nokiasoft avoids this problem.  The phone will sell like hotcakes in Asia and South America, because now people can SHOW WP's style, but have the Android apps that they want.  The only thing better that they could do is dual-sim the phone.
  • It solves absolutely no problem. It would only impede the growth of Windows Phone's app ecosystem while completely failing to contribute to anything else that Microsoft is doing. What is the point of selling a bunch of Google-incompatible Android handsets with apps that are incompatible with Windows Phone, Windows and Xbox? And no, adding Android app emulation to those platforms is not a solution. If that happens, Microsoft may as well close shop. This phone will launch with an ecosystem a million times worse than Windows Phone. Why would it sell like hotcakes? I find it intellectually insulting that Nokia would release this device and that Microsoft agreed to put its services on it.
  • It's not an android phone. It is a phone with an OS based on Android. It has none of the features that would make it an 'Android phone' as people know them (No google services, no playstore). People thinking they will be able to get all those android apps on a Nokia Phone now please think again.. That is not what this phone is about. It is meant to replace the Asha phones as the S40 OS those run on has no more room to grow really and Windows Phone (for now) can't scale down far enough (yet) to fill the gap.
  • Just because it is forked doesn't make it any less of an android phone. Kindle fire is still an android tablet regardless of what kindle has done do it.
  • I agree!
  • People can get android apps the same way they get them on the Kindle,with a 3rd party store that accepts android apk files. They just have to be stripped of any google connections and they can load almost any app thats available to android users. On top of that theres the fact that beyond the interface (which is basically a WP like skin) people will be using android styled apps, no Metro UI or panoramas anywhere to be found. So the most likely association they are likely to make is to android when they think of moving to another device and since all Microsoft's serives are available on android WP will be a distant thought to them. This is an android phone, through and through and has nothing to do with nor will benefit Windows Phone in any way.
  • I share your views. I think this is a very bad move.
  • People forget that we are some kind of "experts" on the matter. 80% of people I know with Android doesn't even know what an apk is.. So if somebody buys a Nokia with a forked Android version, Nokia and Microsoft doesn't care about a few guys who can change the OS into installing google-android apps.
  • It doesn't make sense to me, from Asha to forked Android? So what's the point of wp8.1? What's the point of getting WP to its lowest price point. What's the point of wp moving to developing countries? Its like nokia/ms competing with themselves. Its like why get a forked up Android when one can buy a wp "smartphone" with all the bells and whistles at the same price. Some see this as good move, I see it as Nokia slapping their own face.
  • I agree!
  • How doesn't it make sense? Asha platform is quite limited, and Nokia obviously wanted to break free from its limitations and replace it with a better OS. Good luck trying to do it with WP, because then they have to pay for licences and all as well. In my opinion, this is a very sensible move for Nokia if it were seen operating still as an independent company.
  • Good point with the license fee. Guess MS is an ass making OEMs pay for an OS no one wants. So its a good thing and Nokia doesn't have to make cheap WP anymore just avoid licensing fees.
  • Yeah, I just think, with this move Nokia can plumb a bit deeper down with the price point.
  • But Nokia will not pay any license fees since it will become integrated with Microsoft... License fees can't be the excuse.
  • As long as the deal is not complete, they are separate & independent companies, they can do as they like. Joe Belfiore said as much yesterday at MWC.
  • A new 5" screen international Lumia is a better idea
  • I second that very much.
  • if they use Lumia 925's design and make it 5 inch and high end spec, it would be a good seller
  • My dream is a 1020 with a 5 inch 1080p screen and an S800/805 chip. The new chips aren't just faster, but are MUCH better in image processing, which will help the 41MP camera. I also want all the new goodies that 2014 hardware has.
  • Couldn't agree more, I want an international Icon-like device (with even higher specs and a better looking design) to be the successor of my 920... Maybe a 930 or 940 :D
  • Do you when the x40 series would come? With Windows Phone 9, and that too, if the MS-Nokia deal falls through and if Nokia retains this naming convention. For the life of me, I don't know how you even come up with such a dream.
  • Geez I don't know how Nokia is going to name the successor of the 920, its not like I am making up a hoax about a new device and trying to make it go viral. I just said I will upgrade from the 920 to a successor of the same hierarchical level, whatever it will be called. Chill out.
  • Monday morning blues, wrote this on the way to work. Grumpy much, my apologies. :)
  • No problem, apologies accepted. :)
  • With a sd card
  • Yes. The 1520 exactly as it is, exact everything, just in 5 inches. And I'm not talking about the Icon. Is that too much to ask? :-/
  • I don't think Nokia should approach Android with a low end phone since they're literally thousands like it, making this an almost failed project..just like it did with N9
  • N9 would've been really successful had they promoted it well and not killed it right after launch, but that's a different story. Here in India ppl love Nokia for their hardware and android. So, it might just work out well for them, if they get android with hardware they know will be robust and reliable.
  • Nokia is also very loved in the Middel East, the Symbian Belle devices still are common there. What I'm saying is, Nokia should kinda keep their focus on WP8 and Asha before they try a newer OS
    With the N9, they were trying three different OSs at once making N9's MeeGo take the bite and die.
  • Microsoft said that "Android OEMs" can load windows phone os on existing devices. So why not and convert these phones.
    Daniel, you should be sleeping right now!
  • Its 7pm were I live.
  • I'd LOVE to see a 6" or bigger Lumia, with a 41MP camera, 1080p display, crazy fast processor, AND a stylus. I would totally buy that windows phone at any cost! Would fit my OneNote use.
  • New advanced 41mp Lumia will make me buy it now
  • I'm still confused to why wpcentral is hyping this up but should be interesting...though this phone seems to be pointless.
  • Wpcentral most likely knows something we don't. That's usually the case.
  • Hmmmm. Wouldn't say they are hyping it. Just reporting on news that is interesting to us readers. The Windows Phone-like interface is reason enough.
  • Considering that this phone has nothing to do with windows phone at all and the constant articles, I suppose I am just surprised it is getting as much coverage as it is lol I would expect this more from android central seeing as ac doesn't cover Samsung or HTC windows phone releases lol but like cellus13 said perhaps they know something we don't :)
  • Well, Windows Phone Central has become trully "Microsoft Central" for some time. And since Nokia X will run Microsoft services, I think it is normal that WPC also reports on it. Though they'll probably focus on Microsoft stuff on the Nokia X, Android Central will be the one covering the OS part of it since it's Android.
  • Even though I'm not excited about Nokia X, Nokia is the only one who kept Windows phone kicking. So whatever Nokia wants to do I'll support. Best wishes to them.
  • Yup.
  • google recently updated their policy regarding Android is, which requires OEMs to add all google services to the OS. this is the opposite. not sure if I'm right
  • That policy has been around for years and it's the requirement for producing a Google-approved Android, meaning an Android that has access to the Google Play Store and all the Google apps and services. If you don't add that stuff, you don't need "Google's approval". You're using Android based on the AOSP. You are, of couse, limited by the simplicity of the Android version in AOSP and it will require you to fill in all the missing services and extras, but that's the price to pay if you don't want to be in the hands of Google.
  • Not supportive about this BUT a business is a business and if this move makes Nokia money I can't blame them really.
  • I'm tired of hearing about Nokias forked Android plan B phone. Microsoft should release their plan B surface phone to counter all this news coverage of Nokias Android device.
  • This
  • A company's got to do what it's got to do, if it thinks it can rake in some money, which ain't happening at Nokia right now, because of relying on WP and Asha. Glad you are not in charge of phone companies.
  • Yeah and since the Lumia line(which own several of) isn't raking in doe for Microsoft either, a company's got do what its gotta do
  • Look, MSFT has the largest stake in WP, not their OEM partners, who are free to choose anything they like. Nobody's stopping MSFT from releasing a surface phone, much like the Nexus by Google. And that is the reason why they ate acquiring Nokia's hardware division, right? But until the deal is complete, anybody's free to do what they like. As far as MSFT not getting money for WP yet, that is MSFT's headache to boot, not their OEM's, and by the looks of it, MSFT are already working on it, as much became known yesterday at MWC.
  • I want new Apps :) !!!!!
  • Since this is a Nokia phone that runs Android, I wonder if DJCBS will buy it...
  • Hmmm -- since Microsoft 'virtually' own Nokia, and this is a Nokia phone that runs Android. I wonder if Jas00555 will buy it...
  • Lol!
  • I haven't seen any discussion of this. Everyone keeps saying that it's not 'real' android. That like the kindles, it'll be running a customized "forked android", but aren't the kindle devices pretty easily hacked to run android SDK? Wouldn't these devices be very likely to have the same thing done?
  • They can simply run cyanogen mod onto this device
  • Yup, you're 100% right... Android can be easily hacked.
  • Mabye Nokia is done with cheap plasic and sharp edges. Time to sit at the grown up table!-Samsung/ Android.
  • By making semi-smartphone with abilities comparable to the Kin?
  • Right... because Samsung doesn't make pos cheap plastic phones...
  • Samsung phones are some of the cheapest looking phones of all time, they are undeniably cheap looking plastic
  • Well at least cheap plastics!
  • Yes, I wish.
  • What are you talking about?
  • Yes?
  • judt pin the page :p
  • I hope you guys bring up the current Camera issues on Lumia phones (post processing, greenish yellow hues, etc.) during your interview, most of the customers complain but no one from Nokia's acknowledges it, I hope they do give an answer
  • With you on this.
  • You know right, that Nokia thinks they make the best cameras around. :P
  • Another way to think of this, Microsoft services on a non-google android phone. Microsoft are going to have become device/OS agnostic to compete, and this is a great way to achieve this. I have a L820 and would consider this phone as a standby device, or something for my other half. Why? Can still get all the benefits of nokia/microsoft with the added ability to support some advance low level functions that windown phone currently doesn't support e.g. BLE 4.0.  
  • What Lumia/Black doesnt have BLE 4.0? I thought Black brought BLE to Lumias...
  • It does.
  • WP Blue supports BTLE.
  • Wp8 doesn't support all the ble profile. So my pebble watch doesn't fully work. Just an example.
  • Still there is no revenue in cross-platform services for Microsoft. Apple makes all their money on devices, Google on ads, Microsoft on software licenes mainly for businesses.
  • Finally a Nokia Android! Was hoping for better specs though. How, just how could I buy that phone with such a spec...
  • Maybe you are interested in this ))
  • You mean Nokia XL, I was really excited but... but its not really high-end with a 5MP camera. At least to me. Lets hope its got a great internal specs.
  • I like pizza.
  • Can't wait to get the reports in. I've grown bored with the leaky type news.
  • Maybe it can be a joke or something, soon we will find out for sure.
  • We don't even know what it is yet, but it will stir a bunch of the usual negative spin articles, which will fade from memory within days. I doubt this is going to cause a shift to or from Windows Phone. 8.1's success is the real factor.
  • If the phone has 2 3G radio frequencies I will get one. It will fit very well in my E73 pouch!. May try the BB Z3, if it exists⁉
  • I can't wait to see the look of dissapointment on the faces of Android fans when they anounce it as an Asha phone LOL...
  • Nokia is going to f***** Microsoft
  • If many people purchase...then executives will see this as way to make money for there share holders in the short run....and they will keep producing it and then make higher grade phone hoping to follow the same path....and end up competing with Samsung....if someone decides to purchase this android Nokia phone over windows Nokia 501 then everything will change making. Windows phone a weeker platform over the years to come
  • This phone should only be a big deal to you if your looking for a low budget android phone with no google play Windows Phone users should keep living our lives like normal that being said as a techie im interested in Nokia's forked version of android in comparison to amazon's which is ok and Barnes &Nobles which I don't like
  • kill X Daniel :D , throw tomatoes as soon as they show it lol
  • I am with nokia and windows phone for wp8.1 preview program otherwise i am impressed with BB 10.2.
  • I guess Microsoft would also like to put it out there that even android manufacturers can make phones for wp. Now that they are trying to get a lot of android manufacturers making phones for wp, it only makes sense that their (soon to be) own phone division also does it. Plus they also had dual boot devices on their agenda, may be this is the first step.
  • Maybe they should build android tablets and chromebooks while they're at it, right? All this does is send the message that WP is a hedge bet and no one has confidence in it, nothing more.
  • When you want to convince android manufacturers that they can also make WP phones, what better way than make one yourself? I think it is a neat strategic move that will help a lot of android manufacturers and users make the switch to WP. This phone is themed to look and feel like a wp phone, and after 8.1, it may have the potential to become a full fledged windows phone. Like some one said earlier, users may be given the option to dip their feet in Windows Mobile few months down the line. Imagine an android user purchasing a dual boot phone, uses wp for a while, I bet the next phone he buys is WP!
  • This phone seems stupid, Nokia makes great hardware but my god they suck at making an OS. To be fair Nokia could have taken their hardware to android and made a killing. I remember when Microsoft announced windows phone 8, I had decided (based on specs) that the Samsung ativ was my phone of choice VS the 920. I picked the 920 because the 8x sucks and the Samsung never came to at&t. Long story short..not a I'm not as big of a fan of Nokia as I am of Microsoft unfortunately not everyone feels the same way.
  • No 1820 announcements? Me and my tired 920 are hanging for that device to be released!
  • I hope telegram is launched! Badly waiting for it
  • Hmmm even im waiting. It was told that its coming in Jan and now March is going to arrive in few days. Come on developers WP os growing and even u guys have to pace up with your apps on WP
  • Hoping Facebook pages manager comes to windows phone
  • Well, once MS has Nokia, they can deliver an optional update (wp8.1) to this phone. ;)
  • Android Nokia...
    Somehow just feels wrong...
  • Where to catch live telecast of MWC events?
  • We dont need a stupid OS to run on a legendary mobile manufacturer's set..!!!
  • but stupid people need a stupid OS
  • Somehow this Nokia Android line of phones become a bestsellers and then get converted to wp8.1.... Green ducks lol
  • You guys dont understand the tactics here.... X devices were nokia's plan B... Now they want to leave totally from plan B and want to go all in with wp... These extra craps thats why they want to sell.. I can say its 2nd hand hand set from nokia... Do u agree with me Dan??? :)
  • Yep, This is Elops way of flipping the bird to MS for not getting the CEO role. He said numbers of times - no way Android. Liar liar Steve. I had respect for Nokia... now it's leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
  • Fastlane is innovative! Suprised Apple didn't think of it.
  • WVGA in 2014? Sorry Nokia you just dropped the ball.
  • What are the specifications of the Nokia X series?  
  • This is crap post by wpc wow i want check on the video and i get the you need flash to play, you don't know that windows phone does not play flash crap, i pay for this app so you guys figure this crap out and make sure your content actually plays in wp8 or 7 devices.makes you guys look soo stupid or wait in the fool that paid!! This happens to often up in here
  • Lets go transparent and neon Nokia, not black!