Stephen Elop taking your questions live today, 9am EDT! (Update: Live!)

Microsoft has announced on the Conversations blog (since they appear to be removing "Nokia" branding from web properties) that Stephen Elop will be holding a questions and answers sessions today at 1PM GMT / 9AM EDT and 6:30 PM for those in India. In simpler terms, be prepared to join the new Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Devices Group in 45 minutes.

Those of you who have questions for Elop (covering the Microsoft deal, what happens next, etc.) will be able to pass them across for a response live during the event. We'll attempt to grab the code for the stream and publish it here so you all can get discussing while watching through. Be sure to check back at the stated times above.

The chat is now live, follow it below and join in the discussion in the comments!

Source: Conversations

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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