Nokia backs Elop and Windows Phone despite low stock levels

Windows Phone Central and Stephen Elop at Nokia World 2011

Just when you thought the situation couldn't get any better for Nokia, or CEO Stephen Elop, some positive news has come out the HQ with Risto Siilasmaa, Nokia's recently appointed chairman, reaffirming faith in the Windows Phone strategy. The chairman also backed Elop's performance thus far.

"For the first time in the history of technology, the Windows Phone 8 operating system makes it possible for users to have the same experience on a PC, tablet or smartphone, and for many people on their televisions via their gaming consoles, and to do the same thing almost seamlessly from one screen to the next."

The switch of focus from the dwindling Symbian to Microsoft's new vision of the smartphone has been continuously questioned, but with the brand development the manufacturer has carried out with the Lumia line of Windows Phones, the future is looking at least slightly more bright. Siilasmaa commented on Elop's performance:

"Extremely analytical, critical, open and transparent."

Many would agree. What do you make of the performance of Nokia's CEO with the transition to Windows Phone?

Source: MarketWatch

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • He hasn't saved the company yet, but I think he still stands a chance. Trying to change course now would truly sink them. I certainly hope he'll succeed. At this stage in the game, I think their only chance is to make this effort work. Time will tell, and Microsoft ought to be smart enough to know that their best (only currently viable?) chance with Windows Phone is a successful Nokia, supporting them as needed.
  • perfectly said.
  • agreed
  • What da hell, I couldn't have said it any better than this guy
  • I don't agree with you that the only hope for WP is Nokia. That was certainly the case with WP7.5, but WP8 will be a more mature product. As such, it will be easier for all OEMs to sell it.
  • What he said!
  • +1
  • +2
  • +3
  • +4
  • +5
  • +7 C-C-Combo Breaker!
  • Wp8 on a Lumia quadcore with pureview... This will save nokia:)
  • More important than the gimmicks, it needs to run like no other phone. But yes, 720p screen, Pureview, quadcore (at least), LTE... And WP8.
  • i agree with everything except quad core...
  • But not my wallet though
  • While I would absolutely love to see this phone, Nokia is currently bleeding low-end market share and that should really be their focus at the moment.
  • Its like a blood transfusion, you can't rush these things and expect turnarounds in months when most companies take a good couple of years to recover from near nosedives. If you pull up too quickly and too hard on a plummeting aircraft, you could very well likely tear the damned thing apart! =/
  • Who is that in the pic?
  • I believe it's Rich Edmonds with Elop. They used this pic a while back.
  • It is indeed, sir.
  • Since adopting the Windows Phone OS, i though he dropped the ball by not getting the Lumia out in 2011 before the holiday season.  I know they had just signed an agreement earlier in the year and didnt finalize in April and needed to to prep/qc the hardware/software, they still missed a great opportunity during the spending season.  The one they did come out with was just a lower end model. 
    Whoever thougth of the beta test commercials probably should be fired, hopefully it wasnt elop
  • have to give them some credit for pushing phone outs so quickly considering the normal development cycle, and ya i agree with u on that beta commercial, the moment i saw it i started to worry about what if the things they rushed out had issues... o well, do a different ad now and hopefully ppl will forget about it quickly
  • What held up the Lumia 900 was LTE compatibility. No carriers would have taken the 900 without LTE, but Microsoft didn't have it ready in time for the holidays. That's my understanding anyway.
  • I'm betting that MSFT takes over Nokia in a year or so, then releases it's own phone but under the Nokia brand. They already have an inside man there since Elop came from MSFT.
  • If Nokia will have a strong line-up of WP8 devices in October-November (and why wouldn't they?) - this will turn around their fortunes completely. I really hope they will release good 6-8 models in the fall.
  • This fall is going to be a big upswing for Microsoft and Nokia together. Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Surface, the Lumia lineup, X-Box and the refresh of the surrounding ecosystem will change their fortunes dramtically. The 3 screens idea is going to change things for consumers.
  • Well said.
  • But will the public really accept Metro, i believe that no matter how much we talk about it, Metro is the key. If the there is no success with such a great line-up as this fall....its not because hardware stinks or something Nokia made. Metro and the Windows brand combined might be the reason people leave the PC. I love Metro my self but looking at friends i can't see the excitement, not for WP7 nor W8.
  • Nokia will probably be the first one out with Window Phone 8.
  • It was a bold move to back Windows Phone. A move that hopefully pays off for Nokia and Microsoft. By going all in with Windows they have positioned themselves to be the go to phone. If Microsoft succeeds in becoming a strong player with Windows 8, then Nokia will already have a foot in the door. The GREAT customer support they have been providing is just icing on the cake. I can just imagine it, sitting at home on the xbox with my lumia windows 8 phone and my Surface. :)
  • Looking forward to my surface pro and Nokia WP8 in the fall, and a new Xbox next year(hopefully). :-D
  • They are clearly on the right path. All positives going forward. Besides if he ever has a concern over what to do next he just needs to look at RIM and be like, "ok don't do that and I am fine!"
  • I know it's fun to beat up on RIM, but the fact is that Blackberry still outsells WP. Those in glass houses shouldn't get stoned (or something like that).
  • There's no possibility of windows phone/8 failing. While almost 99% of the world is on PCs compared to Linux and mac, there's no chance for enough people to decide they are switching OS's if they decided they didn't like win8. ( just like windows was never abandoned after vistas release) Not only will the change be impossible but why would anybody want to stray away from such a cool looking, user friendly, and extremely capable OS! Therefore ... Soon enough people will notice that their full blown PC's OS's is on their cell along with all the applications they've been familiarized with for the past few decades. As long as Nokia keeps backing up WP and continues to manufacture lumia-like products, they have no chance for failure either.
  • Windows Vista was a superb product! **sarcasm FTW**
  • I don't understand all the hate behind Vista. I think most of problem revolved around trying to run Vista on old XP machines and the experience sucked. Put Vista on a modern machine and you had a good step forward. Sure the OS was a bit of a safety nag but that's not so terrible and was easily fixed. Of course this is all moot now because from what I have seen from Win8, people will soon be forgetting about those days.
  • I agree. Vista on new hardware was a huge leap from XP. People bash it just because it's popular to bash it.
  • Smart lil Nokia! :D
  • Yup! Poor lil OS... It was more like windows asta la vista! Lol
  • Show your faith in Nokia. Buy some stock. I'm loosing now, but I have faith...and my limits of ~1000+ shares. I'm a VERY small time investor looking for spend money. ;-)
  • It seems likely they'll be bought out when their share hits 2.00 a share. Although people said that about 3.00 a share, so they might actually not be worth buying out. I think they're pretty hosed, and the fact that they're no longer Microsoft's premier partner makes it clear that Microsoft is recognizing they're sunk. 
  • No, its not about the stocks price. Nokia still own NSN and that hinders most other companies to buyout Nokia. Because they don't want that highly deficit NSN part. Once Nokia got rid of NSN Nokia will be bought put pretty soon.
  • Yeah, their patent portfolio is pretty much the only part of Nokia still worth anything. NSN is worthless. The cellphone division is worthless. This is a dead company. 
  • I thought WP7 Mango was supposed to save Nokia. Now it's WP8... The Lumias sold really bad that's why they don't get an update to WP8 according to Sullivan. Why does everyone think that they will do better with WP8? A OS with 0% marketshare and all developers for WP7.x can't even port/enhance their existing apps without buying a new phone. And most of these devs that built the marketplace don't earn enough with their apps to just afford a new phone every six months.
  • Nokia has always said WP8 was their target. WP7 devices were a stop gap solution.
  • You thought wrong.
  • I've never bought a Nokia phone, but my next one will be a Nokia WP8 phone. I like the Lumia, written from HTC Titan :)
  • They have only sold all lumia models in major markets (china, India, USA) in this current quarter. How can anyone say the line is a failure? If they report sales under 4 million units for the April,May,June quarter I will be worried. I am guessing they will sell 5.5-6 million.
  • IDC vice president was already quoted yesterday that the sales numbers of the Lumias in North America were dissapointing and poor in Q2. Numbers will be posted in beginning of July. And that WITH a major advertisement campaign. Well it seems 300 million were totally wasted. And it was once again trash talk from Nokia's an AT&T with how great the Lumia sells in the US. Reminds me when they said that the Lumia is the best selling phone ever released in the UK for them and then later had to admit at a conference call that the UK sales were really disappointing....
  • I really hope that's not true. Either way. I think with windows phone 8 the launch will be on a much bigger scale and across most carriers. Windows phone 8 will succeed.
  • Like I said, cash is king. MSFT holds the cash and Nokia has none. NOK has legacy technology through patents, but it also has legacy overheads and overruns. It's still a good company as a whole. Would not surprise me if MSFT bids for Nokia. Buy MSFT and NOK now ;-)
  • they need make some better tv commercials. Nokia commercial sucked! They should make commercial showing what windows 7.5 or 8 can do. Yes Elop didn't save nokia. It is Microsoft who saved nokia. There Symbian is was just crap no one uses it.
  • Agree. Their advertising has been truly groan-worthy. And that whole bs spectacle in Times Square with N. Minaj was totally lame. Stop using so-called musicians to sell phones. That really isn't the way to go now.
  • This zacman must be wild in parties, dude registered to bash a product he doesn't own/like. Pathetic.
  • Weren't you one of those that told me that my information that WP8 won't run on Lumias and that current phones will only get a feature update called WP7.7 or WP7.8 were complete speculations and bullshit talk? Oh yea. Maybe you should join the parties I attend.
  • Spoke like a true ladies man.
  • Looking forward to Nokia world in September... After Nokia world we will know if Nokia will survive..
  • People keep saying "wait for...." and nothing has changed. Nokia is doomed.
  • Possibly the worst CEO we've ever seen ---> The Decline of Nokia Under Stephen Elop