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Are you a fan of the Alcantara fabric on Microsoft's Surface PCs and Type Covers?

The soft, suede-like fabric on Microsoft's Surface Pro Type Covers and the new Surface Laptop has become a staple of the brand. But it's also somewhat polarizing.

Got questions about your new Surface? The Windows Central community has answers.

The Windows Central forums are a perfect place to ask questions, troubleshoot problems, and share wisdom on Microsoft’s Surface hardware.

Microsoft's latest device lineup truly (and finally) rivals Apple's

Microsoft now has a lineup of devices that directly rivals Apple's offerings. So what's next for Surface and Xbox One?

Are you a fan of the Alcantara on Microsoft Surfaces and Type Covers?

Microsoft purposefully chose to use Italian-made Alcantara fabric on its Signature Type Cover for the Surface Pro and now on the new Surface Laptop, and it’s become a well-known feature of the Surface brand.

Best Microsoft Surface Pro Sleeves

Your Surface Pro is a slim, light device, and it's understandable that you'd want to keep it that way while also providing some protection. Sounds like you need a sleeve. To help you find the best option, we rounded up a range of them.

Will Microsoft ever be as 'cool' as Apple?

Will Microsoft ever be able to compete with Apple when it comes to 'cool factor?' This can be a controversial question.

How to prepare your old Surface device before selling it

If you can't wait to get your hands on a new Surface device, you might also be wondering just how to get rid of your old one. Use these tips to ensure your data is safe and to ensure you're getting the most money back.

Everything you need to know about Alcantara

Microsoft makes a number of high-profile products for its Surface lineup that feature “Alcantara” fabric, including the new Surface Laptop, which is expected to be released in June. But what exactly is Alcantara?

Which color will you choose for your Surface Laptop?

Will your new Surface Laptop be platinum, burgundy, cobalt blue, or graphite gold?

Grab a discounted Surface Pro 4 bundle in India on Tata CLiQ

As part of their inaugural offer, the online retailer is selling Surface Pro 4 at a discount than the official retail price on Amazon, the exclusive retail partner for Surface in India as yet.

Microsoft is looking to bring Surface to India

Speaking to The Times of India, Vineet Durani, Director - Windows Business Group at Microsoft India, shared that the company is looking at bring Surface devices to India, following feedback from its current and potential customers including CxOs.

Deal Alert: Microsoft Surface for $179 at eBay

Who still wants a first-gen Surface tablet? Apparently, many people still do. Heads up! The Microsoft Surface with 32 GB storage is available at eBay for $179 with free shipping. They are refurbished models, which still include 1-year limited hardware warranty. Interested in the tablet? Better act fast, because the seller has sold over 400 units already since this morning.

New Microsoft ads showcase user scenarios for Windows and Surface

Microsoft has put up new videos, which look like part of a new series, on their Windows and Surface YouTube channels. The ads illustrate user scenarios of using Surface 2 and Windows laptop.

Surface 5 in 1 Adapter Review: Plug more things into your Surface or Windows 8 tablet

Having recently acquired both the Surface Pro and RT tablets at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, I’m now fully prepared to bring you a variety of Surface accessory reviews. The first of these is the Microsoft Surface 5-in-1 Adapter from Juiced Systems. The 5-in-1 Adapter is designed for the Surface Pro and RT, though it could also be used with other Windows 8 tablets that have standard USB ports.

The Surface Pro and RT have only one such USB port, so you’ll need to use a USB hub or the extra USB port included on the Surface Pro’s power supply if you want to connect multiple USB devices to either tablet. Juiced’s 5-in-1 Adapter plugs into those tablets’ lonesome UBS port, giving them a second port and a lot more functionality to boot.

We’ve got an exclusive coupon for our readers and video review after the break!

Photo tour: We seek Surface discounts at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference

Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 (abbreviated as WPC, not to be confused with Windows Phone Central) is currently going on at the spacious George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX. The yearly event focuses on Microsoft’s IT and Enterprise business, allowing companies designated as Microsoft Partners to come together for learning, networking, and much more.

A few weeks back, we reported that Microsoft would be making its Surface Pro and RT tablets available to WPC 2013 attendees at drastically discounted prices. Well, never let it be said that we don’t follow through on our news stories. Your friendly neighborhood Games Editor stopped by the first two days of the event and put the discount offer to the test. Find out if I succeeded and see lots of photographs from the show after the break!

Keyboards: Touch the future

The keyboard has long been our best friend, but in an age of tablets and natural user interfaces, such as the touch screen – how long will they last as we have known them?

New "Imagine" ad gets to the point: no extravagant dancers in sight

This week Microsoft showcased their latest Surface ad; unlike previous commercials, this one gets right to the point and skips the fancy dance routines.

Teenagers: Apple no longer cool, Microsoft Surface is in

Apple is done and Microsoft's Surface is now down with the kids, according to a report by Buzz Marketing Group. The company specialises in youth marketing and has discovered that younglings are more into Microsoft's Surface tablet than Apple's competing hardware. This might be proof to show just how similar new generation of hardware is to predecessors, with little to excite consumers - teens in particular.

Microsoft Surface: First availability in UK stores today

John Lewis announced last week that it would work with Microsoft to bring retail availability to the UK for  Surface tablets running Windows RT. The devices have previously been showing as available online through the website even though Sat 15th was said to be when the devices would be widely distributed.

Microsoft has to date only been selling the devices through its own online store here in the UK even though it has been promoting the tablets on TV and through billboard advertising. Today marks the first store appearance for Microsoft’s Windows RT tablet.

Nokia, Microsoft among top searches for consumer electronics in 2012

Both Microsoft and Nokia have been featured in this year's Google Zeitgeist. The report takes into account global searches in 2012 and shows what the world has been searching for. Taking two spots in the consumer electronics top ten, the Lumia 920 and Surface tablet were in position 10 and 8 respectively.