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Nokia was working on a Surface-like tablet before it was cool

Since first being captivated by the beauty and excellence of Nokia's Lumia family of Windows Phone devices, people having been wondering if Nokia would follow Microsoft's lead by creating a Windows-based tablet, like the Surface. While we're nowhere closer to learning the answer to that question, what we do know is that Nokia had their sights on building a tablet back in 2011.

A patent application filed in October 2011 by name of “Apparatus Cover with Keyboard” shows what could easily be mistaken for early concept drawings of the Microsoft Surface tab, with the tablet and keyboard being integrated into a single cover/stand.

The timing of the patent filing means that this was likely never conceived of as a Windows RT tablet, but the concepts certainly could translate. Things have changed greatly in just the year and a half that have passed since the time of this original design, so who knows what else Nokia has dreamed up. But with only these sketches to go on, we'll just have to sit tight and see what the future brings.

Source: UnwiredView; Thanks for the tip, paras chugh!

  • That's interesting. Wonder if they are still gonna release something like that or even more innovative stuff
  • 100% agree.....with full pack innovative stuff in this nokia tablet
  • Yes, it is called Sony Vaio Duo
  • It would be really cool to see them go through with a Windows 8 tablet. Nokia + Tablet = unstoppable.
  • +1 Bro
  • well... i wish you were right but i live in the real world :(
  • I dunno man... I live there to but if/hopefull when nokia make a tablet... it will be well built.... sturdy and well designed, with probably some inovation of some type.... that would be like..... apple (sh*t that tastes bad but we are talking hardware quality here) and the Asus Zen book and Surface RT/Pro ..... nothing else really... the Asus B&O laptop few years ago... tough books dont count because they built to be tough... not pretty.... NO pc OEM bothers with build or that much inovation.... If it had a touch screen I'd buy a top end macbook pro and stick w8 on it.... Better screen, track pad, design, build, 2 problems, 1 is OSX which i can solve and the other i can buy a same spec pc for half (not quite but shhh)
    The promlem is Apple has raised the quality bar of hardware.... and its what people want.... there is no option for any W8 laptop i've ever seen in a shop... Nokia could change that with a sweet tablet...
  • It's funny how I feel more confident in a tablet from Nokia than I would in a Surface . . . and Nokia hasn't even made one yet.
  • What do you dislike about the Surface? I think it's a brilliant device.
  • That's the funny part, lol. It's not that I dislike the Surface. I was actually planning on getting a Pro ( . . . I was planning . . . ). I just expect so much from Nokia in the hardware department, I trust them to build the best hardware in this category too. So hearing this makes me again want to wait.
  • Nokia is the king in hardware. Nobody can beat it.
  • Microsoft and Apple doing a pretty good job being ON PAR with Nokia.
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  • The Surface 2 may be Nokia Tablet. lol....
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  • I think the Surface has incredible design, but the whole "rt" confusion hurt both it and the pro straight out of the gates.
  • Agreed, pro should have came first.
  • Ditto. I keep having this argument with one my friends. He doesn't understand that just because he gets it, the average non-techie may not.
  • I want a tablet with a keyboard cover that can double as a charging pad for the tablet and my 920.  One less piece of hardware to haul around.
  • Not to late to do it
  • Wasn't there a rumor at one point that Nokia was working on a tablet with a Surface-like keyboard that doubles as a back-up battery? Or am I thinking of something else?
  • Mousehead
  • I've also read about that somewhere. But it seems like it's just discarded as another rumor... Can't wait to see a tablet under Nokia branding!
  • As long as there is 3G/4G, i always thought that that was an oversight imo
  • Sure they were. Microsoft was developing the Surface for years. I'm sure the Nokia tablet and the Surface were developed simultaneously, considering how close the two companies are these days.
  • I'd prefer an ASUS tablet.
  • Asus makes great quality stuff but recently they're headings towards the overpriced approach which I don't like as much. My Asus Android tablet was great but as usual Android stuff just gets slower and slower and stable. Asus or Nokia I will both be happy with
  • How is ASUS overpriced when the Nexus 7 is a $200 high-end tablet?
  • I wonder if Nokia didn't actually sell the designs to Microsoft.
    Still, I'm waiting for the Nokia Lumia Tablet. The Surface is ok but it's too big. I'm hoping for something in the lines of the iPad-Mini, just slightly bigger.
  • This is also the only reason I haven't got my hands on surface just yet. I'm waiting and see what Nokia has in store first, or perhaps wait for the next gen of Surface 
  • As soon as Nokia released Nokia Music for Windows 8, that gave away they'd be making a Windows 8 tablet, won't be long until Nokia Maps and Drive arrive next :P That's unless they do another "exclusive to Nokia" thing with Windows 8
  • Nokia keeps pushing money into WPCentral fot advertising even if it is not cool.
    It should be renamed AboutNokiaCentral.
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  • I may be the fool, but I have a feeling I am right.