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Nokia's Windows 8 Tablet could get a charge out of its cover

While speculation has Nokia lifting the curtain on a Windows 8 Tablet during the 2013 Mobile World Congress, rumors on the tablet's details continue to surface. This go around it's the cover that is getting the attention.

According to sources, the cover will be "book styled" wrapping around the tablet that provides both a keyboard and kickstand. The cover is also rumored to have a battery built into it that can be used as a reserve power source when the main battery gets low.

The main battery is reported to have a ten hour capacity. There was no report on the capacity of the keyboard battery or how long it could power the tablet.  It's an interesting design but could the battery add too much weight to the mix?

Source: The Verge (opens in new tab)

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Nice
  • Nokia is pushing innovation forward while Samsung keeps duplicating hardware and apple just adds a new feature every year to try to keep buyers
  • a new feature if by feature you mean "row of icons" :P
  • Exactly! Lol
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  • Hey now, don't forget Apple also introduced a new feature called NFC.  No wait... Sorry, they are going to introduce that one in the next iPhone.
  • I rather have no NFC than the NFC my 920 has. What a tease...
  • Why? 920 NFC works brilliantly. I use it for contacts transfer and music on JBL speakers.
  • What I want os the ability to transfer data between a tablet and phone by the way of NFC. Open my current tabs or current focused task, assuming I have the same app on my phone as my computer. Make it interesting instead of boring old shit like sharing websites.
  • New feature like I want an iPad mini, that way I can play the games I want with my friends and have the most catered to tablet out there, but they're going to release one next year with retina display, so either I wait, or buy two.
  • Hey!! I know we all like bullying Apple, but lets be fair! They added two new features to their phone this year! An extra row of icons, AND a broken map application!!
  • lmao +1!
  • Lets not forget apples greatly improved charge port.... I sure do hope the next iphone has an even smaller charge port
  • Not just a broken map app, but one with an icon that gave directions to drive off a bridge!
  • ....and Panorama shots :) which i have been doing with photosynth  for more than 2 years on my good old wp7
  • +1
    I saw the ad for this.
    They made it seem that they invented it. When (almost) everyone else already had this feature.
  • boom. roasted. hahah
  • This is because they already did the most important innovation - designing stable and wide-spread platform. Personally I prefer things that just work over the innovative things you have to innovate yourself to use.
  • Ok grandpa...
  • Give it up! Samsung have created alot of technology, and that is a fact.
  • Like what?
  • Apple did revolutionize the mobile phone industry with iTunes, and tablets as well... But things move rapidly forward in tech and to be honest they are being left behind. It will seem sudden when it shows but only because a fad that large will take a bit before it shows how dated it is, and then it will be a massive abandonment, like AOL's internet subscriptions, if you are old enough to remember that.
  • Many apple users are that old
  • Ok because Samsung made the note 2 and maybe a couple of low spec phones with a similar design as the s3 they aren't innovative. I mean Samsung has done more in 2012 than Nokia. Wireless charging was in Palm phones years ago. So they have a touchscreen that no will use and a camera that has compete pureview overhype marketing while Samsung continues to add great software additions. Real Multi tasking on a mobile system, a great stylus that changed how we think about stylus on a phone. /rant
  • Its amazing how innovative a company can become with the threat of death hanging over their heads. This is why its so foolish to support only one companies products. Always keep these companies fighting to survive. Switch and let them know they have to work for it. Don't be an easy technology whore! Lol
  • Nokia has always been pretty damn innovative, they've had some of the craziest mobile phone designs in the past.
  • sadly, "in the past" is the keyword. they stalled for a while ever after n95. I own NL920, had 800 before that and dozens of nokia phones prior to that. I even work(ed) for nokia too in 2005/6. With all my love to Nokia, I hate to admit that they are curretly still in declide. True innovation is imagination. Lately they had none and are paying the price. 
    And yes, iPhone innovated themarket, but they stopped and will eventually fall into the same hole as Nokia did twice before. Imagination is the key.
  • They are paying the price? They dared to be different by teaming up with Microsoft on Windows Phone. On the hardware end they brought out some very differentiating designs. They then proceeded to improve on the hardware by bringing new touch and camera technology. And lets not forget the software they've developed themselves. They've done a lot more then all the other companies have done in the past few years. And it shows as they've now catched up with the competition.
    For which they now get rewarded. From everywhere around the globe we're hearing about the Lumia 920 being a hit. So how exactly are they paying the price right now? They've already paid it but the last few years they're showing real imagination (just look at The Lumia 800 and beyond). Whether its enough to save them from past mishaps. only time can tell.
  • Nokia has always been a leader in innovation. They always pushed the envelop when it came to designs and technology. This is also why they have so many patents.
  • ^^This!
  • Nokia has always been a leader in HARDWARE innovation. And, that is why every tech company that plays by the rules pay a ton of money to Nokia. Nokia and Ericsson alone hold the majority of GSM Patents.
  • So right you are.
  • I was going to spring for a Surface Pro next month... but I think I'll wait and see what Nokia has to offer.
  • Don't wait, RT and Windows 8 needs tablet users ASAP to let companies know development for Modern UI is worth the money.
  • I recommend Surface Pro. I have a Surface RT and I would only recommend RT tablets for early adopters right now. With Pro you will obviously get full Windows 8.
  • I sometimes wish I waited for the Pro. I didn't think I could get as much work done as I have on my RT (I'm a DBA) but I was surprised how well Remote Desktop app works with RT and touch. That said, i didnt expect RT to take over that part of my mobile need. The Pro will simply allow all my use cases due to Win8. I already switched Google out of my household now its Apples turn by giving my iPads to kid nephews and I'll give RT to my mom to replace her PC she uses to FB, play solitaire and pay bills. This will make room for the Pro. Gotta love when a plan comes together!
  • Lol
  • Amazing!
    But please... I WANT COLOURS!  VIBRANT NOKIA TABLET COLOURS!  I want cyan!!!!
  • Yellow as my 920 :)
  • Amazing!
  • Awesome
  • Idk if I like the battery in the cover. I would just like a thin cover, especially if the stand alone tablet can get 10 hours of battery life. And hopefully it has ful hd screen.
  • Are they releasing both a Windows 8 tablet and a RT version?
  • If it's Windows 8 (and not RT) I'd definitely get one
  • There could well be couple of cover variants.
  • Book style cover? I dunno if I like that idea too much.... What do you do with the keyboard section when you just want to use the screen?
  • Like many similar designs, I would assume the keyboards touch capacity would go dormant. Its not a new concept.
  • I heard the surface pro will only have 4hrs of battery life or something.. Is that true?
  • if using core i5 ivy bridge chips, oh yea that's right.  However, if the Pro gets Haswell chips, should see 5-6 hours.
  • Considering it's pretty much just a tablet PC made by Microsoft with an i5 processor it doesn't surprise me, that's why I think the Surface RT is better if you want a tablet.  The Pro is giving up some of the most important advantages of a tablet: Long battery, thin, light, quick resume, always on, etc...
    The pro will have to go to deep sleep so no chance of always receiving notifications, email, etc.  Will weight 1.99lbs since they said 'under' 2 pounds.  Quite a bit thicker, and short battery.  Don't get me wrong I'm sure it will be awesome, but it's defeating the purpose of a tablet.  It's not supposed to be super powerful, it supposed to be convenient.
    I have a Surface RT and love the thing, WAY more capable then an iPad (I have a mini, mainly a gaming device).  It's a full OS, apps are coming too.  I mean I can remote into my desktop and play my 2000 album all Flac collection streamed and at the same time multitask on email or word, or pretty much anything I could want to do on the tablet and still get 10 hours battery life!  Now that's impressive to me
  • I was hands down gonna get a pro but after hearing that, I might take a another look at RT or just hold off.
  • I agree, the main disadvantage of RT is if you use alot more x86 apps beyond Office that can't be replaced by Windows Store (metro) apps.  That's really it.
  • Yes, the RT is full Windows 8 but just running on the Tegra (ARM) instead of Intel, nothing more, it's not a cut down OS, everything you think is there is, all the Control Panel, all the Registry, all the functions of Windows 8, that's what makes it so much more then something like iOS.  You can plug in a USB hub and hook up all you want, keyboard, mouse, phone, card reader, etc.
    I'm sure the Pro will be great but for me I'd rather just have a ultrabook at that point.
    Edit:  Just tried my USB Audio DAC, pluged right in and played music like it was made for it.
  • If the darn surface RT thing had 10point contact plus stylus(its like a Wacon digitizer pen) I'd be sold!!!! ...that only reason why I am looking at the dell hybrid flip...or surface pro
  • I agree, if Nokia brings out proper digitizer support (e.g.Wacom) on Windows RT I would be sold...of course, at a reasonable price too.
  • Well ... If you want a tablet (long battery life, support standard sleep/non-deep sleep) that can run x86 (desktop) apps, try Clovertrail-based ones. Sure it won't be as strong as Core iX thing (so it won't be enough for heavy task like imaging and developing apps), but it will run well on casual use like when using netbooks.
  • I use alot of music software like fl studio and native instruments. Was hoping to use the pro for dj-Ing but I might just stick to my lappy lol
  • After having read your post and really thinking about it, I may just opt for the RT. I thought I was looking to "replace" my laptop with a tablet but I think the RT is all I need. The only processor intensive programs I use are Photoshop and I've got an I7 desktop with a 27inch monitor for that. I'll wait until after the holidays and seriously consider the Surface RT. Thanks for the post!
  • With the RT... Are you able to fully utilize MS programs(Word,PPT,Excel)?
  • Yes, it comes with office.
  • I get 4 to 7 hours out of my Win 8 i5 Samsung Ativ S Smart PC Tablet. So 7-10 hours should be possible within 6 months as the technology matures.
  • Possibly but I hear claims that the internals of the Pro will be similar to the Acer W100 (unsure about the exact name but it is the same tablet that Daniel Rubino has) and that thing has a decent battery life even with an i5 in there so that'll be something to look into. I am just holding my money and waiting for the Pro to come out.
  • Go Nokia!  They are creating a really cohesive product line.  Upon seeing one of their devices, you almost immediately recognize it as a Nokia product.
  • Awesome! \o/
  • In regards to weight, I think the exta battery will ballance it when used as a laptop if its like the transformer by asus then it wont be screen heavy when docked..., though it does say kick stand... which bit weird... nice but weird... whould be different than everyone elses... I wonder if microsoft would let OEMs use the touch cover and type cover (beyond wishfull thinking i know) as an accessory just like any other mouse or keyboard they make.... It is sold seperatly after all... I know if they did that it would take away from surface BUT if they only licenced it for the super high build quality tablets. Like Surface, the iPad (build quality eg. only) ehhhhh... any other tablet out there that level? Transformer is only other i can think of and its still not there... But anyway I think Nokia will hit that build quality which is part of the appeal for their phones, why not their tablets?
  • The RT version won't be an issue if we had Dev's I have a Nokia Phone, before now the only tablet Id consider buying would be acid. I'm now liking Nokias tablet.
  • I really hope they do a Win 8 full version as well as an RT version. If so, I'm in.
  • Nokia deserves a lot more credit than they get. For me, they are the most innovative tech company when it comes to mobile devices.
  • Yep,but they don't know how to market or execute.
  • God damn... I have been waiting for something like this.. Please add lte...i held off the surface,920 im waiting to see the surface phone and this tablet in GLOSSY RED...
  • Kind of wish they leave the CPU socket open and easy to change, so that if Rt failed replacing the chip and going full win8 would still be possible.
  • Damn, these things look just as beautiful as a Lumia 920, might just get one.. either that or a Surface Pro.
    Also @Nabkawe5: You do realise the RT uses ARM right? If it were to use traditional desktop CPUs *ESPECIALLY* ones you can replace via a socket (I'm talking consumer CPUs) it would be hell of a lot thicker, actually it wouldn't really be a tablet anymore.. :P
  • can't wait for the actual product just make it colorful same thing to HTC windows tablets
    windows ecosystem going to be awesome
  • Hope its Clover Trail or AMD's new low power silicon based.
  • As far as weight....since when is Nokia concerned with weight. People have called the 920 a brick, why not have a comparable tablet experience.
  • Well by the looks of it, I think you can hardly call the tablet a brick, it's practically half the thickness of a surface..
    And just because people call the 920 a brick doesn't mean it actually is.. jeez, I'd hate to be so frank like this but some people are well, wusses. Who the hell complains about a 185g phone.
  • Yeah. I had a real hard time believing the fuss that had been made over the 920 when I picked one up the first time. I was expecting something really heavy or awkward. But we don't know what the tablet looks like, do we? Aren't the images being used fan-based renders that have been around for ages?
  • Besides, I always like having a little weight behind the things I own, adds a build quality factor to it often. I've never really liked cheap plastic anyway. Will be picking up a 920 for sure early next year when my current contract ends, no more HTC 7 Trophy, yay :D
    Not sure about the tablet part, either way, I wouldn't mind if it was a little thicker anyway. Would be damn awesome if these images are the end-product. However unlikely that may be.
  • THIS is the reason my "surface" money hasn't been spent yet
  • Its Win RT or 8 tablet ? If RT then it'll not sell to well. Whole RT thing is a big fail if you can get atom based win8 tablets with almost the same battery life and a lot better functionality and productivity. 
  • Yeah, but they are looking at lower price points and long battery lives.
  • I admit that I am very interested in seeing what Nokia has to offer, but the custumer support that Asus has given me over the years is beyond amazing. For me, they deserve my allegiance until they fuck up. Which they dont seem to do.
  • I accidentally killed my motherboard and they gave me a new computer by mail. How can you not keep true to that?
  • Not that I've ever had a sour experience with ASUS but all I hear about their CS is negative feedback.. I got a replacement motherboard from them once, hassle-free, so I don't know.
    Nokia on the other hand, I've heard some good things about their CS.. especially with the new L920s
  • Apples going down the tubes wins phone will come out on top I hope the Nokia tablet comes in the same colors as their phones l would like mine in red to match my phone? I also have got a replacement board hassle free Asus has been real good to me. I use their boards for all my builds.
  • Any info on resolutions? Hope it's better than the surface RT.
  • Win 8 Pro tablet, coming soon - ://
  • That looks pretty good and if battery life and price are solid, it could be a real contender.
  • no mention of battery life, hope it is 10+ hours. Pre order pricing says $699 for 64gb version, reasonable!
  • Problem with the HP tablets is the resolution being 1280x800, so you don't get the snap function of Windows 8, thus no multitasking, which to me is really stupid because that is one of the productivity features of Windows 8. They could have gone with a 1680x1050 resolution to keep the 16:10 ratio, which would be nice, but make the desktop buttons and what not really tiny. The only real tablets right now are the Samsung Ativ SmartPC and the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2, which is a shame because Windows has awesome ink support compared to what has been implemented on Android. I think Microsoft should have made it mandatory for OEMs making a tablet to include pen support, because that is the biggest differentiator for them, and it is the biggest wow factor I get when I use my HP tm2 in front of people. The Surface Pro is sure to change this, but it should have been there at launch for the same price as the iPad.
  • I could use a cover like that on my 920, so I could at least get through the day without having to charge my battery half way through! It would be nice to have a companion tablet to my Nokia phone and if the build quality and software support is also there, they'd have a home run on their hands as far as my consumer dollar is concerned.
  • This vs surface. Which one?
  • THIS!
  • This looks more and more promissing.  Can't wait to see it already.  May have to sell my Surface.
  • Likely to be flop in terms of sales like Motorola as windows is horrible for tablet unlike windows phone. Nokia should stick to its core strength of phones. I own nokia lumia 920 and thus I am not against nokia but the sad truth is no tablet can beat iPad.
  • Wait, are you saying that Windows 8 is NOT appropriate for touchscreen devices such as that of a tablet?
    You sir, are drunk.
  • If windows 8 is that good for tablet, why is surface not selling already in talk of getting soon in to fire sales mode? I am not drunk and I can clearly see the fact that iPad apps are light years ahead of windows. Even in windows phone side, it is Nokia which is going all out but windows doesnt seem to bother that much. It is high time windows wakes up.
  • Guess what. iOS and the App store is a few years ahead of Marketplace too, you know, because the iPhone was out first, for a while. In terms of relevant apps for daily life routines, Windows gets the job done already. More choices are good ofcourse, but nowhere near understatement.  I've tried both and I can say W8 and RT are appropriate for tablets. Surface just doesn't sell as much like iPads because you know, it's a Apple thing. Doesn't mean the Surface sucks. Get your head straight. 
  • Yes, I will better get my head straight rather than trying to tell the truth as truth is always bitter.
  • <p>I disagree. I&#39;m using an iPad now and this tablet is just getting boring. But while I disagree with you that the iPad is the best tablet, I think that Windows needs to fill the app gap quickly to really kill the competition.</p>
  • I disagree as well. The only reason I would pick an iPad up right now is because of the strong ecosystem and the large number of app titles that Apple has in its store. Apart from that, there isn't a lot going for it. Windows 8 is way better as a tablet OS as you can do some real work on it. It's not just a blown up iPod Touch. Sorry, just not my thing. And FYI, competitors are closing the gap on the iPad. Sure, it'll sell in millions but it's not the only choice out there now.
  • I am very excited about this news, but I wish that this tablet was a Pro and not RT.
  • Nokia isnt a computer company, so i doubt they will make Pro tablet; RT is the most likely one. Looking forward to this.
    On an unrelated note, the computer shops in Malaysia are useless... My dad needed a tablet for his class so visited a few computer shops in a mall and all of them are aggressively marketing iPad and Galaxy tabs, then leave the windows RT tablets locked in some corner and only displayed windows 8 laptops. I requested for the Acer W700 (windows 8 Pro version) instead of W510 (RT) because my dad wants to connect it to a wireless projector (potential software issue, so Pro is the one to go for). They told me they are not selling it.
    They do have the W510 and in the specs they called the OS "Windows 8"; even the surface RT is labelled "Windows 8" and it seemed they dont even know what they are selling! I tested them by asking if they could run PC games i bought from a shop, and they said yes, as long you have a keyboard. I was like WTF. You ca easily tell what version of windows it is running by looking at the CPU and specs. They dont know what they are selling and misleading the customers, and they dont even sell windows 8 pro tablets. People want one for serious work purposes, not for shooting pings with flying d!cks!
  • they have already made a netbook(nokia booklet 3g) so i think a full windows 8 Tablet is not that far, this one might be RT but they can go for the full windows 8 variant too
  • Acer Iconia Tab W510 is NOT a Windows RT device. It's a Windows 8 device running on Intel Atom.
    "Windows 8" is the cheaper edition (in previous versions known as Home Edition) of "Windows 8 Pro". It's not Windows RT.
  • I went into PC world to buy a pair of Beat Audio Wireless headphone. I said can I test the quality of my phone and compatibilty and they said no, but as long as your phone has Wifi you can connect. I said "WiFi?" and he said "yeah, they're wireless headphones. I said "yeah, but these work on bluetooth don't they?" and he said "no, they're wireless" I just walked out and wrote a letter explaining. I recieved £30 gift vouchers, went back and bought them HAHA - work great with my Lumia WP8 device
  • Yes the Atom tablets are out but the tegra 3 spec wise is superior in performance and power consumption, now granted Windows needs to be better optimized for the tegra but I'm sure it will come. The surface has already had updates that have improved performance quite a bit and I'm sure more will come.
  • Here's the difference in surface and iPad. IPad is just a big phone while the surface and other windows tablets are basically small computers. What can an iPad do compared to surface?
  • Let's not forget and be sure to keep mentioning to everyone that we know one of the most impressive features of the Surface. Microsoft Office. That alone distances it from both the iPad and any other tablets that cannot run Office.