Windows Phone a top priority for Photosynth

Microsoft's Photosynth is a neat set of photography tools for creating panoramic images. There is a desktop application as well as an iPhone app but, oddly, Microsoft hasn't really rushed Photosynth out for the Windows Phone. Fortunately, that should change with the Mango update.

According to David Gedye, Photosynth Group Program Manager:

"Yes – we’re working on a version for Windows 7 Phone now. You can definitely communicate this info to your members. We cant make any commitment about ship date though, except to say that it is our top priority."

Gedye explained that the original release of Windows Phone didn't have the video mode API's that allow Photosynth to provided the capture experience. The Mango update should change that and the Photosynth team is working to get a Windows Phone app ready. At the time only iOS had the necessary video components, hence the iPhone getting the mobile version first.

In looking at the iPhone version, as well as the desktop version, Photosynth should be a very nice addition to the Windows Phone app family.

Source: Monsmartphone Via: WMPoweruser

George Ponder

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  • I think this is a given, look at the UI for the app they've released, if that's not WP I dunno what is. I expect the WP version will be even better.
  • MANGO MANGO MANGO! That is all I hear for apps! Mango this and Mango that! While its all great and dandy it leads me to believe that this current version "7" is not sufficient enough for much! At least push an app now and have an update when Mango comes out or will the app be so lacking that nothing can be done?!?!?! Ugh... rants... frustration... ventilating... hyperventilation!!!!
  • Seems more like the last priority.Very cool little app on PC.
  • Looks cool and I might try it out, but I feel Photosynth's performance will be hampered by the current generation of hardware. The average WP7 does not take good pictures (thank you HTC). Now instead of just normal looking bad photos we can have bad panoramas too. =D
  • @surgeLOL, I feel your pain. Makes you think no cool apps are coming until MANGO!
  • Exactly! This is very frustrating!! How can I show off if I can't show off until the fall???
  • It'd be cool if Microsoft would release part of Mango ahead of time. Keep the flames fanned and all.