Find the fraud with Word Imposter for Windows Phone

If you like word games, check out Word Imposter. It's a casually paced Windows Phone game that challenges your skills at deductive observation and spelling.

The game presents you with four images, one of which doesn't belong, and you have to build the associative word that links the three pictures that do belong. Word Imposter has over 400 puzzles to solve that range from the easy to the headscratcher in difficulty.

Word Imposter is a fun game to pass the time with and hone your spelling skills — I can see the game appealing to gamers of all ages.

The primary menu for Word Imposter is laid out in simple fashion, with options to mute the sound and toggle between light and dark themes and language selection running across the bottom of the screen. A Play Button rests in the top center of the screen that sends you to gameplay. Word Imposter's 400+ puzzles are spread across 20 gaming levels. Each level is progressively unlocked and becomes slightly more challenging as you advance in the game.

Word Imposter

The first puzzle serves as a tutorial, walking you through gameplay to find the solution. Each puzzle begins with four thumbnail images that can be zoomed in by tapping on it. One of these four images does not have any association with the other three images. The first gaming task is to find that image and tap/drag it to the trash icon.

Once you have identified the three images that are associated, the next task is to use the collection of letters that line the bottom of the gaming screen to spell the associative word. For example, you begin with pictures of three cars and a boat. You would drag the picture of the boat to the trash and create the word "automobile" from the letter collection as the associative word for the three car pictures.

Word Imposter

The challenge with spelling the associative word is that the letters can be single or grouped in pairs. While you are spelling the correct word, in many ways you are building it as well.

As puzzles are completed, gaming tokens are earned that can be used to buy cheats. Cheats include revealing the first two letters, revealing the correct word, or shuffle the letters. You probably won't need to use any of these cheats for the first twenty or so puzzles, but the can come in handy as you move up the ranks.

All in all, Word Imposter isn't a very complicated game to pick up and play, but it is not without challenge. Admittedly, some of the puzzles are no-brainers in sorting out the pictures and building the word. However, some of the puzzles involve images with multiple associations, making the puzzle's solution not so straightforward.

Word Imposter is a free game that is available for Windows Phone and does have a few in-app purchases. It is a fun game to pass the time with and could help improve your spelling skills.

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