WorldMate Has a Flavor, er, Free Version

So point your Smartphone/Standard edition device at and your PocketPC/Pro at - because WorldMate just became free. We're guessing they're hoping the free feature set, which includes an “itinerary viewer, global weather forecast, world clocks, a clothing size and measurement converter, a world day / night map and a tip and tax calculator” will entice you to pony up for the paid version, which gets you “real-time flight status, flight schedules, packing list, animated satellite weather imagery and global dialing code guide.”

The subscription is $6.95 per month, which is a little steep for a bunch of info you can find on the web for free. We're not complaining, though, because we're going to give the free version a shot here right quick... nom nom nom. (Excessively corny “has a flavor” and “nom nom nom” jokes brought to you by icanhascheezburger)

WC Staff