XPG's new memory modules are built for easy overclocking

What you need to know

  • XPG just launched its GAMMIX D45G and SPECTRIX D45G RGB DDR4 memory modules.
  • Both memory modules are specifically designed for overclocking.
  • People can adjust individual parameters through their PC operating system rather than through BIOS.

XPG just announced two new memory modules, the GAMMIX D45G and SPECTRIX D45G RGB. Both of the memory modules are made to ease overclocking and let you adjust individual parameters through the operating system of a PC rather than having to go through BIOS. The GAMMIX D45G starts at $90 for two 8GB modules, and the SPECTRIX D45 RGB starts at $110 for two 8GB modules.

Both new memory modules from XPG feature Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) 2.0 support, which makes it easier to overclock systems and to improve stability. XPG highlights the quality of the IC chips and PCBs in both memory modules.

Both the GAMMIX D45G and SPECTRIX D45G RGB are compatible with AMD's latest platforms and are available in either 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities. Here's the complete price list from XPG:


  • 3600MHz
    • 2x 8GB/$109.99
    • 2x 16GB/$209.99
    • 2x 32GB/$399.99
  • 4133MHz
    • 2x 8GB/$139.99
    • 2x 16GB/$249.99
  • 4400MHz
    • 2x 8GB/$389.99


  • 3200MHz
    • 2x 8GB/$89.99
    • 2x 16GB/$169.99
    • 2x 32GB/$359.99
  • 3600MHz
    • 2x 8GB/$99.99
    • 2x 16GB/$189.99
    • 2x 32GB/$379.99
  • 4133MHz
    • 2x 8GB/$129.99
    • 2x 16GB/239.99

The GAMMIX D45G features a rugged black design for more sleek systems, while the SPECTRIX D45G RGB has RGB lighting. You can sync the lighting of the SPECTRIX D45G RGB with Music Mode or use different effects such as static, breathing, and comet. The RGB lighting works with the best motherboards from major brands, including ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE, and ASRock.

XPG has not shared a release date for the modules at this time.

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