Yahoo Mail app for Windows 10 will shut down on May 22

If for some reason the Yahoo Mail app for Windows 10 was your go-to email app (hello, Outlook?), you'll soon have to turn elsewhere. As spotted by OnMSFT, the Yahoo Mail app has started alerting users that it will stop working on May 22. And though that leaves around a week before the shutdown, the report notes a number of people have already reported that the app has stopped working.

In visiting the Windows Store, the Yahoo Mail listing is still up, but it's no longer available to download. In its message to users, Yahoo Mail recommends using its website instead, but the Windows 10 Mail app should also work just fine.

Given the damage Yahoo has suffered to its brand over the past year after disclosing security breaches that affected millions of accounts, it's not likely that the user base for the Windows 10 Yahoo Mail app was particularly high to begin with. That said, let us know if you were still hanging on to the app — and what you'll be switching to — in the comments.

Thanks, PalZer0, for the tip!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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