Telenet, largest cable provider in Belgium, releases official Yelo TV as universal Windows app

A few months ago, we told you that the Belgium-based cable TV operator, Telenet, was offering beta access for their Yelo TV app on Windows Phone. If you're one of their customers, you can now download the final and public version. It just been released as a universal Windows app, so you can also get it for your Windows PCs or tablets.


  • At home or with Wi-Free: Live TV viewing to more than 80 channels, including from Rex & Rio and Sporting Telenet
  • At home or with Wi-Free: movies and series retrieval from Rex & Rio
  • Home: Review your recordings of more than 25 channels of the past two months, including Sporting Telenet
  • Everywhere Internet: you schedule or delete recordings Live TV

As of June 2014, Telenet boasts 2.1 million video subscribers, of which 1.4 million are digital cable subscribers. Digital video services include DVR, HD, and VoD.

Are you a Telenet subscriber? Were you looking forward to Yelo TV for Windows and Windows Phone devices? Let us know in the comments.

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • It's a app that works very well :)
  • What's a cable tv?!
    Isn't that technology years old?we have satellite....
    Middle eastern guy here :)
  • It is digital cable ofcourse!
  • Haha in Middle East but used to live in Belgium, cable/digital owns our satellite in terms of services that go with the subscription.
  • Man I sometimes like life here In the middle east,satellite is free for everybody,no need for subscriptions, you can pirate stuff without the FBI at your door!consoles -PC cds copies all over the place, no need for carriers to purchase a phone, the only thing that's bad here is the internet!!!
  • This is great and simulates how Windows Phone grows vastly popular in my country, Belgium.
  • Yeah right, Thats why Belfius, ING and Fortis banks are all forgetting us .... pathetic companies, KBC has their app almost 2 years in the Store now :) Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Yep. And that KBC app is very handy. But with that. WP needs more love in Belgium.
  • Don't forget VDK spaarbank released their wp-app a while ago.
  • That's funny, I've been stalking Beflius on Twitter for months now to push them to develop a WP8 app and they finally caved in. Should be ready Q1 2015. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="nl"><p><a href="">@youtoofan</a> <a href="">@joneetesonne</a> Goed nieuws, onze teams werken momenteel aan een WP app! Oplevering is gepland vr het 1e kwartaal 2015. ^DFS</p>&mdash; Belfius Contact (@BelfiusContact) <a href="">25 september 2014</a></blockquote>
    <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>  
  • Yes, WP has become more popular, but if it wasn't for the concept of the universal app, we wouldn't have this WP app now. So this has more to do with Microsofts efforts to make simultaneous app development easier on all their platforms, not so much Telenets willingness to write an app specifically for Windows Phone. The results are here though, and I hope that it continues. While there is less of an app gap for worldwide released apps, the localised app gap is still very much a fact. I'm lucky being with KBC, but for example am waiting on tablet/phone apps for the automobile association VAB.
  • App Works wel and looks good.
  • Interesting, but still limited as long as you can't use it on non-Telenet WiFi, f.e. when on vacation. And I'm still waiting on their triiing app for WiFi calling.
  • Work in progress for triiing
  • Wat is jouw bron?  Van Telenet zelf heb ik nog geen nieuws hieromtrent zien passeren...
  • It looks well, works well but they need to work on updating...if you are coming from their beta app.
  • Eindelijk en werkt beter en vlugger dan android . Het heeft lang geduurd maar is top
  • If all these countries can do this, what is Sky's excuse?
  • We had to wait a bit, patience is everything...
  • According to me, the live tv only works with telenet wifi connection, not trough 3g/4g, wich is a pity.
    In contrast to the Belgacom tv overal app that does works with 3g/4g Connection. But you miss the record option with it.
  • This is good news, but im getting tired of waiting for HBO GO and SHO.
  • Keep them coming universal app will really help a lot, they wont have a choice but to make am app for PC.
  • Telenet is fucking awesome, I'm never gonna change to another company
  • This happend weeks ago, but i didn't tip this news because i thought Belgium wasn't important enough for WPCentral
  • Telenet is partially owned by a large American company named Liberty Global. They own lots of providers around the globe. I wonder what that means for their other companies. More to follow?