Halo Master Chief helmet covered in Swarovski crystals is getting auctioned for charity

Even though Halo 5: Guardians has been released for the Xbox One, there's still a way for someone to walk away with a truly one-of-a-kind item based on the sci-fi shooter series. Microsoft's Xbox division in Asia has put a full-sized replica of Master Chief's iconic helmet, adorned with 25,000 Swarovski crystals, up for bid on eBay.

Taiwanese cosplayer Hsu Chia-Hao created the helmet, but Australian designer Jenny Manik Mercian desiged and placed all those crystals on the replica. Mercian has worked with models from Victoria's Secret and other celebrities to design jewelry and crystals to be used as accessories to their outfits. In the video that accompanies the eBay listing, she states that it's very different to work with Master Chief's helmet, which is a decidedly male outfit.

The eBay auction will be ending on November 5, and all the proceeds from the winning bid will go to the non-profit Make-A-Wish Foundation. At the moment, the highest bid is $510, but that is almost certain to go much higher.

Bid on the Halo Master Chief Swarovski crystal helmet on eBay (opens in new tab)

Via: VG247

John Callaham
  • *insert 'but why' gif*
  • What the fuck is this? Have people nothing better to do???
  • Because charity Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wat. Now I have seen it all.
  • Looks a I'm apologize if someone have been offensive have nice day people
  • Just a Little?
  • Umm, you need to delete, or modify, that comment.. Might be offensive to someone.
    That's like saying, "looks a little black", or something racist like that... You'd probably want to find another way to express that.
  • But what if he meant it actually looks as if that's what a gay person would want to wear? Then would it be offensive?
  • Yes it's still very offensive because you are assuming that gay people have a particular and stereotypical style of being flashy and overdone. Educate yourselves.
  • I'll be honest, where I live is sandwiched between two establishments that cater specifically to gay men. Having seen the plethora of flamboyant outfits that go in and out of them, he's not saying anything particularly out of line. Of course not all gay men dress like that, but the stereotype exists for a reason.
  • So, what's your take if someone says its girlish, is that racist?
  • I think you meant "sexist" and whether it's sexist or not depends on how sensitive the person you're talking to is. It's the internet, making any comment about the things people do, no matter how true or common, is the fastest way to earn a rude title with an "-ist", "-ism", or "-phobia" at the end. Incidentally, yes, it is a bit girlish to me.
  • Perhaps he meant gay as in happy, colourful or cheerful.
  • It screams 'Elton John'...
  • Master Pimp?
  • Crunk Cap
  • 710 current bid
  • Why? Any taste?
  • Er, for a good cause? Or are people on this site so jaded they cant see the value in this?
  • Ain't that the damn truth. Nothing can just be cool and exciting anymore. I miss the 90's when we where amazed by all of this.
  • A Swarovski crystal is what? Sounds like a gimic to me. My partner disagrees with me by the way. Nice helmet though, would suit Daft Punk.
  • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swarovski
  • It's not a gimmick. It's a famous gigh-quality crystal
  • I would love to see the giant rock you live under
  • Not sure I that was directed at my comment... I am well aware if the brand. But the whole "crystals" bit sounds like something from a shopping channel. Each to their own. Incidentally, I am not a fan of diamonds either. ​
  • Crystal is specially made, lead-glass - that's the definition of the word, when used in this context. It's not crystalline in structure, despite the name. Ever heard of a "crystal chandelier" or "crystal glasses"? It's all made from the same type of glass. Apparently crystal has been made since 1674, and Swarovski since 1895. Perhaps I overestimate what is common knowledge these days
  • That's umm....something. On one hand it's pretty and on the other hand it's a guy's helmet and it's.... pretty. My feelings are mixed. :-/
  • Are there not female Spartans?
  • Seems to me there are females now but this is still Chief's helmet. It's iconic. I admire the work that went into it though.
  • It's not the chiefs helmet it's a the standard helmet for the mjolnir mk7 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I will take your word for it. My knowledge of Halo is limited.
  • Regardless of what it is, it should sell for several thousand in my eyes. Guess time will tell.
  • Nice gesture, but not thought out well. Two very distinct markets.
  • A guy walks out with that on the battlefield, enemies know not to mess with him!
  • It's so fabulous that it would blind anyone who set their sights on it.
  • Looks like something Elton John would buy sparkly and tacky.
  • If a spartan wore that he would enjoy the teabag Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • For the person who has everything....I dont have everything, so I dont need it....but, think it's a little "tacky" looking but, that is just me
  • They should have used emeralds instead of Swarovski crystal. Seeing as Swarovski crystals are completely valueless as a precious stone.
  • They're not buying it for the gem value, but the design & craftsmanship (plus only one made). IMO it would be a gratuitous waste of emeralds, but I agree they should've made it green.
  • It's the actual helmet worn by the flamboyant brigade.
  • Seems to be off sale now...
  • This is so tacky and awesome and flawless and fab. i can't even deal. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. Sashay Away.
  • Well, it was pulled; wonder why...
  • Wow, Daft Punk should have this!