Your Angry Birds for WP7 update: They're looking into it

For those of you who are very anxious to get Angry Birds on Windows Phone 7 (see this forum thread), the developers of said super popular game, Rovio, have chimed in on the matter. Kind of.

As you can see above, in response to the question of them making a port for our beloved phones, they said "We are looking into that, nothing to announce quite yet".

It's almost sad that the above quote is news-worthy, but darn it all if that game is not in high demand by people these days. Now stop asking already!

Source: @roviomobile

Daniel Rubino

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  • Rather have a Halo game, some devs these days seem to have let thier success go to their heads. If they feel the money of WP7 users isnt good enough, good for them, no need to beg anyone for just one game. Companies like id Software bringing Rage to WP7 would be more of a priority, I should think.
  • I'd like to see angry birds ported to WP7. That game is pretty addicting. Halo would be cool too, but wouldn't that type of game be difficult to play on a touch screen? Or more specifically, without a controller?
  • I feel you bro a halo game or GOW in some form for Wp7 would be much more welcomed buy for the wp crowd, yeah angry birds is fun, but if making profits seems to be a choice for Rovio they can keep the game. There are always better alternatives.
  • Hell yeah! GOW!!! Now you're talking!
  • I demoed this angry bird game on the iphone, played 5 levels and got bored. I also played Cut the Rope which a lot of people seem to like, no replay value once you beat all the stage unless you are one of those that need to get 3 stars for every stage.