News Reader

There are several apps on Windows Phone that let you keep track of news or topics of interest. Which one should you download? WPCentral forums member, sguy156, needs your input. Let him know your favorite news/RSS reader for Windows Phone.

A few apps have already been mentioned in the responses:

  • Weave – One of the oldest and most popular news reader apps available
  • NextGen Reader – A fast, clean, and supports both Windows and Windows Phone. It also connects with Feedly.
  • Phonly – A third-party Feedly app that looks great.

Forums member, Clodderes, also mentioned Magnify, but feels it's slower and that it uses a lot of data. Everyone has his or her own favorite. Which one is yours? Head over to the forums and let everyone know.

QR: Weave

QR: Nextgen Reader

QR: Phonly