Zer01 - all WinMo, all VOIP, all the time

If you're looking for a cheaper (and contractless) plan and live in an AT&T coverage area with a solid 3G signal, this may be for you.

MVNO — that's Mobile Virtual Network Operator — Zer01 is piggybacking on AT&T's network and is using, get this, all Windows Mobile phones. That's because instead of doing true voice calls, all your talking on Zer01 will be done via VOIP — Voice Over Internet Protocol — al la Skype, Vonage and the like. So, like we said, you're going to need to be in a good AT&T 3G area for this to work. But the best part? No long-term service commitments. You can bring your own phone, or purchase one.

The unlimited voice and data plan costs $69.95, and you can pre-order now at Zero01Mobile.com.

Via Engadget

  • It says everything unlimited... what about text messaging or picture messaging?
  • This works over GPRS and EDGE, not just 3G
  • When it is fully ready to go it will offer the first truly unlimited voice/data/texting/internet No Fees | No Taxes | No Roaming Charges | No Contracts It will be everything that the current carriers are not. For more information on the plans, coverage and phones visit http://www.buzzirkmobile.info
  • Hmm that sounds neat. I have heard of this but have never seen anyway with the service. I use Voip (ViaTalk) at home for my Voip setup.