Zomato snags filters for bookmarked restaurants and more in latest update

Popular restaurant discovery and rating app Zomato has snagged an update that, while relatively small, packs a couple of new interesting features, including filters for your bookmarked restaurants and more.

Here's the official breakdown of what's new in Zomato

  • Introducing filters to help you manage your Bookmarked Restaurants.
  • Leader boards for Bloggers and Foodies. (selected cities only)

Zomato has been getting better and better lately, with the previous update to the app finally adding listings in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, and including a brand new design. While today's update may seem minor in comparison, it's sure to be welcome for those with large lists of bookmarked restaurants or who want to see what their local bloggers think.

Thanks for the tip, Arpit!

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Thank you Zomato. Yummy.. One of the apps having strong WP support..
  • One of the best apps in the store.
  • I really dig this app. I still use it concurrently with Yelp!, but that is going to change real soon I think. :)
  • When in India...oh wait!
  • Along with your country!
  • I simply life this app :)
  • Life this app??
  • Laugh out loud?
  • He means, he simply "liked-ed" this app.  :)
  • Absolutely perfect. Any update to this app, big or small is always appreciated.  I'm so glad that we have it, there was a large void in the store once Urbanspoon pulled their app.  I'm glad that Zomato's purchase of Urbanspoon brought this app into the store, and I love it, but if I had one request it would be to bring back the spin option.  It was my wife and I's sort of roulette of where we are eating.
  • A very useful app while I'm in Metro Manila, Philippines. Outside of that, it's useless. Make this available in Saudi Arabia as well. :)
  • Version 6.5 has been stellar so far. Design, functionality and speed of the app are top-notch.
  • Just installed.  Really, Really Nice. I think it just replaced Foursquare.
  • When will zomato order will arrive for windows?