Ad hoc 3: Xbox One and the state of the living room

Take a bunch of tech geeks who also happen to get their game on, power them up, put them in front of mics, hit the record button, and what do you get? Another impromptu episode of hardest core casual podcast on the system. Join John Siracusa, Guy English, and Rene Ritchie as they talk all about the just-announced Xbox One, how it compares to the kinda-announced PS4, the perplexing Wii U, and what's left for Google and Apple in the TV space.

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Ad hoc 3: Xbox One and the state of the living room


although the xbox one focuses on everything, think about the last time they spent more than like 3 minutes at an iPhone announcement talking about how awesome the phone calls are.
i rather enjoyed this quote:
"maybe that path leads to a dead end, but... they're on it!" haha
anyway, was interesting to listen to this! (i'm not making fun of it above, just commenting =D)