Alleged photos of a mid-range Lumia 830 appear for your viewing pleasure

WPDang Lumia 830

It's expected that Microsoft will release a number of Windows Phones this year (as well as X), but we could be looking at a Lumia 820 replacement to bolster its mid-range offering. Photos have been published on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo, showing off an unannounced Lumia device which WPDang believes to be the Lumia 830. We're not sure how real (or fake) these images are, but the pictured smartphone appears to sport an aluminum frame with a polycarbonate rear, much like the Lumia 930, and it looks pretty snazzy.

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What's interesting to note in the photos is how the unnamed handset features capacitive buttons, as opposed to on-screen alternatives. The rear camera cover looks an awful lot like the Lumia 1020, but it's not likely this device would come with a 41MP camera if it's indeed a mid-range entry. Details are scarce, but it's a pretty device to look at, especially if it were in green or orange. Take this with a grain of salt, folks. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Weibo, via: WP Dang


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Alleged photos of a mid-range Lumia 830 appear for your viewing pleasure



Front and side of this is actually looking like Nokia XL (5 inch device).

Hopefully this is not as think and heavy as XL (XL is 10.9 mm and 190 g).

I acctually liked the front of all the X-Line. At least there is a camera button.

I could imagine this is a camera-focused mid range phone like the 720. Would be great if it would offer the same camera module as the 930, but all the other specs in midrange area (720p-sceen, Sneapdragon 600 or 400).

This would be the perfect phone for me.

820 released nearly 2 years ago and its not really high end. It has WVGA display (480x800) and only 8GB internal memory. It looked like high end because Nokia priced it very high. Thats why it failed badly.

720p display become the norm for mid range devices this year. Moto G, S5 mini etc.. all have 720p displays which are low to mid range price wise.

Don't forget it has all the same internals as 920 and a really good camera. 8GB built in storage is on the low side but it does have microSD slot, which for some people (me included) is actually a better deal than internal storage only.

True. Great phone. Damn fragile and heavy though. Mine broke for the 3rd time (in case, and screen protected). So, a nice trade in program for 820 owners IN PORTUGAL any time SOON would be great. :)

Interesting as I know someone with an 820. a car hit him (a drunck guy was driving) while he was talking on the 820, the 820 came out with few unnoticeable dents while he had a few bone fractures.

Failed badly ? It's doing (and still doing ) great in many European countries like Germany and France (see adduplex). Atbthe time of its release,  WVGA was 2nd to HD as the HD was the highest back then. So please don't speak or compare out of context. 8GB was good to many and now with WP8.1(install apps to SD cards), it's better. The 820 was a 920 minus the pureview camera, hd display and builtin wireless charging and it was priced well accordingly. I recall it was priced the same as an s3 mini (this one was an utter failure)

720p is low to midrange price wise????,, maybe moto g is the exception,  but the s5 mini and htc one mini 2 are priced the same as a 930 and higher than a 1520.

Lol!!!.. I have a 1520, and I don't think it's all that big... But, I guess I mean big compared to the last 820, and for a midrange device... It does look kinda big, doesn't it?

Oh yeah about mofo time too!!!



Could be the rumoured 5" 720p device mentioned in the AdDuplex blog.

Doubt that. 730 could be the 720p device that will compete with Moto G. But yeah this could be 720p too but I am more leaning on a higher resolution.

Doesn't WP8.1 support qHD now? I think that would be a sensible step-up for the L730 compared to the L720

It's not unfortunately - still the same 4 resolutions as 8.0

qHD support was rumoured in January but there's not a single mention of it in updated 8.1 developer documentation.

qHD windows phones are very dumb. They are either scaled up from WVGA with the edges painted over, which looks worse than WVGA or scaled down from HD, which is slow. I think the 730 will be a 635 with a 4.5" 720p display, an MSM8928, 1 GB RAM, flash for the back camera, a front facing camera, a proximity sensor, and an ambient light sensor. I do not think the camera will be upgraded, since it is supposed to be a 620 successor, not a 720 successor, which the 830 will be.

They both have a similar shape, but, as written in the article, this has an aluminum frame, just like the 930. The XL's cover is pure plastic (or polycarbonate)

I hope this is real and I hope it releases very soon! Need a new phone and I'm looking to get a mid range phone.

I am sorry if i offended you. But even if i did, that does not make me a racist. I work for an international company, and i get to work with different nationalities every day. Chinese, French, Usa, German, Koreans, you name it. I know better than to discriminate people, and all of them i worked with will tell you i am not racistic in any way. I am sorry if people ever discriminated you, but i have nothing to do with that. All i did was state a fact. Compared to most Chinese, western people are just more robust.

Now can we all just relax and enjoy the fact that wp is growing and new devices are showing up without calling each other names.

Incredible in delay as 930 is. You barely will see it on Christmas, it will end up available world wide in January February. By that time the Vegas show will come and MS will brag about a space rocket device that will launch in summer ( lying ofc because it will launch in late autumn).

I'm hoping for a November release. They could announce it September. But yes, they have form for announcing things way too long before release.

I think this is related to how long fcc testing takes something they tended to not account(thing needing to be corrected) for in the past

That sounds about right... They need to turn their clock back a quarter, or two.. Then MS will be in sync with the rest of the industry.

Nokia already slimmed down the Nokia 808 Xenon for the Nokia Lumia 1020.may e they coul put the psrts side by side. 6" device could have a slimmer 41 MP camera. The OIS module needs a new design though.

That phone in picture is sutely not the Lumia 1030.

I certainly hope not! That'd not only make them dreary and ugly, but incredibly uncomfortable to hold.

They should stick to the Nokia design language.

That's a combo I could enjoy! I love my 920, haven't seen anything that's not a compromise yet.

Damn ! This phone looks awesome to me......especially the camera....i don't care if someone likes it or not but I just love these kind of cameras.....

The logo is there on the 920, 930, 620 and I think almost ask the other phones except the 1020.

Which is why I wrote "ALMOST".


I didn't write "ask" though, I wrote "all"...but WordFlow decided "ask" sounded better. And I was in too much of a hurry to proofread it.

It should have 1 GB RAM, 1.5 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 400 processor, 8 GB Built-In memory, SD card Slot, 12 MP PureView camera with Flash that can shoot videos at 1080@30fps, 1080p Screen, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with Nokia Clear Black display, LTE connectivity, 1.2 MP (720p@30fps) front facing camera, Removable Battery, 4.5 inch screen, proximity,gyro,compass, SensorCore and all the other sensors.
I'll gladly but it then.

You just summed up my next phone.... hopefully it is exactly this and on Verizon. A micro SD card is a must have feature for me. I've had my 822 for almost two years and I'll get an upgrade soon. Could this be the one? Personally I could go for these specs with a 5" screen and possibly 16gb HD instead of an 8. Either way, I would buy this phone you described.

I'm thinking something similar to this. Except I expect it to have a Snapdragon 600 and a 720p 5" screen. The picture could just be throwing me off, but it definitely looks bigger than the 1020 and 925 that I have. The rest of those specs sound right in line with what an 830 should be.

I really hope this is true, my 820 is brilliant and was hoping for a successor.

Wish list 10mp, 128 sd card support up to class 10, 16 gb Internal memory, 2 gb memory and 2.2 quad core processor.


You obviously have no idea how the Lumia numbering is done. 1st digit is the position in hierarchy, 2nd digit is the generation and last digit is the variant. So, between 630 and 930, the first digit implies, the 630 is a lower end than 930. The second digit implies we are in WP8.1 generation (in 920, the 2 implied the WP8 generation). And between the 630 and 635, the last digit implies they are variants of the same phone.

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Was a joke buddy, but thanks for that info... didn't really know the reasoning behind the numberclature before, other than the 1st digit.

All I wish and hope is... It has a memory card slot... for God's sake Microsoft ... NO??? ok for Windows Phone sake?

It seems like an Imaging Flagship, as there is no bottons either way except a dedicated camera button as we seen in windows 8 device mostly for camera bottons....

wp could use midrange!
im trying to find a sweetdeal for my brother, he doesnt want to pay 500€ for his phone..since its his first smartphone.
but the xhoices are limited!
or 92€ for 520, 140€ something for 630 or above 300€ for 920.

why cant he get a 1gb ram device between those? (i count 920 as top model, cuz i lt was one!)

Compared to the 820 and past Lumias the design is really clunky/blocky. Why can't they give us an evolution on the beautiful 620/820/920 design instead of these boring bricks? 720/925/1520 were also good designs.
The smaller 1020 style camera hump is interesting but only if it's justified by actually being 41mp.

I think its L730. But its not look like unibody design. Changable back covers and non removable battery like L1320, so memory card slot and sim slot under back cover. Camera 8+ MP and have a wide lens. 5inch hd display with 1.4+ ghz snapdragon 400 processor with 1 gb ram. 8 gb internal with 128 gb expandable. Wish to have huge battery like L720. And it will be my 2nd wp phone.


Why would anyone fake a mid-range Lumia? If they were wanting some hype, surely they'd choose an iPhone 6 or something? This is real :)

Nokia / MS are already quite late in updating the mid-range offerings. There should have been 725 and 825 in market since the beginign of this year. But never late than never. One more thing that struck me in the pictures was the size of the phone. If it is indeed 830, I am already pretty excited as I own 820 since the day it was launched in India

For those who can't see a hardware buttons they are all there look closely . That guy is covering them wit his hands. Volume . Lock. And camera button.

Okay, a few things that i would like to point out. 1. In the first picture, the upper right-hand corner has some lettering on it, most likely saying NOKIA, b/c it is too short to be something like Microsoft.
2. In the second picture, in the lower left-hand corner, you will see a capacitive button, placed in a spot where most Windows Phones have a capacitive camera button.
3. In the final picture, (this is purely how I see it) the edge of the screen looks to be raised up off of the back plate. This could just be a) how the picture was taken or b) how I am looking at the picture.
Any feedback or thoughts on what I'm saying? Thanks.

You're 1 st point is correct as you look at the high res images in the source site you can see 'Nokia' clearly.
2nd, yeah there seems body colored camera key as it is a bit of camera centric phone.
Not clear with 3rd point.

Looks like a fake to me. Given they can fit the sensor into the 930 without a 1020 like camera bump, I highly doubt they would need such a camera bump for a mid/high spec phone such as the future 830 which is likely to have an 8mp sensor possibly recycled from the 920/925.

another horrible designe with a huge bezelz stop making nokia Lumia 930 designe and start making sum like nokia Lumia 925 plz

Give me a L725 with 1 GB RAM, and I will not change my phone for entire lifetime. I loved my L720 so much, even after losing one, I will buy another one. 

2gb of ram 801 processor sd card and 2300 to 2600mah removable battery will do fine, taking off the pureview feature of 930 will make the phone midrange as they did before on 920 vs. 820

It looks nice, i hope it has atleast snapdragon 600 soc or 610/615? And at least a 720p/768p display and 1.5gb atleast. 

I think this device is kinda ugly.
I hate the camera and this looks like an 5-inch device, and I don't like phablets.
I currently own the Lumia 820, and I really hope that this will not be the new version of it.

it seems to have taken the beautiful curved edges of the 820 and added that to the scraight sides of the 930.  Looks pretty big though.

830?! That makes no sense, this device has a camera hump, why in the world would a mid range device have a camera with a big enough sensor to have a hump? This is much more likely to be the 1020 successor. Hope so

Is this just me or it looks just awful and I believe it would be better if I haven't seen this news.

This smells fishy. The picture quality is terrible for a 920. Then there's the Nokia logo there that Microsoft no longer has the right to use. Then we've seen this housing months ago.
It could be the 830 but it's most likely an old build of it... Actually, it may even be an old build of the 929/930.