Microsoft's planned surprise today was indeed another Android smartphone dubbed Nokia X2

Microsoft recently teased today's announcement, which turned out to be the X2 – the next-gen Android-Microsoft hybrid. When Microsoft purchased the hardware and services division from Nokia, it was responsible for not only the Lumia line of Windows Phones but also the Nokia X. It's worth noting this launch since Redmond appears to be sticking to the plan to attract consumers through Android hardware.

The device itself has a LCD display, which comes in at 4.3-inches, complimented by a 5 MP camera (with LED flash), 1 GB of RAM, 4 GB internal storage (with microSD expansion), Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor, and Bluetooth 4.0, all powered by an 1,800 mAh battery. The company has continued where Nokia left off by adding more services and changing things around to both provide a better experience and make everything look and feel like Windows Phone.

With the X2 out of the way, we're sure many of you are looking forward to see what Microsoft has prepared for the Lumia family of Windows Phones. What do you make of Microsoft's X hardware?

Source: Microsoft

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Nokia X Software platform 2.0 not coming to Nokia X devices.
  • first generation Nokia X will get the update sometime this summer according to Nokia
  • The update is rolling out now,according to the Nokia page :)
  • where do you see it? i can't find anything relating to this news.
  • Because of the necessary hardware upgrades, the Nokia X software platform 2.0 won’t be available on Nokia X, Nokia X+ or Nokia XL. However, more updates will be coming to further improve the experience of those devices in the coming months
  • hate to ask this but.... where you got this from?
  • look at the end of the article
  • Thanks. :D Sounds like the first of the many trolls to come from Microsoft Mobile. If they really mean what they says then I think I knows android better than them. The only two hardware differences are RAM and physical key, neither isn't a limiting factor in upgrading from 4.1 to 4.3 in android. AFAIK they just need to tweak some settings in between in the low ram limit (when the system will clean some ram) and button mapping for things to work. Saying unable to port 4.3 to Nokia XL is just plain bullshit, I've even seen Samsung S1 running cyanogenmod android 4.4. *My family owns a Nokia XL, myself L1020
  • just as wp7.5 is being supported :P
    they hv again left out early adapters  
  • Their not the only ones HTC dropped support for devices under 512mb of ram when jellybean came out
  • "Support" and Android rarely breaking in the same sentence without a negative modifier.
  • Holy fudge they did not do it!! Its great when compared to first gen x.....the software godness...great job Microsoft and nokia..we need fast lane here on wp too! (sorry hijacking you comment mate)
  • Thanks Micorsoft for screwing up my Nokia stock today. No let's not stop there, why don't you make some damn iPhones. Stick in your ear Microsob!
  • Same day of wp8.1 rollout :) ?
  • Not holding my breath on that one.
  • Dan mentioned wp8.1 not launching today maybe 31st July
  • I don't think there will ever be a "day", but a period. It's not iOS.
  • To be fair IOS only has a few devices to worry about. Windows has so many more variations.
  • You make your bed you lie in it, you don't make excuses for the lumps you put in it.
  • lol
  • What variations? It's the same base OS with known chassis requirements.
  • Different ram, different processors and different brands of phones that also require firmware updates to ensure that there are no issues. That and the fact that phone carriers hate wp, lol!
  • & ms hosts all the updates so they instead of wasting money on extra data centers they roll it out slowly which in turn helps isolating bugs found after initial rollout
  • +925
  • Thats what it says on their page
  • Meh
  • Is this Microsoft's confirmation of putting a nail in the coffin for the Symbian-based Asha series?
  • Asha phones do not run Symbian and never have. The Asha platform is based off of S40. S40 is a different OS than Symbian.
  • Seems faster...
  • I mean, it should be...
  • I love this place. xD
  • I know it's faster but what it is ._.
  • I was waiting for a high end nokia x guess they wont do it
  • That would defeat the purpose of the X series being an "intro" device. Its supposed to serve as a lower cost introduction to MS services to entice people into buying higher end Windows Phone devices down the road.
  • Ahem...maybe Microsoft should start building iPhones. That really show them.
  • Wait, what? After all MS has Google developing Android at some sort, which means the Nokia X may get updates with R&D free and a couple of teaks here and there from MS. Also MS charges all Android OEMs licence fees to use Android, so even with Google developing MS is the one making money. Also it means entry level lab rats to make their Services run smooth on lower hardware, which gives them the ability to make WP smooth and optimiced always. So people end up using MS Services, and them and Google contribute to MS business! Why care about iFunnies!
  • Hahaha
  • LOL iPhones with Live Tiles. That would cause a mushroom cloud over Cupertino.
    Since they have a cross licensing deal with Apple it could even be rectangular with rounded corners. That would burn.
  • Not gonna work.
  • And yet, Windows Phone is faster on lower-end hardware than Android. Go figure.
  • My guess is they will at least release an XL2, just for the sake of having a bigger one.
  • X are basic phone, like windows phone 8 UI + asha, targeted to get more user to change their phone to windows phone, while the first one is awful, but most people buy it, and i hate it when microsoft created nokia X2 just i brought my X last week, DAMN I HOPE MICROSOFT ALLOW TO LET CURRENT X USER TO CHANGE THEIR DEVICE TO X2 FOR FREE
  • just return it, and get this when it comes out
  • Either way, I'm still confused about the reasoning that an Android Nokia would have a more Industrial design than the plasticky look of the Lumia 630 and any Lumia Windows 8 below the 9xx series!! Even my Lumia 710 with it black case has a more premium feel than all the WP8 Lumia 8x & below, Can they at least show some love to those of us on other networks apart from AT&T & Verizon wo still prefer WP over Android?? 
  • Agreed. When are we getting a new premium Lumia  - prefer one that is the same on all US carriers.
  • Welcome addition.
  • Hey wait a minute. X2 was already a Nokia model a few years back. It came with a physical keyboard.
  • Those were called X2-00, X2-01, etc.. This is just X2. :D
  • Totally gonna buy it.
  • Don't.
  • Seriously don't
  • This is far better than 630. I still keep my lumia, btw.
  • Yeah. If this is their entry line, the 630/530 successors should (need) be really impressive.
  • I felt the very same. Because it looks really impressive.....:)
  • Buy what you want.
  • No. What i need, of course.
  • THIS! I buy what I NEED, and not what people tell me NOT TO    
  • its nice and all but  we need more Lumias
  • This ^^^
  • Yup!
  • Can we get fastlane for Lumias (to the left of the start screen)?
  • +920   Please do this Microsoft, looks brilliant [a little link blinkfeed from HTC but who cares?]     -Thought i make this into an uservoice idea;
  • Hopefully there is both teams, Windows phone, and this forked Android will learn from each other.
  • If there are two teams, then the WP team is sure a slower learner.  L63x should have had the same specs as X2 - 1GB, front camera and a flash for the rear camera.  MS tries to use X2 to compete with Motor E.  But it would also hurt L5xx, L63x and all the Asha phones at the same time.  The two teams are beating up each other.  What a battle!  Sad.
  • I think you mean Right of the start screen
  • No, I meant left as is for this Nokia X2.
  • For Fast Lane right
  • No. It is on the left of the home screen. You swipe from left to right to go to fastlane.
  • Fair enough also depends on which hand you are using. All in all seems like an epic feature
  • The multitasking screen looks better than wp8/8.1 too, imo - close apps icon at the bottom in the middle, instead of on the right top corner
  • Well, the close button at the top right seems more Windows-like.
  • I haven't used the close icon since they introduced the swipe down to close.  Much faster than both ways really.
  • I saw that in the video, and thought the exact same thing - the swipe to reveal fastlane should be implemented into WP8.1 UI. Also - WP8.1 could use a more customizable notification center.......beggers cant be choosers though, I prefer MS to Google any day of the week.
  • yes! I hope so
  • Uhhhh.... Yay! :/ With that out of the way how about msft leak more details about the Maclaren, or whatever the flagship is... The one that actually is fully featured, sd card pureview and all the rest!
  • Seriously! I'm dying for a new high end WP8.1 device. They're really dragging their feet
  • Lumia 930 is just around the corner
  • Get an Android. All of MS services is on there. This is not needed. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Honestly, this is so true.   I own a 1020 Lumia, an SGS4 and an iPad Air, and I probably have better integration of Microsoft services (Skype, Office, Skydrive) on the latter two devices, then I have on the Lumia.....that runs on a Microsoft OS. To me, this speaks to a lack of cohesiveness of the multiple divisions, STILL, inside of Microsoft, all with different, sometimes conflicting, sets of priorities. In fact, my iPad has something no other Microsoft device or Windows OS has-----a touch friendly version of Office.
  • Another disappointment thought this day was for windows phone
  • Meh
  • Bah...
  • Lawl
  • Lumia 630: No flash, no front cam, only 512 MB RAM – 125€
    Nokia X2: flash, front cam, 1GB RAM – 99€ WTF Microsoft? I understand this phone started before the acquisition of Nokia. But why can’t you scrap when you can delay/scarp surface mini? Where are the successors for Lumia 820/720 phones? It has been nearly 2 years.
  •  99€ before taxes
  • 125€  for Lumia 630 also before taxes  
  • Spot on. Fully agree. The X2 spec and price should be what the Lumia 630 should all be. The Snapdragon 400 over 200 and .3 inches of screen size seems to be the only spec bump for 630.
  • I agree. Kinda horseshit if you ask me.
  • lumia designer team is stupid
  • There are a lot of other things that cost money you know, seriously?   Lumia 630 vs Nokia X2: SD 400 vs SD 200 8 GB storage vs 4GB Expandable to 128GB vs 32 GB Gorilla glass 3 vs something else  
  • Excellent points.  If flash, front facing camera and a additional 512MB are more important to you than screen size, storage and processor speed then I can see why you might be preplexed.  Maybe that is where a new 53x series comes in.
  • It's just my opinion, but FFC, screen, and flash are the three most important of those features and specs (at least to the less tech savvy consumer).
  • The royalty fees are baked into the design of the 630 hence the lesser specs
  • I've been searching for this comment. Microsoft is giving everyone who buys anything less than 720 the middle finger. X2 packs the features of 820 at the price of 520. It's like Microsoft is placing an invisible tax or premium is WP OS.
  • I hate to say this...but is a beautiful device. Men, I hate android but this device looks pretty. And, for that price...
  • Thought the same thing!
  • Same here.....:)
  • Home screen swipe left this idea I like it!!! Hope Windows phone also has this!!!!! Please Microsoft please!!!
  • I'm trying to be objective about this.. Yet I don't see any point in these devices.. What is this.. Doesn't really seem to make people move to Windows Phone, more like go away.. I don't know. All MS services are already on android..
  • "All MS services are already on android."  You are absolutely right, they are on android, but how many people never change the defaults?  I would imagine that the majority of consumers don't make changes.  The Nokia X has been a sale success in many markets, this bodes well for the adoption of MS services.
  • Yeah I guess that works for people who dont look into it. I sure do use Microsoft services over Google's on my Nexus :) but yeah I use W8.1 and WP8.1 so it makes sense. But still with some knowledge I'd go to a regular android phone over this.. Uh.. Only Nokia naming saves them..
  • So then wouldn't it make sense to get Windows Phone to this price point? Why create an Android phone with a Windows Phone Like UI? You don't have all the power and flexiability that full Android gives you and you don't get the smooth performance and real live tiles that Windows Phone gives you. If Microsoft doesn't own Nokia then this makes total sense, but with Microsoft releasing this phone it only helps to send the message to the Windows Phone Users and developers that Microsoft may be explorer their options and you should too.
  • I get why this is a smart move for Microsoft business wise, but I want nothing to do with Android. That's why I have a windows phone in the first place.
  • Why not release the menu as a menu replacement on the Google Play site like Facebook did with theirs. Run it on your Galaxy S4 and get hooked into Bing, HERE maps, OneDrive, etc without even needing to buy new hardware.
  • And how many did install the so called Facebook Home? I didn't see any around me. And as for Nokia X, I already seen them on action ... In actual users' hand.
  • L630- better processor, new sensor(not everybody uses it) and slightly larger screen with low ram, no flash, no ffc, no proximity sensor, no ambient light sensor.
    X2- greater ram, flash, ffc, more apps, similiar ui bt same price
    Come on microsoft, just tell us ur priority-wp or droid?
  • Microsoft services is their priority.....:) And they are right to do so.
  • If I don't get Windows Phone 8.1 today I'll go crazy
  • The new Lumia 630 doesn't have either a flash led or a front facing camera. That's a pity considering this Nokia X2 has both. I still can't see the point in buying such a phone when there's a lot of budget Lumias and Motorola phones out there.
  • Gross.
  • Waste of money.......
  • Why not just make a high end Android phone lol :D
  • Probably afraid it'd outsell all WP devices sold to date.
  • I was kind of sarcastic, but that might actually happen hah.
  • 8.1 Product Support starting today:
  • Seems legit :)
  • We can't get multiple versions of the Lumia 930 to AT&T and T-Mobile but we can get this? But don't mind me I just use their products.
  • Sheesh...better phone than the 635.
  • Windows phone is the best OS
  • Yeah bro the best user interface
  • Isn't fast lane just like the Zune UI in design and functionality?
  • Hmm the much awaited 24 th June is on...
  • I found it interesting that they said "select the cross" in the video... vs. "tap the x". (when looking at closing apps out of the Fast Lane feature). Is that a regional thing... who refers to the close X as a cross? Off topic I know... but I'm curious!
  • I'm not sure how wide is the use, but I've seen several times people referring to the X as "the little cross", mainly when speaking about Windows.
  • Exactly. I've seen them using this word mainly in how-to-tech blogs, not sure about others.
    PS: People here use cross for "X" more than they use it for "+".
  • Android shmandroid, where's the 8.1 update?
  • Nokia X2 Will Sold out Before BBM for Lumia arive :P ,,
    Why Must Adroid platform ??
    Please Windows Phone Better suport,,
  • I was hoping for no android devices from MS after the D & S purchase was completed. Now how to explain this to those who will try to put a negative spin - "MS is giving up on WP! The X2 is proof!" Bleugh.
  • No 8.1 update today. Don't expect you'll be disappointed.
  • Well we didn't really need a new WP device. We got the great 1520 and soon the great 930.
  • Really???
  • How much price
  • "If you're already in a hole, the quickest way out is to keep digging" Microsoft's Motto!!!
  • Suddenly, I want fast lane on WP.
  • If they don't address their Xbox music issues none of this will matter
  • Steps:
    - Buy an X2
    - Root it
    - Install an Android ROM
    - Install the Google Play Store
    - Download the Microsoft apps There. You have a proper Android with a bigger store, you're still using Microsoft's services and you got rid of that abortion of a UI.
  • Have u even checked out its hands on video...its loads better than the previous.x...and surely far from an abortion of a UI...its like wp married asha and had a baby!!
  • It's more like they grabbed the source code of another operating system and made it look really close to windows phone...which we have like 12 launchers that do that. But it looks good they really made fast lane something desirable and you have access to and I quote "all your favorite android apps"...they mentioned its android...weird. I thought they would say all your favorite Nokia apps or something.
  • Yes I have and I still think it's an abortion of a UI. WP has a nice UI built around the OS. Android normally has a nice UI (TouchWiz, Sense etc don't count) built around the OS. This, however, has an horrible UI. It tries to emulate WP on Android. Which is just horrible. I'd rather they use a different UI without those horrible colourful squares. If they want to emulate WP, they should have placed the apps icons in the same disposition as they are on WP. Not in those weird rows that make it look like 3 gigantic tiles.
  • Yes. 2% of people do this and 98% don't.
  • The other 98% most likely don't read WPCentral nor Android Central.
  • The best phone microsoft, by the clear black diaply, its look like 720p display.. If internal memory 8gb and processor is snapdragon 400 instead of snapdragon 200, the nokia x2 is a beast phone in 10k price range...
  • You should mention 10K Indian ruppees!
  • I think by selling this phones Microsoft wants to gain monopoly over android. Microsoft owns many patents of android mow if they are successful in selling their low end android devices and get monopoly over it then one day google will definitely sell it to Microsoft. MS Trying to play a real strategy game
  • " will definitely sell it to Microsoft" What is "it" in here?
  • I don't get ur comment brother.
  • Boooo!!! Double down on Windows Phone. Stop with these android psuedo WP devices.
    They make Windows Phone free to OEMs and MS is even continuing to develop a non WP platform?!? You own this portion of Nokia now!!! Stop the madness!!!!
  • Can it run Ingress? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • -_- boring
  • X should stand for Xbox. Period.
  • Not while it has Nokia in front of it -_-
  • I was almost certain you won't cover this in wpcentral but androidcentral but a surprise! MS make us rethink everytime you wish to buy WP ..right ? like should we wait for MS's next android phone? LOL!!
  • Whay are they not launching Lumia 638 globally??
    Checkout the comparison between X2 and L630. X2 is more attractive on the hardware basis. When is the next dual sim Lumia coming out?
  • I think it is time to switch to another OS. How long has it been since they offered a mid range device? Once larger Iphone arrives, Microsoft/Nokia will fall even further behind.
  • I agree on that. Apart from mid range, they haven't even delivered 930 to the rest of the world yet...
  • You are absolutely correct in context to high end sector with topic of large screen iPhones. But of apple keeps the price very high for the 5inch screen phone then they are dead again. For eg of,they keep ₹ 80000-90000 for a phone in India
  • Microsoft should offer some sort of discount to those who trades in one of these phones or any non windows phone for a windows phone.
    Microsoft has so much work to do on the 8.1 platform and they're wasting their time with this? Are you kidding me? I understand another company using the FREE Android OS to make a phone look like WIndows Phone because they want to make a low-cost phone and save money on OS license but WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD MICROSOFT DO THIS THEMSELVES?  If Microsoft were really desperate to make a low-cost phone with free OS all they have to do is "not charge themselves for the OS" and slap it on the phone.  Wow!
  • Where are all the WP 8.1 devices?
  • this will definitely hurt the sales of Lumia phones... Windows Phone is dead, long live Windows Phone!
  • How come this " thing " has a quick toggle for data in the menu from swiping down , and wp 8.1 doesn't ? C'mon...
  • +1020
  • I know!!!
  • Nokia X has swipe to the right (not to be confused with swipe to the left to get app list) for recent and stuff. I would like to see some use of swipe to the right on WP8.2 for example a quick sets of utility apps or whatever apps you like to have. I love to put beatiful apps on my startscreen but im forced to put some utility essential apps on start screen also just for convenience.
  • Damn it! Didn't think that green phone will be an addition to the Droid, which should've been obvious though :(
  • Possibly the beginning of the end of Windows Phone Operating System. May have to go back to Apple now. Have quite a bit invested in Windows with Xbox. Have a Nokia 925. Love the phone but dont know which way to go with having to get 3 more phones for the family. Dont want to invest if a few months from now were told Windows OS is no longer. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Wait for mc laren
  • It's "complemented by," Rich, not "complimented by." Anyway, I still don't understand why Microsoft is doing this rather than just making cheaper Windows Phones instead.
  • Kill it with fire!!!!
  • nothing makes me want to get windows phone LESS than seeing its parent company not able to run it on low end devices for fear it won't sell. Is MSFT at war with itself again? what happened to the ONE microsoft?
  • For me Microsoft has to prove they really stand behind Windows phone before I buy a new one and continue on this platform. Luckily Lumia 920 runs 8.1 great... I see mixed signals from Microsoft, iPhone/Android has a much better Skype version, and they pump out new updates all the time. On Windows Phone total silence, Microsoft get your priorities right if you want more Windows Phone customers, kill the Android phone and make Windows phones, you don't need to pay license fees to yourself....
  • Agree, I don't like to mix platforms. Plus the cost to switch is difficult for most. I hope Windows OS sticks around. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I love how this phone looks. Especially that green. I think the same hardware and design+ wp8.1 would make a great Lumia 530 / 535.
  • Waiting for a better version of X!
  • Surprise ??? Nope...its a Terrible Terrible Shock Hopefully its the last in the Nokia X series... MS seriously stop with the pseudo-android crap !! 
    Its actually better than Lumia low-end phones in some aspects like the flash, front cam, fast lane (which I feel is miles ahead of action centre), RAM & battery. Please concentrate on the Windows platform... Moto already have the best android  
  • This is just so incredibly stupid.  People are NOT going to drawn to Windows Phone, etc. by using an Android phone.  Good grief.
  • So MS can have a front facing camera in this so called android low end phone but decides not to on the Wp side. Just freakin brilliant. No wonder WP still lagging behind.
  • That is Nokia's doing. MS is too late to change the specs of 630/635.
  • MICROSOFT OY.. Pushes update for NOKIA CARE & renamed it has LUMIA HELP + TIPS..
    You can see the New version sitting at Version
    By giving General Fixes for it today..
  • Aweso..... Oh wait. Who gives a ....?
  • I don't get these phones at all.  Microsoft owns Nokia.  They wrote the OS.  It doesn't cost them anything to put WP on their own devices.  So why use Android at all?  I am missing the business case here... Sure they would use MS services, but they also do that on WP. Microsoft please stop with the multiple personality disorder and show us you have faith in your own OS. As the saying goes... Actions speak lounder than words.  You tell us that WP is your focus... now show us that it is actually true!
  • They are just dumb seriously. If OS is the problem why WP not taking off then change it and make it similar too the competition. Would rather do that then have to go with an android. 520 did excellent around the world so why could you follow up with more features. Wake up and start making decisions for ordinary people instead of hiding behind analytics.
  • Some of this phone's specs should have come with the 630, but don't pay attention to me
  • Exactly what they needed. Front facing camera, flash . Why invest so much in this android phone instead add specs to 630/635 and make it stand out amongst the low end competition. My goodness is it that difficult to figure out.
  • This one is far better than X probably might buy as my backup phone
  • It's definitely a step up from the original X, but it's still pretty bad.  I mean look at all those lags and lack of subtle animations.  Makes me appreciate the buttery smoothness of Windows Phone.  Also, this looks more like a kid's phone whereas Windows Phone looks more sleek and sexy.  I do have to say that Fast Lane (i.e. Today view) looks awesome though.  Would love if they implemented that as an option on WP.
  • Very nice looking features to me.  On the surface, very WP like - with the additional Nokia added swipes and controls.
  • Looks great, feature packed, Nokia is gonna rule the world once again very soon
  • We want a flagship WP, not some crappy forked Android device.
  • Any idea on price?  I mean it is a full 1 GB phone right?  Why are the 63x variants 512
  • It's the price of Lumia 520 packing the hardware of 720.
  • I got to say, It seems like almost every day this company does something else to piss me off. This was, is and always will be a stupid idea. You want people using your OS, how about stepping up to the plate and giving them something they want at the price they can afford and they will. No reason in the world they couldn't drop the price of a 520 or whatever current low end they have by 10-20% and sell it instead of this. This just smells like desperation. As for this leading people into using Windows and Windows Phone on their next pirchase. I think it will have the complete opposite effect. Think about whenever people make the big "step up" from something to something better. Usually they leave, switch brands, move on. It's all part of the stepping up process. Now you will have people who will associate MS products and services with a time when they couldn't afford anything good. With a time that they had to settle for a cheaper product. They will leave MS products simply due to associating them with the cheaper products they previously had to settle for. I just have never seen a company over the course of a few years, make such horrible decisions across all fronts. I have spent over 20 thousand bucks on MS products, I have converted people, and I have defended them for years. I am about done. We still can't get a flagship released in less than 2 years or on all carriers at the same time and they are getting multiple wanna-be Androids released in 6 months. Pathetic. This company hasn't made a good decision since Windows 7. Products are great, decisions are awful. The XBone launch is a perfect example.Very frustrating and honestly feels like a kick in the face to those of us who have loyally supported them for years. How about this MS, stop thinking. Seriously, they would be better if they stopped thinking about shit because when they do, they screw it up.
  • You are right. It feels like they just keep asking the question, "how fast can we destroy this great company?"
  • Cost/value wise, nothing below 820 comes close. If i were advertising this device as a windows phone competitor, the tag line would be: Nokia X2 - Lumia 820 for the price of Lumia 720.
  • They will never win consumer side with these types of decisions.
    1. Windows name should be replaced
    2. OS is too cluttered if hardware is there and it doesn't sell than problem is the brand and OS. Launching an android device is only going to hurt the windows platform
  • Isn't Microsoft the dumbest company in the world? I'm really pissed about them still caring with the X family and leaving the Lumias behind. We don't have a decent mid-range Lumia phone with Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft's apps are much (I mean MUUUUCH) better on any other OS, they're practically "US only" for now (when US is not near a good audience for Windows Phone) and the growth of Windows Phone system is just slow as hell. I have Windows Phone since the Lumia 800 and I always defended the OS but 3 years later and we're still here, with a beautiful but half-baked system. really disappointed with Microsoft.
  • This looks better than Windows phone and more apps LOL
  • Nokia learnt the lesson, it seems.  There's an upgraded X mobile with 1GB RAM, dubbed as X2.
  • Fast lane is a nice feature, why not add it to windows phone 8.1 so it can also use Swipe from left.????
  • I would buy this for my mom. It's better than 630. My mom wants ffc and flash for skype and damn the selfies nowadays. don't tell me to buy Moto G since it's not available here in PH officially and it's pricier than Nokia on online sellers. Moto e availability can sucks ass.
  • Does this phone have Espnwatch, and HBO GO?