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Microsoft teases possible launch date of a green Lumia or successor to the X

Microsoft Mobile Oy has published a small teaser article on the old Nokia Conversations blog, revealing a countdown for June 24th. Not giving much away, the company teases that "summer brings out our inner glow... stay tuned to Conversations to find out what we've got in store". We're not entirely sure what the company will announce, but since it's green (similar to teasers for the Nokia X), it's possible we'll see an X2 (as previously rumored) or even a mention of the green Nokia Lumia 1520.

It's hard to resist the green Lumia 1520.

We previously looked at why the Nokia X is not only bad for Android, but Windows Phone and Nokia (the handset division, now part of Microsoft Mobile) too. That said, read through our in-depth review of the Nokia X, if you're interested in the family of Android smartphones. Be sure to check back in three days to see what Nokia plans to announce, be it Android or Windows Phone.

Are you waiting for the green Lumia 1520? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Nokia Conversations; thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Android central
  • Nokia x??? Did anyone really buy that crap?
  • Corection : Microsoft mobile yo!!!!!! who is Nokia???
  • I could be mistaken but i believe it's "Microsoft mobile oy". =P
  • Oy means limited. Do you also refer to Microsoft as "Microsoft Corporation" or "Microsoft Co."? I think the "yo" wasn't a misspelled "oy" but the term itself.
  • I actually like "Microsoft Corporation" better. Sounds more corporate lol
  • Seems more corporate... Sorry, couldn't resist!
  • "Microsoft mobile yo" sounds better lol
  • Nokia is still alive. They just don't make phones anymore. They did launch an android launcher and they still have here maps. I think nokia will try to offer services on more platforms and come up with new ones. Also could be chance that they will eventually make a newkia android phone. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • They won't make a "Newkia" phone. Come 2016, if they make a phone, it will be a true Nokia ;)
  • The irony.
  • Could be a green McLaren?
  • You do know that is a false render, right?
    Also, McLaren doesn't arrive until the end of the year.
  • Given Microsoft's habit of 3-6month delays been announcement and release, maybe it could be the McLaren launch in which case that timing would fit for availability being the end of the year.
  • Fingers crossed lol
  • Oh come on, it wouldn't fit on an Android blog either. This is not Microsoft nor Android, it's an abomination.
  • I'm personally hoping it's not another X. But, well, yeah.
  • I'm hoping that too... Pray it's a green 1520 in 5"...
    Am i asking for too much?
  • Yes. Because at 5" it's not a 1520, it's something else.
  • It's an Icon / 930 ;-)
  • Hmm... Okay they can cut on some features but at least keep the Glance and a SD slot... Would be just perfect device for me.
  • Lumia 931 at 5 inches.
  • Well if its 5" its not a 1520... But since I have the same wish as Gautam Kabiraj... I will just rephrase it... "All the 1520 Goodness in a 5" package"... The Battery, The Glance Screen, The Memory card slot, + all the Flagship Goodness.. in 5 inches....   Thats my dream Lumia..... Hope at least Microsoft Mobile Oy makes that a reality...
  • Yes!!! That's what i want! I can consider if the battery capacity is a bit lower though. That'll be the best device of the year! But it'll be a big challenge for Microsoft if they see the way we do... They may come up with something like that in future but delivery in "demand and time" matters ;)
  • @ mike_msfan: Yes, this is the dream mobile + they have to offer both green and orange color. It is a perfect choice.
  • Idk why they made them so big. Plus both exclusives. They need to make 1 phone and release it on all 4 carriers. Phone should be 5 inches or smaller. Also waiting for the nokia lumia 1020 successor, right now I am with android using galaxy s4. Really like customizing it and rooting but a 41mp camera really makes me want to switch. Only thing is lack of apps! When businesses, colleges, schools, etc. Have apps to use and you don't have them it makes it really hard to access there information. I have a lumia 925 I am selling, thinking of getting used lumia 1020 to try out camera. If it doesn't replace my primary phone I can atleast use it ad a camera. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Lack of apps? Like what?
  • Blackboard, candy crush, google chrome, play music, minecraft, heads up, lack of quality apps. Really if they get blackboard I could try to live without google chrome. Also alot of toys, and other things are not having wp support. For example this tag on kickstarter requires bluetooth LE but wp doesn't support it. I just feel like I have to make a sacrifice to switch to windows phone. I don't want to. Took me a couple weeks to adjust to android and so many android phones out there that are completely customizable. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Nokia already enabled Bluetooth LE with Lumia Black update. There are clones and alternatives for candy crush and minecraft. UC Browser on WP8 is actually very good. Not sure about play music.
  • Even if some rare clones might be better than their more successful brethren, they lack the social aspect of playing the same game as your friends. P.S. It's kind of worrying that the biggest money makers on app store aren't on WP
  • Blackboard - what? candy crush - crushed your ass. google chrome - google hate microsoft, they wont produce it to wp8. play music - what? minecraft - ask mojang team for it. heads up - what? lack of quality apps - nope, only you think it is
  • Oh, major thing, no printer support for epson printer. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Don't think its a 1520. It's the X2. Nokia India also retweeted the original message hinting no hopes of 1520 and possibility for a X2.
  • Yeah,hoping for a lime-green 1520.Just being realistic here but would Nokia cause excitement just for a phone launching in a new color? ;) I think we are looking at a successor to X series sadly :(
  • Microdroidkia
  • turducken
  • Anyone tried Nokia's z launcher?!well..they're Developing for android now! Great!
  • That's a different "Nokia" which are left from Microsoft's purchase.
  • That's the ONLY Nokia. The real Nokia. Microsoft doesn't own anything Nokia. They just took their D&S employees who are now Microsoft employees and nothing else. Microsoft Mobile is Microsoft's phone branch and it's the one that was made of some ex-Nokia employees. But it's not Nokia. Otherwise Jolla would also be Nokia.
  • Microsoft owns a very large chunk of what was Nokia. Its not called Nokia now, but it was a few weeks ago.
  • And it's not Nokia now. 
  • You really need to keep this as in your clipboard to cut and paste. I've seen you correct people so many times on this.
  • He's kind of a prick, right?
  • Microsoft bought the best part of Nokia, wise move.
  • Hi I'm John, a PM for Z Launcher here at Nokia. Hope you like it :)
  • Lol at the Nokia x...its been awhile since wpc randomly posted articles on it. i hope it is the green 1520. I wanted the green one and I now got my Pikachu yellow one.
  • The yellow is awsome
  • Too true! Love my yellow one also. That said, that green... that green!
  • Aka mucous green
  • I'm curious why Microsoft Mobile isn't being used instead of Nokia. Is Nokia the brand used as the event sponsor? Just curious here. I'm just wondering when MSFT will stop using the Nokia name on new events.
  • Microsoft didn't use the Nokia name. Rich does because he still hasn't learned the difference. Or he is just too lazy to learn it...
  • In the photo, you can clearly see the website name: So there's going to be some overlap until Microsoft figures out the branding.
  • My guess is if it was already in the pipeline before the acquisition was completed they had to finish it. Marketing and development, ECT.
  • It wont be as fast as that. You can still see websites of nokia phones when you browse.
  • Wpcentral had an article about this last week, MS will still be using Nokia branding on the products and marketing until early 2015 as they haven't quite sorted out the branding yet.
  • A countdown for just a new colour variant of an extant device? I don't think so. This being said, more colours would be welcome :)
  • Cyan :(
  • I wanted the green 1520, too! But I always wait too long for the next best thing so I just went and got a yellow one. It's nice but if the green comes out I may be tempted to sell my yellow to a friend or something ;)
  • I hate the X Series! This is clearly something that was not needed.
  • Agree.
  • Agree
  • But I'm pretty sure there was a Nokia X2 device I had it it's not a smartphone, can they announce new phone with old name ?
  • lol I thought the same! Good old Nokia X2 :D
  • Now that you mentioned it i remember, I had a classmate who had an X2-01... It was a QWERTY keypad s40 series phone, good piece of hardware for such a low price...
  • It was better than blackberry curve
  • Agree 100%
  • Plus isn't windows phone 8.1 supposed to launch on the 24th. Probably is the Lumia model
  • It's the official support of WP 8.1 beginning on the 24th. The launch date will be different for different carriers, phones and countries. Although the non-carrier models will receive the updates first.
  • I gather you mean MS Mobile?
  • Hold my hand to gain more powers.
  • The author seems to be concerned or might be praying for green L1520... Lol
  • I'm praying! I'm praying!
  • Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!! I hate green
  • Whats all this envy ? lol
  • Your 'e's just broke the website and travelled to the end of universe..We had to scroll sideways to meet the exclamation marks at the end of it. :D
  • 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  • Bug alert :D
  • Quit acting like a child & delete your comment.
  • I reported that with a fix, but they don't listen. Keep them coming until they fix it! :P
  • You broke my wpcentral app.
  • No kidding.
  • It's impossible to resist to the Green 1520. I wish It will be possible to change my black shell to a green one.
  • Pretty sure you can if you go to a Nokia care point!
  • Microsoft, not Nokia. Unless its already 2016...
  • +1
  • DJCBS: how old are you exactly? Mentally I mean
  • Personally am hopping that this is a hint for rollout of Cyan (8.1) update on Lumia devices seeing that Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1's lifecycle officially start on the 24th June 2014
  • cyan seriously?...hinting cyan with a green something photo?
  • ... Maybe the green is Colorblind-Friendly Cyan?
  • Greeeeen is the New Cyan.... hehehe adding to the confusing exitement. Hope its a Lumia worth the wait.
  • This is the roll out day for Windows 8.1  
  • No, that's when WP's official support starts. The actual release for older Lumias will probably be in July.
  • Its got to be about the green 930
  • I love those glow in the dark thingies :-)  
  • This is Microsoft Mobile. Stop calling it Nokia, Rich. Haven't you learned yet? Nokia is a separate company working on other things, including Android launchers.
  • Ohhh cmon...did you read the agreement of branding of the company 18 mos for Lumias, 3 years for Asha and X models, 10 years for feature phone...before it change to MS Mobile...still Nokia until the specific timelines
  • I read it, you didn't. Microsoft does NOT have the right to use the Nokia branding except for S30 and S40 phones. The right they have to use it on Lumia devices is for MARKETING of existing devices only.
    So, no. This is NOT Nokia. It's Microsoft Mobile and should be called by what it is. Nokia is an independent company.
  • Technically, if this is an ad for the green 1520, that would be an existing device. So by your explanation, Rich's use of the Nokia name would not be incorrect.
  • Heh, true. But it is incorrect through branding as Nokia as a company isn't making any new hardware. While a confusing transition, in the wise words of Ballmer: Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft!
  • It will still be announced by Microsoft Mobile. If it is a 1520, the phone is a Nokia, the company announcing it isn't.
  • While true, the terms changed since the first time. The phones will be called Nokia for the foreseeable future.
  • Feature phones will. Smartphones will not. And at any rate the company making the devices that say NOKIA on them is called Microsoft.. There is a real Nokia and I work there (on the Z Launcher)
  • Yes we are an independent company. DJCBS is right 
  • I specifically looked in the comments section just to find your comment.
    I was not disappointed. :D
    (they do need to stop though)
  • Yah, DJCBS is the man!
  • Oh, believe me, I do indeed know the difference. Always have. We continued to use Nokia (as did other publications) and have only recently transitioned fully to Microsoft on said coverage. Old habits die hard. I've rectified the article. But I do appreciate being called out on, need to strive for perfection!
  • Great. Now be more careful next time. You're still quite prone to calling Microsoft Mobile "Nokia" and saying that Nokia is now Microsoft.
    I'm glad you strive for perfection. I'll be around to make sure you don't slip again, mate ;)
  • Wouldn't have it any other way, DJCBS! My day would be boring without you! :-P
  • Who gives a flying fuck!! Surely I don't.
  • That ugly shade of green is the Nokia X green. The Lumia 1520 green is darker than that. This is a Nokia X teaser.
  • Ahem ahem..correction..This is MS X teaser
  • That's actually the dual-shot Lumia 620 shade of green (yellow and green/blue together), and I quite like it. The Nokia X has a much darker shade of green
  • Isn't it too soon for an X successor? Even for an android phone. It came out like what? Four month ago. Could be a new Lumia , don't they have one in the pipeline? A US inbound one?
    Also could be the Green 1520 ... With 8.1 & Cyan preinstalled
  • From all the articles Daniel and co. Posted, Nokia stated that there may be many more coming in the family of different sizes. Akin to how we have various Lumia. It does seem a bit too early for a successor but then again android is known for it so who knows.
  • Yea, could be.
  • Waiting for 1520 on Verizon...
  • Why don't just Nokia make themselves a GREAT Android Phone?
  • Because Nokia can't make any phones till 2016.
  • Because Android LAGS ?
  • Wait until 2016. They can't release one before that. Until then, if you have an Android phone, you can Alpha test their Z launcher ;)
  • I have a Tab Pro. I can't install that. I want to though. I have a Windows Phone but the pacing is really slow. I'm considering other platforms again. I'm not bored but I'm frustrated that a lot of my daily apps doesn't get updates or are very subpar. I'll be with y'all until next year until my contract is up but if Microsoft gets their shit together, Imma stay since I'm too in love with the interface and fluidity.
  • The Z launcher only works on phones for now and not all of them (rooted devices don't run it). It's still in Alpha though so plenty of time.
  • Technically we call it "pre-beta" but yes we have much to do there. It is an exciting and hopeful time at Nokia now 
  • Because they'd be in the same situation as HTC is in. Blah blah, blahblahblah. Go ahead, ahhsk the internet
  • That video.... with Dan sipping an Apple martini in the back!  lol. Thanks Rich...
  • could it be a new Lumia?
  • But i love the Z Launcher...haha
  • It must be Nokia X2. I've received that information on a China web.
  • Are there any numbers about nokia x market share/ sold units...?
  • Probably only when Q2 reports come out. I don't think they did yet. But judging by the sales in China alone, I'd wager it did well in emerging markets.
  • Shit hate Android man! My bro brought new htc Android phone mine Lumia525 we both exchanged.. Couldn't live without windows even for a day! Android suckss!!! So laggy.... Funniest part is in Android you can pull notification centre only wen u in home screen :D holy crap!!
  • dont talk crap. i have both a lumia 925 as my main phone and htc one m7 as a backup. My m7 never acts "laggy" so stop lying.
  • Higher specs compared with a mid range. Dude HTC ones competitor is 930 and 1520
  • How about Moto G then? I have one. It is as smooth as a newborn baby buttock.
  • Actually, if you rub both of them at your face at the same time, you'll find it might even be a bit smoother.
  • What HTC Android phone? Could you be more specific? Notification bar can be pulled from anywhere just fine on all the HTC phones I've owned (One S, One M7, One M8), and all of them are blazing fast, especially those with Sense 6. Posted via WPCentral App.
  • It's the 1030 :)
    Powered by a environment friendly fuel cell that last for a year before refill :P
    Therefore the green
  • Obviously that's Nokia x successor, green Lumia 1520 doesn't have the shiny green surface.
  • I hope it's a new line for the Lumia 820/720, for Windows Phone 8.1.
  • I totally agree with the writers at Android Central. Nokia X is bad for everyone. It'll just frustrate people and push them away from Nokia and Microsoft services. Better off separating another Windows Phone low-end family and keep "Lumia" for more high end phones. Nokia X running Windows Phone and you know if you want something good, should'a got a Lumia.
  • Is yellow a dead color now?
  • It would be nice if it is an announcement for 8xx Windows 8.1 phones.
  • Am I the only one around here, who actually likes the X-series?
  • Me here...... Solely because of what it did with Google and its services.......
  • No, me too.
  • Isn't that the launch date for WP8.1? A green 1520 would make sense.
  • Yes,but only for the support. The actual release for older Lumias is probably in July.
  • They need to have a pink lumia. My aunt bought the lumia 900 because it was pink. Now apple has a pink iphone 5c so alot of people will buy that because of color. Her upgrade is coming up soon, I told her about lumia