Android users can now download the official Windows Phone Central app

For those of you that carry more than one smartphone you'll be pleased to hear the Mobile Nations family now has a new app addition - Windows Phone Central for Android. I'm sure its pretty fair to say that most of us will have friends rocking an Android smartphone - so send them over the below link and get them introduced to what Windows Phone Central has to offer.

They currently may not know what they're missing out on. 

As you would expect, users will have access to all the latest news as well as our forums - meaning for a well rounded Mobile Nations experience straight from your smartphone.

Along with the Android Central app this is the fifth application we've now brought to the Android platform - along with CrackBerry, iMore, and Smartwatchfans. But don't forget that if you're still a die hard Windows Phones user you had better make sure you have our own WPCentral app installed. 

Hit up Google Play to download the Windows Phone Central app and spread the word. 


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Android users can now download the official Windows Phone Central app



someone should start counting the users. Per my supreme math above, if we get more than 100 people, the percentages won't work anymore :D

I LOL'ed because i read the percent comments of pepcok.
And I'm still laughing :-)
Relax, I'm a Lumia 920 owner and not a droid :-)

And also just like android it provides choices (although not as extensive, still better than the same design since 2009)
Also its not a complete lockdown, it allows regular stuff like memory expansion, Bluetooth file sharing, industry standard ports and the brand name of Nokia has more dependable legacy than what isheep worship

Just opened the door for petty Android sheep to come troll.. Oh well, I'm sure the good Android fans will outweigh the stupid... Lol❕

Well, so far it's with 4.9 out of 5. I guess Android fans aren't as intolerant as you paint them ;)

You should go to the comment section on Android Central. The biggest part of the comments are positive ones. You can stop with this prejudice now ;)

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I have both android and wp device, but from my experience, almost all Android users hate wp. When I bought ATIV S everybody was like: omg trash, you should have bought s3, ms is dead, wp has no apps and games, android is best, there is not and there will never be better os than android, android is perfect, you wasted money,....

100% wir¡th you. People keep telling me  I should have bought a galaxy instead of my 920. They also say that windows phone ui is ugly.

Yep, went to look for a L1520 with my wife like 3 days ago and stopped by one of those mobile phone pagodas that has multiple carriers and I asked if they had any available. I got the "oh.....you want a windows phone........yea...we don't have those."

Not me... I'm an original wp user , from my old Samsung focus to my lumia 920, but I'm on my Nexus 7 right now.... I love both platforms for different reasons! And am very happy to now have wpc app on my nexus7

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Well I'm happy to say this Android, Chromebook, and Tablet user is also a owner of a Lumia Windows Phone, and happy I can get my WP info on my Android devices.

In reality, windows phone users hate android... Android users are actually quite tolerant of windows phone. The only thing they dislike is lack of google services. Also, they are excited about Nokia Normandy. They are a lot more open minded.

Why, exactly? I can understand not wanting to use it, but "hating" it? Surely, you have better things to do with your time, than "hating" an operating system?

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This is a Windows site not just WP site. I may dislike WP but I love Windows 8 on tablets, laptops and desktop.

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Yaay! Just switched to Android 2 weeks ago! Glad I'll still be able to easily keep up with the news :)

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I know but he has nothing to do here anymore. One of the things that I personally love about windows phone is that in this place we are like a family, and together we see how this operating system is growing.

I hope you're one of the smarter Android fans... If so,,, we'll be alright... If not,, oh brother.. Lol❕

Lol, we're good. I'm a fan of technology, period. I strongly believe that it's silly to hate or dislike a person, because of what operating system they prefer.

Think about it: only over the internet does that happen. In actuality, we all have a friend or two or more that use a different operating system than we do. Do we treat those people differently? I sure don't.

So, yeah.

Ugh. I just tried this on my One X and it's just such a more beautiful and faster app than the WPCentral app on my Lumia 1020. And the Android app is free! If Mobile Nations is developing these apps themselves, then they should do it for Windows Phone as well, for FREE, like it is on Android.

With the header and the status bar at the bottom, plus ads, and you get next to no space for actual content. I have no problems paying. I just meant that this Android app looks plain superior to our app in every way. Let's hope the WP app steps it up.

Jay works with WPC not for them and its his app. I'm sure when WP market share grows they will pay him for it or make a new one. Ether way when you drop $0.99 your supporting Jay

Exactly. Besides, its unfair to call the app free with ads. It is missing quite a lot of functionality in the free version, so its more like a feature limited trial.

Android version lacks, let's see...Live Tile, Lockscreen support, push notifications, Live Tile and native support for sharing

But yeah, otherwise, exactly the same experience (eye roll)

Live Tile? Seriously? Those are platform specific features. No app on the Play Store has Live Tiles, not one out of the million. And if this app has widgets (i'm sure it will if it doesn't have it now) then it automatically has lock screen support since you can place widgets on the lock screen.

The WPCentral app on Windows Phone does NOT have push notifications. It's a 30 minute polling interval.

Daniel it has bloatware, which can only be removed by 2% Android users. Rest 98% does not know what actually Android is.

Live tile. Yeah but in android u call that widget and u do have that with the WP central app on android. Lol

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That last eye rolling bit was absolutely unnecessary. We would get your point just fine without the douche remark. 

The current Windows Phone app very much follows the Windows Phone design standards; the Android app follows Google's design standards. 

We are talking with Jay (the developer) about bringing the existing app in-house.

Does that mean that Jay won't work on the app anymore? Jay can't leave! We need him for the podcasts.

but the is still doesnt fit in WP . the animations arent supposed to be there and the icons are just ugly. wp central better get one of those DVLUP design consultations for their own app.

Today one of my friends bought a Nokia Lumia 525. She switched from Andriod to Windows 8. I passed on the link of WPCentral so that she could get news of all the latest stuff happening on WP.

Lets see if I can refer some of my Android friends to WPCentral. :)

The available trial is ad-supported with only the video section, live tiles, toast notifications, offline reading, wallpapers and the podcast player disabled, all other features are accessible.

Yeah, so people aren't really missing out on much if they're too tight to spend a dollar. I don't use any of those features, and I paid for the app!

Then why don't they think the same for android ? why do they make it free for android ?

And it's not about using the features, it's about having them. Android users have them for free, are they too tight to spend a dollar ?

I have it on my Note 3. It's good to be aware of all mobile news and open to all platforms.

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Is $.99 really that hard to part with? I know you might not think so, but developers do deserve to be rewarded for quality work like the WPCentral app.

Had no problem paying for this app, AND I have live tile with notifications... :P
Posted via WPCentral app for the real thing

I bought the Wpcentral app for my Lumia 920, but live tiles are not working :( - I am using Nextgen reader to read WPC updates

First try the following steps :

1) Disabling WPCentral in the background tasks.

2) Un-pin from the start screen

3) Restart your phone.

4) After that open the WPCentral app and re-pin the live tile.

If the above steps do not work, then uninstall and re-install the app again. Hopefully it shold get fixed up.

I tried everything - unpin from start, reboot, start again and pin - no luck. Reinstalling did not help too; and I can't see wpcentral in the background tasks list. But when I click on advanced in background tasks, it says "these apps can run in the background, and you may not be able to block all of them". I can see wpcentral is greyed out in the advanced list and can't change any settings for it there.

EDIT: If it's of any help, I am on lumia black - only bought the WPC app after updating to black; so not sure if it's a problem related to the black update.

EDIT 2: Oh man! I figured it out! There is an option to turn off/on the live tiles in the settings page of the WPC APP. It was off by default - I turned it on and BAM! Live tiles are a go!! Even has the option to custiomise the color and update style of the tile! Thanks everyone for the help. Maybe it would help to mention that live tiles are turned off by default in the app description.

Its only just launched for android so know one can complain that they paid and others didn't because they cant. I guarantee people will complain that they paid for the app on windows phone and its not fair others don't have to pay now

I really wish that Mobile Nations would create a unified app instead of these fragmented apps representing each site. With their current road map, they'll have to create 4 different apps (possibly 5 to include smartwatchfans) for 4 different ecosystems, resulting in 16 different apps that they'll have to manage with updates and improvements. Why not just create 4 Mobile Nations apps, one for each ecosystem, and have each app contain everything a user would need to navigate through each of the Mobile Nations' sites and forums? That sounds like such a better idea all around!

It is on the roadmap for this year.

We have not decided if we are going to leave the site specific apps up once the unified app is out. Having each site's app is great for discoverability (people searching the stores), but yes a pain for maintenance.

I think you should leave separated apps and add a unified one. That way those who go across all platforms get use a unified, and those who only care about one or two of the platforms can have their apps more exclusively tailored for their needs.

As long as the need to maintain the many individual apps doesn't impede on improvements and feature developments towards the apps, I could agree with the idea of keeping them in their respective stores. My argument to unify the different sites into one app for each ecosystem was mainly motivated with the idea that each unified app would then be more polished and feature-rich compared to the use and maintenance of many individual apps. I wouldn't want Mobile Nations' ability to improve their apps be hindered by the extensive amount of man hours needed to maintain the individual apps.

Wow thanks!!looks fantastic on my nexus 7! Maybe we can get a better/prettier/faster app for our wp8? And free? How does that work? Lol

Using it right now, very nice first release. Of course WP8 version is nicer and more complete, and I kinda hope it stays that way

Posted with WPCentral for Android on Asus Transformer Pad

Please, Daniel, that's your problems? I can barely get to my front door since I have to climb over large piles of money. Don't bring that poor nonsense here!

He is bitching over 99¢ about a app MN's did not make. Its Jay's app.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Fact that people "bitch" about something doesn't mean you should disrespectful to them. People( including myself) like to bitch about stuff, if you're going to run a site like WPCentral, you should be prepared for stuff like that. 

Now I may be wrong.. but pretty sure one can have a smartphone and bitch about anything one wants... Nah I'm not wrong :)

One that drive Mercedes don't bitch about gas prices because they would look like a tool. One springs for a smart phone that cost more then a flip phone then bitch over 99¢? That makes one look like a tool. So bitch on my friend

It's not always about the money, I've bought a ton of Windows phone apps worht over 99¢ , I rufused to buy the WPCentral app because I don't like the design. ( I dislike apps with black backgrounds) 

Anyhow Dan's snarkiness ( is it even a word ? lol) is something I noticed a long time ago, if you haven't noticed just check his inteaction with commentors.

Daniel Rubino being an Editor-in-chief doesn't all-of-a-sudden make him perfect. If users are allowed to constantly "bitch," then editors should be allowed to be snarky.

If you don't like it, you can move to another site. You ALWAYS have that option, brother.

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No , he doesn't have to be perfect but he should learn to show some respect ,  even if people make "stupid" comments . As an editor-in-chief, he is supposed to be better than the average reader. 

no i dont hear your ROAR of your engine of your Lamborghini but i hear the ROAR of Katy Perry in my Bedroom. ;-)


Agreed, Jay would make it far superior to the Android version of Android Central as its not nearly as userfriendly as the WPC app on WP8.

That's a nice phone, my coworker took my advice and bought one and she enjoys it.

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Just because you "hate" Google doesn't mean that Android users "hate" Windows Phone.

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So excited its here for me to read! I usually use the website or feedly for my wp news but this is much nicer :D

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Looks like Mr. Rubino is pissed of with comments on WP free for android users but not for its own platform. Hahaha.