App server log shows Windows Phone 8.1 being tested

The developers behind the app Love Wallpaper HD just found some interesting entries in the server log of their app, and it's about Windows Phone 8.1 (codenamed "Blue").

The screencapture above shows four devices running various versions Windows Phone 8.1 caught by Love Wallpaper HD's server. Their OS sub-version numbers range from 12073 to 12102, however there's no mistaking what "8.10" means. XDeviceEmulator from Microsoft is obviously not a real device. Nokia P4301 is one interesting item though. According to the server log, the phone has TWO different resolutions: 800 x 480, and 1280 x 768. This could mean either the device's resolution is somehow adaptable, or "P4301" actually means an array of testing devices inside Nokia.

Anyway, it's great to see Windows Phone 8.1 being tested. If the OS update is already in a functioning shape, the final release can't be too far away--though rumors of a late 2013, early 2014 may still hold true. With a bit luck, maybe the majority of existing Windows Phone 8 devices could get it before the New Year's Day?

Source: WPDang


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App server log shows Windows Phone 8.1 being tested


considering how far windows phone is behind android and ios, one major update is not enough and this should come before end of july for windows phone to gain some real traction.

its true that windows phone is a step behind everybody else. but don't forget that Microsoft is primarily a software company, don't under estimate their real potential.as of now, they arguably have the most stable mobile OS amongst all. (least popular but more stable) I think now after finally get to the NT kernel on Phones, they are more focused on competition and gaining market share. Windows 8.1 is a step toward the right direction. 

Could be I mean were seeing the larger tile size on Windows 8.1 and Microsoft has been making all their software identical these years

Yeah that's actually the definition of "concept". It is not real... So no need bothering to say it's "fake", because nobody told it was reality. 

I hope MSFT improves a lot its current OS versions 7.8 and 8.0 'till the next big step later this year or in early 2014

Its just a comment, I had a thread about it with link to article soemwhere on the forums, but I closed the thread because were getting iggnorant sayin that the concept doesn't look metro at all...

An 8.1 update by the end of the year?!  Am I the only one who thinks this is way too long to wait for an update to an OS that is still playing catch up.  Don't get me wrong.  I love my 920 but I hate the fact that it's stilll missing a lot of things.  You know what I'm talking about...

I am guessing that they'll release it either with Windows 8.1 or when (For Lumia Phones) the Amber version gets released.

Before WP 8.1 there will be 1 or 2 minor updates that will add some features and improve some things.
A major update (about) each year is perfectly logical, certainly in this case there is a small delay (I expected to be issued at the end of the year), but I think we will find that it is justified by an attempt to align the development between Windows and Windows Phone

Are people really that desperate they will believe the most amateurish fake I have seen in years? Why don't you just take a photo of a piece of paper with 1080P printed on it since it would be just as meaningful and take just as much effort? As for the phone image, that would require use of Photoshop for about five minutes. This doesn't even merit rumor status - just a really bad joke. Oh, as per Microsoft, Blue is the Windows 8.1 update.

I want a dev beta =(
They only ever did it for Windows Phone 7.5 update & nothing else; I have a dev acount that has been unused since then lol =P

It's been a while microsoft has released any major upgrade.. I think 8.1 update for both Windows and WPhone is gonna change a Lot of things! It's gonna be Legendary!! :D