AT&T teases Nokia Lumia 900 with new "Coming Soon" page

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As if the world is watching, AT&T just threw up an official "Coming Soon" page for the Nokia Lumia 900. The page doesn't have a street date nor pricing but does feature the main selling points of the device including the ClearBlack 4.3" screen, Carl-Zeiss camera optics and the "stunning" look and feel of the phone.

Combined with today's earlier news of an April 9th street date, it should be obvious now that AT&T and Nokia have given the green light for this device to launch in the very near future. We expect more news of the coming days so stay tuned.

Source: AT&T, Thanks, Shelby M., for the heads up!


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AT&T teases Nokia Lumia 900 with new "Coming Soon" page


Just stop. I just said in the last article like this that T-mobile will be refarmimg their network to support a wider variety of phones as well as increase coverage.

At the moment the refarming doesn't really factor. For one, Tmo said it will be done over the next 2 years, not much help now. 2nd, not every area will be covered, just areas where their coverage is currently weak. 3rd, ultimately this is at&t device which means updates will be released at the pathetic rate as previous ones. Tmo is deploying the latest update, at&t as usual is lagging behind.

I used to think that Tmo's refarming would be an answer to the lack of bigh end WP devices but on closer examination it probably won't. No point highlighting that every time someone calls out Tmo for their current lack of a high end option.

They said all areas would get it, 2 years is fine which means it should be noticeable in some areas by then. There already seems to be some work being done on the towers near me because my phone keeps switching to the one in the next town over and back.

Awesome... Awesome and awesome!! :-)
Dan, are you planning on getting an unlocked one? Or do you recommend one on contract?

I been using a broken Focus for about a month...patiently waiting for tis phone. That day can't come soon enough!

OT:  If you didn't vote, be sure to vote for the WPCentral app over at Nokia Conversations.  The WPCentral app is currently trailing in votes.

And the 8, 3 & 1 on the Live Tiles add to 12. Perhaps 12 (2012) and also 8+1=9 (Monday) and 3+1=4 (April). It's probably a silly coincidence. I gotta stop.

Yeah I saw that too... Probably the morons in marketing. They probably think that since facetime only works over wi-fi that video chat on all devices should only work on wi-fi.   EDIT: Then again, it could also be a CYA statement so that when their network can't keep up with your video chats, they can simply point to their scroll of asterisks and say "Yup, video chat only works over wi-fi!"

I wish I knew whether the Titan would be getting the Tango update or if the 900 will have it preinstalled... if no and yes, I'd be inclined to make the switch. If yes to both, it'd be a hard sell, but I'd definitely consider a black 900... so sharp looking! :)

Now how much is this going to be off contract?
That is a pretty nice web page they set up for JUST the 900, lots of info. That black version looks hideous compared to all the colored versions. After years of black phones we some damn color!

Cool. I'll pick up one of these for now and then switch to a gen3 phone in a year. Hopefully we get most (if not all) of the Apollo updates on this phone.

We reported on this during Mobile World Congress: no white at launch. Nokia has offered a white version to AT&T and AT&T may opt for it during a "refresh" for the device later in the year if the phone provides to be popular enough.

Dark Knight Rises version for USA please.... Don't know why Canada would get one while the USA didn't. Unless they're just getting a free ticket incentive with it.

I just moved to new place, 5 miles from where i used to live, and I can't make any phone calls, its a dead zone, I have TMobile, they told me they have no plans to expand, I an ending my contract and switching to AT&T

I really want this phone, but I also want the Apolo upgrade. I wish MS would just give us the information on which phone generation will get the update.