Awesome Lock updated in preparation for the World Cup

Awesome Lock

Awesome Lock is popular Windows Phone 8 lockscreen app that allows you to customize your Windows Phone lockscreen by adding news, weather, currency exchange rates, Facebook notifications and more to your lockscreen.

The app was recently updated to version which adds a handful of performance improvements and bug fixes but most notably adds support for pinning news and scores about the 2014 FIFA World Cup to your lockscreen.

To add the World Cup updates to your lockscreen you will need to go to Awesome Lock's Home Page and scroll to the bottom of the add-on choices until you see the "add content" button bar. Tap the button bar and scroll down until you see "FIFA World Cup Brazil", tap that listing and go back to the Home Page and the World Cup option will now be available to add to your Awesome Lock lockscreen.

Awesome Lock World Cup

Awesome Lock was already a feature rich Windows Phone 8 app and adding World Cup scores only adds to the app's appeal. There are two versions of Awesome Lock available. The free version does have some functionality limitations with what or how much you can place on your lockscreen. The pay version does have a trial and a $1.49 price tag. Both versions include the World Cup feature.

  • Awesome Lock Free - Windows Phone 8 - Free - Store Link
  • Awesome Lock - Windows Phone 8 - Trial / $1.49 - Store Link

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Reader comments

Awesome Lock updated in preparation for the World Cup


I swear USA got to the semi if not quarter finals last yr. People don't recognize how good USA is even when they do good. Lol. (not from there btw, Spain I my team, backup whoever is interesting)

Saw USA v Mexico in the WCQ, game was absolutely nuts. However, when they lose I'm going for Ghana and Ukraine (since Shakhtar lost in Champions and Europa)

Ah rats I didn't see it there when I got a notification on wpc I only scrolled down two or three articles, sorry about that lads!!

If the update includes posting scores on the lock screen, that would be cool!  But it sucks that awesome lock only updates every 30 minutes.  Shouldn't matter anyway, soccer scores move very slow xD

I bought and used this app before, but the FB feed never seemed to update correctly so I stopped. Wonder if it's less buggy now.

Installed free version and tried to enable the FIFA addon but was told I had to pay $1.49. Your review makes out that its free when it appears it isnt?