The Windows Store has never been short on weather apps and offers a vast range of Windows 10 apps that cover everything from basic forecast information to a more in-depth meteorological analysis. There are no-nonsense style apps that simply present the core conditions and others that provide information in a more vibrant, eye-catching style.

This genre of Windows 10 apps is difficult to narrow down to just a few choices. We have sifted through the Store and have come up with a small collection we see as the best weather apps available. Each brings something slightly different to the table, so let's see what we have come up with.


Accuweather has been a leader for online weather information for some time now. The company's AccuWeather – Weather for Life app edged out similar apps such as the Weather Channel's app and MSN Weather for the amount of content this Windows 10 app provides.


Key features include:

  • AccuWeather MinuteCast: This is a minute by minute precipitation forecasts for the next two hours that are hyper-localized to your exact street address or GPS location. The MinuteCast provides the type of precipitations, intensity and start times.
  • Severe weather notifications
  • Unlimited forecast location storage -Five day extended forecast -Fully interactive Bing Maps with weather overlays
  • Live Tile support for multiple locations
  • Ability to synchronize forecast cities between devices

Weather conditions include the temperature, a RealFeel temperature, wind speed/direction, precipitation amounts, humidity, visibility, UV index, cloud cover, barometric pressure and sunrise/sunset times. You can track the current conditions by specific location or by your current GPS location.

AccuWeather Win10PC

Please note that some of AccuWeather features do have regional limitations such as MinuteCast that is available for the contiguous United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Gibraltar and parts of the Czech Republic.

AccuWeather is free and available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. The app is ad supported with an in-app purchase of $3.99. You can survive with ad-support, but ditching the ads gives this app a cleaner look, helping it shine brighter.

Download AccuWeather from the Windows Store

Appy Weather

Appy Weather

Appy Weather is one of the cleanest looking weather apps available in the Windows Store. Navigating around the app is fast and fluid, taking full advantage of the panoramic design the Modern design affords. Forecast information is presented in a more personal nature, not only offering the nuts and bolts of the forecast but also how it feels. For example, if it is brutally cold out today tomorrow's forecast might add that it will not feel as cold as it does today.

Appy Weather

Key features for Appy Weather include:

  • Forecasts for today, tomorrow and the upcoming weekend
  • Seven day extended forecast
  • Severe weather notifications
  • Live Tile and Lockscreen support

Current conditions are abbreviated to display the temperature, a general weather pattern (clear, raining, cloudy, etc.) and a 'feels like' temperature. You can extend this display to reveal additional weather information such as chances of rain, cloud cover, wind speed/direction, humidity levels, visibility, barometric pressure, dew point and UV index. If a storm is anywhere close to your location, that information is provided as well.

Appy Weather does lack a weather radar feature, but overall, if you are looking for a clean looking, easy to navigate weather app to provide you with no-nonsense weather information Appy Weather is worth a try. The app is available for Windows 10 Mobile and a seven day trial version is available to let you try out Appy Weather. The full version of Appy Weather is currently priced at $3.99.

Download Appy Weather from the Windows Store



4Castr is another clean Windows 10 weather app that organizes the weather into panels instead of pages. Navigation is gesture based with swipes up, down, left and right revealing different aspects of the forecast data.

Current conditions offer the basics such as current temperature, a feels like temperature, humidity and more. Swiping down takes you to a 10 day extended forecast that can be scanned by swiping left or right. One more swipe down takes you to a 24 hour forecast that can be filtered out to show temperature, rain, wind and barometric pressure forecasts.


You can customize the live tiles, weather icons, themes, alerts, and even the lockscreen in 4Castr. It has a weather radar feature, but it lacks animation. You can change the map style in the settings (road, aerial or hybrid). Locations can be set to up to five locations or you can have 4Castr follow your GPS location.

Available for Windows 10 Mobile, 4Castr is a colorful, feature rich option for keeping up with the weather from your phone. I just wish the radar was animated.

Download 4Castr from the Windows Store



MeteoLens is a simple, eye-catching weather app for Windows 10 that has been around the Windows Store since the days of Windows Phone 8.1. It was recently updated to Windows 10 and remains one of the more attractive and informative ways to stay in tune with the weather.


Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, MeteoLens offers a picturesque backdrop for your weather information and includes Live Tile and Lockscreen support. Other key features include:

  • Detailed current and hourly conditions
  • Extended 7-day forecast
  • Severe weather alerts
  • Support for multiple locations or you can let the app use your GPS location
  • Multiple weather icon packages to help the app further match your tastes

The simple design of MeteoLens is laid out with your current conditions followed by a 48 hour, hourly forecast and then the seven-day forecast. The detail behind the current weather conditions include your temperature, general conditions (partly cloudy, sunny, etc.), a "feels like" temperature, chances for precipitation, humidity levels and wind speed/direction.

MeteoLens Win10PC

While MeteoLens is a free Windows 10 app to download, it is a time-sensitive trial version. The unlocked version is based on a yearly subscription that is currently priced at $1.49 annually that covers the cost of the weather service subscriptions. Download MeteoLens from the Windows Store

Strawberry Weather

Strawberry Weather

If you are looking for a simple and colorful weather app, check out Strawberry Weather. This Windows 10 weather app delivers your current conditions, an extended forecast, weather alerts and Lockscreen/Live Tile in a bright and wrapped in a vibrant package. The primary pages for Strawberry Weather highlight the current conditions, a twelve-hour forecast and a listing of your favorite locations.

Strawberry Weather

Weather information is on the basic side with Strawberry Weather providing the current/predicted temperatures, humidity levels, wind speed/direction and barometric pressure.

The app has Live Tile support to deliver a quick view of your current conditions and Lockscreen support to deliver a "what to expect" style of the forecast. For example, if the forecast calls for rain a friendly suggestion to carry an umbrella appears on your lockscreen. This is a handy feature to keep you up on the weather, but the support is for the Lock=screen's detailed status and not the background. For many, this will mean giving up Outlook calendar status to view the weather.

While Strawberry Weather lacks a weather map or radar feature, it does have support for toast notifications. Notifications can be set to alert you of routine weather conditions throughout the day or filtered to only alert you to severe weather issues.

Strawberry Weather

Strawberry Weather offers a minimalist design that has plenty of color. The free app is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile with a $0.99 in-app purchase opportunity to unlock a premium feature that automatically adds nearby places to your favorite locations page. A feature that could come in handy to alert you to weather conditions on down the road as you travel.

Download Strawberry Weather from the Windows Store

If you have tried any of these Windows 10 weather apps, let us know what you think of them in the comments below. Even thought Amazing Weather HD is no longer available, there are plenty other quality weather apps available in the Windows Store. Options such as Perfect Weather Universal, NOAA Hi-Def Radar and Weather Hound. If we have overlooked your favorite Windows 10 weather app, feel free to toss out your recommendation in the comments as well!