Clock Hub will now tell you the weather too on Windows Phone 8.1

Clock Hub

Earlier in the week, we brought to your attention a new app called Clock Hub. Its sole purpose is to be pinned as a wide Live Tile and to tell you the time, akin to HTC’s Hub app. With Windows Phone 8.1, developers can update Tiles once a minute, hence why this app is kind of news, that and many of you find it useful, including myself.

Today, version 1.1 went live in the Store and it brings a nice bonus feature: weather. The app will now use location services to pinpoint your whereabouts, revealing the current temperature.  It will also tell you the location and a basic, written forecast. Finally, version 1.1 will now also support the more traditional medium sized Tile, for those looking to save space.

What about battery life, you ask? Updating the clock on the app once a minute is not an intensive task. In fact, HTC did this years ago on their HTC Windows Phones with Microsoft’s blessing, so that should tell you a lot there. Regarding weather, the frequency of updates is not detailed in the app, though we’re quite certain it is not every minute, but more than likely once every 30 minutes.

You can pick up Clock Hub here in the Store for Windows Phone 8.1 devices only. Free.

Thanks, Austin C., for the tip!

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Clock Hub will now tell you the weather too on Windows Phone 8.1



Earlier wasn't able to install dis app after a lot tries but after d update I am

App size went down from 24mb to 1mb o_O

Yeah...that initial app size made me think twice and I chose to not install. Will give it another look, now.


I'm proud to say I've never owned an Apple product.  I might as well be living in the Gate's household   (the destitute part of the Gates household that is).

Fela, please update your ask.fm app. Bring transparent background please. I'm a heavy user of the app. I even bought it. Thanks!

Hi. The app is saying that I am in Disney (lol). But I am in Vitória, Brazil. I think this is a bug.

Ah, I can help localize your app for Brazilian Portuguese if you want.

O thank you so much! I really feel so good when developers are prompt with their response. Thank you again. :)

Would it be possible to let the double wide tile render in high resolution? The text looks quite blurry on my L920, I can tell the difference between other app tiles.

It died on my 1020. won't show time or even open. I tried to reinstall or even soft reset, nothing seem to work. any idea?

Fela - I had this installed on my 1020 with 8.1 and really liked it however I noticed when the tiles stop when the screen is not touched the time falls behind until touched again...which I assume is a limitation of the OS and cannot be addressed?

I wasn't having this problem until this update. I hope you figure it out, as I really like the app. What is the source for the weather?

Fela, I have a Lumia 520, it is doing the same for me, though when I first pinned the app to my home screen and was sizing the tile, it showed the time, location and weather correctly.  But once I set the location on the home screen, it switched to the app logo.

Hi Fela.  Appreciate your efforts to get Clock Hub debugged and working again. I'm running a Nokia 920 with WP8.1 .  I was thrilled to find your original app (the only thing I missed from my Android days).  When the update came through, the wide live tile stopped working after a couple of minutes.  Any news on a target date for having a fix released?

I think that the only way to get the app working is using static images like in the first version, so no weather support...

How do I get this weather update ? Its not on my Lumia 630, and there seems no way to update it either. Could you do a seperate Clock hub app with weather for we NOT in US ?

Co-sign. I don't want it for anything but the time so I keep the weather feature disabled.  I still only get the icon.

Same here.
It's a good alternative to the HTC clock ... Since it doesn't work properly with 8.1

My issue is with background tasks and how many a phone can handle before spazzing out and all them stopping.

This app is what I've been wanting for WP since day one... WP8.1 has brought so many things to WP that users have been dying for, and dreaming about, since 2010... I'm loving it!!

"I'm loving it!!" Whoa!  This isn't McDonalds bro!  Windows Phone 8.1 is more like Burger King, because we are having it our way!

Why does every one think every app needs to have a battery meter? There is one in the upper right corner.

Co-sign. I've had it sine the dev announced it in the forums. It works well with the look and feel on my 920. It doesn't seem to conflict with my other apps.

What does Microsoft have against clocks?  There absolutely should be a clock on the Desktop Tile on the Windows 8 Start Screen... and they need to add a clock to the Bing Weather app.  It's really that simple.

I guess this is a good fix until Microsoft comes to its senses on clocks. lol

Those screenshots are from HTC devices. Notice the location of the 'PM'. It is much different from this app.

Its in the same location.
Both the HTC app & Clock Hub use Double Digits for the Hour slot & the AM\PM is in the same spot on both.

Very similar, but the HTC app says "HTC" in the lower left corner just in case you forgot you're holding an HTC phone.

It only says HTC when you don't set a Location ... After that, the City & Weather Condition take it spot

Yea I know, I've been using it for a few days too ... I was just commenting on the Weather addition ... Looks like an exact replica of the HTC tile. That's why I also put " :p "

This font looks very classy to me but the main problem is the live tile, which doesn't work properly most of the time.

Yup, doesn't work well with other apps using Segoe UI like Bing Weather or Simple Calendar...

Its an awesome app.... Windowsphone 8.1 is doing wonders now... Now lagdroid people are like jaw drop when they see my windows phone with 8.1 and I feel like king of the world :D

Well, I would also like to be the king but my L620 lags with WP8.1 . I read that hard reset migh do but I haven't gotten around to try it yet.

It does (and always has) if you Sideload it, which is a simple process. Way more options than this App.

There's an 8.1 version coming soon.

This is cool but does it still put 50 notifications in the notification center every hour? My phone would go off every minute for this app.

I think that was just an earlier version, regardless, all you had to do was go into the Notification center settings, choose that app, and disable all notifications. Problem solved.

Did they stop spamming the rate and review stuff in the action center yet? i removed it because of the 5 messages in 10 minutes :P

As I noted above, all you had to do was turn them off in the Notification center. While that was annoying, the power was always within you to turn it off ;)

I need to give this a try because the HTC tile on my 8X is often off by an hour or two ever since I updated to 8.1. It will update once in a while and then time will stop for an hour or two.

Give it a shot.
I'm using temporarily until HTC updates their app to work properly with 8.1 .

I can't stand my Start Screen without a Giant Clock .... It looks sooooo Lumia ;) nah just kidding .... Just kidding everyone, put the pitchforks down.
Come to think of it, I always had a Giant lock in my home screen ... Even in my old Android days

Speaking of weather tiles updating, I wish Bing weather's live tile would update more often. Maybe not every minute but every 10-15 would be Ok. I just find that it often is way off from when I actually go into the app.

It looks pretty I guess. I see the appeal but I'd rather commit the Live Tile space for something more useful, when I have my time on the status bar, Lock Screen and Glance Screen already...

Exactly. It's not exactly a waste of space but the update provided us with the time already. Weather can be put on the lock screen with Bing which renders the app almost useless.

Maybe in the future the developer will be able to update the app to flip between weather and clock... One side will be the clock and temperature and the other side would be five day forecast and weather details

I installed it a half hour ago. For the first 15 minutes or so all was fine then it changed to only showing the icon on the live tile. I launched the app and now it is working again. We'll see how long that holds up.


Edit: It stopped working again, but I noticed that I am low on battery and this app was not allowed to operate in the background when the battery saver comes on. I changed that setting and it works fine. Now if only I could figure out why my battery doesn't even make it to lunch time since 8.1 :(

Since the update its crashing all the time I cant even open it. Reinstalling didnt help. I have lumia 1020 and Windows 8.1

Great addition to this app.  I feel guilty for grabbing it free with teh continued work on it. 

They really need to have support for Chinese language wp8.1, it crashes upon starting when my UI is in traditional Chinese...

Is anyone having problem with this app? I cannot even start, it crash few second after initial run :( Lumia 920 Poland)

Help! ive updated the app to the new version with the weather included, but i didnt get the chance to try it, the app stopped working, i tried entering the application via the start menu as well, but its crashing at the loading.

what do i do? am i the only one?

using HTC 8X [ since 8.1, the HTC hub stopped updating itself as a live tile ]

I just wish it had more options to the weather, or just show info from current weather app like Bing ect. So far so good, looking forward what next updates will bring :)

Installed, pinned, HTC app uninstalled. My 8X (running 8.1) is now back to its old self. In your face, HTC!

I like the look, but it doesn't use my Township for weather info, bothers me. I'll continue to use Weather(Bing).

Would it be possible to center the clock on the tile. Its driving me insane that its too far up the tile. (hope I'm not the only one) haha. Love ❤ this app though!

Keeps reverting back to the clock icon. Don't think I'm going to be able to keep it. Shame as it was nice for the first few minutes.

EDIT: took the weather off and its been running ok for now.

EDIT#2: Nope. gotta dump it. doers not stay on the clock face, keeps going back to a small clock icon.

FWIW, im using a nokia icon running 8.1. Uninstalling.

They're developing update with firmware for HTC M8? Last update for any app for WP8 was in september 2013... I will change my phone for Lumia 1520 or 930.

On my Lumia Icon (South Florida) the time portion has always worked great. However, it is showing the temperature to be 9 degrees warmer than weather.com

However, the locations are showing individual communities rather than my city.

I am impressed with the micro-geolocating, but it can't be that much warmer 1/4 mile away!

Side note: if you turn off the temperature, it would be impressive if the clock font grew to fill in the space.

With the status bar being made persistent by the 8.1 update, are apps like this honestly even necessary anymore? There's already a clock onscreen at all times... I'd rather pin tiles that ADD functionality, not duplicate existing functionality.

This is one sexy app. And to tell you the truth, I always was jelly of HTC users for their exclusive clock tile. The future looks indeed brighter for Windows Phone app department.

Nice addition, looks cool, but absolutely useless. There is a clock on my glance screen, i double tap it to see my lockscreen. Finally, when I unlock it to see my startscreen there is a small clock in the corner. Why would I need a 4th one? 

Even when I have the weather option disabled I've noticed after unlocking the phone from about 20 minutes of sleep the weather info appears. Then I enter the app and exit, then it goes back to displaying just the clock information, as it should. Anyone else having this bug... 920

I like it reminds me of the HTC app...with the large clock....but it has a delay from the lock screen which I don't believe the HTC one had....its ok

It works great for me, but I'm not using the weather feature. Another plus is Battery Saver says it uses very little juice.

I m unable to install the app on my lumia 720 even after installing windows phone 8.1 preview....it shows its downloading but does nothing after dat..

Love having the HTC clock hub! With weather, it now sits front and center in my phone.

No more need to have a weather app! Love it!

All of a sudden I'm having problems with the live tile switching off the time and displaying the logo instead. Before the recent update the app was perfect....i hate when that happens wish I could go back to previous version...920

Man This crashes on me after The Update. Wont start at all. Just exits. Lumia 920, 8.1. Tried restarting Phone several times, reinstalled. Nope;(

Would be great to have in the early days of my adaptation but I got used to the small clock in the corner. Still, your app looks great and thanks to Microsoft as well who made it possible with their changes.

Yup, same problem, update causes live tile to show app icon instead of time or weather. Took weather off (really bummed!). See if that works.

Once every thirty minutes for the weather function is okay, but what the app and live tile would be more useful and powerful if the enduser could control the source of the weather info. All weather sources are roughly equal, but some sources are more equal than others.

Doesn't work after update. Just shows app icon. Maybe its a bug. Hope the dev does something cuz I really like this app.

I loved this app but after update its non functional all u c is the icon now ....wicked upset ...uninstall untill its updated

There are so many good weather apps... everyone has one pinned to the start...  Why not show the date and perhaps a countdown towards some assogned event from the calendar?


I finally got this app to actually work but sadly it doesn't update properly in my 920 I find myself very often opening the app to refresh the tile, too bad

Town is wrong but close. I liked the old one better. Most of us already have weather tiles. I'd rather you just added an alarm clock function/display and left it at that. It's a clock tile and should do clock things.

Oh, you can turn it off. Never mind.

Been having issues with it on my 1520.  I installed 1.0 and had an issue where it would just be the icon and not the time after being locked for a while.  A reinstall was no help so I deleted it.  I saw this article today and loaded it again.  The clock seems to work fine but I turned the weather portion off because I have Amazing Weather HD on the Start screen and love that.  That and CH was pulling the wrong location.  Now after being locked for a while the weather reappears in spite of the setting being correct.  I really like this app and hope they work these bugs out quickly.

Now it doesn't work. Just get the logo. Does anyone have the old version?

Why didn't MS just make a damn clock tile? Launcher8 has one, no problems.

OK, after a few hours stopped working altogether...just get the icon, no weather no time, especially when I come back from lock screen.

I think overhyping this thing was a disservice to the manfacturer, it was released very prematurely.


initially had some poor stability issues so gaveit one star but since the update had no issues whatsoever. gave it a one star rating now i feel bad because its great and the weather really completes it ... going back to edit my rating ... hats off to the developer