Theme+ lets you create some vivid and colorful backgrounds for Windows Phone 8.1


With the release of Windows Phone 8.1, under the Preview for Developers program, we have seen a number of apps surface in the Windows Phone Store focused on creating custom Start Screen backgrounds. Each app seems to follow the same pattern of having a simple interface and plenty of creative styles.

Theme+ is one of the more recent additions to this genre of apps and falls in line with those that have come before. Theme+ has a simple interface that allows you to create custom designs that can add a dash of color to your Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen.

The interface for Theme+ has a preview of your background image and two colored dots lining up next to it. To change the color pattern, tap on one of the dots to pull up the color palette, which includes forty-one color choices.

Theme+ Screens

Once you have your colors picked, you can side swipe at the preview to change up the design pattern, which has ten options to consider. At the bottom of the screen are two control buttons, one to preview the pattern on a simulated Start Screen and another to save the pattern.

Once saved, you can go into your Windows Phone 8.1 settings under the Start+Theme options and set your Start Screen background image to your Theme+ creation.

Theme+ is another option worth considering to give your Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen a splash of color. I wouldn't mind seeing additional patterns to choose from other than the diamonds/angles though.

Theme+ is currently a free app but only for a limited time (not sure how long a limited time is) and you can find your copy of Theme+ here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Theme+ lets you create some vivid and colorful backgrounds for Windows Phone 8.1


Looks like this article came after a comment by one user about the backgrounds WPC guys use. Or is it just a coincidence?

Yeah I had commented on George's article asking him about the background images he used and he seemed to be using this!

The images generated are high-resolution (you can check by transferring them to a PC, for instance); the problem is that the OS compresses them when applied as a background. It happens with every picture, but some color combinations look worse, for some reason.

Please vote on this thread so Microsoft corrects the problem.

I created a "customisation" folder for this kind of app, together with transparent tiles, transparent icons, polyscreen, etc.
Kudos to the developers who help us beautify our start screens.

This should ve been default in WP8 where you pick accent. Very limited colours out there. With 8.1 when you can set a picture, this app is unnecessary. Very few users are going to use this.

Yeah but I don't want to void my warranty... and I would prefer it with the firmware too including any bug fixes.

I just took a snap of my kid's "building blocks" and it looks awesome.... so never had to use such apps :-)

I want an app that could allow a fully transparent background wallpaper to be visible.Though some apps allow some transparency over non-transparent tiles,still a fully transparent background wallpaper would be awesome.