Custom ROMs for the Touch Pro 2!

It's time, boys and girls. The tireless folks at XDA Developers have released the Hard SPL package for the HTC Rhodium, aka the Touch Pro 2. And that means custom ROMs can now be loaded on the Touch Pro 2.

Now's the time when we tell you that if you're going to be flashing ROMs, radios and bootloaders, you need to take extra care, read all the instructions, and don't blame us if you skip a step that leaves your phone a smoking pile of plastic and shattered dreams. That's unlikely, though, 'cause you're gonna read the directions, aren't you? (And also give a read to our own George Ponder's experiences with flashing ROMs.)

Now, head on over to XDA Developers and get flashing!


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Custom ROMs for the Touch Pro 2!


And now, a bit of a warning to all those who are going to run out and reflash their brand new TP2 phones.

Telus, and most likely several others will be happy to remind you that bringing a phone in for warranty service/replacement with a custom ROM is a reason for them to NOT HONOUR the warranty.

I love the custom ROMs, and NFSFAN made my old Touch (Vogue) do some amazing things but I won't be touching the ROM on my device until there's a way to flash back to the factory ROM -- read: I'm waiting until there's an 'official' ROM update for the phone, so I can flash back to it if I need to service my phone.

As tempting as this may be to try and alleviate some of my GPS issues.

Whoop! Just noticed after the linky --- this HardSPL *will not* work on the newest TP2 devices from Telus and Sprint and any other CDMA-GSM hybrid.

Unless you somehow manage to flash a ROM that is not for your phone (which is difficult to do) it is almost impossible to permanently brick your phone in the process. There is always a way to safety- you just have to know how to fix it. Luckily, there are numerous threads on xda-developers that tell you how.

If they can come out with a Hard SPL so fast for the Touch Pro 2, why does it take so long to get one for the Treo Pro?

can someone give me (more than 1 site) of where i can find a list of cooked roms??? thanx!

You can get android for touch pro 2 at ppcgeeks.com sign up is free and quick and easy. just youtube search this: how to get android on touch pro 2 and there are vids of it. u just download a few files and throw em on the touch pro 2 and bam your done

Hi, yes u can flash it and use android that's how i'm doing mine right now :) XDA best website to help you out. *****FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK.. YOU CAN BRICK UR PHONE IF U DO IT WRONG*****

p.s i have my android running off my sd card. i have an 8 gig card.