E-Plus releases Windows Phone Tango update for Lumia 800

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E-Plus in Germany is currently preparing to release the Windows Phone Tango update to consumers, according to reports. Much like Australia's Telstra, the update is set to hit Lumia 800 owners. "Tango" introduces a number of new features and improvements to the experience, including added MMS functionality and WiFi tethering (depending on carrier restrictions and firmware versions).

Be sure to keep an eye out for any update notifications and let us know when you receive the release.

Source: Mobile Professionals, via: WP7App.de; thanks, Tali, for the tip!


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E-Plus releases Windows Phone Tango update for Lumia 800


Does anyone know if you connect an unlocked HTC Titan to Zune and check for update, will it grab it when available? Same goes for when 7.8 comes out.

Yes, there is also a way in Zune to force it to check for updates... From memory it's top-right corner under "settings", then "updates" (you might have to click on a "phone" tab first).
Instead of manually checking you may also get an alert on your phone but only if you've enabled the option under settings --> phone update.

What do you mean by 'unlocked'? You can be carrier unlocked (means you can use any SIM), or you can be developer unlocked (means you can side-load apps), or you can be carrier unbranded means you get updates from MS).
I have a carrier unlocked phone but that does NOT mean it's unbranded - I still have to wait for the original carrier to release updates.
You can buy unbranded phones, or hack your phone to remove the branding but that requires developer (and root?) unlocking, or use a custom ROM.

With Zune you can try to disconnect from the internet at the right time. However this might prevent you from getting OEM updates like important drivers.

Yeah, that's if you know an update is definitely available but it won't give it to you. At the moment people should just be clicking 'check for updates' to see if it's come through.

i can't understand some people here expressing their joy over being denied something; we need to put pressure on companies selling goods to us, not tell them we're happy they give us a little bit more than bare necessities; some people posting here would probably thank Microsoft if a new system update wiped half of their apps away saying they now have more space available...