Extreme sports film maker, Claudiu Voicu creates impressive video using the Lumia 1020

Nokia handed a Lumia 1020 to one of the world’s top extreme sports film makers, Claudiu Voicu. Heading to the freerunning Red Bull Art of Motion event in Santorini, Greece Voicu managed to record some footage on the Windows Phone. The end result with everything pieced together is nothing short of incredible. See for yourself with the above video.

There's a lot of action captured by the device and we can clearly see some of the features available on the Windows Phone utilised to create some awesome effects. That said, this is how we all commute to the Windows Phone Central office. We just don't promote our freerunning due to our coreography being superior to professionals.

Source: Nokia, YouTube


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Extreme sports film maker, Claudiu Voicu creates impressive video using the Lumia 1020


You probably stumbled as a kid also, but as a kid it doesn't matter. You don't even notice. You just get up and keep going. I remember having a permanent scab on both knees, but can't think of how that came to be.

I saw a clip of this on a Pakistani news channel a few days ago. Didn't know it was shot using L1020

I presume the start of the video was not filmed with a Lumia 1020, given mine can't focus on anything that close. (I'm not a photography genius -- is that related to the focal length of the camera lens?) It's these kind of exceptions (and Nokia's past history) that really erode my trust of these "on a 1020" videos.

With the lossless zoom, I imagine they were a couple of feet away or a bit less and still got the shot. Of course, people will always doubt.

@Rafael if the video was focused from further away, and then cropped in, it is entirely possible that it was filmed with the 1020. Plus if you manually focus you should be able to get pretty darn close. Automatic setting might be a bit harder.

There are few comments about the slow motion stuff. Well I can say almost surely that they used twixtor. First of all there are no fast slowmotions but only still pictures that slightly move if you know what I mean. Second, I see slight artifacts around moving objects.

I might be wrong, but I noticed the fact that the video was shot with the Lumia 1020, and some parts of the video are high speed shots. Is that a hint for some high speed video recording app from Nokia? As far I've heard, the 920, 925, 928, 1020 cameras can record video up to 180 fps speed in 720p, the only problem is the whole app integration to really achieve it, and some healthy storage space, since it would be recording a lot more. Or was that just some editing with intermediate frames rendering? Hope it was some early hint for all the good stuff Nokia will bring next to GDR3.

Which will come first, GDR2 for ATT 920 or Amazon selling the 1020 for a penny? This will determine which one I get.