Fan render of proposed Nokia ‘phablet’ makes us yearn for new hardware

Nokia will get into the tablet business. We’re pretty sure of that as higher ups at Nokia have said as much in the past and even CEO Stephen Elop mentioned about the “opportunity” being there just a few weeks ago here in New York.

The only questions that remain are when and what it will look like, to which we have no leads or even guesses.

That hasn't stopped the folks at ProductShowroom from taking a stab at the concept with their recent device render (translation: this is all completely 'made up'). They’ve decided that Nokia should go the ‘phablet’ route, a new mixed term for really big phones that are basically mini-tablets e.g. Samsung Galaxy Note.

For the record, we really hate saying 'phablet'. 

The Nokia 1002 is a proposed 7.5” phablet with a quad-core 1.8Ghz CPU with an odd 1800x900 resolution and runs Windows 8 OS, not Windows Phone 8. For fun, they’re also tossing in an 8MP camera on the back, 3.2MP camera in the front, an 1800 mAh battery and a cool little stylus that pops out of the body. Speaking of, it’s clearly a polycarbonate design with an inward-curved screen presumably for easier typing.

What do we think? Sure, why not. If we’re playing fantasy why not go full blast with the specs and let your imagination run wild—damn the reality!

Nokia 'phablet'?

Completely made up yet we still want one

Unfortunately, we’re not sure those specs are really doable even with Nokia’s R&D prowess, nor do we see Microsoft allowing Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 to blur so early in their life cycle (that seems more of a Windows 9-in-2015 thing).

But getting to the basics, it does raise some interesting questions. We have seen a few 10” slates coming this year from Asus, Samsung, Lenovo and even Microsoft—but what is the answer for that lucrative new 7” market? Will Nokia offer something in that range? Should it be Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8?

Only time will tell, Sound off in comments on your thoughts on what Microsoft, Nokia should do.

Source: YouTube (ProductShowoom); Thanks, Angie B., for the tip


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Fan render of proposed Nokia ‘phablet’ makes us yearn for new hardware


For my mom who only reads recipes. For my dad who only eBay. For my grandmother who only Skypes. May be useless for me but budget is useful for them.

A phablet needs to run the WP OS. Can W8 RT make calls? not to mention the far superior voice control capabilities in WP as opposed to W8


If it's a 7" tablet, i think WP8 is the best OS! As you said: i want to have all the "phone"-features from WP8! And the thing is: because of the hybrid W8 is trying to do (mobile and WindowsPhonish...but also a desktop-OS) I think the smaller tablets will net work well with W8...

Apple has tried this with the iPad and it is apparent that iOS for iPad isn't as optimized as it could be. Windows Phone 7.5 has proved to be an excellent operating system for a phone because of its intuitive actions and behavior.

Why do you need to make calls on a tablet?
Make no mistake, 7.5" is a tablet. 5.5"-6.5" is a phablet.
Presumably, people who own a tablet also have a phone, so there's no need for phone functionality. Windows 8 is by far the more mature OS. I love WP7/8, but it's not made for tablets at all.

Why? Because a phone has internet capability but is too small. A tablet is the right size but has no internet capability. Smash them together and the phonlet is born! (don't care for phablet) Now you can do it all with O N E device! If they don't want to make one with a MS Surface, then they could just do something like this.

How does a tablet have no internet capability? If you're meaning operator data, then true; but we're talking about software rather than hardware here. Anything above 5" and I want a tablet interface, not a mobile interface; anything below 10" and I definitely want 3/4G data.
So I think at the 7" range a tablet with Windows RT and a mobile antenna would be perfect. Obviously this is too big to use as a standard phone so I don't care if I can't receive calls on it, so perhaps there could be an option to have the operator hardware and antenna automatically switch off when I'm not accessing the internet, kind of like I would do if I was running a data stick. This would give you almost the best of both worlds when it comes to battery life and internet flexibility.

Nokia will definitely make a tablet. Someday. It's innevitable for any hardware company in the mobiel business.
But it's not going to be very soon.
It all depends on how 2013 turns out for Windows 8 but especially for Windows Phone 8.
Nokia is not going to juggle too many balls for now. 
Creating a competitive tablet is not cheap.

Yes, Yes, a 1000 times YES!  This is almost exactly what I want.  This kind of form factor is a perfect pure consumption device.  I don't care what people say about how poor "desktop" mode would be in this size of a device, I'm more than willing to live in Metro/Modern on a consumption device.
The only thing missing from my wish list is an IR light so I could also use it as a universal remote.
I find it hard to believe that MS is not going to address this form factor with an RT device of some sort.  Ballmer did say they were going to compete everywhere.

Actually it depends on where you live, I don't expect the Surface to be released in my country before the end of 2013, if it was released at all.

Between a Dell, a Samsung and a Nokia tablet I would get the Nokia one.

There already buddies with MS so it's a no brainer. They could just add WINDOWS PHONE 8 to a MS Surface and BAM! And yes it MUST be a phone-let (phablet just sounds stupid) They are a phone company so making a tablet just doesn't make any since at all. Nokia benefits by having another device. MS benefits 2 ways because it gives WP8 yet another outlet and does the same for the Surface.

Sorry guys, but I wouldn't even want to be seen with a tablet that looked anything like that. I think if nokia made a tablet, it would be much much much more sleek, because (and i dont thing anybody would argue) Nokia makes some attractive hardware. And for the record, why would any OEM want to put the phone OS on a tablet? (unless it was a phablet-LOL) if we are talking about something that is 7 inches or more, just give it windows 8 RT for Pete's sake! I thing WP8 would be nothing but awkward on a tablet, and putting it on a tablet would completely diminish the purpose of windows 8 being so..... different. The whole point is so manufacturers can put it on tablets!