Nokia Lumia Catwalk

First images of Nokia’s aluminum Lumia, codenamed ‘Catwalk’, have surfaced [Updated]

We have no way of verifying the authenticity of these two images, but it appears to be of the upcoming Nokia Lumia ‘Catwalk’, a follow up to the Lumia 920 that reportedly sports a new aluminum chassis to help reduce the size and weight. The images showed up on the popular Chinese social network Sina Weibo.

No other details were given, but earlier information about Catwalk stated the device as having 4.5” display with an OCTA display, S4 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 16GB of storage (down from 32GB), 2000mAh battery and an 8.7MP OIS camera with LED flash.

Nokia Lumia Catwalk

As a result of the new body, the device is 50 grams lighter (just 132g) than the current Lumia 920 and is supposedly about 2.3mm less in thickness (8.4 versus 10.7mm on the 920).

From the image, we can see that the microSIM door on top matches the Lumia 720's and indeed, it has the same "three dots" on the back for a wireless charging backplate. While moving the microUSB (or is it an HDMI out port?) to the top may seem unusual, we must remember that it is not a requirement that it be on the bottom of the device and OEMs can move things around.

The timing of the device was reported to be for a May 15th announcement with a late June availability. T-Mobile US is expected to pick up the device as well as other international carriers.

Verizon will launch a similar, but non-aluminum device called the Lumia 928 aka ‘Laser’ in the coming weeks.

Update (5:25PM ET): We have spoken to someone familiar with this alleged device who can confirm that it is indeed, accurate. Because of that we've bumped the rum'o'meter from an initial '5' to an '8' (from an early corroboration) to a '10', meaning we have very high confidence in these images. Whether or not they are early or late prototype, we don't know.

Source: Sina Weibo, Baidu; Thanks,  AIKON, for the tip!


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First images of Nokia’s aluminum Lumia, codenamed ‘Catwalk’, have surfaced [Updated]



Why wouldn't they? It's not a spec of WP8 hardware. The microSIM door also matches the 720's design as do the same wireless charging dots on the back.

The hope is that it would become standard on the bottom and we could get some docking accessories at some point. 

Some cool docks would be nice, but windows phones need to push more volume for docks to be really profitable

Hope all you want. I can 100% tell you that it is NOT a standard. Even the 8x and 920 have it on the bottom, but reversed direction.

I was not aware of that.  What a missed opportunity to some day have accessories.  But in reality, everyone is leaving that thinking behind.  Even Apple changed their port which caused issues in this area. NFC / Bluetooth is the future.

Don't you think it's weird that HTC, who uses a side mounted port on pretty much every recent phone they have built, also put in on the bottom? If HTC had a history of putting it all over the place from phone to phone then I'd think it was just an unlikely coincidence. But the fact that they have (and continue to) put it on the side on every recent phone makes it seem like there must be something more going on.

Microsoft recently stated that they are not making a Surface phone because they already have enough control over the current OEMs.
No matter who designed it and what the reasons were, all of the past designs required some sort of approval from Microsoft.
If Microsoft approved it, that's all that matters.

I also thought this HTC would've probably made their usb port on the side for the 8X just like the other 10 million phones they have. 

Youre thinking backwards joe. You gotta understand that wireless charging and bluetooth docking system will be the norm. So regardless of cable on the bottom or top it doesnt really matter.

The trouble with the Nokia phones that charge from the top is that when you're low on battery and need to make/continue a call by plugging into power, having a cable coming from the bottom of the phone is fine, but one from the top really gets in the way.
I agree about wireless charging being the norm, but it doesn't help when you need to be using the phone up to your face and charging at the same time. I suppose you could hold the charging plate up to your head, but that doesn't sound incredibly safe to me :)

Honestly I could have sworned I read an article somewhere that said they were trying to make that a standard for wp8

Uncovered ports on the bottom though are a big lint trap.  Not to mention reducing the faces requiring cutouts means less cost.

Even better, fill up that 2mm with battery. I hope the 720 is an indication of the direction Nokia will be heading in - longer battery life and sleeker designs.

Definitely agree here, the Lumia 900 was as thin as I want or need (I still manage to touch the sides of the screen when one handed sometimes).  Fill out that extra space with battery, make sure it has an SD card slot and they have my money, I'm really not a fan at all of the camera bulge, the original HTC One had that design and it always did look like a baleful eye :P

Capacitors would add more bulk to the design, I personally would like an N8 like device (large 12MP sensor  + xenon with easily exchangeable battery).

OK, thanks. That's three high-end devices to be released by Nokia over the next months, then. Although, at this point I expect that the EOS launch will be delayed until later in the year.
Well, let's wait and see how good the camera on the Catwalk is. If it's at least N8 quality, I may consider getting one while waiting for the EOS.

Presumably the wireless charging accessory would add just enough bulk that the camera would be flush with it.

A 10 in the rumometer means this is at least a proto for 'Catwalk'.. In the final version they will move it to the bottom..

That port on the top could be that rumored micro-HDMI out we've started to hear about no? microUSB and micro-HDMI look mighty similar at a quick glance. The USB port could still be on the bottom edge.

I don't too heavy. Waste of bezel makes it the size of a 4.8 inch phone although just a 4.5 screen.

I agree with you 200% and it has always been my point about the 920, it is a 4.5 device in 4.8 body. lots of wasted screen area with bezels

Same here.  The size, weight, and angles of the 920 are perfect.  It's a pleasure to use the device.

Agree with you. At first I first i thought the weight was going to be an issue, but it's not at all really. In fact, its a heavy, expensive feel that gives the phone a premium feeling. Now carrying any other lighter phones would feel like a plastic toy.

Seems legit.  Is that a micro USB port on the top of the phone? And the connectors on the back tell me that wireless charging is not built in. 

I was wondering if wireless charging would work through aluminum... maybe it needs to be external?

No problem! My physics class I just took involved the study of magnetic induction. Helped me understand so much about wireless charging.
Essentially, as long as nothing interferes with the magnets it works. The closer the the receiver is to the transmitter, the more voltage there is. Less distance = faster charging.
You might have seen a bunch of DIY magnetic charging stuff, like wireless charging nightstands etc. While nothing interferes with the magnets in these setups, the distance between the charging pad and the phone is usually increased, so I'd bet that they charge slower than normal. :)

Thank you for realizing science! I think the wireless charger receiver can as thin as a couple sheets of paper.

Awesome post/find! I read through the lab and understand what's going on. While it's possible to generate a current in aluminum using the magnets, it will not interupt the magnetic induction that is passing through it.
So essentially, this will not affect magnetic induction, but could possible generate electrical currents in the aluminum as a side-affect. My guess is that the current generated in the aluminum is easy to prevent, it's too minimal to matter for anything, or it's possible to negate the effects by grounding the circuit.
Thanks for teaching me something new! :)

The eddy currents induced in the aluminum would generate a little heat. If they designed the aluminum just right the eddy currents could be minimized.

Logic seems sound but is not correct in practice. The reduction in performance due to a metal layer between the charging coil and the receiver would not be acceptable. While charging may still work it will be less efficient (creating more heat and slower charging).

Hi guys, the discussion is kind of moot becayse it will not have built in wireless charging like the 920.
However wireless charging covers will be made available after sales begin (that work exactly like the 720's snap on covers). However they will be covers like the 720 and not shells like the 820.

You can confirm this anyway by looking at the three dots at the back of the phone. They are exactly like the 720 and are connectors for the coil in the covers.
Replaceable plastic backs and such could be possible, no info on that since no info on what stage this prototype is

Urgh... thats one ugly phone... Wireless charging seems to be optional just like on the 720.
Definitely a step backwards from the 920

I totally agree. It looks really cheap to me and since i love the unibody design on my 920 I would never by something that looks like that. The seams in this body look something out of the ugly Samsung S3. 

Agreed. This is not at all up to the standard of nokia design that I would want it to be. I am all for them working on a thinner, lighter phone by going with aluminum (though I prefer the material of the 900/920), but not if it is going to look like that picture.

I agree it doesn't look great, but for those of us who think the 920 is too thick and too heavy, this is the direction Nokia need to be moving in (it's actually where they should have been 6months ago imo)

I'm also in agreement with this. I feel like mostly I don't like the back because the camera very suddenly juts out. It doesn't have that nice gradual slope like the 808 does.

Is it me or does the bezel or middle part around the phones body look aluminum while the back looks soft touch or some other different material?

That's what I was thinking as well. I would've assumed in moving to aluminum they would stick with a unibody design.

Right, the only issue with that is that the antennas need to radiate through somewhere, and you don't want this to be only the glass front, or else all radiation will traverse your head while calling. Even the HTC One is not truly unibody, at least not in the same sense as the N9 and the fabula design Lumias are.

Follow up does not denote that it will be a flagship device. The Catwalk is going to be more of a 920 variant, the EOS is going to be the next flagship device.

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The back looks like the Huawei Accend W1!! Not ugly, but not Nokia Lumia!! I'd be disappointed if this was production...

The 900 had the port on the top. So them trying the design again doesn't seem radical to me. I'd rather have both on the bottom though.

I hate camera bumps. Not liking this design at all... I hope they won't stop making the polycarbonate phones... They look much better.

Don't hate on them, the PureView 808 has one big camera bump... to pack a 41 MP sensor! So when a high end Lumia inevitably gets a huge camera sensor it will need that bump. You just can't physically pack that much camera powah into a thin device.... yet.

For a 41MP Pureview I would expect (though still hate) the bump.  I guess we'll see what this has...
But I won't be buying a phone with a camera bump unless there's no other choice suitable for me... a very major visual detrator imo.

Everyone is a little different. For me I'd gladly take the bump if it meant leaving the DSLR for travel and only needing it for serious work. 

Agreed! As a photographer, I WOULD MOST DEFINITELY take the hump over carrying a DSLR/or P&S camera with me at all times. 

The 808 has definitely served it's purpose this last year in my pockets.  Great camera, great photos, great phone. 

I think there are much more attractive ways to accomplish this.  If the hump wasn't so pronounced it would be a lot more accpetable... taper it down much more gradually.  As is, it just looks horrible ot me.
Though I guess if the wireless shell fits around it this might be the best way to do it... guess we'll have to see.

Yeah like the 928. Btw once U snap on the back cover with wireless charging th camera bump won't be noticeable I guess. it will be flattened out I think. If that's correct then the phone will look great :)

Looks ok, but definitely prefer the look of the 920.

Also what does the Rumor o' meter say?! I can't move on without an official WPC rating :P

Hmm, sorry about that, I commented from the WPC app, and for some reason it didn't show up in the article. It's there now though. Must have been in an area with poor reception.

The Flash is back where the 800 had it. Did people start preferring portrait pictures over landscape? In other words, I'm doubtful about the finality of this design. I don't care for the camera hump. You can't lay the phone flat properly, and the spot in the phone that I want damaged least protrudes? Surely not.

I was noticing the same thing about the camera lens being a bit exposed with the hump... Might be a better camera than the 920 considering the size, but it doesn't matter that much if it gets forced every time you lay the phone down away from the fatboy pillow :| hope it's a fake

yeah, not sure what to make of this...
It's not a bad looking phone... and keep in mind that the final pics almost always look better.  I miss the long black rounded-strip with the Nokia and PureView branding that visually hangs down from the lense on the 920.  Nokia has some decent variations of this badging on other models.  It would have been nice to see some sort of design element that keeps that dark strip.
The pic of the back seems odd.  There is only some blurred glyphs below the camera, not the expected Nokia badging that is at least etched/painted in lower models.  That makes me think this is an early prototype and doesn't have all the final styling elements.

I'll have to wait until I have it my hands for a final judgment, until then it looks pretty bland on photo...

Either way I want more info stat on the EOS and Catwalk. I can finally upgrade and want to know when these will hit!

This doesn't look like a Nokia 9xx Lumia phone... The design language is really different in my point of view. The glass seems to be flat, while customer demand seems to appreciate curved glass and I would think Nokia would continue this route (check out the L928 pics). the back is really odd, the camera rounded out like that, it looks like HTC or Huawei... The back material doesn't look like aluminum, more a matte plastic surface. Plus the top micro-usb looks just silly, best way to get dirt/lint in it... If that is a Lumia, which I hope it's not, it looks more like a 8xx phone than a 9xx one... I mean, just compare the 920 design with this... It pretty much speaks for itself. 

Agreed. Not only is this phone hella ugly, but it doesn't look like a Lumia at all. I have a Focus S, which is very thin and light, and I was looking forward to a thinner 920 to make the transition easier for me. If this is what the new phone looks like, however, I will suck it up and get a 920.
Also, what's the point of having a thinner phone just to have you clip on a charching plate?

Terrible...usb port on top fail, camera bump super fail (HTC, Huawei?), and overall very boring. Hoping this is fake as can be. The only upgrade is a tad lighter and sliver thinner? Last thing my 920 needs is a new CPU, current Gen is smooth as can be.

I was hoping that Nokia would do something bolder. If that is the real deal it's high on the "meh" factor. It reminds me of some of the early HTC Windows 7 phones.

This just does not look like a Nokia design. HTC or Moto maybe.
And with only 16GB onboard, it better have storage expansion available. I don't know why handset manufacturers continue to skimp on storage.

I think judging a device by possible prototype designs is a bit presumptuous.

Or to put it another way: for every Lumia device that has been leaked during the prototype phase, commenters have lamented its looks, only to fall for it badly when it goes to market.

i think ill stick with my 920.
1. i will not upgrade again to a phone with less memory than my current phone.
2. with a hump that big if its not at least a 12mp what the fuck is it there for?
if the finished product looks anything like that i might upgrade to something else, lets see what happens.

Sony makes flat back phones with 12MP Cameras ...
Unless they are pulling a page from HTC's design book ! (Desire HD , EVO & One X comes to mind)

MP isnt all that matters. Bigger sensors doesn't really mean more MP's. Sensor could be amazing and it could be 8mp and it'll still have the hump. I think they need to go about it differently though. The desgin scheme is pretty awful. Maybe with some color and unitbody it'll be better. I was expecting ATIV S type desgin, that phone is gorgeous.

Please, no micro USB on the top. I loved that they moved it 920... But this doesn't look like somethign design wise Nokia would out, or that is my hope.

If the "catwalk" is going to be Nokia's next flagship, I'm sure it won't be spec'd the same as the current flagship.

I think the next one is wp8 with eos by the end of the year. It cannot be taking that long considering the way phones upgrade every year with nice features.

I don't understand the complaining about the camera hump. Sure, it could have maybe been designed better, but if they are going to fit a camera like the 920's into a thinner body, isn't a camera hump necessary? I'm all for the flat back and thicker phone like the 920, but a lot of people complained about the thickness. So it is either thinner phone with a hump, or lesser camera.

The key misunderstanding here is that it may not be the same people complaining about the hump vs those that complained about the thickness. I, for example, hate the hump but couldn't care less about the 920's thickness. Why do internet posters assume the same people who are complaining now were the ones complaining earlier?

Its obvious that Nokia or any other company for that matter, is not always going to score a "home run" with every new piece of hardware. But I'm betting that new innovations will always be forthcoming from them. Their phones are A1 in my books, and I truthfully can't see anyone out doing them when it comes to Windows Phone. I have owned their products for many years, and have never been dissatisfied. My 920 is simply the best phone I have ever owned, and should be good enough for me for the next 18 months or so. The ideah of a lighter aluminum body is a somewhat appealing ideah, but I am not bothered a bit by my heavy rugged phone, that feels so excellent in the hand. Plus I will need to see a significant bump in specs, before I am tempted to get a new one.

Surely that must be somekind of a prototype version. Is codename Catwalk supposed to refer to thinnes or good looks...either way this doesn't look too good.